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                       This is a civic social network for people, groups and businesses located in the Madison area.

                                                              What can I do here?
   We aim to foster community, group discussion and individual expression. Every registered member of this site can have a blog, photo
 gallery, video gallery, and a profile. You can be as public or private as you want in what you choose to share. You can add people to your
 friends list, as you would on sites like MySpace or Facebook. Click here for the full FAQ on how to manage your profile and online posts.

 In addition, you can start or join groups within this community. Groups can be anything from a parenting discussion to a forum for disc golf
players, a neighborhood association, or a way for local musicians to keep in touch with each other. If you’re interested in hosting an existing
             group with us, just let us know – it’s free and we’re happy to help. Just drop us a line or get started by clicking here.

                                                 Can I promote my business on
 Yes! Businesses can participate with a profile of their own. All basic business listings are free, and they’re managed by staff.
 To really take advantage of this network, businesses can purchase an enhanced profile for a small monthly fee. This allows businesses to
stay in touch with their most loyal customers, offer coupons, showcase products and announce special events. These profiles, connected to
    the well-established site, might help in your search engine optimization efforts as well. Contact our sales staff if you’re
                                     interested. E-mail or call 608-252-6200.

                                                        Is there anything I can’t do?
You can post anything you’d like here, within reason. Check out terms of service for the full rundown of do’s and don’ts . Please use common
                             sense and common courtesy. If you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t post it in public.

                           Welcome to the Community!
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                                                         What is this place?

          Get Involved. Share your stories, photos, videos and
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                                                        Park Street Partners
                                                           Members: 1

                                    Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisc...
                                                    Members: 1

                                                Wisconsin Historical Museum
             Members: 1

 Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
               Members: 1

  South Metropolitan Planning Council
             Members: 1

             AI Actions
             Members: 1

Summit Woods Neighborhood Association
            Members: 1

      Cambrian Heritage Society
            Members: 2

  Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison
             Members: 2

       sports for Active Seniors
              Members: 1

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                                        Wisconsin State Journal
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                                             Members: 1
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