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					                                                    Business Development Club

Business Development Club:

ON: Wednesday 19 September 2007, 5.30pm for 6.00pm - 8.30pm (1 hour and 30 minute session)


                  Original HP Supplies

ON: Wednesday 7 November 2007, 5.30pm for 6.00pm - 8.30pm (1 hour and 30 minute session)

AT: London Chamber of Commerce,                           OPEN TO
    33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP
                                                    PREMIER PLUS MEMBERS
Have an informed view on the role of marketing in your organisation
Wednesday 19 September 2007, 5.30pm for 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Marketing influences all aspects of business but       education. Angela is a Senior Examiner for The
not all businesses use marketing effectively to        Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member
maximise returns. Anyone in a management               of the Institute’s Education Working Group.
role should have a strong awareness of the             Angela has worked with a number of retail
fundamental techniques, terminology and                organisations helping to develop and implement
processes involved in developing effective             a range of management/marketing training
marketing strategies that respond to                   programmes and short courses, including
changing markets.                                      Bottoms Up, Allders and Budgens.

This session will be a practical introduction to the   The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the
role of marketing and its importance in business       leading international professional marketing body
success. It will help you understand the key role      with members worldwide. They exist to develop
it plays in formulating strategies to make your        the marketing profession, maintain professional
organisation more customer and market focused.         standards and improve the skills of marketing
                                                       practitioners, enabling them to deliver exceptional
You will learn:                                        results for their organisation.
 • How to make marketing work for
   improved profits                                    OUR SPONSOR: ORIGINAL HP PRINTING SUPPLIES
 • The scope and changing role of marketing
                                                       Hewlett-Packard (HP) invests millions each year
   in a competitive market
                                                       in the development of HP printing systems, with
 • How an effective marketing strategy delivers
                                                       its expertise spanning Inkjet, LaserJet and
   competitive advantage and drives the top line
                                                       commercial printing, as well as digital
   business growth
                                                       photography. Original HP Printing Supplies –
 • The critical importance of customer focus and
                                                       which includes a wide range of inkjet and laser
   a detailed understanding of customer needs
                                                       cartridges, as well as specialist and professional
   and behaviour
                                                       papers – enable business customers to get the
 • How the business can influence customer
                                                       most out of their HP printers. From printing
   buying behaviour and the role of all functional
                                                       proposals to creating their own marketing
   areas in delivering the marketing mix
                                                       collateral, users can be sure they will receive
                                                       professional-looking quality every time they print.
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An experienced management and marketing                the Business Development Club. For more
consultant and trainer, Angela Hatton is actively      information, visit and
involved in promoting marketing training and 
Wednesday 7 November 2007, 5.30pm for 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Having a website up and running is a must in       WHO IS THE SPEAKER?
today’s highly competitive market. An online
                                                   Anja Glauch began her career in Information
presence is nowadays considered to be high
                                                   Technology more than 11 years ago as a Graphic
priority for most businesses - big or small.
                                                   and Web Designer. As a project manager she was
Even small websites can lead to increased
                                                   responsible for the launch of the international
brand awareness and possibly increased sales.
                                                   website for BMW and has also worked on web
                                                   projects for national television in Germany (SWR)
Do you:
                                                   and the DTI in the UK.
 • Want to generate more leads using search
   engine marketing?
                                                   Within Tetridia Ltd, founder member Anja is
 • Have the feeling there is still uncovered
                                                   responsible for general management and technical
   potential to increase your business online?
                                                   co-ordination, key account and project
 • Wish to use the internet more effectively for
                                                   management, interface design, standard
   your business?
                                                   compliance and search engine activities. Anja
 • Want to reach a wider audience with your
                                                   combines proven management, conceptual and
   products and services?
                                                   creative skills with technical insight.
 • Need to raise the visibility of your
   business online?
                                                   Tetridia Ltd is a Web Solutions & Search Engine
                                                   Marketing Company. Tetridia was created in early
Learn how to turn your website into an
                                                   2004 to engage in the provision of the best
active marketing tool and find out about the
                                                   Internet Services and Development, Design and
latest technologies on the web. Make your first
                                                   Marketing. The two founding members of Tetridia
steps to increase your business success online,
                                                   can demonstrate a combined knowledge of over
taking advantage of the most effective search
                                                   30 years in web technologies and online
marketing strategies.
                                                   strategies. Tetridia’s profile is constantly growing
                                                   and we offer a range of services such as state of
You will learn:
                                                   the art Content Managed Websites and Search
 • How to increase your return on investment
                                                   Engine Marketing.
   using your company website efficiently
 • How to discover new markets
 • How to bring more potential customers to
   your website
                                                   NETWORKING RECEPTION
 • How to adapt your online marketing              These workshops will be followed by a
   strategies to your audience                     networking reception where guests will be able
 • How to move your website to top position        to speak to the presenters on a one-to-one basis.
   within search engines
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        Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers,Wednesday 19 September                                                                         EV7/066

        Boost sales using the Internet and Online Marketing,Wednesday 7 November                                                            EV7/046

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