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									                               Epsilon Sigma Alpha
                    Minnesota State Council Membership Meeting
                                November 10, 2007
The second 2007 Minnesota General Membership Meeting was held at the Easter Seals/Goodwill
Center in St. Paul on November 10, 2007.

President, Kate Sala, began the meeting with the Opening Ritual, and Chaplain, Jo Hanson, gave
us the thought for the day.

Recording Secretary, Pat Staffanson, took roll call with the following officers and members

President                            Kate Sala
1st Vice President                   Betty Robinson
2nd Vice President                   Diane Vanusek
Parliamentarian                      Rose Bitter (standing in) Kathie Wasson (Excused)
Corresponding Secretary              Francine Fredrickson
Recording Secretary                  Pat Staffanson
Treasurer                            Mary Parr
Activities                           Jackie Swanson
Alzheimer’s Ass’n                    Sharon Desarmeaux
Alexandra House                      Karen Ronning
Association of the Arts              Dana Terry
Chaplain                             Jo Hanson
Circle of Life, Sr.                  Rhonda Krehl
Circle of Life, Jr.                  Robin Biermaier (Excused)
Easter Seals                         Karen Ronning
Educational                          Julene Donnay
Essay Editor                         Jen Groebner (Excused)
Financial Planning Committee         Birdie Elkofska
Foundation Counselor                 Karla Kay Nicklaus
Hats for Hope                        Sandy Dolence – Gamma Omega
Hope for Heroes                      Edee Erickson
Historian                            Rose Bitter
Hotline                              Kathy Rice (Excused)
IC Disaster/Care Connection,
MN Love Fund                         Jodi Lang
MARC Reps                            Jo Hanson & Kim LeTendre-Olson
Philanthropic                        Holly Peters
Publicity                            Barb Winczewski
Scrapbook                            Kathie Wasson (Excused)
Social                               Alpha Zeta Chapter
Webmaster                            Francine Fredrickson
2008 State Convention Chairs         Mary Parr & Kathie Wasson (Excused)

Chapter Presidents
Alpha Chi                             Joane Buche for Fern Ellison
Alpha Delta                           Donna Waller (Absent)
Alpha Lambda                          Mary Parr
Alpha Sigma                           Nancy Johnson
Alpha Theta                           Gloria Altenburg
Alpha Zeta                            Jodi Lang for Julie Siekkenin
Beta Theta                            Rhonda Krehl
Beta Upsilon                          JoAnn Beuc (Absent)
Delta Omicron                         Edith Nowicki
Delta Pi                              Francine Fredrickson
Gamma Omega                           Sandy Dolence
Gamma Zeta                            Mary Mattera
Omega Chi                             Edee Erickson
Sigma Chi                             Shirley Laue (Absent)
Zeta Alpha                            Julene Donnay for Sara Williams

There were 21 other members and one guest present.

We then had our Activity Half-hour led by Dana Terry and Jackie Swanson. We were all given
four squares of brightly colored fleece material with fringed edges to tie into a comfort blanket.

The Discussion Forum following with the following topics being discussed:
    Many members receiving the Essay by mail are receiving only one or two pages of it, not
       the full newsletter. We discussed how to deal with this problem and agreed that it was
       unacceptable. Mary Parr made a motion to use 6x9 envelopes for mailing; Shirley Norton
       seconded the motion; voted on by membership and carried.
    Jo Palmer, Jonquil Girl for Delta Omicron, said she had not received any Hotline calls. Jo
       Hanson reminded us that the Chapter President is the one who gets the Hotline calls and
       it is her responsibility to notify the Jonquil Girl. Members with email should let other
       chapter members without email know about the calls.
    We are having only a couple people attend the Bylaw Changes meetings; we need the
       Parliamentarian from each chapter to attend and give their input and suggestions. The
       official Bylaw Change meeting is scheduled for February 24, 2008. The committee is
       mostly through the bylaws and working on the standing rules and officer duties. There
       are changes that may impact the budget and each chapter parliamentarian should be there
       to take back these changes to their chapter. Voting on bylaws takes place at State
    Do we need both a First and Second Vice President? Kate stated that many states only
       have a First Vice President and wanted to know how the Minnesota membership felt.
       Birdie felt that the Second Vice President position is a training ground for the First Vice
       President – she goes to Leadership and needs to develop for her year as President – it’s
       important to have both positions.
       Sharon Desarmeaux agreed that it’s a time to grow and become comfortable with
       speaking in front of a group.
       Jodi Lang suggested getting rid of the Past President position instead and just have a
       Chairperson for the Minnesota Love Fund.

       Kate stated that funds are needed to help defray expenses and that it is important for the
       Second Vice President to also attend Leadership.
       Mona said that Second Vice President is the Membership Chair and this is necessary to
       get new members and also to develop leadership skills. (According to Minnesota ESA
       Bylaws, the 1st Vice President is the Membership Chair.)
       Sharon D. also felt it was important for the Second Vice President to attend Leadership.
       Leann agreed that it is important for both First and Second Vice Presidents to attend
       Leadership so they can absorb all the information given there. We have the funds now, so
       let’s just do it!
       Mae agreed that the Second Vice President is in charge of membership so she should be
       able to also attend Leadership to learn.

Motion was made that the minutes from the September membership meeting be accepted as read
as they were reviewed by a committee. Voted on and passed.

2010 IC Convention
The next order of business was to elect a 2010 IC Convention Chair. Kate has withdrawn, so
Rose Bitter, as the other choice, was elected to this position. Other officers so far are Kim
LeTendre-Olson, and Julene Donnay who has been working hard with the hotel and IC
Convention Committee. November 15 is the deadline for the hotel and the budget needs to be
sent to IC by January 2008. Jodi Lang has accepted the position of Functions Chairperson and
Diane Vanusek has agreed to be Treasurer. Still needed are Secretary and Reservations Chair.
The Executive Committee needs to be firmed up to decide on the budget. We also need a theme
– they are asking members to come up with ideas for a theme by the January Membership
meeting so we can vote on it at that meeting.


First Vice President – Betty Robinson
This year, she and Diane will be working together to promote membership development. We will
team up to provide membership materials and information. Contact either Diane or Betty for
your membership needs. Two Membership Specialists for the price of one! Can’t beat that! We
have also discussed putting together a Welcome to ESA packet for new members. So stay tuned
for more details.

Let Betty know when you pledge new members to your chapter. Plus, those of you that sponsor a
new member, let her know that, too. She doesn’t want you to miss out on joining the Jonquil

Congratulations to Alpha Chi! They have one new member and one on the way! Kathleen
Konrad pledged in September and Nora Meyers loved being around them so much that she wants
to join in the fun, too. Nora is to be pledged at their January meeting. That brings their
membership up to 14! Welcome, Kathleen and Nora.

Second Vice President – Diane Vanusek
It has come to her attention that Alpha Chi has pledged a new member, Kathleen Konrad, and
will pledge Nora Meyer in January. That is a 16% increase for Alpha Chi. She also learned last
night that Gamma Omega has a new pledge. Great going!

Diane would appreciate the address of potential members who attended the Rush Luncheon in
order to send them a follow-up letter. Please either email or mail the address.

Betty and Diane would like to plan a meeting with the chapter membership chairs to work on a
plan for a “rush week.” They would like chapters to learn how to rush new members. More
information will be forthcoming.

Also, Diane is starting to put together ideas for awards to be presented at the state convention.
Any ideas the membership may have would be welcome – email or mail them to her.

Treasurer – Mary Parr
Mary presented the Financial Report with ending balance of $19,188.57 as of November 1. She
stated she is 50 cents off and worked many hours trying to find that extra 50 cents, but so far was

We currently have 120 paid members. We have received two checks from our hours at Medtox;
one for $4,400 for the General Fund, and one for $5,294 for the Minnesota Memorial Fund.

The books were audited and found to be in order for the previous year.

Please let her know when you have new members in your chapter for voting purposes at State
Convention. She reminded us that new members do not pay state dues for the first year.

Jr. Past President/Care Connection/Social – Jodi Lang
Holiday Care Connection: Volunteers of America Adopt-a-Family program – Minnesota ESA
is sponsoring 8 people this year – a total of up to 45 gifts in all! She has gift item tags and
instructions with her today. She and Kim will gladly help you pick out a tag for you or several
for your chapter. The properly labeled and wrapped gifts must be returned to her no later than
December 8. You can participate as an individual or your chapter can take a few gifts. . .
whichever you choose. She is the contact person for this, so please call if you have any
MN ESA Holiday Social: A time to gather with your friends and relax!!! Also the perfect time
to turn in your Adopt-a-Family gifts. It will be held on December 8, 1:00 – 4:00pm at Mari and
Jodi’s house. Alpha Zeta will take care of the beverages and light snacks. RSVP to Jodi at 763-
780-3889 or Jodi@scc.net.
Baby Shower for Bundles of Love: Event planning is in progress with a tentative date of early
springtime on a Sunday afternoon.
Fundraiser, community awareness and a very fun event for Alexandra House. Delta Pi is
planning this hilarious event, so let’s give them lots of support.

IC Disaster Fund Fundraiser: Here is a nice and easy fundraiser that you can do all by
yourself. But, if you enlist the help of your family, friends, coworkers, etc., the results could
significantly increase. For the past 8 weeks, she has been tossing all of her change into her
favorite Packers mug. She just counted it and saved $47.45. We have 10 weeks until our next
State meeting, so how about if we all save our change for the next 8-10 weeks and then turn it
into her at the January Leadership/State meeting? Put a jar on your desk at work or on the
counter at home as a reminder. Ask your children and husband to help. If you use check cards
and credit cards, just track those receipts for the amount of change you would have if you used
cash. Be creative and let’s amaze ourselves with a great total.
MN Love Fund has a balance of $6,606.64.

Chaplain – Jo Hanson
If you change your email address, please let her know.

Parliamentarian – Kathie Wasson
Kathie is in Texas visiting her son. There have been two meetings for bylaw changes.

Alexandra House – Karen Ronning
Karen Ronning has taken over being chair for the Alexandra House as Julie Siekkinen had to

Alzheimer’s Association – Sharon Desarmeaux
Alzheimer’s affects everyone in the family including the kids. Watching a loved one progress
through the stages of Alzheimer’s can be frightening, even for adults. Imagine being a child
struggling to understand why grandma is acting so strangely or can’t remember who you are.

When your child asks questions, respond with simple, honest answers. Alzheimer’s often
prompts questions such as these:

Is grandma crazy? Explain that Alzheimer’s is a disease. Just as children get colds and tummy
aches, older adults may get an illness that causes them to act differently and to forget things.

Doesn’t grandpa love me anymore? If the person with Alzheimer’s disease no longer recognizes
your child, he or she may feel rejected. Remind your child that the disease makes it hard for your
loved one to remember things but your child is still an important part of the person’s life.

Is it my fault? If the person with Alzheimer’s accuses your child of some wrongdoing such as
misplacing a purse or keys your child might feel responsible. Explain t your child that he or she
isn’t to blame.

Will you get Alzheimer’s? Will I? Reassure your child that Alzheimer’s disease isn’t contagious.
Most people don’t get Alzheimer’s.

What will happen next? If you’ll be caring for the person with Alzheimer’s in your home,
prepare your child for the changes in routine. Reassure your child that he or she is loved no
matter what the future holds.

To boost your child’s understanding of Alzheimer’s, it may help to read age-appropriate books
on the disease. If your child has trouble talking about the situation or withdraws from your loved
one, open the conversation yourself. Ask what changes your child has noticed in your family
member with Alzheimer’s disease. Your child’s observations may lead naturally to an
exploration of his or her own feelings and worries. Tell your child it’s okay to feel nervous, sad
or angry.

Most kids are amazingly resilient. Help your child stay connected to the person with
Alzheimer’s. Involve them in familiar activities, such as setting the table together. Shared leisure
time is important, too. Even young children can stay connected with a relative who has
Alzheimer’s by paging through photo albums or listening to music together.

If your child becomes impatient with your loved one, reiterate that the behavior isn’t’ intentional,
it’s a result of the disease. Find ways to show your family member how much you love him or

Nancy Thomes reported that the Memory Walk raised $300,000 this year and the money is still
coming in! Thank you to Rhonda for getting a picture of the shuttle bus with ESA on the side – it
will be submitted to the Jonquil.

On a personal note, husband Larry will retire in 60 days and Sharon will retire in two weeks.

Donna Wakefield informed Sharon that Jim Douglas, photojournalist, with Boyd Huppert will be
on KARE 11 Extra, Nov. 15 & 16, with a 2-part series on Jim’s aunt who had Alzheimer’s.

Sr. Circle of Life – Rhonda Krehl
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who attended the 24th annual style show, luncheon
and silent auction. I am so happy that so many came and supported St. Jude. I hope everyone had
a good time; I know that I did. The luncheon portion of the event raised $315.87 for St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital. This means that $2.20 of each ticket purchased can be considered
a charitable contribution. I can’t wait to hear Alpha Sigma’s announcement of the silent auction

The Quilt of Dreams is scheduled for April 13, 2008. Everyone please keep this date open to
attend. Bring your friends, bid on quilts and baskets, and/or volunteer at the event. The next
meeting of the committee chairs will be Tuesday, November 13, 7PM at Medtox. There is also a
meeting tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, 7PM at Medtox. If you have any
questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact me or one of the committee chairs.

Remember that we will be sending out the solicitation letters for corporate sponsorship very
soon. If you know of any businesses that should receive a letter requesting a
sponsorship/donation, please contact me or Pat Staffanson. Also, Jodi and Mari will begin the
hunt for items to fill the baskets that either accompany the quilt or stand alone as soon as the fall
style show is over. So, if you know any business that might be willing to donate goods or
services, please let Jodi or Mari know. It would also be great to have chapters or individuals
supply silent auction baskets.

Please don’t forget that Jodi Lang is a member of the St. Jude Heroes/Team ESA and will be
running in the Memphis Marathon on December 1, 2007. She would love your support.

Easter Seals – Karen Ronning
There will be no tour of the Easter Seals/Goodwill facility today because the leader is out ill. We
are welcome to shop in the Goodwill store today. All clothes not sold in the stores get bundled
together and shipped to third world countries.

ESA Foundation – Karla Kay Nicklaus
At International Convention, the following received certificates for their plateaus of achievement
for their donations of money:
        Jodi LeVesque – Gamma Omega – Bronze - $250-$499
        Pat Staffanson – Omega Chi – Silver - $500-$999
        Mary Parr – Alpha Lambda – Sapphire - $15,000-$24,999
        State of Minnesota – Platinum - $35,000-$49,999

Also, the State of Minnesota received Third Place for donating the most money to the ESA
Foundation Scholarship for 2006-2007.

There are 31 scholarships plus the General Scholarships at $500 or $1000 that Minnesota
students can receive. The number of General Scholarships awarded depends on how much
money has been donated. Again, they can apply for three scholarships. This past year, two of our
students received two different scholarships. Also, two $7,500 scholarships will be awarded for
graduate students. Please contact Karla if you would like an application.

If you would like to pay your dues of $15, or join the Foundation at $25, Karla will be happy to
mail them in.

Historian – Rose Bitter
She reminded us all to view the book Rhonda Krehl has compiled on the history of the Circle of
Life – very impressive.
Please bring photos and other mementoes from ESA functions for the History Book.

Kate Sala thanked everyone for attending Nellie Ray’s visitation and funeral. She is compiling a
history of Nellie’s ESA life.

Hope for Heroes – Edee Erickson
She has sent out four boxes and has almost enough to send out another three. Please keep the
donations coming. She has boxes available as does the Post Office. The American Legions,
VFWs, and Elks Clubs will also mail out boxes – be sure to completely fill out the Customs

MARC Reps – Kim LeTendre-Olson & Jo Hanson
The MARC Ways & Means report included the following information:
     Silent Auction    $1,174.00
     Chinese Auction   $1,165.00
     MARC Pins         $ 17.00
     Pot of Gold       $ 275.50 (MARC Share)

There were 105 Chinese Auction items and 39 Silent Auction items.
27 Minnesota members attended the Conference in Sioux Falls, SD. Thank you, Minnesota for
your support.

Publicity – Barb Winczewski
There were new attendees at the St. Jude Style Show this year, hopefully due to it being well
publicized in area newspapers. If you would like to help with publicity, please let Barb know.

Webmaster – Francine Fredrickson
She is looking at redoing the format of the Minnesota ESA Website with the help of her new

State Convention Co-Chairs – Mary Parr & Kathie Wasson
Since the State Convention will be held in Rochester this year and near the Mayo Clinic, they
came up with the theme, “Hey Doc, What’s Up?” They plan to have the registration form in the
January Essay.

Old Business
The new audio system is here and it is great! It is easy to transport and store. Discussion was
held on getting insurance on the audio system.

Mary Parr informed us that for State Convention, the Marriott requires ESA to have insurance in
case of damage to property. Event insurance policy would be approximately $300 – insurance for
a year for all state-sponsored events would be approximately $500-$600. Julene asked if this
would also cover chapter events, but we were informed that would probably cost more. Jo
Hanson made a motion to get insurance for an entire year; Birdie Elkofska seconded. Discussion
following included Birdie suggesting that we find out if chapter events can also be covered under
this policy as we could be sued if anything happened at an event; she suggested that we also have
bonding of the treasury.

The general liability policy would include medical expenses and property damage. It was felt
that more information was needed before we could vote, so the motion was retracted and tabled
until the January meeting.

Kate brought Medtox supplies to the meeting – please take them home for completion and return
them to Medtox. This is a good opportunity for members to help who cannot work at Medtox
during the regularly scheduled work times.

Birdie announced that the St. Jude Silent Auction brought in $5,080 this year and thanked
everyone for their support.

The meeting was adjourned and the Closing Ritual recited by all members.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Staffanson
Recording Secretary


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