April 2010 schedule - Just Scrapbooking April 2010 by lonyoo


									         Just Scrapbooking April 2010
         Mon                     Tue            Wed              Thu          Fri                    Sat                         Sun

                                                          1             2                3                                 4
                                                                        Good Friday      Scrap Attack 9.30pm               Easter Sunday
                                                                        Store Closed     to 4.00pm                         Store Closed
                                                                                         Free for Scrappers Club Members
                                                                                         $5 for non-members

5 Easter Monday           6                7              8             9 Bug Night      10                                11
12.00 Just Sketch Mon-    Club Members     Club Members   6.30pm        Scrap Attack     Scrap Attack                      12.00 noon
day                       Scrap Attack     Scrap Attack   Just a Stud   6.00pm to mid-   10.00am to 10.00pm                Just Heritage #3
7.00pm Just Beginners 1   6.00pm           9.45am                       night

12 7.00pm                 13               14             15            16               17                                18
BOM ~ People Who          10.00am          Club Members                                  10.00am Just a Home               12.00
Have Influenced Me        Just Brook       Scrap Attack                                  Layout with Mel Forbes            Just Simply
                                           9.45am                                                                          Stunning

19                        20               21             22            23               24                     25
7.00pm                    10.00am          Club Members   6.30 pm       Scrap Attack     10.00am Cards with Lou Anzac Day ~
Just Beginners 2          Just Cricut      Scrap Attack   Just 2 Cute   6.00pm to mid-   1.00pm Coffee, Cake & Store Closed
                                           9.45am                       night            Cards

26 Public Hol             27               28             29            30
Store open 12 to 4        10.00am          Club Members
7.00pm BOM ~ My           Just Pink Plum   Scrap Attack
Word                                       9.45am
Just Scrapbooking –April 2010                                                                         Cards with Lou
      Full payment must be made at the time of booking.                                              Cost $22             Duration: 2.5 hours          Teacher:Lou
                                                                                                              n J yi ” t o s h ud s o h o g r ai
                                                                                                                       d      h                                       n
                                                                                                      Come o a“ o r e wi L ua s eg ie y utru hc e t g 4b a tu c r sc e td       f
                                                                                                                                                                            e ui l a d r ae
      Failure to attend classes or provide 24 hours notice of non attendance will result in a
                                                                                                      with the warm tones in the latest range from Cosmo Cricket. Circles, hand stitching, buttons
       forfeit of paid fees.
                                                                                                      and punching combine to create these all purpose birthday cards.
   Participants must bring along a basic scrapbooking tool kit to all                                Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
       classes except for Step 1. A basic tool kit consists of a 12 inch
       paper trimmer, scissors, adhesives (double sided tape, & glue                                  Coffee, Cake & Cards
       stick), dimensional fluid, pinecone ink, metal ruler, pencil & hole                            Cost $15              Duration: 2 hours           Teacher: Tanya
                                                                                                        ok s a k n           o ud a e h u h ic ud o k hs o d
                                                                                                      C r i b c … a dwh wo l h v to g tt o l lo ti g o ?! This set of three cards by
       reamer. We also recommend that you bring along your own                                        Tanya uses cork to create handmade layered floral embellishments, complete with accents of
       Xyron Machine if you have it.                                                                  felt and twine. Add to that a dash of stamping, die-cut elements and the stunning colours of
                                                                                                        a i r ys r n ol t , n o a e a d ls o t e s e . hs n s u e o
                                                                                                                       g       e o
                                                                                                      B scG e ’ O iisc l cin a dy uh v ac r ca sn t ob mis d T i o ei s r t
      All photo dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated.                                      ok ui oi      me o e uc !
                                                                                                      b o o tnn t … s b q ik!            !
      For safety, comfort & out of respect for other participants, please do not bring               Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
       children/babies to classes or Scrap Attacks.
      Exceptions will be made for nursing mothers of non-mobile babies –please talk to us at         Just Simply Stunning
       time of booking.                                                                               Cost $35              Duration: 2.5 hours           Teacher: Anna
                                                                                                      Sometimes less is more, and this class by Anna is perfect example of this notion. You will be
Scrap Attack                                                                                          amazed at how effortlessly she has managed to stretch just one pack of die-cuts and 2 pieces
Cost $10              Duration: 6 or 12 hours                                                         of patterned paper across three stunning layouts, made only more brilliant by clever layering,
Be sure to join us for a fun filled evening, escape the children, phone and husband; come and         ribbon accents, and bling. This class would be suitable for almost any theme or subject.
chat, scrap and share your creative energy.                                                           Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
                                                                                                      Photo requirements: 3 6x4 photos (landscape orientation) & 2 small photos able to be cropped
                                                                                                      to approximately 3x4 inches.
Bug Night Scrap Attack
Cost $10              Duration: 6 hours
A Scrap Attack for all things Cricut!! Bring you own machine and Cricut projects to work on.          Just 2 Cute
Lou will be here so you can utilise her vast knowledge of that wonderful electronic machine!!! As     Cost $35                Duration: 2 hours              Teacher: Kat
an added bonus we will only be taking 8 bookings so you get your own table, and you may also          Bring pre-bought chipboard shapes to life with embossing, inking, painting, patterned paper,
use our teaching cartridges during the evening.                                                       and layering in this fun single-page class by Kat. Kat will show you how to transform the plain
                                                                                                      face of Twiddleybitz chipboard into a beautiful title and accent for your page with minimal fuss.
                                                                                                      This class is available in either a boy and girl version.
Ca s s tr n wi “ u t a es i b i igca s s e in dfr e in r t itr dae
  ls e sa t g t J s” r kl ul n ls e d sg e o b gn e s o ne me it
              i      h              l d                                                               Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
s r p o k r.T e a e“ a ds-o ” n alw y ut d v lpy u S r p o kn tln.We
 ca b o es h y r h n              n ad l     o o o e eo o r c a b o ig ae t                           Photo Requirements: 1 5x7 photo (portrait orientation)
recommend that you at least complete a Beginners 1 & 2 so that you have the basic skills to
participate in these classes. Please talk to staff if you are un-sure of your skill level.            Just Heritage #3
                                                                                                      Cost $27      Duration: 2 hours             Teacher: Julie
                                                                                                                                                                                 nhs e i g a o t
                                                                                                      Get your scissors at the ready for some fussy-cutting with Julie!!! This mo t’ H r a ely u
Just Beginners 1                                                                                      incorporates beautifully layered hand-cut florals, delicate punched butterflies, distressing, and
Cost $15              Duration: 2 hours            Teacher: Jordie                                    lots of dimension. Plus, as an added bonus, there is loads of room for journaling about your
In our beginners class you will encounter current Scrapbooking styles and trends in a friendly        treasured memories.
hands-on class. Not only will you put together your first page and learn about tools, you will also   Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
launch into the world of design concepts and the wonder of coordinated scrapbook ranges.              Photo requirements: 1 6x4 photo (portrait orientation)
Requirements: 2-3 photos of the one event
                                                                                                      Just a Stud
Just Beginners 2                                                                                      Cost $50              Duration: 2.5 hours          Teacher: Sandra
Cost $25              Duration: 2 hours              Teacher: Jordie                                   ’ me o c a h o s! on a d a s h ud s o h o g ut g o eh r O R
                                                                                                       t t                       !
                                                                                                      Is i t s r pteb y ! J i S n r a s eg ie y utr u hp tn tg te F U         i
Designed as a follow on from the Just Beginners 1, this class will take you into the wonderful                                                                          a
                                                                                                                                                                      el o lv r ’ S p r td
                                                                                                      single page layouts using patterned papers and stickers from B l B ue a ds u e S u
world of dimension, inks, dimensional fluid, bling and much more.                                     collection and a smattering of brads and buttons. Stars and circles take centre stage in these
Requirements: a basic Scrapbooking tool kit                                                           product-rich graphic and eye-catching pages, making them equally appropriate for both young
Photo Requirements: 1 5x7 photo (any orientation)                                                     boys and teenagers.
                                                                                                      Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
                                                                                                      Photo Requirements: 4 5x7 photos (3 portrait orientation and 1 landscape orientation)
Just a Home Layout with Mel Forbes                                                                   Bom ~ My Word
Cost $45               Duration: 3-4 hours         Teacher: Mel Forbes                               Cost $27        Duration: 2 hours     Teacher: Kat
Join the amazing Miss Mel and learn all the secrets to this unique layout. Created as a single       Pick a word that best describes what you want to achieve, be , or how you see yourself at this
 a en h        n ef g e n
p g i tewo d r l r e s& b o so “ iis b B scGr y ti ly u le al o e so t
                                   r wn f Or n ” y a i e ,hs a o ti rl p n u
                                              g                               t     y                stage in your life. By creating a page about this you will be one step closer to actually changing
to reveal a clever 3D pop up house. Finished off with Twiddleybitz chipboard this project is         to make this word a reality. You will also give future readers of your BOM another insight into
definitely worth the effort.                                                                         your personality.
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit including distresser, brown ink, pencil, metal ruler     Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
and craft knife, scorer, strong double sided tape, xyron or glue for lace, sandpaper, tiny           Photo requirements: 1 5x7 photo (landscape orientation)
scissors, dimensional magic or glossy accents.
Photo Requirements: 2 photos 3.7 inches wide x approx 2.5 inches high Landscape (inside of
house) 1photo 4 inches wide by 2.2 inches high landscape (front of envelope)

Just Brook
Cost $25       Duration: 2.5 hours              Teacher: Lou                                         Just Scrapbooking
Enjoy the clean lines in this great class finished with simple stitching and dressed up with         Shop 8B/233 Berrigan Drive
  hp o r lme t. r ae n h e a g al B o k b C ae a e    e
c ib a dee ns C e tdi ten w r n ec l d“ r o ” y r tp p rthese 2 single
layouts are perfect for masculine photos and looks absolutely stunning!                              Jandakot WA 6164
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit and 12x12 Cricut Mat if you have one.                    Ph: 9417 3665
Photo Requirements: 2 5x7 photos (portrait orientation)                                              www.justscrapbooking.typepad.com
Just Pink Plum
Cost $25        Duration: 2 hours             Teacher: Lou
Inspired by this range from Cratepaper, Lou has created a double layout based around the new
Twiddlybitz template which is used for both cutting & stitching in this class. Completed in pinks
& oranges this layout is a given for feminine photos and finished off with glitter alphas. It will
sparkle all the way to your heart!!
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
Photo requirements: 2 5x7 photos (portrait orientation)

Just Cricut
Cost $25       Duration: 2.5 hours            Teacher: Lou
Get creative with the Cricut and craft this stunning double page with Lou. She will take you back
to basics as you focus on layering up simple cricut cut shapes and then finish it off with some
                                                D nt s u o hs a tsi ls .
cute Twiddleybitz chipboard embellishments. o ’miso t nti fna t ca s         c
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit and a 12x12 Cricut mat if you have one.
Photo Requirements: 2 5x7 (landscape orientation and able to be cropped)

Just Sketch Monday
Cost $15             Duration: 4 hours               Teacher: Jordie
Sketch Sunday is back, but this month it is on Easter Monday! This creative session is designed
to help you make the most of sketches, as well as your own scrapbooking stash. Come along
and recreate our sketch with your own supplies, or purchase as you go along. We will be on
hand to guide and help you get the most out of this session.
Please note: Scrappers Club discount applies to this class!!
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit and your own stash
Photo Requirements: 3 6x4 Photos (portrait orientation)

Bom ~ People that have Influenced you
Cost $25       Duration: 2 hours    Teacher: Lou
This double layout focuses on the people who have influenced you as you were growing up. This
could be grandparents, other relatives, parents, friends or even teachers. Take a moment to
 hn b u ti a d v n f o o ’h v h ts f a t ua p ro o a e r s n
tika o ths n e e iy ud nt a ep oo o ap r c lr e s ny uc nr p e e t them
with journaling.
Requirements: a basic scrapbooking tool kit
Photo requirements: 4-6 photos

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