Persuasive Essay Writing to Propose or Persuade

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					Revised March 4, 2008
                                                               Persuasive Essay :Writing to Propose or Persuade

               Score Point 4                                    Score Point 3                              Score Point 2                          Score Point 1
               Exceeds                                          Meets                                      Approaching                            Not at Standard
  Purpose      * Meets all criteria in point 3                  -Focus clearly stated in the thesis        -Has a thesis statement.               -Thesis statement may be unclear or
                 and                                            statement and referenced throughout        -Attempts to maintain focus            missing.
               -Shows invention, creativity and clearness of    the piece.                                 throughout.                            -Fails to set context.
               thought.                                         -Appropriate to audience.                  -Background info does not clearly      -May meander or contain digressions.
               -Presents insightful ideas                       -Clearly establishes background info       set context.
                                                                (context) for the presentation of ideas.   -May have some digressions.
                                                                W- 2 .1, 2.2, -6.2, 7.1, 7.2,
Organization * Meets all criteria in point 3                    -Has a strong introduction,                -May lack effective introduction or    -Introduction and/or conclusion
               and                                              convincing body, and a strong              conclusion.                            are/is weak or missing.
             -May present ideas in unusual or surprising        conclusion that provides closure.          -Arranges ideas in simple ways by      - Ideas may display faulty reasoning.
             patterns/format.                                   -Arranges arguments, reasons, and/or       listing without support, or fails to    -Lacks transitions.
             -Interesting ideas, expressed in an original       evidence effectively and persuasively.     relate ideas to each other.            -Weak coherence.
             way.                                               -Uses effective transitions in a logical    -Weak transitions.
                                                                -Possesses overall coherence and
                                                                W-1.2, 1.3, 6.1, 6.2
 Voice/Tone    * Meets all criteria in point 3                  -Language is persuasive.                   -Uses appropriate language, but        -Language is predictable and general
                 and                                            -Word choice and phrasing are              may lack precision. (weak word         rather than precise.
               -Language is selected with careful attention     effective and precise.                     choice)                                -Lacks conviction.
               to persuasive appeal.                            -Is appropriate for the anticipated        -Language may not be persuasive.       -Little sentence variety. (generally
               -Writer shows confidence, conviction, and        audience.                                  -Sentence structure may lack           short choppy sentences)
               enthusiasm.                                      -Sentence structure is varied.             variety.
                                                                W-7.3, 7.4, 1.1, 1.4

  Details/     * Meets all criteria in point 3                 -Uses a range of strategies: statistics,    -Some attempt at using persuasive       -Little use of persuasive strategies.
 Elaboration     and                                           anecdotes, etc.                             strategies.                             -Reasons are thinly developed.
               -Presents unusually perceptive                  -Relevant facts, convincing arguments,      -States mostly appropriate              -Presents some info, but lacks
               arguments/reasons with richly elaborated        and examples are used to elaborate on       arguments or reasons.                   elaboration.
               supporting details.                             the position statement.                     -Provides some supporting               -May contain irrelevant or
               -Argue effectively for position.                -Anticipates and refutes counter-           evidence for arguments or reasons.      inappropriate details or examples.
               -Insightful in anticipating and addressing      arguments.                                  -Assumes the reader will find the       -Does not identify counter-
               possible reader concerns.                                                                   ideas credible.                         arguments.
               -Embeds prior knowledge, personal               W-2.3 , 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4                  -Identifies counter-arguments, but
               experience, and/or reflection into the                                                      may not refute them.
               fabric of argument.