June 2007

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					                                                                           Paper Place Scrapbook Store
                                                                                A Unique Scrapbook Boutique!
                                                                                         206 East Main Street
                                                                                        Mount Joy, PA 17552
                                                                                              (717) 653-8700

                                              July 2008
Sunday   Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday        Thursday           Friday             Saturday

                                    1                2                3                  4                   5
                                                                          Store Closed for    Store Closed for
                                                                             4th of July         4th of July
                                                                             weekend             weekend

     6              7                8               9               10                  11                 12
                           Rubber                         Private Class       QClub               QClub
                            Stamp                                          6:30p-8:30p        10:30p-12:30p
                           Tapestry                                                             Periphery
                            Cards                                                             Explosion Box
    13             14               15               16             17                18                    19
                            Folder        Prima Layout                    Midnight Crop             Faith
                          Scrappin’           Class                                            Scrapbooking
                         6:30p-8:30p         6:30p-9p                                          10:30a-12:30p
                                                                                              ―Blessings‖ Card
                                                                                                Class 1p-3p
    20             21              22               23              24                 25                    26
                          Christmas                       ―Blessings‖      Altered Book       Christmas Card
                         Card Series,                      Card Class          Club            Series, Part I
                            Part I                        6:30p-8:30p      6:30p-8:30p        10:30a-12:30p
    27             28               29              30              31
         20 Cards in 2   Quilted Garden
         Hours 6:30p-    Acrylic Album
                8:30p      6:30p-8:30p
                                                 August 2008
     Sunday          Monday            Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday          Friday          Saturday

                                                                                                    1                 2
                                                                                           Creating         Creating
                                                                                          Keepsakes        Keepsakes
                                                                                          Convention      Convention –
                                                                                           – Store        Store Closed
              3                4                    5               6                7                8                   9

             10               11                 12               13                14             15                   16
                     Seaside                                                Folder           QClub        Christmas Card
                     Collage                                              Scrappin’       6:30p-8:30p      Series, Part II
                      Cards                                              6:30p-8:30p
                                                                                                             ―No Girls
                   6:30p-8:30p                                                                               Allowed‖
             17               18                  19             20                 21               22                 23
                                    Christmas Card       Vacation                           Altered            Faith
                                     Series, Part II    Memories                           Book Club      Scrapbooking
                                      6:30p-8:30p       Tin 6:30p-                        6:30p-8:30p     10:30p-12:30p
                                                          8:30p                                           Quilted Garden
                                                                                                          Acrylic Album
         24/31                25                 26               27               28             29                    30
                                     Rubber Stamp        Tea & Silk      Garden Party      Midnight
                                        Tapestry         Chipboard       Peek-A-Boo         Crop
                                        Layouts            Album         Book 6:30p-
                                      6:30p-8:30p       6:30p-8:30p         8:30p

If you are interested in taking any of our classes, we do require pre-payment to secure your space. We desire a
minimum of three students to hold a class. Please bring the below listed supplies with you to class. If we require any
other supplies, we’ll let you know before the class. If you forget any supplies, we do have them on-hand for sale!

*12” trimmer
*Adhesives (tacky glue and your preference for a dry adhesive (for example, Tombow runner, Dotto, tape gun, etc.)
*Inking pads such as cat’s eyes-mostly used are brown and black, or ask which is the “flavor” of the class!
*If the class is using QuicKutz and you own a Squeeze handle or Revolution, please bring it with you for your own
use. If you desire, bring a Xyron X 150 if you wish to use it for your diecuts instead of tacky glue. Also, a QuickStik
can be quite helpful in some of our classes-if you own one, feel free to bring it along!
20 Cards in Two Hours– Want to get a lot done in a mere       chipboard to use with their cardstock embellishments—with
class time? We’ll make 20 cards with 10 different designs     many left over for other uses (ie. cards or scrapbook pages).
in 2 hours! You’ll go home prepared for the next occasion     Class Fee: $20.00 Instructor: Tobey Gable
that deserves a card! Fast paced, EASY, and fun class!        Prima Layout Class – You’ll make a two page layout
Class Fee: $20.00 Instructor: Shirley Gillett                 using a Dream Street chipboard overlay (learning a new
                                                              way to cover it) and Prima’s ―Cavalier‖ line of papers and
“Blessings” Card Class– Come and make some great              embellishments. Out of the scraps, you’ll take home pieces
Faith-based cards using various techniques and ideas for      and instructions to make two simple cards! Class Fee:
using the ―Be Blessed‖ and Flair Faith lines of paper. We     $17.00 Instructor: Tobey Gable
will make 5 cards for various occasions in the class. Class
Fee: $17.00 Instructor: Stacey Heiland                        “Quilted Garden” Acrylic Album– This class will show
                                                              you various ways to use an acrylic album as we decorate the
Christmas Card Series– Back by popular demand! Start          album, stamp on it, and use rub-ons to finish this great
your holiday card-making early! By the end of November,       project. The paper we’ll be using is Dream Street’s new
you will have 25 completely different cards! July’s Class     ―Quilted Garden‖ line. The completed project will be a mix
will focus on several different stamping techniques.          of Garden theme and quilting ideas in a great flower shaped
August’s Class will be ―Fabulous Folds/Iris Folding‖. Class   acrylic album. Class Fee: $25.00 Instructor: Stacey
Fee: $15.00 Instructor: Shirley Gillett                       Heiland

Faith Scrapbooking– Join Stacey as she continues a            Rubber Stamp Tapestry Card Class- This class is based
monthly series of scrapbook layouts to document your faith.   on the stamp set called ―Floral Filigree‖. It’s a very
Each month you’ll complete a two-page layout featuring        versatile set that you'll be able to use in many color
you ―Legacy of Faith‖ layouts. Each layout will be made       schemes. You’ll learn just how in class! The cost of the
from cardstock, patterned papers, and matching                class includes your very own stamp set (includes 7 stamps)
embellishments—ready for your photos! Class Fee for each      to take home to use for many other projects! Class Fee:
month: $15.00 Instructor: Stacey Heiland                      $25.00 Instructor: Shirley Gillett
Folder Scrappin’– Join Stacey as she makes a new style        Rubber Stamp Tapestry Scrapbooking– We’ve had a lot
mini scrapbook album to house your favorite pictures.         of requests to do this class again, to show you ways to
We’ll start with ―repurposing‖ a file folder, add some        incorporate stamping into your scrapbook pages primarily if
cardstock pages and use paper from Daisy Bucket Designs.      you want to make your own background papers, but the
This album is a cool and fun Summer project showing new       stamps can also be used as accents on your pages. Come
ways to use office products and store some of your photos.    make some great new layouts using the new ―Nature Plates‖
Class Fee: $20.00 Instructor: Stacey Heiland                  from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. We will complete a two-page
                                                              layout during the class. Class Fee: $15.00 Instructor:
Garden Party Peek-A-Boo Book– Want to see what the            Stacey Heiland
secret is all about? Come and make one of these peek-a-
boo scrapbooks. We’ll use the Creative Imaginations Bare
                                                              Seaside Collage Cards– Share your love of the seashore
Elements book and new Paper Loft papers! The paper line
                                                              with friends and family using these cards. You will make
may be called ―Spring Fling‖, but we’ll be getting you
                                                              several different styles of cards and the stamp is yours to
ready for this great pre-Fall project to hold your favorite
                                                              keep! Class Fee: $20.00 Instructor: Shirley Gillett
photos from camping or other Fall activities. Class Fee:
$25.00 Instructor: Stacey Heiland
                                                              “Tea and Silk” Mini Chipboard Album– Using a Bazzill
                                                              mini board book and Prima’s ―Tea and Silk‖ line of papers
“No Girls Allowed” Clubhouse Album – We’ll use
                                                              and embellishments, we’ll create a pretty, pastel, Asian-
Dream Street’s chipboard squares and rectangles along with
                                                              themed mini album you’ll adore!     Class Fee: $22.00
their ―Clubhouse‖ line of papers and embellishments to
                                                              Instructor: Tobey Gable
make an album fit to store your favorite boy’s memories!
Class Fee: $22.00 Instructor: Tobey Gable
                                                              Vacation Memories Tin– We used these tins last year for
                                                              beach memories and they were so popular, I thought I’d
“Periphery” Explosion Box– We’re still receiving requests
                                                              make another one! Using a new Bo Bunny line of papers
to make explosion boxes, so here’s an elegant box for you
                                                              and stickers, we’ll create an adorable accordion album
to learn the technique of making them, or just because you
                                                              housed in a decorated tin so you’ll have the perfect place to
love it’s look! This box can have a more masculine look if
                                                              put this year’s vacation photos in! Class Fee: $22.00
you desire. You’ll also receive a package of Basic Grey
                                                              Instructor: Tobey Gable

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