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					ioCity Honors School: School Based Management Team Meeting Minutes for June
18, 2009

Meeting held at School # 56,The Commons

In Attendance, Mrs Crane, Mrs Meyer, Sandy Heaney, Jimmitti Tesysir , Alex Blair,
Dana Hogan, Ed Lindsay, Ashton Rooney, Kate Stryker, Laura Persyhn, Bill Kresse,
Kelly Hyla, Mary Beth McCune (BSC graduate in Creativity; will be August Facilitator).

Welcome; please sign in.

Thank you to Jimmitti Tesysir for an *amazing* chocolate cake!

Report on Exchange Opportunities at CHS

Mrs Crane: Short school year exchange of students in each of the three LOTE language
areas (Spanish, French.

   •   French Students went to France. Joined with Nichols – 12 kids; and 8 from USA.
       Three French students are returning this summer to stay with their American Host
   •   Spanish Students went to Spain and planning to go to Costa Rica next year.
   •   Chinese Students: Approached by a Chinese school. Exchange for full year.
       Expect Students to be here for one year. CHS students may go for 4 weeks in
       August 2011.

Mrs. Meyer: Tradition of exchange students for many years. Tended to be AFS. Lately
Rotary students are here. They are here for a whole year. Two Rotary Students are
coming for 2009 to 2010.

AP English Lit and AP US History (“modified” did not take AP exams). Take English,
SS, Math. Science, Elective, Gym. Going to put them into the 9th grade English (10th
grade for the rest of the district). “Modify it for the students” they don’t take the exams.
Choose their math and sciences on what level this is. Students take a full load. The
academic credits don’t count. Experience Cultural exchange. Work ethic varies.
Expected to keep a B average. School seems to think that students are well equipped in
the language to study when they arrive, and are able to accurately gauge proper level of
academics. The whole social placement issue.

AFS Model they have a family stay there a full year. They also have an Aunt or Uncle
family that meets with them.

We maybe could have CHS parent to act as Aunt or Uncle to take kids to dinner once a
month. Academics are difficult.
Scheduling suggestion: that is they take a language have them take a language they are
already familiar and it will also help them learn English.
Older kids find it easier to handle it.

Discussion about August creative problem solving session. Led by Mary Beth
McCune, Facilitator.

What we do well what we are not doing so well, what we need help with, plan to move
Review the NYSED expectations for SBMTs. Who can serve, etc.
School improvement process – the Site Based team is supposed to inform the document
and have input into it (instead it is read to us for approval).

SBMT is looking to define the meaning/ purpose of this group.

Options from the Facilitator:

Brainstorming Session

       When new ideas are needed for a challenge/problem

       When creativity is needed because obvious ideas have not worked.

Data Collection Session

       When clarification of a challenge or problem is needed

       When one problem is embedded with many questions

Creative Problem Solving Session

       When a creatively solve a specific problem or challenge.

       Clarifying the problem, thinking up ideas for a single problem statement, and
       creating a plan of action to implement a chosen solution.

More teacher involvement welcomed.
Communication to and from teachers.
Communication to and from parents.

Perhaps a desired August session result is a systematic plan for communication with all of
the above.

Discussion of data collection meetings with stakeholders.
Group sizes no larger than 15 folks per group. Can have separate groups break out with
own facilitator.
August 1, 2009 next View from the Hill Also the Voice Mail, and Email Systems.
Meeting adjourned at 5:
The general question of the day is “What does CHS do well what are things that we do not
do well?”
Then look at the negatives and come up with a plan to address and move forward with.

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