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									                                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Trailwood Hills                                        President, Newsletter
                                                       Shawna Schnorr
                                                                          Vice President, Web Site
                                                       Darren White (outgoing)

                                                       Sheryl Roberts

                                                       Michelle Crocker

                                                       Jennifer Beck (outgoing)

                                                       Marc Havermans (outgoing)

                                                       Mike and Connie Carnahan

                                                       Beth Courtney (incoming)
      NEWSLETTER                                       Carol Merritt (incoming)
      April/May 2004                         

                                                       Mohamed Bourham (incoming)
If you have any item of interest, article, or notice
you would like to place in the next newsletter,
please submit the information via e-mail to
Shawna Schnorr ( If         Social/Welcome
you do not have Internet access, please submit the     Michelle Crocker
article by mailing it to Newsletter Editor, 2701
Alder Ridge Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603-6128
                                                       Community Watch
                                                       Carol Merritt
               PROPERTY MANAGER
                                                       Garage Sale (ad hoc)
   Kim Underwood, Manager                              Mike Carnahan
   Charleston Management Corp.               
   812 Salem Woods Drive, Suite 202
   Raleigh, North Carolina 27615                       Fitness Center (ad hoc)
   Telephone: (919) 847-3003                           Sheryl Roberts
   Fax: (919) 848-1548                       
                   EVENTS                                  ANNUAL MEETING (CONT'D)
"Best Yard" Competition
      The competition will be held May 10-16,              Election of board members
2004. The categories and prizes will be:                           Three new board members were elected to
 Best Flowers - $75 at Home Depot                         replace 2 members whose terms were over, and
 Best Lawn - $75 at Home Depot                            one member who will be moving out of the
 Best Overall Yard - $150 at Home Depot                   neighborhood. We welcome Carol Merritt,
Between now and May 24, use the voting slip                Mohamed Bourham and Beth Courtney to the
enclosed to vote for an address that should win            board.
each category.                                                     Big thanks go to Darren White, Marc
Street Sweep 2004                                          Havermas and Jennifer Beck for their work on the
      The adjacent neighboorhoods (Pleasant                board this year, especially with the website, yards
Ridge& Ramsgate to our east) are planning a                and social events. The board will vote for new
neighborhood clean up 9:00am May 22.                       officers at the board meeting on May 11th.
      This is a trash pick up day, probably focusing
on Lineberry Drive and Lake Wheeler Road. There            Garage Sale
will also be a social afterwards, for those who                    There is much interest in having a
worked on the clean up.                                    neighborhood garage sale (using your own
      Sign up by emailing Jason Hibbets at                 "garages"). Mike Carnahan is heading up that Let him know your name,                 project, tentatively slated for June 12. Contact him
address, # of hours you can help, # of people you          at if you have an
are registering, and if you would like to help with        idea or would like to help organize, post signs, etc.
the organizing or if you have any suggestions.
Kids' Safety                                               Email List
      Saturday, June 5th 11:00 AM, Carolina Pines                   We also decided to create an email list that
Community Center. This program is being co-                anyone can subscribe to. Only subscribers can post
sponsored by the Carolina Pines Community                  (to cut down on spam). This is a great way for
Center. If you have kids 10 and under, you need            people to share info about community watch, civic
to bring them to this program. Keeping our                 issues, post jobs, sell & borrow items, ask for
children safe is a number one priority. This event         repair suggestions, etc. You can sign up for the
is open to anyone in the community.                        list by going to
Trailwood Hills Pool
      The pool has passed inspection and opens             Lineberry Road
May 29th. We will be having the Annual Pool                        Jason Hibbets, who lives on Ramsgate,
Party again this year - watch for a date.                  gave us an update on Lineberry Road development
                                                           and paving. Visit his website on the topic at
        The Annual Meeting of the Homeowners
                                                           Fitness/Community Center
Association was on April 20. Here's an update of
                                                                   There was much interest in finding out if it
some of the items discussed.
                                                           would be possible for us to have a fitness/
Community Watch
                                                           community building at the pool site. A committee
        Newly elected board member Carol Merritt
                                                           has been formed to look into the possibilities and
has volunteered to chair the community watch
                                                           costs. Contact or
committee. If you have any suggestions or would
                                                  if you have ideas,
like to be a part of the committe, please contact
                                                           comments or would like to be on the committee.

           ITEMS OF INTEREST                                                      BULLETIN BOARD
May Sierra Club meeting - "Green Invaders"
       Master Gardner Shirley Phillips will show a short                             HOUSECLEANING
video and provide suggestions for controlling invasive plants         Sherry Riggs can clean your house. Call her at 821-5045 for
in gardens and woodlands.                                             more details.
       Wed. 5/26 7:30pm Community United Church of
Christ at Wade Ave. & Dixie Trail. More at                                             SEWING/ALTERATIONS
                                                                      For sewing and alterations, call Husseina at 828-7236.
New Arrivals
        Visit the Wake County website,,                          HOME IMPROVEMENT
for great information and links on topics such as schools,            Custom Cornices
libraries, county services and recreational activities.               - Affordable custom cornice boards
                                                                      - Variety of shapes and designs for windows and slide doors
                                                                      - Call (919) 546-9087
                    HOA NEWS
Considering a change?                                                                  SCRAPBOOKING
      Please contact Charleston Management to submit a
                                                                      Joy has many holiday classes available to make your pictures
request to build fences, decks or other structures, or to paint
                                                                      an attractive and meaningful scrapbook.
your house. Check your Architectural Guidelines if you are
                                                                      RSVP to Joy Staser 836-8081
Unsightly yards
       If you notice violations of the guidelines, you can                                    TUTORS
report them to Charleston Management.                                 Mary Beth, a national board certified teacher, has openings
                                                                      for tutoring grades 3-8. Any subject, specialty math/science.
                                                                      Contact her at 835-1597.
       PLEASE remember, it is the law for pets to be on a
                                                                      Tyler Greene is available for after school tutoring in science
leash when they are outdoors. Cats should not roam free, and
                                                                      and math. She has a B.S. degree in Zoology and is currently
dogs should not be free to jump on bypassers, even if they
                                                                      in her first year at NCSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
are in your own yard.Remember to “pick up” after your pet.
                                                                      You may contact her at 754-8303 or
This helps keep our neighborhood hospitable to walkers.

                  TRASH TALK                                                             BABYSITTERS
Pilot Programs                                                        Heather Carnahan is available to baby sit or pet sit. She is
     The city has approved weekly curbside trash collection           14 years old and has prior experience babysitting an 8 year
and recycling collection based on the recently ended pilot            old child and a 10 year old child. You may contact her at
program. The city inform you before the new collection                831-2551 or
     The city will be starting a pilot program to test                Brittany Flanagan is available to baby sit. She is 15 years
collection of paperboard and corrugated cardbaord curbside.           old. Brittany took a 3 day babysitting course when she was
Currently you can recycle these at dropoff centers, but not           12, which included CPR instruction. She will be happy to
curbside. The pilot program will not affect our                       supply references upon request. You may contact her at 832-
neighborhood.                                                         4203.

                                                                      Thais Ramirez is available to baby sit. She is 13 years old
Trash pickup
                                                             st       and has experience babysitting children 2 years and older.
     There will be no trash collection on Monday, May 31 ,
                                                                      You may contact her at 832-2335.
due to Memorial Day. Monday trash will be collected on
Tuesday, June 1. There will be no yard waste pickup on Wed
                                                                      Jackie Schonemann is available for babysitting weekday
6/2. The rest of June is business as usual.
                                                                      evenings (after 7pm) and weekends. Her telephone number
                                                                      is 844-5693.
Recycling days
    May 10 May 24 June 7 June 21


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