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									PHI KAPPA PSI                                140 NW 13th St., Corvallis, Oregon 97330                                        June 2006

Chapter Advisor’s                               From the Chapter President
     Brothers, as many of you know,
Oregon Beta has been facing difficulties
with low membership for many years.
While I can not report that we have
overcome this, I can tell you that we have
a great group of young men who are
moving in the right direction. I am proud
of what they have accomplished in the
past year. They have, of course, been
striving to increase our membership
through formal and informal recruitment,
and while doing so, they have continued
to do the things that make Phi Kapa Psi
a fraternity of gentlemen and scholars.
The undergraduate brothers have                 Brothers,
maintained their academic standing and              I extend my deepest thanks to all who attended Founders Day in February. You
served others through philanthropic             made it a terrific event and gave us the inspiration to continue working to make our
activities. They put on a philanthropy          chapter successful again. Oregon Beta has been extremely busy this year with
event benefiting the Lance Armstrong            recruitment, social, and brotherhood events, and the word is spreading about how
Foundation, and they participated in the        great an organization Phi Kappa Psi is.
philanthropies of other organizations.               We initiated three new members this spring term: Jacob Oullette, a junior from
    The undergraduates also did a               Portland; Ryan “Wookie” Riouff, a junior from New Orleans, Louisiana; and McKenzie
wonderful job of putting on the Founders        “Queso” Morris, a freshman from Bend. We scheduled multiple recruitment weeks
Day event at the chapter house on               during spring term. We are determined to really increase our numbers, and with
February 18, and the Alumni Appreciation        everyone in the chapter focused on improving recruitment, I know we will bring more
Weekend June 3-4. Both events provided          men into Oregon Beta. Spring term has been filled with big events, such as our
opportunies for brothers to see each            philanthropy, called Phi Psi-cle, to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It was an
other again and reconnect with the              exciting event, with a great turnout. It has been a successful term for Oregon Beta.
chapter. It is my hope that the Alumni          Fraternally, — Joe Cady, President
Appreciation Weekend will become a
                                                                       Outstanding Pledge ~ Andy Mew
yearly event that offers a time for us to
come together with the undergraduates
and strengthen our brotherhood ties.              2006                 Edward T. Sturgeon Award (Outstanding Senior) ~ Matt Schaefer
                                                                       Ken Shwartz Award (Outstanding Brother) ~ Cameron Bailey
                                                                       Donald J. McNeil Scholarship Award ~ Matt Schaefer
     One last thing: Think about how you
can serve Oregon Beta Chapter and Phi
Kappa Psi. Do you know a young man
                                                AWARDS                 Young Leaders Award (WWLS/GAC Attendees) ~Cameron Bailey
                                                                       Doug Condit Scholarship Award ~ Joe Cady
whom you can encourage to join Oregon                                  Alumnus of the Year ~ Scott Schaeffer
Beta Chapter, or for that matter, any Phi
Psi chapter? Can you join one of our new
committees (Recruitment, House
                                                A Note From the Corporation Board
Maintenance, Alumni Advisors), or                    As president of the corporation board, I offer here a few ways in which you can
provide summer mentorship for an                help Oregon Beta Chapter:
undergraduate? Any help you can offer           Participation – there is plenty of room for more brothers to get involved even without
would be greatly appreciated — your time             being on the board.
and experience can be a valuable gift to
                                                House – as with any 50-year-old structure, there are a number of places to use your
our young brothers.                                  repair skills.
    Please feel free to call me (503-846-       Insurance – let us all chip in to get rid of the old insurance bill. How about $50 or $100
1725) if you’d like to talk about how you            to remove this debt?
can serve. The Great Joy of Serving             Presence – make a visit to the chapter house; get some brothers to join you.
Others! Let these words guide us all in
                                                Summer – as in RUSH! Help with some names, money, events, or advice.
our homes, our work places, our
communities, and our brotherhood.               Invest – in the future of Oregon Beta by doing the above.
Fraternally, Clint Stubbs, Chapter Advisor                                                       Fraternally, — Bob Cady, ’75-377
Page 2                                                     ORANGE PEEL                                                  June 2006

Chapter Notes                                                                           Reunion IX
Recruitment:         With our team of dedicated brothers
working together, this year should bring recruitment success.           Reunion IX will be held in Corvallis beginning on
Recruitment is our number one priority. We can always use           Thursday, October 26, 2006, and ending on Sunday, October
the help of our alumni, so we hope to see many of you for           29, at noon. Same plan as always:
Reunion IX (October 26-29), for Homecoming (November                Thursday: Dinner at Clodfelter’s
4), and any other time you might be in town. We’d love to
have some alumni around for new pledges and potentials              Friday:      Golf late morning and dinner somewhere
to meet. Your experience is valuable! — Julien Deveraux             Saturday: Football game vs. USC; burgers and dogs at
                                                                                 the chapter house
Philanthropy: The Phi Psi-cle was a tournament-style                Sunday:     Breakfast at the Peacock. Those on some
trike relay hosted by Oregon Beta on April 28, in the MU                         form of cholesterol-lowering medication may
Quad, to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It’s the                        be unable to participate.
first Greek philanthropy the chapter has sponsored in quite
                                                                    This is Dad’s Weekend, so motels will be hard to come by.
awhile. The trikes were donated by Trek, and Nike provided
the prizes. Support for the event was excellent, laying the                      Super 8 Motel, 541-758-8088, has a few single
groundwork for another race in 2007. — Cameron Bailey                            rooms at $70+ tax.
                                                                                 Motel 6, 541-758-9125
Alumni Relations: We want you to know that you’re                        We have about 12 extra tickets to the football game.
always welcome at Oregon Beta, whether you are one of the
familiar alumni faces or someone we haven’t met before.             They cost $50 each and are available on a first-come, first-
We’d especially like to see a lot of you move from the latter       served basis. We have all been away from the university and
group to the group we have come to know. Each alumnus               many great friends for a long time. Some graduated as many
can make a positive difference in our rebuilding efforts. Come      as 40 years ago and have not returned to the house since;
and help us grow as individuals and as a chapter. We hope           others have attended reunions in the past. Whatever your
you enjoy the Orange Peel. — Cameron Bailey                         situation may be, we hope you will make an effort to attend.
                                                                    Some of us no longer have to go to a place of employment,
Social: My goal as social chair has been to have at least           and nearly all of our children have graduated from college,
one social function every two weeks with at least three             so many of the old excuses for not attending reunions are no
different fraternities or sororities each term, and we are          longer valid. We have a wonderful time at these functions, so
meeting that goal. We have had a dinner exchange and an             please join us! Let us know as soon as possible if you plan
ice cream social with our neighbor, Delta Chi; an ice cream         to attend, and if you will play golf on Friday. Fraternally,
social and movie with Phi Sigma Rho sorority; and a dessert
and movie social with Delta Delta Delta sorority. A block party          Tim Annala, 541-386-3358, tannala@gorge.net
co-hosted with Phi Delta Theta and Delta Chi is planned.                 Scott Schaeffer, 503-666-2245, schaeffer@ispllc.net
We are restricted only by size and budget. Suggestions are               Dan Schuette, 541-771-9019, schuette@cfbnk.com
always welcome. — Matt Schaefer, schamatt@onid.orst.edu

Brothers Gain Skills for Success at Cabo Leadership Academy
     It was my pleasure to attend the American Leadership Academy, along with                   “What I liked most at Cabo Alpha
Brothers Cameron Bailey, Julien Deveraux, and Andy Mew, the week of March 27-31            was being around other Phi Psis and
at Cabo Alpha, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We enjoyed listening to many speakers            sharing the national feeling of
who are leaders in the business world. Brother Paul Wineman (Washington Alpha              brotherhood beyond chapter-house
’55) discussed negotiation techniques, Brother Jerry Nelson (Cal Epsilon ’48) told         boundaries. I feel I can be social with
us how he got started and gave his “Winners and Losers” speech, and Brother Tom            just about anyone at school now —
Pennington discussed the differences between men and women.                                which should really help with
                                                                                           recruitment. I intend to show other
     Brothers Bailey, Deveraux, Mew, and I also went to sessions that were focused
                                                                                           brothers how to step out of their shells
more on our specific needs: recruitment for smaller chapters. Two brothers who
                                                                                           and talk to people and always be on
work for National Headquarters, Scott Sutton and Alec Traub, focused on how to get
                                                                                           the lookout for those who might make
rushees without spending a lot of money. We learned about primarily simple ways
                                                                                           a great addition to the chapter.”
of recruiting people.
                                                                                                           — Julien Deveraux
     The main idea I am implementing is building a rushee database primarily
                                                                                                “I liked two things the most: Jerry’s
collected from references. These references will come from female friends,
                                                                                           story about how he grew up poor, but
professors, and, most importantly, alumni. For this reason, I would like any possible
                                                                                           because of different opportunities that
references that you, our Phi Psi alumni, may be able to provide. I want to start a
                                                                                           arose was able to make a lot of money
database of potential rushees — juniors or seniors in high school, or freshmen or
                                                                                           and become the person he is today;
sophomores in college — who are not part of the Greek system yet.
                                                                                           and Paul Wineman’s negotiating
     If you can provide us with references for potential new members, please send          session. Jerry’s story made me think
the person’s name, address, and phone number, as well as how you know him. You             that if he could do it, anyone can. What
can mail references to me, Matthew Schaefer, 140 NW 13th St., Corvallis, OR 97330,         I brought back to the chapter is the
or e-mail them to me at schamatt@onid.orst.edu. Also, feel free to contact me if you       knowledge that if anything is going to
have questions, or if the potential member or his parents have questions. I can be         happen, everyone has to step up and
reached by telephone at 541-231-7560.                                                      do his part.” — Cameron Bailey
    Again, it was my deepest pleasure to attend Cabo Alpha. I thank the alumni who             “What I liked best was networking
made it possible, and all of you for your support. Brothers Bailey, Deveraux, and Mew      with Senior Organization Leadership
are adding their comments about what they liked best at Cabo, and what they are            and building relationships with other
incorporating into current chapter operations. Amici, — Matthew Schaefer                   chapters.” — Andy Mew
June 2006                                                    ORANGE PEEL                                                         Page 3

Purple Heart Medal                                                    brain tumor for 11 months. Born in South Bend, Indiana, in
                                                                      1943, he grew up in New Haven, Indiana, and entered medical
Found; Information                                                    school after attending Indiana University for three years. He
                                                                      completed his bachelor’s degree during his first year of medical
Sought                                                                school, and went on to complete medical school at
                                                                      Northwestern in Chicago, graduating AOA Medical Honorary in
     Upon returning from summer break,                                1968. His internship year was spent at the USPHS Hospital in
the chapter membership decided that an                                Seattle. Don completed his service obligation in the US Public
intensive cleaning of the library closet was                          Health Service, spending one year in Keams Canyon, Arizona,
long overdue. Inadequate shelving had                                 on the Hopi/Navajo Indian Reservation, and the second year
led to disorganization, and no member                                 at the Alaska Native Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Surgery
present was entirely sure of the contents                             was his special interest. He spent four years in Family Practice
of this treasure trove of chapter history.                            in Long Beach, Washington, before going to Virginia Mason
                                                                      Medical Center in Seattle and participating in the Surgical
     The items we found included                                      Residency Program. He spent the next 28 years at Lebanon
pictures and artifacts of recent fraternity                           Community Hospital in the Emergency Department, serving
history, as well as a number of personal                              as the Emergency Medical director for 25 years. Don met and
effects. Of particular interest were a US Army Award of the           married his wife of 35 years, Marcia French Emenhiser, while
Purple Heart and a Good Conduct Medal Award.                          he was an intern in Seattle and she was a nurse at the USPHS
     If any reader has information as to who may have received        hospital. They have a son, Louis, and a daughter, Julia. When
these Awards, the membership would be indebted. It is our             he was not working, Don enjoyed collecting and growing
interest to memorialize the sacrifices made by our servicemen,        bamboo and other plants, and often labeled this hobby as his
either by returning the Awards to their rightful recipient(s) or by   true occupation. He also enjoyed bird watching, was a voracious
displaying them here at the house with proper credit to the           reader, an accomplished cook, and a world traveler.
awardee. It has been far too long that the Awards have lain
unseen, and it is time that the selfless service of Phi Psi
brothers be honored and immortalized. — Andy Mew
                                                                      The Blab Sheet
                                                                            Donald Q. Hall, ’48-74, and his wife, Betty, live at 3415
                                                                      Caballo Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028; 760-728-1466. He writes,
Obituaries                                                            “All six of our children now live in California. We travel a little,
                                                                      work on my garden railroad, and fuss with my classic cars. I
     Dale E. Sturmer, ’48-34, died November 15, 2005, at age
                                                                      visit with Monte McLain [’49-91], Jim Hillyard [’48-82], Jay
98, according to his granddaughter, Deborah Richards. Brother
                                                                      Dryer [’48-76], and John Dinkle [’48-75].” “D.Q.” is a retired
Sturmer was born in 1907 in St. Helens, Oregon, and graduated
                                                                      program manager. He is a member of Rotary and the Vintage
from Oregon Agricultural College in 1931. He married Beulah
                                                                      Car Club of Fallbrook.
Rhodes in 1934; she died in 1993. He served in the Coast and
Geodetic Survey for 15 years, including during World War II. He            Monte P. McLain, ’49-91, a retired pharmacist who lists
was a retired civil engineer for the Oregon highway department.       his favorite spare time pursuits as music and golf, reports, “I
Brother Sturmer moved to Sublimity, Oregon, in 1995. Survivors        was recently appointed the minister of visitation at Temecula
include his son, David; daughter, Anne Richards; and four             Community Church in Temecula, California.” He and his wife,
grandchildren.                                                        Frances, live at 36147 Vence Dr., Murrieta, CA 92562. They
                                                                      have a daughter, Connie McLain Brooks (49), and a son Patrick
     Waldo B. Taylor, ’48-37, a lifelong Portland resident, died
                                                                      (42). Call Monte at 951-698-7797 or send e-mail to
September 18, 2005, at age 94. He earned a business degree
from Oregon State College, where he was editor of the Daily           montemclain@dslextreme.com.
Barometer . Brother Taylor began working at the Bank of                     Robert S. Seal, ’50-110, writes, “We moved to the Dallas
California’s Portland branch in 1934, and he retired as vice          area to be near grandchildren after having lived in Washington
president in 1975. He married Mary Helen Leaf in 1942. During         DC area for 42 years. Getting used to the Texas lifestyle of
World War II, Waldo served in the South Pacific as a lieutenant       ‘living large’ in Texas. Did I mention it is hot in August?” Bob
in the US Coast Guard. After he retired, he and Mary traveled         continues to do consultant work, and enjoys playing golf,
the world together, including a trip from London to Katmandu,         bridge, and the piano. He and his wife, Anna Maria, have two
Nepal, by bus. His world travels increased his concern for            daughters, Stephanie (41) and Debbie (40). Contact Bob at
stewardship of the earth’s natural environment. He and Mary           3312 Cedar Bluff Dr., McKinney, TX 75070; 469-742-9789;
were avid hikers and supporters of many environmental                 galahadred@aol.com.
organizations. Waldo continued to be active in civic affairs and
in his church throughout his life. His family was important to             Douglas E. Squires, ’53-138, and his wife, Deeg, retired
him, and his three sons have memories of many vacations               last summer and closed “The Happy Cooker,” a specialty
throughout the United States and Canada in the family station         kitchenware store they had owned and operated in Corvallis
wagon. Waldo participated in Boy Scout activities, and he was         since 1986. They built the business into a Corvallis institution,
president of the Dads’ Clubs of Grant High School and Oregon          expanding twice. Doug is 70 and Deeg is 64, and they decided,
State University. He was involved in many community                   Deeg said, “We just want to take some time to relax and reflect
organizations, including the City Club, the Chamber of                and count our blessings. That doesn’t mean we won’t do
Commerce, Holladay Park Hospital, the Portland Junior                 something later on.” The Squires receive mail at PO Box 313,
Symphony, United Good Neighbors, and the Holladay Park                Corvallis, OR 97339, and e-mail at deeg@peak.org. Doug can
Plaza retirement community, where he lived the last two years         be reached by phone at 541-740-9423.
of his life. Waldo is survived by his wife of 63 years, Mary; three      Frank J. Ivy, ’59-194, has a new address: 26206 Paseo
sons, Michael, John, and David; and five grandchildren.               Manana, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.
    Donald L. Emenhiser, ’62-Indiana University, of Corvallis,             Vard A. Roemer, ’59-198, has moved from Arroyo Grande,
died February 10, 2005, at age 61. He had struggled with a            California, to 676 N. 12th St., #26, Grover Beach, CA 93433.
Page 4                                                      ORANGE PEEL                                                      June 2006

     Paul E. Diment, ’60-201, is a semi-retired pharmacist and          Times: “It was an interesting idea, but until we started our new
a full-time tree farmer. He plays handball and serves as a track        business creation process, there was no way to take it forward.
and field coach. Paul and his wife, Rose, receive mail at PO            It was exciting when they first brought things out of the chemistry
Box 7, Yacolt, WA 98675; phone calls at 360-686-8649; and e-            lab. HP inventors are as strong as they’ve ever been. The
mail at diment@centurytel.net. They have a son, Michael (40),           Corvallis site is hopping, and LightScribe is just the tip of the
and a daughter, Lisa (35).                                              iceberg.” Rich lives at 2735 NW Glenwood Dr., Corvallis, OR
                                                                        97330, and his phone number is 541-758-4399.
    Timothy T. Annala, ’65-269, wrote in September 2005:
“Bev’s a teacher in The Dalles. Amy’s (21) a senior at Western             G. William Irwin, ’79-413, has moved to 17460 Serenity
Oregon, and Herbie’s (19) heading for Wyotech in Laramie in             Way, Bend, OR 97701. Call him at 541-389-1121.
October. I hope to work about 20 years more, providing I can
                                                                             Robert J. Zochert, ’80-426, wrote in November 2005: “God
save up enough to retire.” Tim is a farmer who grows apples,
                                                                        has blessed us with four healthy children, and we keep busy.
pears, and cherries. Contact him at 1806 Country Club Rd.,
                                                                        We’re trying to keep up with four growing children, two of them
Hood River, OR 97031; 541-386-3358; annalaorch@gorge.net.
                                                                        teenagers. This summer’s family vacation was fun. We took
    George A. Christensen, ’66-282, wrote in August 2005:               2½ weeks and traveled to Yellowstone National Park, then on
“We sold our home in Pennsylvania and moved to the shore                to the Zochert family farm in South Dakota. Came home via
outside Bethany Beach, Delaware. Traveled to Bend, Oregon,              Montana.” Robert is a project manager with SD Deacon. He
and spent time with brother Dave Haack [’66-285]. George                and his wife, Diane, are parents of Matthew (15), Rebekah
and his wife, Sherry, now live at 33997 Anna Maria Dr., Frankford,      (13), Megan (10), and Joseph (6). Send a note via e-mail to
DE 19945, and their phone number is 302-539-8972. Send e-               Robert.Zochert@Deacon.com, or via the postal service to 9360
mail to ah673000@aol.com.                                               SW 151st Ave., Beaverton, OR 97007. Call him at 503-590-
     James A. Danse, ’66-283, wrote in September 2005: “I
have just retired from the practice of law after 33 years. My wife,          John C. Bernards, ’84-478, is a building inspector for the
Ilene, and I live on the ocean just north of the Golden Gate            City of Hillsboro. He lists his favorite pastimes as hunting,
Bridge. My time is now spent fishing, hunting, running, tending         fishing, and scouting with his stepson, Alex (11). In 2005, John
my vegetable garden, and assisting my wife in her sculpting             and his wife, Julie, added to their family with the arrival of a
studio.” Contact brother Danse at PO Box 1106, Bolinas, CA              new son, Orion (now 1 year). “We’re very busy now,” John wrote,
94924, or 415-868-1043.                                                 “with new son Orion. He joins my stepson, Alex, to complete
                                                                        our family.” Contact John (a k a “Lumpy”) at 305 SE 24th Ave.,
     Perry W. Swanson, ’66-295, and his wife, Lynn (OSU ’70),
                                                                        Hillsboro, OR 97123 or 503-693-9862.
recently moved to 15287 NW Vance Dr., Portland, OR 97229.
They have two sons, Tim (30) and Jonathan (24, Cal. Delta                    Thomas M. Scott, ’92-544, wrote in November 2005: “We
’02). “Swannie” wrote in May 2006: “Had lunch recently with             wanted to make it back to Oregon. Well, we have. I started my
Murph [Gary Murphy, ’66-296]. We enjoyed catching up and                new job with the City of Tualatin in July as a GIS technician.
swapping stories and family news. I will try my hand at growing         Janelle and the kids stayed in St. George, Utah, with her parents
some of Murph’s prize dahlias this summer.” Swannie enjoys              until the end of August. Janelle is currently working at Reed
gardening and is a member of the Aloha Garden Club. Other               College as a lab technician, but recently found out she was
interests include concerts and OSU football. A manager in               offered a job with the Oregon State Police as a forensic scientist
manufacturing engineering, he has been with Intel-Hillsboro             (start date in January!). So after a stressful summer, things are
for 24 years. Call him at 503-439-0202 or send e-mail to                starting to fall into place here. We are renting a house in Rock
perrylynnswanson@comcast.net.                                           Creek (NW Portland), with intention of buying a home in the
                                                                        spring.” Tom can be reached at tjscottish@yahoo.com or by
      Richard R. Duncombe, ’78-406, a senior director at
                                                                        telephone at 503-439-9619. His postal address (if he and
Hewlett-Packard, was quoted in a Corvallis Gazette-Times
                                                                        Janelle haven’t yet purchased a house) is 20945 NW Nolana
article about an HP invention called “LightScribe.” It is a new
                                                                        Ct., Portland, OR 97229.
technology that uses the laser in an optical drive to print song
titles, file names, or graphic images directly onto the face of             Duane D. Wheeler, ’92-551, is a consulting manager with
CDs and DVDs. The specially made discs have a coating that              Calence, in Phoenix, Arizona. When Duane wrote in October
reacts chemically when a laser beam is applied to it. The result        2005, he reported that he and his wife, Barbara (Northern
is a grayscale silkscreen-quality label printed at a high               Arizona Univ.), had “a child on the way.” Contact him at 11409
resolution. The invention was the brainchild of an HP engineer          N. 44th St., Phoenix, AZ 85028; Duane@Wheelergroup.net; 602-
named Daryl Anderson. Rich Duncombe told the Gazette-                   288-8802.

                     2005 Honor Roll of Contributors
    During the 2005 program year, 33 Phi Psis and friends of Oregon Beta donated a total of $4,400 via the alumni communications
program. Perry W. Swanson, ’66-295, has already sent a contribution for 2006. Many thanks for your generosity, brothers!
Name                        Init. Yr. & No.     Michael H. Mulkey            53       136       Michael W. Gardner           70        342
John A. Maciolek             48          66     Richard E. Ong               55       149       W. Robert Cady               75        377
Robert H. Steagall           48          68     James H. Phillips            57       171       Kenneth A. Shwartz           75        379
Edward E. Vanden-Eykel       48          69     Nobuo Kawasaki               57       172       Steven E. Finn               77        390
Duffy E. Morgan              48          71     Paul E. Diment               60       201                      in memoriam
Donald Q. Hall               48          74     Timothy T. Annala            65       269       Robert J. Zochert            80        426
David P. Moomaw              49          90     George A. Christensen        66       282       John C. Bernards             84        478
Monte P. McLain              49          91     James A. Danse               66       283       Ry R. Robinson               95        578
John R. Seal                 50        101      Leo E. Mottau                66       294       Haldon C. Dick               55        132
Robert S. Seal               50         110     Scott T. Schaeffer           68       312       J. Shannon Hodges            79         35
Richard L. Graham            50         113     David S. King                69       321       Dianne Tadaki Finn
John C. Burger               53        135      Robert B. Brodie             70       341       Ruth Elenora Harman

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