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									How to contribute to the MAP Superannuation Plan

MAP offers a number                                  BPay
of options to make                                   You can contribute to MAP through BPay. In order to contribute using BPay you will need to be
it easy for you to                                   registered with your bank for Internet or telephone banking. When you become a member of
                                                     MAP you are issued with the MAP Biller Code and your personal Customer Reference Numbers
make superannuation                                  (CRN) for each contribution type, such as Employer, Self-Employed, Salary Sacrifice, Personal
                                                     and Spouse. If you have not received your CRN’s, have misplaced them, or require further
contributions.                                       information on using BPay please contact MAP on (07) 3838 1234 or 1800 640 055
Choose the one that
suits you best.
                                                     Mail your cheque to MAP. The address is: GPO Box 1130, Brisbane Qld 4001. To ensure your
                                                     contribution is allocated to your account, you will need to attach a Remittance Advice form.

                                                     Remittance advice forms
                                                     Remittance Advice forms are available from MAP on 07 3838 1234 or 1800 640 055 (or the MAP
                                                     website Your confirmation should state what type of contribution you
                                                     are making (employer, self employed, employee) and whether your contribution will be tax

                                                     Direct payment
                                                     You can deposit your contribution directly into MAP’s bank account. MAP Superannuation Bank
                                                     account details are:
                                                     Bank:                                ANZ Banking Group, 388 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
                                                     BSB:                                 012003
                                                     Account number:                      8375 35197
                                                     Be sure to quote your account number as the deposit reference to allow us to identify your
                                                     deposit. You should also notify us of your contribution by fax or email
                                            You can use a MAP Remittance Advice form for this.

                                                     Internet Banking
                                                     You can also transfer your superannuation contribution into MAP’s bank account through
                                                     Internet banking.

Website                                              Be sure to quote your account number as the deposit reference to enable us to identify your
                                                     deposit. You should also notify us of your contribution by fax or email
You can contribute to MAP online            You can use a MAP Remittance Advice form for this.
at, using                        Periodic Payment
our secure Employer login. For                       A periodic payment is an instruction to your bank to pay a set amount into MAP at regular
login details you are required to                    intervals. Periodic payment forms are available from MAP or the MAP website
register with MAP on                        Bank charges on periodic payments can be significant. You should
07 3838 1234 or e-mail                               check with your bank before establishing the facility.

How to contAct uS                                               nSw oFFIcE
HEAD oFFIcE                                                     Level 17, 201 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060               MAP Funds Management Ltd ABn 85 011 061 831

Level 9, 87 Wickham Terrace Brisbane QLD 4000                   GPO Box 1130 Brisbane QLD 4001                                  Australian Financial Services Licence no 240753
                                                                Telephone: 02 9959 2320                                         APRA RSE Licence no L0000703
GPO Box 1130 Brisbane QLD 4001
                                                                                                                                                                                        March 2008

                                                                Facsimile: 02 8923 2525                                         Issuer and trustee of;
Telephone: 07 3838 1234                                                                                                         MAP Superannuation Plan | RSE no. R1001587
Toll Free: 1800 640 055                                         Email:                                MAP Pooled Superannuation Plan | RSE no. R1001563
Facsimile: 07 3838 1235                                         Website:                                    MAP Australian Equity Fund | ARSn 092 833 308

This document contains only factual information and general advice and is believed to be reliable and accurate. The information in this document is not suitable to be acted upon as
investment advice. No responsibility is accepted by the MAP Group or any employee or director for any action that may be taken on the basis of information provided in this document.
It may be advisable to obtain personal investment advice before making any investment decisions relying on the information provided. You should also obtain and read any Product
Disclosure Statements before making a decision to acquire or continue to hold any investments in MAP products. For a copy, go to
 Past performance should not be relied upon as an indication of future returns. The actual returns will be determined by the investment strategy adopted and prevailing market conditions.
The MAP Group does not guarantee the repayment of capital or the investment performance of MAP products. Staff are remunerated by way of salary and may earn a bonus. The MAP
Group includes MAP Funds Management Ltd and MAP Financial Planning Pty Ltd (its wholly owned subsidiary).

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