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                                                                                 39th Annual

 College of engineering
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     Development                                                                 Building Code
         Earn AIA credits (up to 21 LU, Health, Safety and Welfare) or 2.1 CEU

                                                                                 February 15–17, 2010
                                                                                 Alliant Energy Center
                                                                                 (Exhibition Hall)
                                                                                 Madison, Wisconsin

                                                                                 The Midwest’s largest forum bringing
                                                                                 together architects, planners and
                                                                                  Gain in-depth knowledge of the
                                                                                   Wisconsin Commercial Building
                                                                                  Hear what’s being planned for the
                                                                                   new WCBC scheduled for adoption
                                                                                   in 2010

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  39th Annual

  Wisconsin Commercial Building Code Refresher

  39th Consecutive Year!                     Learn From Experts                           Preview the New Code to
  The 2010 version of the Wisconsin          Each session features presentations          be Adopted in 2010
  Commercial Building Code Refresher         by experts from either the Wisconsin         A new Wisconsin Commercial Building
  marks the 39th consecutive year that       Department of Commerce or the                Code will be officially adopted in 2010.
  the University of Wisconsin–Madison        International Code Council. This is          Attend the Code Refresher to hear first-
  has teamed with the Wisconsin              your chance to hear presentations by         hand from key representatives of the
  Department of Commerce to present this     nationally recognized experts on the         Wisconsin Department of Commerce.
  outstanding program. Since 1971, the       International Building Code (IBC), the       You will learn about the new proposed
  Code Refresher has provided current,       International Mechanical Code (IMC),         provisions, what may be changed and
  hands-on information to architects,        the International Existing Building          why.
  planners and engineers to help them        Code (IEBC), the International Energy
  effectively understand and use the         Conservation Code (IECC) and the
  Wisconsin Commercial Building Code         International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), as       Two-Day Comprehensive:
  (WCBC). Started by Phil Bennett, the       well as health care facilities.              Navigating the WCBC
  Code Refresher has developed into an                                                    This two-day session provides you
  important forum for professionals from     Who Should Attend                            with a comprehensive review of the
  different disciplines.                                                                  WCBC, covering all the component
                                             The Code Refresher is designed for
                                             architects, planners, engineers and          codes, Wisconsin administrative rules
  Flexible Program                           builders. It will provide the specifics of   and amendments. The solutions to
  Each day you will be able to choose        the Wisconsin Commercial Building            many design problems can be found
  from any of three concurrent sessions.     Code to those persons actively involved      by referencing the appropriate codes.
  In addition, there will be a plenary       in the design, construction, maintenance     This comprehensive two-day overview
  session each morning at which leaders      or inspection of buildings.                  provides you with an understanding
  of the Wisconsin Department of                                                          of regulatory tools and how they are
                                                                                          applied so owners and designers can find
  Commerce, Division of Safety and           Earn While You Learn!                        solutions quickly and effectively.
  Buildings will present the latest trends
                                             For each day you attend, you will earn 7
  and developments in the Wisconsin
                                             AIA LU (Health, Safety and Welfare) or
  Commercial Building Code.
                                             .7 CEU. Attend all three days and earn 21
                                                                                          Course Materials
                                             LU (2.1 CEU).                                Each day, course attendees will receive
  Get Your Questions                                                                      a notebook with printed copies of the
  Answered                                                                                PowerPoint presentations for each
                                             Save on Enrollment!                          session, enabling attendees to follow the
  Representatives from the Wisconsin         Attend for multiple days or enroll           discussions and take notes. Attendees
  Department of Commerce and the             multiple persons from the same firm or       will also receive additional reference
  International Code Council will be         agency and save on the enrollment fee.       materials. We will not, however, provide
  available throughout the Refresher to                                                   copies of the 2006 IBC codebook. You
                                             You can choose to attend any one, two or
  answer your questions. You will have                                                    may wish to bring your own copy to the
                                             all three days. See the enrollment form
  many opportunities to get your questions                                                course. They will not be readily available
                                             for details. Multiple attendees from the
  answered regarding the interpretation                                                   for purchase on-site.
                                             same firm or agency are eligible for a
  and application of the Wisconsin           discount. For information on the multiple
  Commercial Building Code.                  attendee discount, contact Howard
                                             Rosen, program director, at rosen@engr.
                                             wisc.edu (or call him at 800-462-0876).

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 39th Annual

 Wisconsin Commercial Building Code Refresher
 Schedule                                  Session C: Navigating the Wisconsin         •	 Combustion	and	vent	sizing	
                                           Commercial Building Code                       requirements	per	the	IFGC
 Monday, February 15                       Henry Kosarzycki, Jim Smith                 •	 Gas	piping	and	installation	per	the	
 7:00 Registration and Continental                                                        IFGC
                                            •	 Understanding	the	structure	of	the	
 Breakfast                                     WCBC                                   Session E: Fire-Resistive, Fire
 Alliant Energy Center (Exhibition Hall)    •	 Applying	the	WCBC	regulations	to:      Prevention
 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way                –	International	Building	Code	(IBC)    Terrell Stripling
 Madison, Wisconsin                            –	International	Existing	Building	      •	 Wall	assemblies:	types,	separation	
                                                 Code	(IEBC)	                             and fire rating
 8:15 Opening General Session                  –	International	Energy	Conservation	    •	 Opening	protection
 Gregory C. Jones, Administrator                 Code	(IECC)                           •	 Smoke	assemblies
 Division of Safety and Buildings              –	International	Mechanical	Code	        •	 Penetrations
 Wisconsin Department of Commerce                (IMC)                                 •	 Automatic	sprinklers
                                               –	International	Fuel	Gas	Code	(IFGC)    •	 Standpipes
 Richard Leinenkugel, Secretary
                                           Note: This session continues on Tuesday     •	 Fire	alarms
 Wisconsin Department of Commerce
                                           as Session F.                               •	 Smoke	control
 9:15-5:00 Concurrent Sessions
                                           5:00 Daily Adjournment                     Session F: Navigating the Wisconsin
 A, B, and C
                                           Tuesday, February 16                       Commercial Building Code
 NOTE: Concurrent sessions go from
 9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with lunch and                                               Henry Kosarzycki, Jim Smith
                                           7:00 Registration and Continental
 morning and afternoon refreshment         Breakfast                                   •	 Solving	design	problems	by	
 breaks included. Attendees are            Alliant Energy Center (Exhibition Hall)        referencing the appropriate codes
 welcome to move from one session to                                                   •	 Expedited	review	and	permitting
                                           1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
 another at any time.                                                                  •	 Finding	answers	to	design	problems
                                           Madison, Wisconsin                          •	 Recognizing	design	options
 Session A: Egress and Accessibility
                                           8:15 Opening General Session               Note: This is a continuation of Monday’s
 Jay Woodward
                                           Current Initiatives and Future Trends      Session C.
  •	 Occupant	load
  •	 Egress	width                          Gregory C. Jones, Administrator            5:00 Daily Adjournment
  •	 Stairways,	corridors                  Division of Safety and Buildings
  •	 Exit	number,	enclosures                                                          Wednesday, February 17
                                           Wisconsin Department of Commerce
  •	 Accessible	means	of	egress                                                       7:00 Registration and Continental
                                           9:15-5:00 Concurrent Sessions
  •	 Scoping	requirements                                                             Breakfast
                                           D, E, and F
  •	 Accessible	entrances                                                             Alliant Energy Center (Exhibition Hall)
                                           NOTE: Concurrent sessions go from
  •	 Dwelling,	sleeping	units                                                         1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
                                           9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with lunch and
 Session B: Health Care Facilities         morning and afternoon refreshment          Madison, Wisconsin
 Jon Cechvala, David Soens, Bill Lauzon,   breaks included. Attendees are             8:00 Opening General Session
 Wade Rudolph                              welcome to move from one session to
                                                                                      Preview of the Proposed New
  •	 Plan	review	processing                another at any time.
                                                                                      Wisconsin Commercial Building Code
  •	 Organizational	updates                Session D: Changes in the                  Jim Smith, Program Manager
     – Relationship enhancement            Wisconsin IECC
     – WHEA                                                                           Division of Safety and Buildings
                                           John Spalding, Randy Dahmen
     – WHEA Code Committee                                                            Wisconsin Department of Commerce
  •	 Survey	processing                      •	 Residential	building	envelope	
                                               requirements	and	use	of	REScheck       9:15 Concurrent Sessions
  •	 IBC	2009	code	update                                                             G, H, and I
  •	 DQA	Web	site	advancements              •	 Commercial	building	envelope	
                                               requirements	and	use	of	COMcheck       NOTE: Concurrent sessions go from
  •	 Code	monopoly	–	updated	tool	box	                                                9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with lunch and
     codes                                  •	 Commercial	lighting	efficiency	
                                               provisions                             morning and afternoon refreshment
                                            •	 Lighting	plan	submittal	procedures     breaks included. Attendees are
                                            •	 HVAC	equipment	efficiencies            welcome to move from one session to
                                            •	 HVAC	controls                          another at any time.

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Session G: New Structural Provisions:
Changes in the IBC
John Henry, Laurence (Larry) Swaziek        At a Glance…
 •	 Loads:	dead,	live,	snow,	seismic	and	
                                            Monday, February 15
 •	 Structural	test	and	special	            Egress and Accessibility
    inspections                             This session, covering all the key parts of the Code that address egress and
 •	 Foundations                             accessibility concerns, will be presented by Jay Woodward, a nationally
                                            recognized	authority	on	these	topics.	
 •	 Masonry,	steel	and	wood
Session H: Existing Buildings               Health Care Facilities
                                            Current and former representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Health
Jim Smith
                                            Services will present the latest information you need to navigate the plan review
  	•	Prescriptive	compliance	methods	for	   process for health care facilities.
  •	 Application	of	Level	I,	II,	and	III	   Navigating the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code
     alterations                            Henry	Kosarzycki	and	Jim	Smith	will	provide	a	comprehensive	review	of	all	the	
  •	 Applying	IEBC	to	historic	buildings    component	codes	in	the	WCBC,	including	the	IBC,	IEBC,	IECC,	IMC	and	the	IFGC.	
  •	 Fire-resistive	construction            Tuesday, February 16
  •	 Wisconsin	modifications	to	the	IEBC
                                            Changes in the Wisconsin IECC
Session I: Mechanical Provisions
                                            You need to know about changes in the residential provisions and the
John Spalding, Randy Dahmen                 commercial	building	envelope	of	the	IECC.	John	Spalding	and	Randy	Dahmen	of	
 •	 Changes	in	the	2006	Wisconsin	IMC       the Division of Safety and Buildings, Wisconsin Department of Commerce, will
 •	 Kitchen	hood	requirements               cover	these	changes	and	answer	your	questions.
 •	 Dampers	and	shafts                      Fire-Resistive, Fire Prevention
 •	 Ventilation	standards                   Hear a detailed and thorough presentation by Terrell Stripling, a nationally
 •	 Answering	FAQ	about	the	IMC             recognized	expert	in	fire	protection	and	an	instructor	for	the	International	Code	
5:00 Final Adjournment                      Council.

                                            Navigating the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code (Continued)
                                            Henry	Kosarzycki	and	Jim	Smith	will	provide	a	comprehensive	review	of	all	the	
                                            component	codes	in	the	WCBC,	including	the	IBC,	IEBC,	IECC,	IMC	and	the	IFGC.	
Save on Team                                Wednesday, February 17
Enrollments!                                Structural Provisions
Enroll two persons from the same firm       This session will provide you with a solid review and update of the structural
and get a third registration at HALF        provisions	of	the	code.	It	is	taught	by	John	Henry,	the	principal	staff	engineer	for	
PRICE for the same number of days as        the	International	Code	Council,	in	charge	of	developing	the	technical	resources	
the first two.                              for	the	structural	provisions	of	the	code,	with	Laurence	(Larry)	Swaziek,	Division	
                                            of Safety and Buildings, Wisconsin Department of Commerce, available to answer
Enroll four persons from the same           questions.
firm and get a fifth registration FREE
for the same number of days as the first    Existing Buildings
four.                                       Jim Smith of the Division of Safety and Buildings, Wisconsin Department of
                                            Commerce, will cover in detail the provisions of the Wisconsin modifications of
To take advantage of these discounts,
                                            the	International	Existing	Building	Code	(IEBC).	
you need to contact Howard Rosen,
program director, at 800-462-0876, or       Mechanical Provisions
e-mail rosen@engr.wisc.edu BEFORE           John Spalding and Randy Dahmen of the Division of Safety and Buildings,
you enroll.                                 Wisconsin Department of Commerce, will present a detailed review of the key
                                            mechanical provisions in the WCBC.
 39th Annual

 Wisconsin Commercial Building Code Refresher
 Jon F. Cechvala, Architect, Eppstein          Henry Kosarzycki AIA, Architect,             Wade Rudolph, Director of Plant
 Uhen Architects. For more than 24             Health Care Surveyor, Wisconsin              Operations, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau
 years, Jon was a staff architect and Life     Department of Health Services. Henry         Claire, Wisconsin. Wade has served
 Safety Code engineer for the Hospitals        previously served as program manager,        as chair of the Code and Standards
 and Health Services Section, Bureau of        Division of Safety and Buildings,            Committee of the Wisconsin Healthcare
 Quality Assurance, State of Wisconsin,        Wisconsin Department of Commerce,            Engineers Association. He has an
 Division of Health and Family Services.       providing code training throughout           extensive background in healthcare
 At Eppstein Uhen Architects, he assists       Wisconsin. Before joining the State, he      administration and biomedical
 clients with the design and construction      worked for a construction company in         electronics. He is recipient of the 2007
 coordination of health care facilities        the design-build industry and as a plan      ASHE Region 6 Leader Award.
 in Wisconsin. Jon served on the 2001          reviewer for the City of Milwaukee. A        James B. Smith PE, Program Manager,
 and 2006 AIA code committee that              member of the International Building         Commercial Building Program, Safety
 publishes the Guidelines for Design and       Code Council and former chair of the         and Buildings Division, Wisconsin
 Construction of Hospitals and Medical         AIA National Codes and Standards             Department of Commerce. Jim worked
 Facilities.                                   Committee, he also represents the AIA        with a consulting engineering firm,
 Randall R. Dahmen PE,                         on the International Green Construction      a general contractor, and the federal
 Advanced HVAC Plan Reviewer, Safety           Code administrative and building             government before joining the State.
 and Buildings Division, Wisconsin             performance workgroup. Henry is              He has been an active participant in the
 Department of Commerce. A Wisconsin           secretary/treasurer of the AIA-Wisconsin     process of adopting, implementing and
 registered professional engineer as well      executive board.                             updating the model codes used as the
 as licensed commercial building and           Bill Lauzon PE, Healthcare Consultant,       Wisconsin Commercial Building Code.
 UDC HVAC inspector, Randy has been            Lead Engineer, Division of Quality           He has been a member of several ICC
 employed by the Division since 1995.          Assurance, State of Wisconsin. Bill works    code development committees.
 Prior to that he was a private sector         toward a process of consistent code          David Soens PE, AIA, Program Director,
 project engineer involved in the design,      interpretations as he provides training      University of Wisconsin–Madison,
 fabrication, testing, field installation,     to the 10 hospital and long-term care        Department of Engineering Professional
 and troubleshooting of various types          engineers who perform plan reviews           Development. Dave is an architect and a
 of HVAC equipment. He was a finalist          and inspections and healthcare surveys       licensed professional engineer. He is an
 for the U.S. Department of Energy’s           of facilities. Previously, Bill worked for   active member of the NFPA Health Care
 Jeffrey Johnson Award for his energy          the state for three years as a healthcare    Code Committee, AIA 2010 Guidelines
 conservation efforts.                         inspector of hospitals, nursing homes,       Committee and ASHE. His previous
 John R. Henry PE, Principal Staff             and CBRFs. Prior to that, he worked          work includes serving as the Wisconsin
 Engineer, International Code                  for 20 years as the facility construction    Department of Health fire code authority,
 Council (ICC), Business and Product           and maintenance director for All Saints      ensuring health care facility compliance
 Development Department. John                  Healthcare in Racine and St. Catherine’s     with federal, state, and local regulations.
 has responsibility for research and           Hospital in Kenosha.                         Dave has 20 years of experience with
 development of technical resources                                                         commercial facility construction.
 pertaining to the structural engineering
 provisions of the code. He has a broad
 range of experience that includes
 structural design in private practice, plan
 check engineering with consulting firms
 and building department jurisdictions,
 and more than 11 years as an ICC staff
 engineer. John is the author of numerous
 books and articles covering the structural
 provisions of the IBC, and he is an ICC
 Certified Plans Examiner.

Enroll online today! epd.engr.wisc.edu/webL036
John A. Spalding, Section Chief,
La Crosse/Hayward Office, Safety                             Upcoming Courses of Interest
and Buildings Division, Wisconsin                            (all offered in Madison, Wisconsin)
Department of Commerce. John is
also the matrix chief for the Energy
Conservation, HVAC and Fuel Gas                  Water Entry Prevention and Moisture         Commissioning Process for LEED Projects
chapters of the Wisconsin Commercial             Control in Buildings—Exterior Walls         April 15–16, 2010, Course #K996
Building Code. He works with a team              and Roofing Systems                         Understanding Building Mechanical
of professionals to provide statewide            March 1–2, 2010, Course #L423               Systems
clarification and consistency to these
                                                 Below-Grade and Plaza Deck                  April 19–20, 2010, Course #L158
areas of the code. Prior to joining the
                                                 Waterproofing and Moisture Control          Introduction to the 2009 International
State, John was a practicing architect with
                                                 March 3–4, 2010, Course #L424               Building Code
emphasis on integrating building, HVAC
and lighting systems.                            Cross Connection Control and Backflow       April 26–27, 2010, Course #L123
                                                 Prevention                                  Structural Provisions of the 2009
Laurence (Larry) Swaziek PE, Program
                                                 March 22–26, 2010, Course #L022             International Building Code
Manager, Safety and Buildings Division,
Wisconsin Department of Commerce.                Plumbing System Design                      April 28–29, 2010, Course #L122
Larry manages the one- and two-family            March 22–26, 2010, Course #L141             Mechanical System Design for Green
dwelling, manufactured home, elevator            Laboratory Building Systems                 Buildings
and structural systems programs as               April 12–14, 2010, Course #L142             Spring 2010
they relate to code development, fiscal
                                                 Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency         Energy Modeling for High-Performance
budgeting, plan review, inspection and
                                                 (online)                                    Buildings
                                                 April 14–May 19, 2010, Course #L055         Spring 2010
Terrell Stripling, ICC Instructor.
                                                 Repair of Concrete                          Leading the Commissioning Process: Step-
Terrell has 20 years of fire service
                                                 April 14–16, 2010, Course #L425             by-Step Strategies for New Construction
experience and has also worked in the
                                                 National Electrical Code                    Projects
construction industry. He holds a degree
                                                 April 14–16, 2010, Course #K833             June 7–11, 2010, Course #L254
from Oklahoma State University in
fire protection and safety engineering           Commissioning Process for Delivering        Design of Geothermal Systems
technology. His teaching combines                Quality Constructed Projects                October 4–7, 2010, Course #L146
his experience in fire prevention and            April 12–14, 2010, Course #K632             For information on these and other
code management with an ability to                                                           courses:
                                                 Commissioning Process for Existing
communicate a proactive philosophy.
                                                 Buildings                                   Visit epd.engr.wisc.edu/coursecategories
Terrell utilizes the theory of the codes
                                                 April 15–16, 2010, Course #L339             Call 800-462-0876
along with examples of hands-on,
practical applications to demonstrate                                                        E-mail custserv@epd.engr.wisc.edu
how to design better buildings and safer
Jay Woodward, Senior Staff Architect,
                                               Courses for Design Professionals
International Code Council (ICC),              The University of Wisconsin–Madison, Department of Engineering Professional
Codes and Standards Department. Jay’s          Development offers a variety of short courses of interest to design professionals. These
more than 20 years of experience in            courses cover such topic areas as:
building design, construction and code         •	 Architectural	Planning	and	Design	         •	 High	Performance	and	Green	
enforcement provide him with the unique                                                         Buildings
                                               •	 Building	Codes,	Inspection,	Planning	
ability to communicate effectively on
                                                  and Zoning                                 •	 HVAC	Building	Systems
issues of code application and design for
code enforcement personnel, architects         •	 Building	Commissioning	                    •	 Plumbing	and	Fire	Protection	Building	
and designers. He is a recognized              •	 Building	Construction	                        Systems
authority on the means of egress and fire      •	 Electrical	Building	Systems	and	Codes	     •	 Structural	and	Foundation	Engineering	
and life safety aspects of the International                                                 For more information:
                                               •	 Facility	Operation	and	Maintenance	
Building Code.                                                                               epd.engr.wisc.edu/coursecategories
 39th Annual

 Wisconsin Commercial Building Code Refresher
 Lodging Information                                                             Course Site
 Clarion Suites Madison                                                          The Alliant Energy Center (Exhibition
 2110 Rimrock Road                                                               Hall) is located on the southern edge of
 (connected to the Exhibition Hall at Alliant Energy Center)                     Madison, just off the Beltline Highway
 $70/single, $80/double (state employee), $89/single (non-state employee)        (Hwy 12 and 18), on John Nolen Drive.
 Call 608-284-1234 by January 14 and mention Wisconsin Building Code Refresher   From the NORTH on I-90/94…Where
 Sheraton Madison Hotel                                                          90 and 94 split, stay on I-90 to Chicago
 706 John Nolen Drive                                                            and Janesville. After 4 miles, take exit
 (across from Alliant Energy Center)                                             142A onto Hwy 12/18 (Beltline) west
 $99 single/double                                                               to Madison. After 5 miles, you’ll see
 Call 608-251-2300 by January 15 and mention WI Code Refresher                   the white dome roof of the Coliseum
 Holiday Inn Express                                                             building on your right; take the John
 722 John Nolen Drive                                                            Nolen exit (Exit #263).
 (across from Alliant Energy Center)                                             From the SOUTH on I-90…Exit 142A
 $90 single/double                                                               onto Hwy 12/18, proceed as above.
 Call 608-255-7400 by January 14 and mention Wisconsin Building Code Refresher   From the EAST on I-94…At Madison, get
                                                                                 onto I-90/94 to Janesville and Chicago,
                                                                                 then proceed as above.
                                                                                 From the WEST…Get onto the Beltline,
                                                                                 Hwy 12/18 going east; exit at Rimrock
                                                                                 Road (Exit #262).

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