Enterprise Manager by zuu19905


Organize and manage your complete
company process from one program.   Enterprise
Clients & Prospects                                                 Dockets
  • CRM for clients, prospects and suppliers                              • track and monitor all active jobs for your company
  • company name and address, multiple contacts,                          • all the key steps in a docket can be entered with their
  phone numbers and email addresses                                       relative scheduled dates and check list, these items are
  • record all correspondence, letter writer, marketing                   attached to a calendar interface and gantt chart
  information, form letters, summary information linked to                • all costs including time sheets, equipment, purchase
  estimates, dockets and invoices                                         orders, expenses, materials / inventory and shipping
                                                                          are attached to their applicable docket
Employees                                                                 • a summary section compares estimated values to the
  • information regarding your staff                                      actual costs as well as gross and net profit margins
  • their relative job functions, cost and billable hourly                • generate any shipping labels for any destination
  • populates the menu lists in the Time Sheets                     Purchase Orders
                                                                          • generate and track all outside purchases
Equipment & Resources                                                     • PO numbers are automatically generated
  • information regarding all your equipment and                          • multiple items can be entered and linked to one or
  resources                                                               multiple dockets
  • cost and billable rates for each piece of equipment                   • estimated items that are outside purchases to a
  or resource                                                             supplier, a purchase order can automatically be
  • bill by the hour or by a counter                                      generated and linked to the appropriate docket
                                                                          • vendor invoices can be entered against the PO, as
Rate Card & Elements                                                      well as payment information
  • support database for the estimating and costing                       • aged payables
  databases                                                               • past due & open purchase orders can be quickly found
  • ID Code, classification, category, size, description,
  default cost, and markup                                          Invoices
  • each item will automatically determine the selling price              • generate and track billing information to your clients
  • fully functional inventory system                                     • invoice numbers are automatically created
                                                                          • invoices can be generated from dockets with all
Estimates                                                                 the relevant information and amounts automatically
  • track all your estimates for your clients                             entered for you, based on estimates or actuals
  • setup section allows you to enter all the relative                    • you can generate multiple invoices for each docket as
  parameters and specifications for the estimate
  • summary section shows the totals for each
                                                                          • payments, sales commissions, fees are all recorded
  • prices are automatically entered for you based on the                 • aged receivables
  rate card table, with the ability to override
  • an alternate format for estimates is available when
  you need to design your estimate on alternate                           • over eighty-five reports already setup for your use
  specifications and totals                                               • reports are generated from within each database
  • additional adjustments and pricing factors can also                   section based on the current record or the current
  be added                                                                found set of records
  • gross and net profit margins are automatically                        • sales reports for estimates, dockets and invoice levels
  calculated for you                                                      • many reports allow you to select a start and end
  • generate a pdf of an estimate, email to the client and                dates for a range of records
  log the event in one action                                             • includes aged receivable and aged payable reports
  • once an estimate is approved, all the information is                  • some reports allow you to optionally select a single
  passed onto a docket with a single click of a button                    client code to filter the report printouts
                                                         • rate card
                                                         • automatic calculations
                                                         • unlimited templates
Clients & Prospects                                      • margins
  • full contact management                              • RFQ’s
  • correspondence
  • marketing information
  • letter writer
  • history
                                                                  • planning & scheduling
                                                                  • costing
                                                                  • time sheets & equipment
                                                                  • purchase orders
                                                                  • shipping & receiving

Invoices                                              Reports
  • automatic creation                                    • estimates; sales & performance
  • customer statements                                   • dockets; costing analysis
  • commissions & fees                                    • inventory; status and orders
  • payments                                              • financial; sales and margins
  • accounts receivable                                   • exports to accounting programs

                     Purchase Orders
                          • automatic creation from estimates
                          • vendor statements
                          • vendor invoices
                          • payments
                          • accounts payable
What the Enterprise Manager application can do for you
In dealing with today’s markets, it is imperative that your company
maintain accurate data on clients, rates, estimates, production
dockets, production scheduling, costs, purchase orders, shipping
and invoices.
The power of this application is derived from the philosophy that you
“enter data once and use it many times”.
Several programming links are setup between all areas of the
Enterprise Manager. To increase efficiency and accuracy, simply
select an item from a drop down menu and all the appropriate
information is filled in for you automatically.                         Platforms
Special Needs: We build customized solutions to suite your              The Enterprise Manager is
business needs.                                                         developed in FileMaker Pro and
                                                                        runs on the Windows XP, Windows
Platforms: The Enterprise Manager is developed in FileMaker Pro         Vista / 7 and Mac OS X platforms
                                                                        for a multi-user environment.
and runs on both the Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista platforms
for a multi-user environment.                                           Minimum system requirements
                                                                        Mac OS X 10.6, Intel-based Mac, 1GB RAM,
Efficient Information Flow Is Important To The Success Of               Mac OS X 10.5, PowerPC G4 (867MHz+),
Your Business                                                           PowerPC G5, Intel-based Mac, 512MB RAM,
                                                                        Mac OS X 10.4.11, PowerPC G4, G5
Bard Business solutions inc. is a solution provider for all your        or Intel-based Mac, 256 MB of RAM.
customized database needs since 1995. -- Why? Because off-the-
shelf software does not do business the way you do business.            Windows XP:
                                                                        Windows XP Professional or Home
                                                                        Edition (SP 3), Pentium III 700MHz or
The Bard Business solutions inc. Mission Statement                      higher, 256 MB of RAM.
To provide solutions to companies and individuals who need
                                                                        Windows Vista / 7:
the accurate processing of information using PC or Macintosh            Windows Vista Ultimate, Business or
technology through the implementation of customized databases.          Home Edition, 1 GHz or higher, 1 GB
After all, information flow is instrumental in the success of most      of RAM, SVGA (1024x768) or higher
businesses today.                                                       resolution.
                                                                        Versions stated are the minimum
Philosophy                                                              requirement. The software may also work
                                                                        with later versions certified by FileMaker, Inc.
Enter data once and use it many times. Let the software work for
you, instead of you working for the software.                           Product activation is required for use of
                                                                        this product. Activation may be completed
                                                                        via Internet or telephone.
                                                                        For complete system requirements, please
                                                                        visit: www.filemaker.com/products/fmp/
                                                                        For more than 9 users,
Bard Business solutions inc. is an Associate Member of the FBA.         FileMaker Server 10 is required:
                                                                        Minimum system requirements
   B       A      R      D                                              Mac:
                                                                        Mac OS X 10.5.4 and Mac OS X
   B u s i n e s s                                                      Server 10.5.4 or higher
   s olutions i nc.                                                     Windows:
                                                                        Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
P.O. Box 69592, 5845 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2M 4K3         SP2, Windows 2008 Server SP1, and
Telephone: 416 410 BARD (2273)                                          Windows Vista Business SP1
E-mail: info@bardsolutions.com Website: www.bardsolutions.com

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