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					                      CLERICAL COMMITTEE
               Tuesday, September 12, 2006 – 6:30 p.m.
             Historic Depot 50 North 4th Avenue, Canton, Il

Those Aldermen in attendance – Joe Berardi, Jim Hartford, Craig West,
Larry Sarff, Kevin Meade, Les Carl, Eric Schenck, Rick Reed. Absent –
Others in attendance – Mayor Rodney Heinze, City Clerk Nancy Whites,
City Treasurer Kathy Luker, City Attorney Chrissie Peterson, Public Works
Director Clif O‟Brien, Police Chief Jeffery Fritz, Fire Chief John Stanko,
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supt. Joe Carruthers, Water Treatment Plant
Supt. Greg Pollitt, Zoning Officer Clark Wilson, Keith Plavec from Maurer
Stutz Inc., Street Supt. George Spahn, SRPED Mark Rothert, and Joe Ginger
video services. In audience – Daily Ledger John Froehling, Journal Star
Andrea Frampton, numerous parents and kids on the subject of
skateboarding, Nathan Brandon and wife.

                            Alderman Les Carl

Bills. Motion and second by Aldermen Meade/Sarff, to send the bills to
council, and having copies of Vandewalle & Associates bills, and not paying
two bills of Maurer Stutz Inc. until paper work has been received from
Enviromark on a sludge project being performed at the present time. (Those
two bills are general engineering for $1,607.56 and WWTP Sludge Removal
$446.25.) Alderman Berardi said the city would be receiving from the
Illinois EPA a fine for 13 violations that occurred in the last 12 months. So
why should we pay Maurer Stutz Inc. for the city receiving 13 violations?
Public Works Director Clif O‟Brien said he does not know that the City will
be receiving violations of 13. We will be receiving a notice from IEPA, but
it has not been received yet.
Keith Plavec from Maurer Stutz Inc. said we will need then from the City to
have the work we are to perform in writing. Voice vote, motion carried

Treasurer’s Report. City Treasurer Kathy Luker said the revenues are still
positive for the year. The contingency fund is almost depleted under the
General Fund. The Health Care Fund has a negative balance of $119,000.
Kathy said she notified the Insurance Committee chairman, and the

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

committee will have to decide how to proceed. Bell, Boyd & Lloyd is listed
under the general fund for payment as the TIF has a balance of only $4,000.
Kathy said she would be showing that next week under the TIF account.
You can make the decision next week on how to pay Bell, Boyd & Lloyd as
the TIF fund does not have enough funds. Alderman Berardi mentioned that
the 4A Enterprise Park balance is $186,291.47. Isn‟t it true if we don‟t use
those funds, they have to be paid back to the taxing bodies? City Attorney
Chrissie Peterson said that the auditors for the city will tell us a portion of
that money will be refunded by the end of the calendar year. Alderman
Schenck wanted to know where some additional funds would come from, as
Clif O‟Brien mentioned last week that the Telecommunication Tax could be
used for infrastructure. Kathy said she could give a past history of how
much funds she has received from the Telecommunication Tax. She
cautioned that some of the Telecommunication Tax goes into the general
fund. And something would have to be done to change this before funds
could be used. Motion and second by Aldermen Meade/Sarff refer to
council for their consideration. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Budget Report. City Treasurer Kathy Luker reported that in July 2006, it
was voted upon to accept the General Fund depreciation accounts. The
amounts available for these funds is $245,000.00. Submitted by each
department are as follows:

Fire Dept.                $100,000.00
Street Dept.              $ 95,000.00
Buildings & Grounds       $ 20,000.00
Police Dept.              $ 60,000.00
       Total              $273,000.00

This was over budgeted amount that was allowed, so she made the following

Option #1
Lowering each by their percentage of the total amount
Fire Dept.               $89,800.00
Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Street Dept.             $85,200.00
Building & Grounds       $18,000.00
Police Dept.             $52,000.00
       Total            $245,000.00

Option #2
Flat amounts as follows:
Fire Dept.                $90,000.00
Street Dept.              $85,000.00
Building & Grounds        $18,000.00
Police Dept.              $52,000.00
       Total             $245,000.00

Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/Meade, to accept Option #1 for a
new depreciation account under the General Fund. Voice vote, motion
carried unanimously.

Investment Policy Revision For City Treasurer.                Alderman Carl
remarked that correspondence from City Attorney Chrissie Peterson had
mentioned that the City Treasurer was in compliance. Alderman Carl made
the following recommendation:
             To have a monthly report, (State Statute requires quarterly)
             Any investment over million dollars would require
             Mayor, City Clerk and Finance Chairman to approve the
Alderman Berardi thought the words “within the City of Canton” should be
added. He said he did not approve investing $145,000 in a bank in
Farmington. Alderman Carl remarked they were paying more interest than
any other community offered. Alderman Berardi said lets keep our money
in town, I would imagine our banks would match that. Lets try any way.
Alderman Carl said I would raise a question if we should limit to Canton,
and if we could do that?
Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/Meade, to accept the committee
chairman‟s recommendation. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Flow Monitoring & Sampling Equipment at 11th & Myrtle Street.
Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/Meade, to approve of Joe
Carruthers reviewing the options, prices, checking out new technology, and
to bring back prices. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Pay Request # 2 for the Kilroy Sewage Pumping Station. Keith Plavec
from Maurer Stutz Inc. reported that the firm was hired to do the
construction administration observation. This is a pay request in the amount
of $156,412.38. That is holding 10% retention on completed work and 25%
on filled material as well. Making good progress, and the schedule is on
track. Currently working on the access chamber and clear well. The total
project was $l.7 million. Motion and second by Aldermen Meade/Sarff, to
refer to council for their consideration. Voice vote, motion carried

Water Treatment Plant Sludge Removal & Disposal Bid Results. Keith
Plavec said one bid was received and that was Merrell Brothers at
$78,448.00. They worked for the City before and have done great work
and they are a very responsible contractor. The funds will come from the
Water Treatment Plant budget.         Motion and second by Aldermen
Sarff/West, to accept bid from Merrell Brothers in the amount of $78,448.00
for sludge removal & disposal, refer to council for their consideration.
Discussion. Alderman Berardi ask about the company‟s permit. Keith said
there present permit expires October 31, 2006. They are in contact with
IEPA for renewal of the permit and so are we. They have to show us the
new permit and the work does not begin until after October 31. Voice vote,
motion carried unanimously.

WWTP Sludge Removal & Disposal for pay request #3 Enviromark.
Keith Plavec from Maurer Stutz Inc. received this pay request in the amount
of $89,336.03. You will notice that I have not signed the request nor has
Wastewater Supt Joe Carruthers. This is because of the paper work not
submitted, and the problems with IEPA as well. We all agree we should
receive paper work before payment is issued. This would conclude their

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

sludge removal and disposal portion.       There original contract price is

IH Fence Removal & Replacement Bid Results. Motion and second by
Aldermen Meade/Sarff, to open the bids. Voice vote, motion carried
Bidders:              Chain link 6‟ Solid Board C. Check
Security Fence Co.    $21,171.32 $17,988.65     $2,171.32
Hohulin Brothers      $24,640.00 $23,736.00     $2,464.00

Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/West, refer to staff for their
consideration and referral to council. Discussion. Alderman Carl mentioned
that there was a balance in the IH TIF of $4,000.00. We need to consider
taking from the contingency fund for the balance. City Treasurer Kathy
Luker said there would be only about $5,000 left in contingency from the
General Fund. Alderman Carl stated, then where would the funds come
from?     Alderman Berardi asked about using the reserve funds? City
Treasurer Kathy Luker said we will have to amend the budget, and funds we
take from TIF will have to pay back. Keith Plavec said the bids are good for
45 days. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Fire Department Renovation. John Stanko said the renovation takes in the
living space, not the dormitory or the bath rooms. The Foreign Fire Tax
graciously has offered $26,000 for this project. Our request from the
council is $6,000 for electrical and plumbing in the entire project area. This
would improve the value of the building.
Alderman Berardi stated he is against doing this, and you can wait one more
year, and take Foreign Fire Tax funds to complete your project. As we need
to use the $6,000 for what has been discussed here tonight.
Motion and second by Aldermen Meade/West, to offer $6,000 to complete
the renovation at the Fire Department building and refer to council for their
consideration. Discussion. Alderman Schenck encouraged the Finance
Committee to sit down with the department heads and work with them to
making cuts in our priority‟s. Alderman Berardi said this is not representing
the best interest of the City. Mayor Heinze said, the department heads have
already had cut backs in their budgets at the very beginning. And now we

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

are asking them to be penalized because we did not do enough. Voice vote,
one nay from Alderman Sarff. Motion carried.

The Finance Committee adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

                           Legal & Ordinance
                      Alderman Craig West, Chairman

No Parking on South Avenue C.           Motion and second by Alderman
Carl/Meade, follow the recommendation by Police Department to allow for
one side of the street between East Elm and West Pine on South Avenue C
for No Parking. Voice vote, motion carried, unanimously.

City Attorney Chrissie Peterson to give update. Chrissie Peterson ask if
anyone had some questions to ask of her. Alderman Schenck stated we were
checking on the status of revising the alcoholic ordinance to incorporate the
state law. This should then be sent to the Legal & Ordinance committee.
Chrissie Peterson commented that the mayor and chief of police were
working together to do some revisions to the ordinance. As soon as they
have a draft Chrissie said she will look at it and then she will provide her
input and comments.

Alderman Berardi asked when are we going to have an update on the IH TIF
site? Chrissie Peterson said there was one given out earlier. Alderman
Berardi asked when was the last time Bell, Boyd & Lloyd have been here?
Chrissie Peterson answered, I have past your recommendations along and
ask them to provide a written status report to all the council. And, they have
given those written status reports. Alderman Berardi said he wants them to
report to council in person. Alderman Sarff raised the question, before they
come in person he would like to know if they feel the need to come. And if
they do, we need to know the charge. Chrissie Peterson said she will follow
through on this.

Demolition of 231 Keeling Court.        Chrissie Peterson commented the
homeowner had initially decided to demolish the structure herself.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Unfortunately she got through half way on the project. There has been no
response to my telephone calls or correspondence. I‟m concerned as the
property is in worse shape prior to tearing down. Recommend seeking to
file demolition petition to clean up the property.
Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/Meade, to approve for City Attorney
Chrissie Peterson filing petition for demolition of the structure on the
property at 231 Keeling Court. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Demolition of Lot 10 and Lot 11 of Enterprise Industrial Park. City
Attorney Chrissie Peterson said the property is owned by Don Inmon and he
has been a thorn in the side of the city. Former City Attorney Jim Elson left
his position presenting ordinance violation cases and was able to obtain
judgment that would account for outstanding water bills. Within the last
month that $6,000 plus judgment has been paid. The judge instructed Don
Inmon to have Lot # 10 cleaned up within two weeks, and a plan in place.
This has not been done. Chrissie recommended to file demolition position.
Alderman Sarff asked, who would own the property? Chrissie Peterson said
Don Inmon would. Alderman Sarff said what would guarantee that he
would not do the same thing? Chrissie said she would immediately file a
lien on the property. Alderman Sarff mentioned that Jim Elson‟s law firm is
familiar with the case and may take it on.
Motion and second by Aldermen Meade/Sarff, a resolution be drafted to file
demolition complaint on the property. Mayor Heinze ask if the committee
would take definitive action to collect the $32,000 from the IH site Don
Inmon owes. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Siren Agreement with Spoon River College.            Fire Chief John Stanko
commented that a couple of months ago council approved converting our
outdoor warning sirens to wireless. Spoon River College is interested in
receiving our operation signal to activate their signal, for early warning. It
would be at their own expense. Chrissie Peterson and the college attorney
have been in communication to work on an agreement to protect the college
interest. Will be coming to committee sometime later for consideration.

Lisa Holloway to discuss Skateboarding. Lisa and Derrick Holloway
mentioned their son Chase has received his second skateboarding ticket.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Skateboarding is their mode of transportation in Canton. The first ticket we
paid $25.00, and the second ticket will go to the city court day. We think
our kids are being targeted, and we feel the police are badgering them
everywhere they go. We have heard that the police officers have said they
will give tickets to anyone with a skateboard. Chief Fritz denied that. I
appreciate the city and we want to respect the city. Lisa then presented
amendments to the current Skateboarding Ordinance.

Code – Fire - Suppressant – Commercial use. Alderman Berardi stated
that we have had some controversy downtown on a fire code that applies to
individual business‟s? We‟re talking about water sprinkler systems. Have
talked to people directly involved as they are rehabbing their building. Their
word to me when they started this rehab, they did not need water sprinklers,
and they were told by the Fire Chief John Stanko. Several weeks later they
were told they would need them. Their concern is one of the facilities would
cost $32,000 to put in the water sprinkler system. The other business was
$26,000. And $10,000 was estimated to just get the water to the building.
In talking to the rest of the landlords on how this would impact the
downtown area, and if that is the case, and they have to adhere to that code,
they would no longer be able to stay in business.
Lee Puelo is one of the business owners. Lee said, if the cost is that high
this will force the building out of the market. You have to find a solution
that is manageable. You need to make it manageable so the square does not
go out of business.
Alderman Berardi commented that there has to be a some way to address
this problem?
Zoning Officer Clark Wilson spoke and said the two problems that are
involved, the city had to change the law in order for this person to get the
right to build the apartment. And council gave them a Special Use. And
that Special Use says they will abide by the current code. Neither one of us
told them anything prior to this. They wanted to build there, and they
wanted to do that. On the second issue, both the fire chief and I were in this
meeting and they ask a bold question. “Will it have to be sprinklers?” The
fire chief said, “I don‟t think so?” But in course of this meeting, they knew
they were going to get an architect and they would have to abide by the
architect and the fire chief clearing was saying, “I don‟t know!” that is why

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

you‟re going to have an architect. And never at anytime did we lead this is a
cheap simple process to complete and refurbish a 100 year old building.
Alderman Berardi stated, that is the opinion they got. And what you heard
and what they heard was different. The point is what are we going to do
about it?
Alderman Sarff asked Fire Chief John Stanko if renovation is different for
businesses and renovation for where people are going to live over a
business? Fire Chief John Stanko said there is a distinct difference. The
codes are driven by the use of the building. Particularly when you have
dwelling units above a business, that changes a lot of what the code requires.
I will agree with exactly what Clark Wilson has said. The codes were
adopted May 2, 2006. We had the code two weeks and I took the book with
me, and that question was asked. They presented three pages of hand drawn
sketches of what the concept was. And I did say, “it did not look like it
needed to be sprinklers,” but you need to get an architect and he will guide
you in this matter. There was five of us in the room that day. And maybe
the person did not hear what I said, but that is what I said. And the next day
they hired an architect. The architect guided and advise them of the need
for sprinkler system and pointed out a section of the new code that I was not
aware of. And I did concur of what the architect said. So there should not
be any misunderstanding here of whether that project needs a sprinkler
system or not. As far as moving one wall and needing a sprinkler system, I
have never told that to anyone. I am not sure where that information is
coming from.
Alderman Berardi said, I did not say that is their interpretation of it.
Consequently when you said, “no, I don‟t”, they had some suspicions of
what they could or could not do. The point is, where are we?
Alderman Sarff said, the statement that was made earlier about the decisions
we‟ve made that has potential for driving business out of town because they
could not renovate, I don‟t think that is true. We have the process in place
and I don‟t think we need anymore involvement personally.
Fire Chief John Stanko remarked this is a very standard code, it is known
throughout the world, and 220 community‟s in Illinois use this code.
Mayor Heinze mentioned that we have not addressed the value of human
life. I have taken burnt bodies out of buildings, so I‟m not interested in
waving the fire code.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Alderman Schenck said we need to be proactive in the downtown area. The
steps to be more proactive are to identify the code issues, and they are - the
buildings are in a TIF District, and we have made loans for improvements.
We need to think proactively about what we can do to help business people
in the downtown area, and still resolve in safety of the building.
Fire Chief John Stanko said if there is no change of use a sprinkler system is
not required. This depends on the level of renovation and the change of use.
Next week will meet with Chamber of Commerce to have questions asked
about fire code issues.
Zoning Officer Clark Wilson said if you are going to renovate a building
you‟re going to spend a lot of money. Something else that triggers these
things and that is the American Disability Act. That instantly makes it where
you need an architect. And the architect will not seal that until it meets the
bear minimum standards. I don‟t think we should have to have our hat in
our hands to go and tell these people, you‟re going to have to do something
about this.
Alderman Berardi called „point of order!‟ And said, stick to the facts not
your opinion!
Alderman Sarff said Mr. chairman! Clark is our zoning officer and I value
his opinion and I thank him for it!
Alderman Berardi said, and your point is?!
Alderman Sarff answered, exactly that! These are two profit centers and
they‟ll have to put the cost into the building if they want to use it. And no,
we don‟t want to drive business away! I have no problem doing a TIF loan
for Mr. Puelo.

Legal & Ordinance Committee adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

                  Community & Industrial Development
                    Alderman Kevin Meade, Chairman

Bid Opening for the Selling of 352 East Spruce Street. Motion and
second by Aldermen Sarff/West, to open the bid. Voice vote, motion
carried, unanimously. One bid received from Habitat for Humanity in the
amount of $1,000.00.        Alderman Sarff asked what the cost was for
demolition of the property? Public Works Director Clif O‟Brien said

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

$4,000. Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/West, send to staff for their
review, and to bring forward a recommendation. Voice vote, motion carried

Sale of Lot located at 101 East Elm (DAHM Hall).               City Attorney
Chrissie Peterson mentioned that after several years the city was finally able
to obtain a deed to the property at 101 East Elm Street that was the old
DAHM Hall from Kim & Allan Jackson. They had operated a business
there called “Hidden Treasurer‟s.” There are two pieces of property setting
there. Chrissie recommended to council to have her draft an ordinance and
publish the appropriate notice selling the property.
Motion and second by Aldermen West/Sarff, for city attorney to draft an
ordinance selling the property at 101 E. Elm Street. Discussion. Alderman
Berardi suggested seeking proposals as opposed going out for bids. His
reasoning was the property could set there for years without development.
By proposals we can ask what the property would be used for, and a time
line. Chrissie Peterson said the notice we publish, we can require the bid
price and also what you reference for proposals. Motion and second
approved the amendment to the motion. Voice vote, motion carried

Film Project. Alderman Meade introduced Nathan Brandon. Nathan said
he has been a screenwriter for seven years and is taking a plunge into film
making. He will be directing a kids film for boys and girls having a Kool
Aid stand and a war breaks out over the Kool-Aid. Trying to raise the funds
to make this film a reality, then we can take it to the film festival. Want to
do a fund raiser in Jones Park. Total for the making of the film is $8,200.00.
Asking to raise the money which would be a community effort. If don‟t
raise all of the funding, what is raised will be donated to the Canton Mission.
Alderman Sarff asked about when you plan on raising the funds? Nathan
said right now with Kool Aid sales. Alderman Sarff asked about the time
line? Nathan said he has to raise the funds in three weeks. We will create a
Wells Fargo account to keep down any suspected fraud. Alderman Sarff
asked him what his plan was? Nathan said what ever you want to donate
you receive a cup of Kool Aid. City Attorney asked Nathan about copy right
of Kool Aid name. Nathan said he will be spelling the name completely

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

different if can not use the Kool Aid name. Alderman Meade said this is just
informational and to let the community be aware.

Rules & Regulations for Touring Water Treatment Plant. Alderman
Meade stated this is a first draft and we need to refer to Mechanical
Committee. Motion and second by Aldermen Sarff/West, to refer the Rules
& Regulations for Touring of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants to
the Mechanical Committee. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Update of SRPED. Mark Rothert gave an update on members selected for
the board, they are Doug Manock from the Fulton County Board and Jeff
Strode President Wells Fargo Bank. Fulton County Board and Wells Fargo
Bank are the two highest contributors. Bob Sinnett CEO Graham Hospital
also seleced, he will be a community at large member. There still is one

Mark reported that the Board is looking to do an Internal Marketing
Campaign for the City of Canton. We‟re going to market Canton to Canton.
Canton at times has had self esteem problems. We market ourselves to let
that know we have a great community. Paying for it from the defunct
CDAC. Will see on local TV channel.

The film will be a great opportunity to showcase Canton. Don‟t know if it
qualifies for Hotel/Motel Tax. Mark said he will talk to the city attorney
about it.

SRPED is working on Economic Development Strategic Plan to focus on
key areas of City and Economic Development areas included are the IH site
as well as the downtown.

You talked about the Industrial Park tonight and some of those funds might
be used for demolition. We could also create additional plan for use of those
moneys for infrastructure upgrade and create new signs for the Industrial
Park, this would let us use the funds effectively.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Was going to attend the Planning & Zoning meeting last night but the notice
was not published ahead of time for creating a comprehensive plan. The
meeting will be rescheduled for later this month and will be coming before
the council meeting.
Alderman Carl ask Mark what he had done to market the N.E. corner of IH?
Mark answered, have worked with Vandewalle & Associates to create a
marketing piece for that area. And that goes out to anyone interested in that
site. Will bring a copy for you next week.
Alderman Schenck ask Mark, are you doing anything proactive about trying
to approach potential developers? We don‟t hear anything about Wal-Mart.
In August they were supposed to do something! Now it is September and we
have heard nothing. Are we in communication with Wal-Mart and any other
type of entities trying to proactively bring them into our community? Mark
said the answer is yes, Economic Development recently went to Indiana to
talk to a company for Canton. Wal-Mart they are meeting on the 18th of
September. I will give them a call to see where they are on their process.
Quite frankly I was told their option they did has ran out. To me that tells
me the project is dead at that site. When I talked to them last month they did
say the market is right for super Wal-Mart. I think the ominibus is on us to
find a viable piece of property for them. Alderman Carl, said it is you that
is suppose to help them find a place!

Alderman Schenck asked, what are we doing in that regard then? Mark
answered, that would be me.
Alderman Schenck said he looked back at our agreement with SRPED. I
understand the partnership is new. But in terms of visibility what I see is a
farmers market downtown. We‟ve had discussions here on frustrated
downtown business people and downtown issues. And quite honestly were
in to this thing now since May and I‟m kind of wondering “where is the
beef.? I‟ve had a lot of concerns about handing over $70,000 to this
partnership and losing accountability in terms of what are the funds used
Alderman Meade said he understands the concerns and this a four month
process. At the last meeting we had a lot going on behind the scenes. I‟m
on the Board and so is Alderman Hartford. I‟m satisfied the items were
being discussed are being done. Things are growing in town, there is a lot
going on.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Mark said, there is some discussion about the downtown business owners
having issues related to development and code issues. This is a good sign,
other communities there downtowns the stores are empty. It‟s a good
problem to have. It is a favorable sign we are moving forward. There is
more going on in this community and has been since the prison was built.
Came and talk to me at my office anytime. I‟m a little frustrated you said
that, and a little disappointed. I take this job very seriously and I try to do a
good job for you all.
Alderman Berardi said he is disagreeing with several things. It has not been
four months. We need an accounting more often. There had not been
anything introduced by SRPED. I need an update more than every three to
four months.
Aldermen Meade, that‟s really what we have with them. And it is not
Mark‟s fault the legal notice did not go out.

Hotel & Motel Tax request. Mark brought forward a request from the
Canton Friendship Festival Association asking for $2,500 and the SRPED
recommended $1,000.00. The request is for advertising. Alderman West
said we are reaching outside Canton and we also market with WBYS.
Alderman Carl said he wants to see a budget. Alderman West said the
Festival has been operating off of previous years. Alderman Carl ask if
there is a need? Alderman Meade said we should ask what is the need of
the funds? Use of the money? It is to reach those outside the community.
Does this not do that? Alderman Schenck, would be in support to try to get
people to Canton. Alderman Berardi said what we are doing, we are going
to do is go out of town, and we should be spending in Canton. Alderman
West, we are talking about 5 stations the radio covers. Alderman Berardi,
you feel that this is a better value then somebody working with the city for
35 years? Alderman West, no, I‟m not saying that! I‟m saying they are
going to work with us and they are going to broadcast it. Alderman Berardi,
you are giving WBYS just $500.00. Alderman West, that was their
proposal. Alderman Sarff isn‟t this just exactly what Alderman Schenck
was talking about in the outer areas, not just those who live here.

Clerical Committee 9-12-06

Motion and second by Alderman Carl/Sarff, to approve $1,000 to the
Friendship Festival from the Hotel/Motel Tax. Voice vote, motion carried

Contract of Renewal for Vandewalle & Associates. Mark said this was
for the same contract amount as before which is $60,000 a year and $5,000
a month. This is an extension agreement of their contract. Alderman Sarff
asked how much longer do we need someone in this role? Mark said it is to
their advantage having an agreement as needed. Alderman Meade said that
is really what we have with them. Mark, we have already paid them $50,000
up to August. Alderman Berardi, don‟t understand why they are involved in
talking with EOI? This should be handled by Bell, Boyd & Lloyd. Our city
attorney is able to do this. Joy Stieglish gets $150.00 an hour and others at a
total for all of them $848.00 per hour. We can take somebody out of the
loop and that is Vandewalle & Associates. I‟m not talking about marketing.
Under clients responsibility, should be Chrissie Peterson and Mark Rothert.
The work orders should be approved by council.
Motion and second by Aldermen West/Sarff, to accept the renewal of
Vandewalle & Associates Contract.               Voice vote, motion carried

Alderman Meade the Spoon River Drive wants to talk about the use of Jones
Park. Vendors need a decision. Will need to make a decision at the
Building & Grounds Committee.

The Community & Industrial Development Committee adjourned at 9:50

Alderman Hartford asked about the flags being on post a company was
doing with businesses around town? Mark said the company is working on
getting the printing finish.

                   Negotiations, Grievance & Personnel
                     Alderman Larry Sarff, Chairman

To be able to post for a heavy equipment operator. Motion and second
by Aldermen Carl/West, to approve of posting for a heavy equipment

operator for 10 days. Discussion. Clif wants to list on a bulletin board for
10 days then interview, make recommendation to mayor and he‟ll bring back
to council. Voice vote, motion carried unanimously.

Waste Water Treatment operator.        Motion and second by Aldermen
Meade/Carl, to approve posting 10 day notice. Voice vote, motion carried

Janitorial position for city building. Cliff said for all buildings not just
city hall, and it will a part time position. Alderman Sarff said do we want to
consider some kind of contract? Clif said the last one cost us $36,000. Clif
said this is part time and will pay $8.00 an hour. Motion and second by
Aldermen Carl/Meade, to approve advertising for part time janitorial
position for all city owned buildings. Discussion. Clif said he will get
copies of job descriptions in every Aldermen‟s mail boxes. Voice vote,
motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Aldermen Meade/West, to adjourn. Voice vote, motion carried

The Negotiations, Grievance & Personnel Committee adjourned at 9:53 p.m.

Recording Secretary

Nancy Whites, City Clerk