This is a summary of the Business Continuity Plan by mwo18667


									Important Information Regarding your Mellon Institutional Fund Account During
                       a Significant Business Disruption

This is a summary of the Business Continuity Plan (the “Plan”) of Mellon Funds, a division of
MBSC Securities Corporation and the distributor of the Mellon Institutional Funds. The Plan is
designed to address a significant business disruption affecting Mellon Funds business
operations conducted for Mellon Institutional Funds at its four locations, Boston, MA, New
York, NY Pittsburgh, PA, and San Francisco, CA. and sets forth Mellon Funds’ plan to
safeguard employees, recovering and resuming operations, protecting books and records,
and enable communication with employees, investors, key service providers, and regulators.
It is designed to ensure that Mellon Funds is prepared to continue providing services to our
clients in the event that we experience a significant disruption of any kind to our business

The Plan addresses business disruptions that may be caused by a local incident or by a
regional or market related disaster that applies to many companies. The Plan covers Mellon
Funds critical business processes and related employees essential for Mellon Funds to
continue to conduct business for an interim or temporary period during a business
interruption. Every important aspect of Mellon Funds’ securities business, including
continued order taking and entry, and rapid communication to key business partners and
clients, is addressed in these processes. Mellon Funds’ goal is to recover its Critical Business
Processes with minimal interruption, on the same day, if possible, depending on the nature of
the disruption.

The steps being taken pursuant to the Plan are designed to ensure that critical information is
captured on a daily basis in a manner that can be accessed by employees from alternate
locations. The Plan also provides that Mellon Funds will maintain contacts with regulators
during any business interruption and continue to make any necessary regulatory filings. The
Plan provides for testing at least annually and in response to material changes affecting our
business, and takes into consideration our critical third-party relationships.

During our recovery period, you may contact Mellon Institutional Funds via:

    Our toll-free number 1-800-221-4795,
    Fax: 781-796-2864
    Mellon Institutional Funds Web site:
    Email:

This summary Plan is subject to modification from time to time as the Mellon Funds reviews
it’s Plan and its business operations. We will promptly post information about updates or
modifications to the Plan on our Web site.

In conclusion, Mellon Funds’ plan addresses the steps that Mellon Funds will take to address
a temporary business disruption in a systematic and organized fashion. Of course, the effects
of a disaster are difficult to predict and the disruption of systems and processes on an
industry wide basis will pose great challenges for any business continuity plan. There can be
no assurance that any plan can address such unforeseen contingencies.

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