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					                                   Descriptive Writing Project
                                   Requirements & Due Dates

In this assignment, students have the option of working alone or with a partner. They will choose
from the following selection, and complete the project according to the following due dates. They
will learn the various elements of descriptive writing and demonstrate this knowledge through their
final product.

Each project will include the following sections:
           Brainstorming
           Introductory paragraph
           List/organizer
           Word list
           Simile & Metaphor Selection
           Preposition & Transition Section

Each project will be graded based on quality, creativity, completion of all sections and careful
attention to conventions (spelling, grammar, capitalization…) Sections must be easily identifiable –
in other words, carefully labeled.

     Students will decide on a place they are very familiar with, and describe it in great detail
      using one of the following as their vehicles of expression.

      Scrapbook
      Poster
      Mobile
      Model/drawing
      Advertisement(newspaper)
      Powerpoint
      Other (students may select another option, as long as it is pre-approved)

The following due dates and checkpoints have been set up, and should be strictly adhered to, or

Get supplies, pick partner, submit proposal                  Wed, March 3
Check point #1 (finish brainstorming, paragraph)             Mon, March 8
Check point #2 (finish organizer, word list)                 Thur, March 11
Check point #3 (similes & metaphors, prep.’s & tran.’s)      Tue, March 16
FINAL DUE DATE (to be submitted for grade)                   Fri, March 19
              Descriptive Writing Project Rubric
    Each category on a scale of 1 – 4 (four being the highest)

 Proposal                                                10 points

 Ideas (brainstorming)                                   20 points

 Introductory paragraph                                  20 points

 Organization (list, organizer)                          20 points

 Voice (feeling/descriptive words lists)                 25 points

 Word Choice (similes & metaphors)                       15 points

 Sentence Fluency (prepositions/transitions)             25 points

 Conventions                                             20 points

 Quality & Creativity                                    30 points

 Each checkpoint (5 points each)                         15 points

Total Points for assignment:                           200 points