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                                                    Thursday 26 June 2008

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Whanau
Kia Ora Koutou, Liebe Eltern,
                                                                     Results for Walking Wednesday
Next term we have a new teacher joining our school.                  1 Rooms 5 &11 with 92%
Mrs Odette Wilson has been appointed and will teach the              2 Room       8    with 91%
Year 7-8 children in Room 11 for the remainder of the                3 Room 12         with 86%.
school year.
Odette has many strengths and we are looking forward to              Reminder
having her working at our school. Odette will commence               Don’t forget the school bell for the start of the day goes at
teaching at school at the start of Term 3.                           8.55am.
                                                                     Please make sure your children are at school on time.
In assembly on Tuesday students on the healthy lunch
committee shared the power point presentations they had              Achievement Certificates
made. These were very impressive and they outlined                   Congratulations to the following children for recently
clearly and effectively the new Government Nutrition                 gaining these awards:
Guidelines for Healthy Confident Kids.                               Room 1
Thank you to Saila Allan from Project Energize for her               Aaron Joliff, Mackenzie Ayrton, Jayada-Lee Falani,
input and assistance, see more information about the                 Cameron Dufty for knowing their first special words.
Government Healthy Nutrition Guidelines further on in the            Room 10
newsletter.                                                          Aimee Steadman, Matthew Goodall, Ariana Metekingi,
Also at assembly our Kapa Haka group performed to                    Liz Richardson for excellent achievement in te reo Maori.
welcome our ERO reviewers. The large group of 60                     Amy Thomas, Casey Owen, Catrin Williams for very good
students did extremely well and we look forward to seeing            achievement in te reo Maori.
them in action again on various occasions throughout the             Kartik Patel for amazing progress using mental maths
year.                                                                strategies.
Thank you to Maria Yates and Jan Goudie for their skills             Room 12
and hard work in teaching our Kapa Haka group.                       Cameron Voykovich, Samantha Wall, Samuel Darrah,
                                                                     Matt Lane, Cory Middleton, Benjamin Allen for 100% in
                                                                     basic facts test.
New Students                                                         Brooke Darrah for huge improvement in basic facts.
A very warm welcome to:
Avalon Lloyd-Whitehead - Room 4                                      FTZ Special Certificates
We hope you enjoy your time at Parawai.                              Room 3
                                                                     Ryan Danby, Georgia Robcke
PTA                                                                  Room 4
Our PTA had an initial meeting on the 18 June. Many                  Mitesh Patel
exciting ideas were presented and shared among the                   Room 10
group. Some of the ideas to fundraise for included school            Aimee Steadman, Natasha Watters
beautification and providing Shade Sails, to protect the             Room 12
children from harmful U.V rays during the summer months.             Bronwyn Ormsby-Ward
The next meeting of the group will be Monday                         Room 14
4th August 3:10pm in Room 7.                                         Sylvia Ormsby-Ward, Dharesh Patel,
Please come along and join the group for an enjoyable                Shaanika Caie, Nathan Adams, Caitlin Shea
and proactive meeting.
                                                                     Junior Trip to Auckland - Stardome
                                                                     Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 - This will take place on August
PLEASE NOTE                                                          20th which is Term 3, Week 4 (subject to BOT approval).
The Tui Tuckshop will not be open tomorrow                           The cost has not been calculated as yet (because we
(Friday 27 June) due to sickness.                                    need to know the cost of the buses) but it will be about $25
                                                                     each. Some reduction will be given to families with 2 or
Thank you                                                            more children going on the trip. We have given you this
A big thank you to Louise Pitman and Coralie Gooder for              early notice about the trip in order to allow you to plan for
all their hard work organising the Jack & Jill Portraits that        this event as we are aware that the cost of living is rising
were taken recently.                                                 for families. More information next term

                                                                     Craze week activity
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                      Next week’s activity will be skipping ropes.
Thursday 26
                 - Australian English Competition closes             Spare Clothing
July                                                                 We require a supply of boys and girls clothing for these
Tuesday 1
                  - Preschool Visit                                  wet days. Please - if you have clothes your family have
Thursday 3
                 - Senior syndicate fundraising disco                finished with can they be sent to school and we will put
Friday     4
                 - End of term 2                                     them to good use. Any contributions will be greatly
Monday 21
                 -Term 3 begins.                                     appreciated. Hand in to Room 2 or Frances McLaren.
                                                                     Thank you.
Tip from Saila Allan – Project Energize                       Zonta Thames Valley – Seminar
                                                              Keeping Ourselves and Our Daughters Safe
                                                              Women of all ages (including High School students) are
                                                              invited to this FREE SEMINAR on
                                                              Monday 30 June, 7pm at the Civic Centre.
                                                              This is a community service for the women of the Thames
                                                              Coromandel and Hauraki Districts.
                                                              Tea, coffee and a light supper will be provided.
                                                              Soana Moala (former Crown Prosecutor)
                                                              Dr. Susan Clements (Doctor for Sexual Abuse Care)
                                                              Mary Ann Kerr (Senior Constable)

                                                              HOLIDAY SEMINARS CHARITABLE TRUST has again
                                                              organised school holiday workshops for Gifted & Talented
                                                              students Years 4-10 (approximately 8-15 yrs) 9th to 16th
‘Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy, Confident Kids’
                                                              July 2008 at Selwyn College, Kohimarama,
                                                              Auckland.Workshops include:
Food for Thought -
                                                              AMAZING ARCHITECTS, AN IDEAL HOME, ANIMAL
The New Zealand Government has started a program to
                                                              HABITATS, CHARTS & MAPS, CHESS COACHING,
help children in New Zealand improve their healthy eating.
                                                              COMBAT & CONFLICT, COSMOS COLONY, DAZZLING
                                                              DESIGNS, DEBATE ODD ISSUES, DESIGN AEROBICS,
Research has shown that when children eat healthily,
                                                              FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHERS, FIGHT OR FLIGHT,
nutritious food it improves their behaviour and
                                                              GEOMETRY, HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, MATHS MAGIC,
concentration in class, plus their health and well-being.
                                                              MIND READING, MINI METROPOLIS, PERFORMANCE
                                                              POETRY, QUAGMIRES & QUANDARIES,
During term time, around 30 percent of what children and
                                                              SCRAPBOOKING, SECRETS & LIES, STRATEGY
young people eat every day is eaten at school, so the food
                                                              GAMES, TOY BOX TECHNOLOGY, VERSES FOR
they eat here can have a big effect on how they learn.
                                                              YOUNG VOICES, WEIRD & WACKY ART.
The Government has brought out some guidelines around
   a) Everyday food – low fat, low salt and from the for full workshop descriptions.
       four food groups
   b) Sometimes food – for restricted provision and in                 Organiser: JEAN HENDY-HARRIS
       appropriate serving size                                                 Tel: 09 585 0111
   c) Occasional food – treats, for special occasions
       i.e. once per term
                                                                      Mob: 021 389 448 - Fax: 09 585 0144
Parawai School has selected a small group of students as               email:
a focus group to work (in conjunction with Saila Allan from
Project Energize) on healthy eating in our school,

These children are creating a Power Point to show to the      .
whole school to explain these new changes. They have
developed a survey to gain some feedback on healthy
food choices for a possible new school lunch menu.

There will be ongoing projects such as posters and
certificates for health promotion. Watch this space!!                Newsletter Question What time does
                                                                     the bell go at the start of the day?
Your input into the changes is welcome so keep an eye
out in future newsletters for more healthy eating                    Answer _________________________
information and if you have any ideas or suggestions that
you would like to contribute, please write them down and             Name _________________________
leave them at the office.
Together we can make a difference.                                   Room_________

Fundraiser for Thames Parawai Playcentre
Goodbye Pork Pie - “A rollicking road movie”.
Tuesday 15 July, 7pm, Multiplex Cinemas, Thames.
Tickets $17.50 p.p., includes first glass of wine, beer or
juice, nibbles and great spot prizes.
Tickets available from Multiplex Cinemas, Thames and
Carson’s Bookshop (cash only).

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