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					                     CAMP VERDE                               12 noon-1:00PM- Lunch Bunch -HOD                           7pm-Closed Big Book Study, Sedona Church of the Red
Yavapai Apache Nation meetings on Middle Verde                5:30pm-Happy Hour-HOD                                      Rocks, off Bowstring Dr. and HWY 179, CBB
Reservation call Brian 928-567-9462 for more info.            7pm-Primary Purpose - HCBB                                 8pm-Sedona Men’s Stag Group-ODM (Men)
All meetings at the old high school on Main & Holloman,       Tuesday-7am-Eye Opener-HOD                                 Tuesday 6:30am -Go For It Group-OD
Rm. 205. unless otherwise stated.                             12 noon-1:00pm Lunch Bunch -HOD                            7:30am Upon awakening 65 Deer trail. Unity Church
Monday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                          5:30pm-Happy Hour-HOD                                      Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A at Day's Inn
7am-Camp Verde Group-(As Bill See’s It)-HOD                   7pm-Big Book Comes Alive - HCBBD                           5:30pm-Big Book Discussion-OBB
7pm-Camp Verde Group-(As Bill See’s It)-HOD                   Wednesday-7am-Eye Opener-HOD                               8pm-Higher Power Group-OD
Tuesday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                         12 noon-1:00pm Lunch Bunch- HOD                            Wednesday 6:30am -Go For It Group-OTD
7am-Camp Verde Group-HOD-(Living Sober Book.)                 5:30pm-Happy Hour-HOD                                      7:30am Upon awakening 65 Deer trail. Unity Church
12 Noon-By The Book Group-NE corner of 2nd and Head           7pm-Big Book Comes Alive - HOBBD                           Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A at Day's Inn
St, Jewell House.-HCBBD                                       Thursday-7am-Eye Opener-HOD                                12 noon-1:15pm Chrysalis Group
6:30pm-Camp Verde Men's Big Book Study - NE corner of         12 noon-1:00pm Lunch Bunch- HOD                            65 Deer trail, Unity Church Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A
2nd and Head St, Jewell House –HCMBBD (Men)                   12 noon-Heart to Heart Group, (Women) Verde Valley         at Day's Inn – CDW (Women)
7pm-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      Guidance Clinic, off S. Willard -HODW                      12 noon-Men’s Stag-OTDM (Men)
7pm Yavapai Apache Nation –Middle Verde Res.                  5:30pm-Happy Hour-HOD                                      5:30pm-Red Rockers Group-OTD
7:15PM-Tuesday Night Women's Group, St. Francis               7pm-8:00pm- 12X12 Candlelight -HOT                         8pm-Happy Group-OD
Cabrini Church, 781 E. Cliffs Parkway - HCD                   Friday-7am-Eye Opener-HOBB                                 Thursday 6:30am -Go For It Group-OD
Wednesday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                       12 noon-1:00pm Lunch Bunch - HOD                           7:30am Upon awakening 65 Deer trail. Unity Church
7am-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      6pm-As Bill Sees It-HOD                                    Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A at Day's Inn
7pm-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      7:30pm- Friday Night Live-Speaker meeting- HOS             12 noon-Acceptance Group-Tlaquepaque, Hwy. 179
Thursday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                        Saturday 8am Rise and Shine HOD                            above Rene’s Restaurant-OD
7am-Camp Verde Group-HOBB                                     10am-How it works-Beginners Meeting-HOD                    5:30pm-Clear the Air Group-OD
7pm-Camp Verde Group-HOBB                                     12 noon-1:00PM Lunch Bunch - HOD                           8pm-Higher Power Group-OD
Friday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                          7pm-We Care-HOD                                            Friday 6:30am -Go For It Group-OTD
7am-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      9pm-We R Not A Glum Lot, HOD                               7:30am Upon awakening 65 Deer trail. Unity Church
7pm-Camp Verde Group-HOND Newcomer’s Mtg. (last               Sunday-10am-Sunday Serenity Group-HOD                      Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A at Day's Inn
Friday of month Anniversary speaker meeting.)                 6pm Men’s Stag HOMD                                        12 noon-Acceptance Group-Tlaquepaque, Hwy. 179
Saturday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                                               RIMROCK                             above Rene’s Restaurant-BB
7am-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      Rimrock Recovery Meetings behind Post Office at Baptist    5:30pm-Beginners-OD
12noon-Women’s meeting-HODW (Women)                           Church. Rimrock Red Road meetings at 4750 N Drifting       8pm-Serenity Acres Group-,OD-speaker 1st Friday
7pm-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      Sands Road.                                                Saturday 8am-Sedona Reflections-OD
Sunday 7am-Yavapai Apache Nation-HOD                          Monday-7:00pm- Rimrock Recovery Group - HOD                12 noon-Beginners-OD
9am-Camp Verde Group-HOD                                      Tuesday-11am-Rimrock Red Road Group - OD                   5:30pm-Serenity on the Rocks-OD
7pm-Camp Verde Group-(candlelight)-HOD                        Friday-11am-Rimrock Red Road Group - OD                    8pm-Happy Group-OD
                      CLARKDALE                               Friday-7pm-Rimrock Recovery Group - HODT                   Sunday 9am-As Bill Sees it-CD
Tuesday 7:30pm-Men’s Big Book Study-Episcopal                 Sunday - 2PM Rimrock Red Road - OBB                        11am-Feeling Free Group, 1 ¼ hours-CD
Church, 9th & 1st South next to fire station-CBBM                                 SEDONA                                 5:30pm-60 Minute Group-OD
Sunday 7:30pm-We Care Group-Episcopal Church, 9th &           All meetings in the basement of the Blauert Bldg. unless   8pm-Candlelight-OD
1st South next to fire station-CD                             otherwise stated. 44 Stutz Bearcat Dr., off 89A, in West                     Village of Oak Creek
                     COTTONWOOD                               Sedona. Across from super 8 motel.                         Monday
Verde Valley Alano Club Location: Take 89A toward             Monday 6:30am-Go For It Group-OD                           7am Placeholders Group, 690 Bell Rock Blvd.-HOD
Jerome, turn left at Justin Dr. (1 block before Maverick at   7:30am Upon awakening 65 Deer trail. Unity Church          6pm-12X12 Step Study-HOT
Mingus Rd.) Turn right in front of Sedona Labs sign. Look     Fellowship hall, 2 blks off 89A at Day's Inn                      U.M.C. 110 Indian Cliffs. Fellowship Hall
for club sign above door.                                     12 noon-Acceptance Group-Tlaquepaque, Hwy. 179             Tuesday
Second building on left. 928-634-8664                         Above Rene’s Restaurant-OD                                 7am-Placeholders Group 690 Bell Rock Blvd.-HOD
All meetings at club unless otherwise stated.                 5:30pm-Sedona Reader-OBB                                   6pm-By The Book Group, Sedona Winds, 405 Jacks
Monday 7am-Eye Opener-HOD                                                                                                Canyon Rd -HCD
            Village of Oak Creek (Cont.)
                                                         Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women
7am-Placeholders Group, 690 Bell Rock Blvd.-HOD
6pm Feel to Heal group, 90 Bell Rock Plaza. OD
                                                         who share there experience, strength and hope with each
                                                         other that they may solve their common problem and help
Thursday                                                 others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for
7am-Placeholders Group, 690 Bell Rock Blvd.-HOD          AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no         Meeting Schedule
10:30am-Seniors in Sobriety-SIS, Sedona Winds, 405       dues or fees for AA membership; we are self -supporting
Jacks Canyon Rd-HOD                                      through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any
6pm-Living Sober-U.M.C. 110 Indian Cliffs.               sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution;
         Fellowship Hall-HOD
Friday 7am-Placeholders Group, 690 Bell Rock Blvd.-HOD
                                                         does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither
                                                         endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is
                                                                                                                            JANUARY 2009
7pm Big Book Study, 90 Bell Rock Plaza. OBB              to stay sober and to help other alcoholics to achieve                      (Revision 2009.01.A)
Saturday-8am-Barflies Group-U.M.C. 110 Indian Cliffs.    sobriety.
Fellowship Hall. HOD                                     District 14-141 Meeting: Monthly on 2nd Monday at
6pm-Saturday Night Point, 505 Jacks Canyon Rd, Kachina   7:00pm Sedona Winds, 405 Jacks Canyon Rd. 2nd Floor.
Point Health Center Employees Lunch Room. HOD            Village of Oak Creek
                                                         Intergroup Meeting: Monthly on 2nd Thursday at 7:00 pm
           Hay reuniones en Espanol                      Central Mountain Intergroup Office. (address on front)
                                                         H & I Meeting: Monthly on 4th Wednesday at 6:00pm
           Spanish Language Meetings
                                                         at Central Mountain Intergroup Office.
                    SEDONA                               All AA members are welcome at any of these meetings
Wednesday-6pm and Sunday-4pm
Grupo La Mano De Dios, St John Vianney
Catholic Church (Iglesia Catolica)                       Intergroup Monthly AA “Open” Birthday/Anniversary
180 Soldier Pass Rd., Sedona                             Meeting is held the last Sunday of the month, 3pm at the
                                                         Civic Center in Old Town Cottonwood
44 Stutz Bearcat Dr, Sedona                                                                                                   Central Mountain
Saturday-2-4pm- Nuevo Horizonte-OD
Sunday-1-2:30pm- Nuevo Horizonte-OD                                Telephone Numbers                                             Intergroup
         Please Report Meeting Changes:
        Visit and click
                                                         __________________                                                Serving Camp Verde, Clarkdale,
    “Update/Add a meeting” at the top of the page                                                                      Cottonwood, Rimrock, Sedona, Village of
                                                         __________________                                            Oak Creek & the Yavapai Apache Nation
      No smoking in meeting rooms.
                                                         __________________                                                  Central Mountain Intergroup Office.
      BB Big Book Discussion Meeting
      C Closed Meeting                                   __________________                                            2619 Union Dr., Suite A, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
                                                                                                                            Office Hours: Weekdays Noon - 4pm
      D Discussion Meeting
      H Wheelchair accessible
      M Men Only
      N Newcomer’s
      O Open to all
                                                         __________________                                                 Phone: 928-646-9428
      PL Pot Luck
      S    Speaker meeting                               __________________                                             E-mail:
      SIS Senior’s in Sobriety
      T Step Study Meeting
      W Women only

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