Achieving The Wedding Photography Of A Couple

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					            Achieving The Wedding Photography Of A Couple's Dreams

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most precious moments in a person's life. Capturing
it on film to be stored forever is even more important. Today, brides and grooms have so
any options to choose from when it comes to choosing the kind of photography that they
want for the most important day of their lives.

Here is a guide in achieving the wedding photography of a couple's dreams:

1. Choosing the right photographer

In order to select a wedding photographer, a couple must first decide on the picture style
that they want.

Portrait photographers are perfectly capable to take both formal and casual pictures, but
he will most likely concentrate on the formal ones.

Photojournalists take shots that are candid and not planned. This kind of photographer
usually has experience in journalism photography.

Hobbyist photographers are those who are often a friend or a relative of the couple, and
would likely offer his services for free or a very low price. It is hard to tell the kind of
pictures that they will produce, and there is a risk that the pictures may not be as good as
a professional's.

2. Getting the perfect camera

Wedding photographers usually use two basic camera types: the 35mm and the medium
format. The 35mm has the tendency to produce pictures that are a little grainy, but the
only person who may notice the difference are the photographers themselves.

3. Color or black and white?

Color is usually used in wedding photos, but those who want a more artistic feel may go
for the black and white film. Black and white photos lasts longer than color ones, though
color films capture the details of the event more appropriately. One option would be to
take the pictures in color first, then have copies made in black and white.

4. Personality of the photographer

Most couples want a photographer who can take great pictures but who is also friendly
and sociable. Set an interview with the prospective photographer, and make sure to ask
effective questions. Also, make sure to ask for references, and take a look at his previous
All these tips can help couples in getting those perfect pictures on their special day. Make
sure that these pictures can be shown proudly to families and friends, and can be passed
down to future generations.

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