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      diesel locomotive refuelling
Rail electrification for high traffic passenger routes is now common in some countries, yet much
freight and passenger line traffic around the world is still powered by diesel locomotives.

Refuelling facilities in train yards are        Manufactured from tough, fuel resistant     Fuel flow is 300 l/m (80 US Gal/min)
now being subjected to the same                 High Density polyethylene, UPP              from a 5 bar (75 psig) pump at a
demanding environmental protection              pipework will be a major contributor        velocity of 2.4 m/s (475 ft/min), well
legislation as retail fuel stations. Many       to the environmental aspect of the          within the UPP maximum rating of 10
train operators are now upgrading their         modernisation programme. UPP                bar (150 psig) and its rupture pressure
refuelling facilities; MÁV RT. in Hungary       pipework is a ‘benchmark’ product used      of 40 bar (600 psig).
is no exception.                                by every major fuel company on every
                                                continent; it has been extensively tested   Other advanced products supplied by
                  MÁV chose UPP SC              by specialist 3rd party laboratories.       ACIS Benzinkuttechnika Kft of Budaörs
                  to be part of their                                                       included Dry Brake Couplings (drip-less
modernisation programme. Phase 1                More than 4,600 metres (15,000 feet)        hose nozzle connectors), solid-state
covers 16 depots across the whole               of 63mm (2”) UPP Extra co-axial             level gauges for the storage tanks and
country and Phase 2 should involve an           (double wall) piping has been used at       automatic locomotive recognition
equal number.                                   anywhere between 43 and 880 metres          / authorisation using transponder
                                                per depot according to the number and       technology
UPP SC joint-free plastic pipe will             the location of the double wall storage
replace aging and corroded steel pipe           tanks and their proximity to refuelling
- some of which was leaking fuel.               points.
      View of typical Refuelling Point. Canopy covers main dispenser with satellite in foreground.

UPP SC (green) laid directly in trench             UPP SC rises inside cabinet to satellite   UPP SC rises inside main dispenser
alongside PE (black) conduit for data              dispenser hose reel. Note drip-tray        cabinet bolted down to liquid-tight
cable.                                             inside cabinet.                            pavement

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