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       Issue No. 12                      February 2009

UPEI announces new                                                                             Celebrating opening at UPEI
student Centre
   Aboriginal students attend-          The Centre is part of a larger
ing the University of Prince Ed-     project funded by the federal
ward Island now have a place         government’s Aboriginal Health
on campus they can call their        Human Resources Initiative. The
own. Located on the fifth floor        overall project, led by Dr. Kim-
of historic Dalton Hall, the Maoi    berly Critchley, Dean of Nursing,
Omi Aboriginal Student Centre        who is of Mi’kmaq descent, in-
was officially opened on Tuesday,     volves development of a transi-
January 20, at 2 pm.                 tion program to increase non-
   The name Maoi Omi, which          financial support for Aboriginal
means gathering place - a place      students and to ensure their suc-
to share and support one anoth-      cess in completing their stud-
er - in the Mi’kmaq language, was    ies. Through the project, P     .E.I.
chosen after consulting Aborigi-     Aboriginal students Ashley Jadis
nal students and elders. The Cen-    and Stephanie Jadis, who are
tre is a comfortable room where      studying nursing at UPEI, will
Aboriginal students can study, re-   work with the provincial school
lax, share with one another, host    system to ensure that Aboriginal
events, have talking circles, and    students are encouraged to con-
receive any support they need        tinue their studies at the post-sec-
while attending UPEI.                ondary level and that they know
   But it is more than a physical    what courses they need to take in
space. Julie Bull, coordinator of    order to do so.
the Centre, is passionate about         The project arose out of con-
the project. She is an Aboriginal    versations between Critchley
student who has completed her        and Ashley and Stephanie about
BA and Master’s degree at UPEI,      support systems that they believe
and is now working on her PhD        would be useful to Aboriginal
through Dalhousie University.        students who want to study at
   “We are offering mentoring        UPEI. “Our ultimate goal is to          Tabatha Bernard and Julie Bull celebrate the opening of a new Aboriginal Student Centre — Maoi Omi.
and support services to Aborigi-     make changes and improve-
nal students, such as tutoring,      ments at UPEI that will result in
                                                                             Story on page 10
counselling, helping with course     a significant increase in the num-
selection, or finding volunteer or    ber of Aboriginal students at-
work opportunities. I hope that      tending UPEI,” says Critchley. The
by having a space we can call        PEI Department of Education, the                        Our Native Tongue
our own and getting involved         Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI and
in the campus community, we          the Webster Centre for Teaching                     February - Apuknajit
will encourage more Aboriginal       and Learning at UPEI are part-                      Snow blinding month
youth to attend UPEI.”               ners in the 20-month project.

Page 2                                                                                            Kwimu Messenger                                                                              February 2009

Family Violence Prevention Week                                                                                        Everyone has the right to live without fear
  Family Healing                            volved in unhealthy and abusive rela-
                                            tionships later in life, or violence may
                                                                                              Help your family members to
                                                                                          get protection or help
                                                                                                                                         Did you know…
                                            show up in other ways such as youth               Finding out about available services         • First Nation and Inuit women in particular experience higher rates of fami-
  The road to healing                       violence, dating violence or crime. Pro-      and help; assisting them with develop-       ly violence than non-Aboriginal women. In 2004, research showed that Aboriginal
  is possible for you                       grams are available to help individuals       ing a safety plan; providing a safe place    women were three and half times more likely to suffer some form of spousal
  and your family                           who are angry, violent and controlling.       for children with people they know; or,      violence than non-Aboriginal women. (Statistics Canada, Juristat, Catalogue No.
   Whether you are experiencing abuse       Many of these individuals themselves          accompanying them during legal pro-          85-002-XIE, Vol. 26, no. 3)
in an intimate relationship, or acting in   experienced abuse or witnessed family         cedures are all ways to support family           • Of the Aboriginal women who have experienced family violence, 87% were
a controlling and hurtful manner to your    violence as children. It is important that    members.                                     victims of physical abuse and 57% were sexually assaulted. (Health Canada)
partner and/or children, it is important    everyone in the family get help to end            Offer a listening ear                        • 21% of Aboriginal people reported that a current or ex-spouse had assault-
that you and your family get help and       the cycle of violence. Otherwise, it may           Whether the person affected is          ed them in the past five years, compared to 6% of the non-Aboriginal population
support. It is complicated to be in an      continue for another generation.              male or female, experiencing abuse or        (Statistics Canada, Juristat, Catalogue No. 85-002-XIE, Vol. 26, no. 3)
abusive relationship with someone you          If members of your family are expe-        acting abusively, living with violence can       • Almost 1/2 of Aboriginal victims of spousal violence experienced poten-
love. But it is possible to end the cycle   riencing abuse, or acting violently, it can   be a very isolating experience. Some-        tially life-threatening violence at the hands of a current or ex-partner compared
of violence so that both of you can live    affect the whole extended family and          times, just being a good listener can        with 31% of non-Aboriginal victims of spousal violence. (National Aboriginal
without violence in your lives, and your    community, especially because of the          help people a great deal. It can help to     Circle Against Family Violence)
children will not experience the same       strong extended family networks and           prevent a violent incident, or develop a
thing.                                      community relationships in most Ab-           strategy for dealing with abusive situ-          “Some of the information in this article has been reprinted with permission from Pub-
   Services, counselling and programs       original communities. Abuse or violence       ations. Children who have witnessed          lic Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick’s family violence toolkit,
are available to help you and your part-    affects the harmony and dynamics of all       abuse and violence may have a need to        The Healing Journey: Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities – www.
ner learn to build a healthy relation-      of these relationships. Fortunately, as       tell you about it too – listening to them    thehealingjourney.ca.”
ship, or to help you cope with ending       extended family members, there are            can help them deal with their feelings.
the relationship if the abuse does not      things you can do to help address rela-       It is important to know that anyone who
stop. Remember, children who have           tionship violence and begin the path to       suspects that a child’s welfare or secu-           The Following are some of the emergency services
witnessed violence often become in-         healing for your family:                      rity are threatened is obligated to tell                          available on P.E.I.:
                                                                                          child protection authorities.                Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter -
                                                                                              Care for yourself and your                Lennox Island, 831-2332
                                                                                          family                                       Grandmother’s House – Charlottetown, 367-3339
        What Your Children                                                                    Dealing with relationship violence
                                                                                          can be emotionally and physically ex-
                                                                                                                                       Anderson House - (toll free) 1-800-240-9894,
                                                                                                                                        Charlottetown, 892-0960
                                                                                          hausting. Find the support and strat-
       Do Depends on What                                                                 egies that you and your family need
                                                                                          so that you care for yourself, and can
                                                                                                                                       Child Abuse Line (toll free) 1-800-341-6868
                                                                                                                                       PEI Rape & Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
         You Teach Them                                                                   continue to be a help to your family
                                                                                                                                        (toll free) 1-800-289-5656, Charlottetown, 566-8999
                                                                                                                                       Island Help Line (toll free) 1-800-218-2885

         Family Violence
              This message was brought to you by
              The Mi’kmaq Family PRIDE Program,
          The Lennox Island Family Service Committee
          and The Abegweit Family Service Committee

 February 2009                                                                        Kwimu Messenger                                                                   Page 3

Responsibilities for Scotchfort, Rocky Point and Morell Rear

New RCMP District Commander                                                                   Turkeys donated at Christmas
for Queens County                                                                                              The staff of MCPEI donated
                                                                                                            two dollars every pay to go into
                                                                                                            a Christmas fund. Before Christ-
                                      Nation communities of Scotch-                                         mas, it was decided all Elders on
                                      fort, Rocky Point and Morell Rear.                                    and off-reserve would get a turkey
                                        Over the course of his police                                       from the staff. We delivered 22
                                      career, S/Sgt. Murphy has gained                                      turkeys to Lennox, 20 Turkeys to
                                      experience in general duty polic-                                     off-reserve and 21 to Scotchfort/
                                      ing,including municipal policing;                                     Rocky Point and Morell. The tur-
                                      drug investigations, commercial                                       keys were for Elders 55+.
                                      crime files, proceeds of crime
                                      investigations, and criminal op-
                                      erations. While working within
                                      the criminal operations section,
                                      S/Sgt. Murphy was responsible
                                      for implementing new family
                                      violence protocols for police re-
                                      sponders.                          Sister Rebecca and Susan Harris                                           Doreen Jenkins and Tabatha Bernard
                                        S/Sgt. Murphy can be reached
                                      at the Maypoint RCMP office at
Staff Sergeant Mike Murphy            368-9300.

   The Royal Canadian Mounted
Police (RCMP) in Queens County,        AWA announces
Prince Edward Island recently
welcomed a new District Com-
mander. Staff Sergeant Mike Mur-
                                        new Director
phy officially began his new du-
ties on Monday, December 15. S/
Sgt. Murphy has been a member
of the RCMP for 32 years.
   S/Sgt. Murphy, originally from
Kensington, PEI, joined the RCMP
in 1975. Following his graduation
from the RCMP Training Acad-
emy in Regina, SK, he was posted                                           Shirley St. Onge
to Nova Scotia and later Prince
Edward Island.
   “I am pleased to take on the                                                                             Tabatha Bernard, Frank Joe Peters, and Susan Harris
role of District Commander for
Queens,”says S/Sgt.Murphy,whose          The Aboriginal Women’s As-
most recent posting was with the
Island’s criminal operations sec-
tion based in Charlottetown. “I
                                      sociation of PEI is pleased to an-
                                      nounce that Madlene Sark is now
                                      the Executive Director of our Or-
                                                                                              Emerging Artists Invited to Apply
                                                                                                for National Artist Program
am looking forward to meeting         ganization.
with community representatives,          Her office hours are 8:30-4:30
including youth in the area. We       Monday to Friday at the Lennox
all have a significant role to play   Island Cultural Centre on Len-
when it comes to reducing and                                            CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI -- Team         ting,” said Hon. Carolyn Bertram,       phy, and other multimedia)
                                      nox Island. She can be reached  PEI is looking for three emerging     Minister of Communities, Cultur-           • dance/movement arts (danc-
preventing crimes in our schools,     by phone and email to make al-
homes and communities.”                                               artists, age 16 to 22, to represent   al Affairs and Labour. “With arts       ers of all styles, choreographer)
                                      ternate arrangements to set up  our province as part of the Na-       and culture playing such an im-            • theatre arts (acting, improvisa-
   For the past couple of weeks,      a meeting with a member. She
he has been meeting with staff                                        tional Artist Program (NAP) dur-      portant role in our Island way of       tion, set design, costume design,
                                      looks forward to working with the
                                                                      ing the 2009 Canada Games. The        life, we know we have some very         director, circus arts, interarts)
at the district office and review-    membership and helping the Ab-
ing policing issues affecting the                                     NAP is a two-week mentorship          deserving young artists who can            • music arts (performer, con-
                                      original Women’s Association of and developmental program in          wear our provincial colors dur-         ductor, composer).
district which encompasses the        PEI be able to assist more women
bulk of Queens County, exclud-                                        which three PEI artists will work     ing the Games.”                            To apply, visit the Team PEI
                                      in the upcoming months with     with 36 other artists from across        The program is open to artists       website at www.gov.pe.ca/team-
ing the area policed by the City of   training and employment/educa-
Charlottetown, and parts of Kings                                     Canada to interpret the theme of      in a variety of disciplines includ-     pei or contact Claire Matheson
                                      tion assistance.                the Games individually and col-       ing:                                    368-4787 to obtain a detailed
County. The District has 21 gener-
al duty members and 5 support                                         lectively through their art.             • literary arts (poetry, prose,      technical package and applica-
                                        Welcome Madlene Sark!            “NAP provides a wonderful          playwriting, spoken word, story-        tion form. Application deadline
staff. The district also includes       Office Number: 1-902-831-3059 opportunity for emerging artists
the Town of Stratford which has a                                                                           telling)                                is February 11, 2009.
                                        Fax Number: 1-902-831-3181 to work with national mentors               • visual arts (painting/drawing,        The 2009 Canada Games will
complement of 5 members, one            Email address:
member assigned to the town of                                        to develop their artistic abilities   sculpture, printmaking, installa-       be held in PEI from August 15 to
                                        madlene.sark@lennoxisland.    within the Canada Games set-          tion, photography, film/videogra-       29.
Cornwall and the Abegweit First         com
Page 4                                                                             Kwimu Messenger                                                                  February 2009

                                                                       Sharing Circle
2009 off to a                                                              From Ice Boats
                                                                              to Email
running start                                                                 In this age of instant, electronic
                                                                           transmission of messages, we
   The staff at MCPEI hopes that      MCPEI is continuing on its           hardly think about the mail, and
everyone had a safe and happy       mission to connect with the            how it arrives on our Island dur-
holiday season to end off 2008.     community members on and               ing the winter months. Before the
   It is only January now, but      off both reserves by holding           coming of ice-breakers, however,
already the New Year has been       information sessions with all          brave, and sometimes fool-hardy
filled with lots of interesting     the departments. The Family            souls, would venture out onto
stories and events. A group         Pride Program, Health, Aborigi-
                                                                           the ice in the strait, attempting
of students found a fallen          nal Justice, Integrated Resource
Mi’kmaq soldier, the Univerity                                             to cross to Nova Scotia in an ice-
of PEI opened a new Aboriginal                                             boat. They would then undertake
                                                                           the journey to Halifax so the
Student Centre and many, many
more stories.                             Editorial                        people of PEI could send and
                                                                           receive their mail.
                                                                              In an 1807 communication
                                    Management, Parks and Cul-             from the Governor of Prince
                                                                                                                                                               HALLIE RIANNE BERNARD
                                    ture and Heritage all provided         Edward Island, The Honourable
                                                                                                                                                                     December 18, 2008
                                    information sessions over the                .
                                                                           J.W.F DesBarres, the recipient is
                                                                                                                                                                    6 pounds 10 ounces
                                    last year and next month it will       told that the letter he is reading
                                                                                                                        Jeffrey Rubin Linus Tuplin Jr.        Proud Parents: Wyonna Bernard
                                    be Economic Development and            was delivered by, “…the Indians
                                                                                                                            Born December 3rd, 2008             and Brandon Knockwood
                                    Employment Services.                   who, with my private Despatches, carry
   Kwimu Messenger                      To continue with this informa-     this, are hired to proceed in an Ice Boat      12:43 am. , Weight 8 lbs. 9oz
       The Voice For PEI            tion sharing it will also come to      to the Nova Scotia Shore and thence                      21 inches
           Mi’kmaq                  the newspaper, it is time now for      to Halifax, where they are to Deliver        Born at Midcoast Women’s Health
                                    the community to share stories         the Bag of Letters to Mr. Charles Hall,       Hospital, Brunswick Maine.
 A joint production of the          from yesterday and today, about                                                        Parents - Jeffrey Tuplin Sr.
 Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI,                                               Merchant…” Letters will then be
                                    people near or far.                    gathered to be sent back to PEI.             & Amelia Tuplin of Lisbon Maine
 Lennox Island First Nation            It is our hope that these           The person is then advised “…for
 and Abegweit First Nation          monthly publications will help         which purpose the Indians will be kept
                                    connect our readers to each oth-
         Published by                                                      waiting during four or five days at Hali-
                                    er in a learning and sharing way
      Island Press Ltd,             as simple as just telling a story or   fax by whom such Bag of Letters as may
   Montague, PEI, C0A 1R0           digging out an old photo.              be made up, will be brought thither.”
                                                                              As we sit shivering, waiting for                                                                  Norah &
          (902) 838-2515               There will be ongoing op-                                                                                                                Emmarie
                                    portunities for people to sub-         yet another snowstorm to appear,
     paul@islandpress.ca                                                                                                                                                       Knockwood
                                    mit a story, a picture, help to        it might be a good idea to take                                                                  and proud sister
      Executive Editor:                                                    a few minutes and think about
         Dennis King                celebrate a personal success or                                                                                                              Lucy
                                    wish someone a special Happy           the mail, and how much safer the                                                                  Born Jan 2, 2009
         (902) 367-3660 -           Birthday. This is a place where        transportation of it has become                                                                    Proud Parents:
       dking@mcpei.ca               the communities can share              for the letter-carriers.                                                                         Todd and Tania
      Managing Editor:              some of what they know with               Tammy MacDonald                                                                                  Knockwood
           Ron Zakar                each other to make this paper as          Director of Research, MCPEI
    (902) 626-3298 ext. 229         successful as it deserves to be.
   Contributing Editors:            So prepare your pictures, your
    Julie Pellissier-Lush           stories, your poems and call one
                                    of the newspaper staff , because
          (902) 626-2882
                                    we will be holding contests
        jlush@mcpei.ca              throughout the year to showcase
 Advertising: Barb Mazerolle
     (902) 838-2515, ext. 17
                                    your stories and your talent!
                                                                                                                       PEI Aboriginal Sport Circle
 Circulation: Kim Guimond
          (902) 436-5101
  Subscriptions available for $30
                                        Friendship Center Tea Social
                                         February 11, Lennox Island / February 18 Charlottetown
                                                                                                                       upcoming job opportunity
     per year by contacting
   communications@mcpei.ca                                      MCPEI Tea Locations for February 2009                    The PEI Aboriginal Sport Circle has secured funding to hire recre-
                                                                   Lennox Island Eco Tourism Centre -                  ation staff for Lennox Island First Nation, Abegweit First Nation, and
      Have a story idea or                                                                                             the off-reserve population living on PEI. The positions will be part
       community notice?                                              2:00-4:00 p.m. - Lennox Island PE
                                                                     Charlottetown Friendship Center -                 time for the school year and will move to full time in the summer. The
             Contact                                                                                                   start dates for the positions have not been decided on as of yet, but we
                                                         2:00-4:00 p.m. 178 Water St. Charlottetown, PE
     Julie Pellissier-Lush at                                      Come on out and have a cup of tea                   are looking at having some hired as early as mid February.
          (902) 626-3834                                              with your peersfor a few minutes                   Please keep an eye out for official job postings over the next couple
                                                                                   or a couple of hours.               of weeks.
 February 2009                                                                            Kwimu Messenger                                                                      Page 5

Island Aboriginal Soldier Gets Honored
       Darrell DesRoches              men and women who risked all           meant to help celebrate and re-       stand on guard within its hedges,     did not even acknowledge him
  Aboriginal/Diversity Specialist     they had, for all we have today.       member another famous Cana-           planted as living sentinels over-     as a citizen.
                                         Sapper James Linus Sark was         dian battle, the Battle of Ortona.    looking this now peaceful and           The point is, he is a hero, an
  Every now and then in a life-       born on September 24, 1925 to          Ortona is a small town on the         holy place. Yet, beneath the sod      Aboriginal hero and there were
time, events converge into a sin-     Sylvain and Bridget Sark, both         Adriatic Sea which was occu-          lies the bodies of so many young      many more. I hope he knows
gle moment of meaning and poi-        of Lennox Island. He had three         pied by German forces and liber-      men, mowed down by the de-            that he is not forgotten and that
gnancy that it has the potential      sisters; Mary Agnes Peters, Annie      ated in 1943 by Canadians. Over       mands on life war makes, each         his sacrifice is deeply appreci-
to change one’s outlook forever.      Paul and Mrs. Rejean Copage,           1000 senior high school students      becoming a memory to the bro-         ated. It is reported that among
  Last November, one such mo-         and one brother, Patrick.              from across Canada assembled          ken communities and families          his meager possessions when he
ment happened for me where I             After enlisting, Linus became       in Ortona and I was part of an        left behind. The pastoral set-        died was a flashlight, a lighter, his
                                                                                                                   ting of immaculatly manicured         identification tags and his Ro-
                                                                                                                   lawns, bronze statues and pol-        sary and prayer books. He also
                                                                                                                   ished marble cenotaphs some-          had some snapshots, perhaps of
                                                                                                                   how betray the reality of their       his mother and father, sisters or
                                                                                                                   lives as soldiers yet, in a very      brother or of someone he need-
                                                                                                                   fitting way, honors the sacrifices    ed to think about and draw com-
                                                                                                                   once asked of them and now            fort from during those months of
                                                                                                                   gives them rest.                      lonely toil. Undoubtedly, the pic-
                                                                                                                      And so in that moment, as I        tures were of home and I’d like
                                                                                                                   stood before the grave of Sapper      to think that he carried a small
                                                                                                                   James Linus Sark last November,       piece of his ancestral land with
                                                                                                                   I had to wonder what forces and       him, in a sense, never forgetting
                                                                                                                   twists of fate brought us together    where he truly belonged.
                                                                                                                   in such a far-off land. I sprinkled     I will never forget James Linus
                                                                                                                   some tobacco on his grave and         Sark as his life has somehow
                                                                                                                   said a prayer to the Creator, ask-    come full circle in me. I, like all
                                                                                                                   ing for peace for Linus, his fam-     Canadians, am a beneficiary of
                                                                                                                   ily and all Aboriginal soldiers. I    his life. Honoring veterans is all
                                                                                                                   felt curiously inadequate and         about honoring and working for
The Cassino War Cemetery                                                     Headstone of James Linus Sark         strangely privileged to be in the     peace. Hopefully in my work, I
                                                                                                                   company of this young Mi’kmaq         can afford Linus the justice as he
stood at the foot of the grass cov-   what is known as a Sapper with         Island delegation from Kinkora        warrior, one who left Abegweit        deserves.
ered grave of one of the Island’s     the Royal Canadian Engineers,          Senior High School.                   for another ancient land where
brave Aboriginal soldiers in a                                .
                                      Regiment Number F 82202. A                Before the trip, each student      he gave his life for a country that
cemetery nearly 3500 miles from       ‘sapper’ was a soldier who usu-        was assigned a Canadian veter-
our beloved home.                     ally went ahead of the fighting        an involved in the Italian Cam-
   In silence I contemplated the      units prodding for buried land         paign and was to research his
life of this man, who died at just    mines or, when needed, building        life and war record and create
twenty-four, nearly half of my age    or rebuilding bridges. His regi-       a personal connection with him.
now, and wondered what his last       ment was sent to Italy to assist       Throughout the preparations,
minutes were like.                    the Allied Forces in the Italian       meetings and fund-raising, much
   Did he die in the thick of the     Campaign during World War II.          media attention was given to the
theatre of war? Did the smoke            In 1943, an Armistice with Italy    student efforts. It was following
from the mortars fill his lungs       had them withdraw from the             one of the published stories that
until they ached? What kind of        war which opened the door for          former Chief Charlie Sark con-
violent blast ended his dreams?       German occupation of the boot          tacted me to tell me about his
Whose eyes were the last he           shaped country. The Allied Cam-        second cousin, James Linus Sark,
gazed into before slipping into       paign in Sicily and Italy lasted       someone he knew fought and
his eternal sleep? Did he think       from early July, 1943, to May, 1945.   died in Italy. I decided to adopt
about his family back home, or        During the battles that were           Linus as my soldier as I knew we
maybe about a girlfriend or his       waged in early 1944, Cassino will      would be visiting the Cassino
hopes for the future?                 long be remembered for some            War Cemetery at some point.
   Really, I knew next to noth-       of the fiercest and bloodiest en-         The Cassino War Cemetery is
ing about this man, not what he       counters of the whole campaign.        nestled in the Liri River Valley in
looked like nor what he thought,      It was there in Cassino, halfway       the province of Frosinone, Italy.
yet instantly I felt a connection     between Rome and Naples,               It rests in the shadow of the fa-
to him, a sense that there was a      where the majority of Allied ca-       mous Monte Cassino, a moun-
reason for us to meet. Our jour-      sualties from the Liri River Valley    tain on top of which is where St.
neys converged that day, in one       and Cassino battles are buried.        Benedict built his famous mon-
moment half a world away, in             James Linus Sark died on June       astery in A.D. 524. The country-
a sacred field bathed in sun-         3 of 1944 and, although the exact      side there is breathtaking; rolling
light and surrounded by majes-        circumstance of his death is not       hills flanked by sharp mountains
tic mountains which, sixty-five       known, he was likely killed in ac-     pointing to the heavens. Every-
years ago, echoed with the ter-       tion in one of those pivotal bat-      where there are shades of green
rible sounds of war. It has left me   tles. He is buried in the Cassino      and grays beneath the deep blue
filled with a sense of awe, grati-    War Cemetery along with some           and azure sky.
tude and humility and, as I think     4270 other Commonwealth sol-              The gravestones roll out in
about that encounter, I realize       diers, 855 are Canadian.               a perfect linear fashion, each
just how fortunate I am and just         I traveled to Italy as part of      a glistening white, straight as
how indebted we all are to the        a nationally organized event           if standing at attention. Trees
Page 6                                       Kwimu Messenger                                                 February 2009

Sports Star of the Month

                   Breanne Lewis

                    When asked about her daughter and all the sports she is,
                and has been involved in, this is what Lynn Lewis said.
                   “Well where do I start really. She is an all around athlete and
                 has been since she was 5 and she is 12 now. She and her
                 brother Logen started out with judo when they were 5 and it’s
                 been all sports ever since. Judo goes from September till June
                 and then she is in all school sports.
                   By the fall she started out by making the Hernewood vol-
                leyball team and now she is playing double and basketball.
               After basketball is over she will be into wrestling and then bad-
                            She usually plays hockey also but took this year off
                               to try out for school sports. She is a girl that we
                                 can’t keep away from any sport as she wants to
                                  do it all and I know that’s a great thing.
                                    We love watching and we are so proud of
                                 her and her brother also.”

                 All of us at MCPEI are proud of her too Lynn!! Let us know if
               you have a sports star in your house!!

                 Breanne Lewis, for all you do in the area of sports
               and physical activity, MCPEI thinks you are an excel-
               lent role model for your community!

                                                                                                        Are you an
                                                                                                        Aboriginal business
                                                                                                        in need of financing and
                                                                                                        business assistance?

                                                                                                    1 (888) 766-2376
                                                                                  Growing Strong
                                                                                 Aboriginal Business!                        89427
 February 2009                                                                            Kwimu Messenger                                                                      Page 7

The Creation of “Our Lady of Lourdes”                                                                                                                       Lennox Island
Council with the Knights of Columbus                                                                                                                         members fill
  On Saturday, 13 of December,
2008 the Knights of Columbus,
                                         of the formal presentation of the a special thanks to those who
                                         Knights of Columbus Charter, a helped make this historic mo-
                                                                                                                                                             key roles in
“Our Lady of Lourdes” Council #
14530 formally became the 21st
and newest council on Prince
                                         scroll issued to a new Council ment a true success.
                                         issued by the Supreme Council
                                         granting constituted rights and      Submitted by Doug Shwaluk,
Edward Island.                           authority recognizing by name Grand Knight Council 14530,                                                           There are four members of this
  The Knights of Columbus is             the list of the founding fathers.  “Our Lady of Lourdes”                                                         new Council from Lennox Island,
a Catholic order founded by a               The Charter was presented to                                                                                  Dave Haley, Jim Bernard, Vincent
young priest, venerable Father Mi-       the Council through the Grand                                                                                    Tuplin, and Eugene Peters.
chael J. McGivney approximately          Knight, Doug Shwaluk and the                                                                                          Dave Haley was elected as
126 years ago and was based on           Council Chaplin Father Blair Ber-                                                                                Trustee for the new order. The
the principles of charity, unity, fra-   nard by the State Deputy Alvin                                                                                   Trustees (three in number) over-
ternity and patriotism.                  Curley who is the Head Knight in                                The new Charter                                  see the financial transactions of
                                         Prince Edward Island.                                                                                            the Council, review all bills and
                                            This most colourful occasion                                                                                  financial reports and audit the
                                         was flanked by the Knights of                                                                                    Council’s financial records semi-
                                         Columbus Honor Guard attired                                                                                     annually. Their emblems, Crossed
                                         in ceremonial costumes.                                                                                          Key and Sword, indicate this fi-
                                            The proceedings then con-                                                                                     nancial authority and are worn
                                         tinued with the District Deputy                                                                                  on green ribbons. Trustees wear
                                         Kenny MacLellan inducting the                                                                                    black robes trimmed in green.
                                         14 duly elected officers by com- Dave Haley                                                                         Vincent Tuplin was elected as
                                         missioning each with their duties                                                                                Warden for the new order. The
                                         and presenting them with desig-                                    Jewels
                                                                                                                                                          Warden assures that all members
                                         nated jewels depicting symbolic                                                                                  at meetings possess the current
                                         authority. On conclusion Father                                                                                  membership card. He is custo-
Father Michael J. McGivney               Bernard invoked a blessing of                                                                                    dian of all Council property ex-
                                         the Lord upon his new officers                                                                                   cept funds and is in charge of
   The event on Saturday began           and all who were present and                                                                                     properly setting up the Council
with a holy mass at the Immacu-          ended the mass. Attending the                                                                                    Chamber. He directs the activities
late Conception Roman Catholic           mass were approximately 200                                                                                      of the Inside and Outside Guards.
church in Wellington Legion cel-         people from various walks of life                                                                                His emblem, an Axe Bound with
ebrated by Reverend Father Blair         with Knights representing all dif-                                                                               Rods, known as a Faces, was tradi-
Bernard and assisted by Rever-           ferent parts of the Island. “Our                                                                                 tionally carried by the guards or
end Father Albin Arsenault. Im-          Lady of Lourdes” Council invited                                                                                 protectors of Roman magistrates
maculate Conception in Welling-          everyone to a pancake brunch                                                                                     as a symbol of authority. The War-
ton acts as the hub, so to speak,        catered by St. Mary’s Holy Fam-                                                                                  den ideally has and exercises that
and houses the new Council.              ily Council from Kensington                                                                                      authority. The ribbon is colored
   “Our Lady of Lourdes” incorpo-        followed by presentations and                                                                                    red over black. His robe is black
rates the parishes of Wellington,        speeches and one must admit                                                                                      trimmed with scarlet with a scar-
Egmont Bay, Mount Carmel, Mis-           that a good day was had by all.                                                                                  let cincture with silver fringe.
couche, Grandriver and Lennox               Congratulations to all mem-                                                                                      Jim Bernard was elected as
Island. The ceremony consisted           bers of the new Council and                                                                                      an Inside Guard for the new or-
                                                                                                                                                          der. The Inside Guard is charged
                                                                               Knights of Columbus members form the sign of the cross                     with the security of the Council
                                                                                                                                                          Chamber and assist the Warden
                                                                                                                                                          in meeting the duties of his Office.
                                                                                                                                                          His emblem, Crossed Key and Axe
                                                                                                                                                          hung from a white ribbon, repre-
                                                                                                                                                          sent his power as sentry at the
                                                                                                                                                          door. His robe is gray with black
                                                                                                                                                          trim and yoke.The cincture is also
                                                                                                                                                          black with silver fringe.
                                                                                                                                                             Eugene Peters is a newer mem-
                                                                                                                                                          ber, so he is participating in all the
                                                                                                                                                          activities but is not yet an elected

                                                                                                                                        Jim Bernard and
Eugene Peters                            Jim Bernard and his son James David                                                            Vincent Tuplin
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across the Island....

                                                                                                                                                                       Fayth Ann Jadis - Scotchfort

                                                                                    The Twins and Santa

Lennox Christmas Concert

                                                                                                                    Kim and Pauline Tuplin with their family at the Mikmaq Family Resource Centre

Jesse Francis and Chief Brian played for the staff of MCPEI

                                                                             Deana and Jenene at the kids Christ-
                                                                             mas Party

                                                                                                                                                           AWA Had their Christmas Board Meeting

Chief Brian enjoying the Head start
Christmas Concert

                                                                             Emily and Nolan at the Mikmaq Family
                                                                             Resource Centre
                                 Charlottetown Headstart had homemade cake                                          Headstart kids at Scotchfort singing their songs
 February 2009                                                                                  Kwimu Messenger                                                             Page 9

                                                                                                                     Christmas Bingo raised over
                                                                                                                     $1000 for St. Ann’s Church
                                                                                                                                                              The Charity Christmas
                                                                                                                                                              Bingo      raised   over
                                                                                                                                                              $1,000.00 for the Church.
                                                                                                                                                              A great big thanks from
                                                                                                                                                              everyone on the Church
                                                                                                                                                              Fundraising Committee.
                                                                                                                                                              The St. Ann’s Church has
                                                                                                                                                              been an integral part
                                                         Scotchfort Headstart with Santa                                                                      of the Lennox Island
                                                                                                                                                              Community for hundreds
Lennox Christmas Concert                                                                                                                                      of years.
                                                                                                                                                              Check the Community
                                                                                                                                                              Notices page for info on
                                                                                                                                                              the upcoming Valentines
                                                                                                                                                              Day Bingo!

                                                                                                                     Chief Darlene called the lucky numbers

                                                              Chief Brian and Tabatha Bernard were Santa’s helpers
Councilor Jadis getting in the Christmas spirit

                                                                                                                     Everyone was hoping to win

                                                  Morrell Concert
Shanelle Jadis

                                                                                                                     The excellent helpers at the Bingo
Page 10                                                                               Kwimu Messenger                                                            February 2009

Aboriginal Student Centre
- A Dream Come True
      By Donna J MacArthur             studies, Bull’s
                                       focus         has
   Maoi Omi is a Mi’kmaq term          been on Ab-
which means “gathering place.”         original Re-
   It is the name given to the new     search Ethics.
Aboriginal Student Centre at              Studying
UPEI, and Julie Bull, Project Man-     through the
ager for Aboriginal Education          Distance Pro-
at UPEI, says the centre, which        gram enables
opened in January, 2009, is aptly      her to work
named, and has been a work in          full-time       at
progress for a long time.              UPEI          and
   “Aboriginal students on cam-        continue her
pus here at UPEI have been talk-       academic
ing to the administration, tell-       pursuits        at
ing them they need a space to          Dalhousie.
connect with one another, learn           “I’ve some-                                                                    Tabitha Bernard and Julie Bull
from each other, and to share          how          con-
their culture.”                        vinced myself
   UPEI nursing students, Ashley       that I can get
and Stephanie Jadis were instru-       two        weeks
mental in getting the program          out of one,” A stylized inukshuk, the logo for UPEI’s new Maoi Omi (Gath-
and the centre going, Bull says.       she laughs, re- ering Place) Aboriginal Student Centre, incorporates some
   “They were determined to            ferring to her
have a centre which would pro-         busy sched- traditional symbols, including an eagle head, a feather and
vide support and mentorship to         ule.                 a dream catcher, with PEI at the heart of the graphic illus-
current Aboriginal students. Ash-         A b o r i g i - tration. The logo was designed by Charlottetown resident,
ley and Stephanie put a lot of ef-     nal       Educa- Jeff Lee.
fort into making this a reality.”      tion at UPEI
   There was a kind of “cautious       - Transition-                            project.
excitement” among all the Ab-          ing Towards a Positive Future In            “This place was packed, and
original students when they            Health is a new program at the people were lined up in the hall
learned that the centre was go-        university. As its project manager, and down the stairway. Students,
ing to actually open, Bull says.       Bull feels confident that the new families and staff - Aboriginal
   “They didn’t believe it would       Aboriginal Student Centre will and non-Aboriginal - were here,
happen - they’d been wanting it        serve both present and potential including Abegweit Chief Brian
for so long - they were just afraid    students.                                Francis and UPEI president,Wade
the university wouldn’t follow            “Current Aboriginal students MacLauchlan.”
through on it.”                        at UPEI find a sense of belong-             Bull says that Chief Francis’
   The Maoi Omi student lounge,        ing here, and that helps them heartfelt speech, expressing grati-
located on the fifth floor of the      to be successful in their studies. tude to UPEI for recognizing the
campus’ historic Dalton Hall, of-      They learn that university educa- need for the Aboriginal Student Carolyn Sark and Kateri Francis
fers a “home base” for Aboriginal      tion isn’t as intimidating as some Centre, brought tears to many lis-
students, Bull says.                   think it to be.”                         teners’ eyes.
   The modest facility offers             Bull is hoping to set up a “day          “It was a moving event, and it
somewhat of a den/kitchen atmo-        in the life of a student” program, was obvious just how meaning-
sphere. Its comfortable couches        where Aboriginal people think- ful it is to have such a facility,” she
and chairs, and colourful Aborig-      ing of entering university can says.
inal artwork on the walls, certain-    come and get a sense of what
ly creates an informal hominess        university life is like,” she says.
to busy, on-the-go students.              “They will get a view of classes,
   “The centre is used every day.      facilities and the campus, and
Students come in between their         be able to retreat to this lounge
classes to read, study and eat         with other Aboriginal students to
lunch. It’s a place they can retreat   learn and share even more infor-
to; where they can build relation-     mation.”
ships with each other and share           Bull says the creation of the
information and ideas,” Bull says.     students’ lounge is not to recre-
   Herself, a Metis native of Lab-     ate anything that already exists,
rador, she has long-strived to         in terms of educational support.
improve conditions for Aborigi-           “It’s just nice to have someone
nal people. Bull holds a Master’s      inside the university advocating
Degree, from UPEI in Applied           on behalf of Aboriginal people
Health Services Research, and          on PEI.”
is currently doing the Inter-Dis-         Judging from the great turnout
ciplinary Ph.D Program at Dal-         for the Centre’s recent official
housie University, in Halifax, NS.     opening, Bull says there is plenty Chief Brian Francis speaks during the Everyone celebrate the Grand opening of the Aboriginal Student Centre at UPEI
Throughout her post-graduate           of community support for the Grand Opening
 February 2009                                                                      Kwimu Messenger                                                                        Page 11

Cousins, best friends and nurses
Scotchfort Residents Pursue Nursing Careers
      By Donna J MacArthur            ing a year off!”                at the Cape Breton University.
                                        Each of the young women had   In some universities a small
    Third-year UPEI nursing stu-      their first child when they werenumber of seats are reserved
dents, Ashley and Stephanie           17, and still in high school. While
                                                                      for Aboriginal students, they ex-
Jadis, of Scotchfort, are cousins,    some thought this would curb    plain. That was the case in Cape
best friends, and young Aborigi-      any plans for their future careers,
                                                                      Breton, but there was no such
nal mothers who are dedicated         the young moms became even      provision at UPEI School of Nurs-
to attaining their goals.             more determined to succeed.     ing, where over 200 apply annu-
   While enjoying Christmas holi-       “We were very young as moth-  ally for the 60 available seats.
days at home with their young         ers. We grew up pretty fast - weAshley and Stephanie travelled
children (they each have two),        had to. But we also had goals that
                                                                      to Cape Breton to check out that
both agreed they were “itching        we wanted to reach: We wanted   university’s program.
to get back to nursing school.”       to graduate high school and go     “They were so welcoming
   “All over Christmas, I kept        to university,” Ashley shares.  and accepting there,” Ashley re-
thinking,‘I can’t wait to get back      “When we first started this   calls.“There was a great support
to school,’” 23-year-old Ashley       journey, people didn’t think    system in place for students. It
says. “Housework is tiring, and       we could do it; the odds were   seemed ideal, from a student‘s
there’s so little satisfaction to it. against us,” Stephanie recalls. point of view,” she says. “But we
But nursing offers such a feeling     “We had a lot to prove,” Ashley wanted to set ourselves up for
of achievement.”                      adds.“Our challenge is the same success. And since we both have
   Stephanie, 22, says the only       as any other Aboriginal women;  young families, we knew it would
time she felt a bit overwhelmed,      we live in a challenging environ-
                                                                      be too difficult to go to university
                                                                                                           Ashley Jadis (left), and her cousin, Stephanie Jadis, of Scotchfort, are in their
during the three years she’s been     ment. There aren’t a lot of other
                                                                      in Cape Breton.”                     third year at the UPEI School of Nursing. The two hard-working young moth-
at UPEI, was last fall when her       people who can really empa-        The best UPEI offered the ers operate from the premise that education is the key to success.
5-year-old daughter, who has cys-     thize, or say,‘I know what you are
                                                                      young women was to put them
tic fibrosis, was in the hospital.    going through.’”                on a waiting list. By now, no            “We went to him and asked why dents.
Having had another baby dur-            Both girls graduated from     strangers to life’s obstacles, they it was so easy to get into Cape Bret-        In the fall of 2008, Jessica
ing her second-term at nursing        Morell High School, Ashley a    decided not to settle for waiting. on College and not UPEI,”she says. Gould, also of Scotchfort, and a
school, Stephanie’s plate was         year later than her classmates, “We are like a team!” Ashley And they found listening ears. recent high-school graduate, was
pretty full.                          and then registered into the    laughs. “We have more confi- Kim Critchley, the Dean of Nurs- accepted into the UPEI School
   “I started thinking, ‘This is a    Arts Program at UPEI. During    dence together than either of us ing at UPEI, recognizing the pas- of Nursing, filling one of the two
lot of work - maybe I should          that first year, they took the pre-
                                                                      have individually!                    sion the two Aboriginal students extra seats which are now annu-
slow down a bit, and take             requisite courses which would      Together, we went to talk to had for the field of nursing, got ally set aside for deserving Ab-
some time off,’” she recalls.         enable them to pursue careers   the dean of nursing at UPEI, to involved in their efforts.                     original students.
“But I just kept trucking through     in nursing, and they applied to find out how to get into the pro-        “The dean set the bar,” Steph-          “We know we can cre-
the hard times and kept going.        the Nursing Programs at both    gram - sooner rather than later.” anie says. “She told us there ate change, if we try,” Steph-
Now, when I look back at that         UPEI and Cape Breton University.They were referred to the presi- would be no exceptions for anie says, with a smile.
time, I just couldn’t imagine tak-    Both were promptly accepted     dent of the university.               us, in terms of specific require- Through much hard work (both
                                                                                                            ments. But if we could reach the have two jobs, aside from their
                                                                                                            competitive average, we’d get studies),and having experienced

                           Thank You Teachers and                                                           into the program. And we did!” a taste of accomplishment, the
                                                                                                            “We told Kim that we wanted to two capable students see no lim-
                                                                                                            be successful in the program,and its to their futures.
                                School Staff                                                                she was very helpful. She listened         “As third-year students, we’ve
                                                                                                            to us and she acted on our con- been doing practicum at the
                                                                                                            cerns,” Ashley says appreciatively. QEH, and we’re feeling more like
                            Our dedicated teachers and school staff have a great influence on the           “It’s a good feeling when you nurses - getting into the medical
                                      success of our students in school and in later life.                  know that she sees us not just as aspect of our career. It gets cool-
                                   Thank you teachers and school staff for a job well done!                 students, but as people - people er as you go,” Ashley says.
                                                                                                            with ambitions. She is very ap-            “I’m not really sure what I’ll do
                                                                                                            proachable.”                             after I graduate from nursing. I’m
                               Celebrate Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week                            Through the efforts of Ashley keeping my options open, but I
                                                  February 9 to 14, 2009                                    and Stephanie, the UPEI Nursing really hope to continue on and
                                                                                                            School Program is now open to further my education. The more
                                                                                                            62 students - with the two extra education I get, the more I crave
                                                                                                            seats reserved for Aboriginal stu- to learn.”

                                                                                                                   Have a story idea or community notice?
                                                                                                                              Contact Julie Pellissier-Lush at
                                                                                                                                       (902) 626-2882
Page 12                                                                                 Kwimu Messenger                                                             February 2009

   Ladies and Gentlemen , I will          to have mutually binding obliga-                                               Joseph Algiman - Chief of          of the parties.
talk about the relationship be-
tween the Mi’Kmaq and the Brit-
                                          tions placed on each other.
                                             (V) Ceding of land is not a
                                                                                Our People, Our History                Chignetto
                                                                                                                         John Newit - Chief of Pictou
                                                                                                                                                              About six hundred years ago,
                                                                                                                                                            the Mi’Kmaq people were invad-
ish Crown. I will also talk about         necessary element for an Indian                                                Baptist La Morue - Chief of Isle   ed from the west by the Haude-
the Traditional Mi’Kmaq Govern-           treaty, for instance, the Maritime                                           of St, John’s                        noosaunee (the Iroquois). Af-
ment and the Mi’Kmaq Grand                peace treaties. Indian treaties                                                Reni La Morue - Chief of Nakit-    ter a number of fierce battles,
Council.                                  could include any agreements                                                 goniach                              the invaders were beaten back,
   Our people have a unique rela-         concluded by the Crown with                                                    Jeannot Piguidawalwet - Chief      and a treaty of peace was con-
tionship with the Crown. We are           Indians as these agreements are                                              of Cape Breton                       cluded. With peace restored,
citizens, and we have the same            interpreted liberally in favour of                                             Claud Piguidawalwet - Chief of     the nation reorganized itself;
rights as ordinary citizens and           Indians with the crown having                                                Chigabennakadik                      all of Mikmakik, our traditional
we are affected by ordinary laws.         the onus of showing that they are           Dr. John Joe Sark LLD              Michael Algoumatimpk - Chief
                                                                                                                       of Kesbpugowitk
                                                                                                                                                            lands, was divided into seven
                                                                                 Keptin of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council     Batelemy Aunqualett - Chief of
                                                                                       for the District of Epekwitk    Minas
                                                                                                                         Augustine Michael - Chief of
                                                                               wears and which was handed              Rishebouctou
                                                                               down from his predecessor in of-          Source: Mass.Historical Society
                                                                               fice as Chiefs of the Micmacs of
                                                                               Prince Edward Island.”
                                                                                  The argument that the 1752
                                                                               Treaty applies only to Cope’s
                                                                               district of Shubenacadie was re-
                                                                               jected by the Nova Scotia courts
                                                                               in a series of related Cape Bret-
                                                                               on moose-hunting and salmon
                                                                               fishing cases in 1988-89. While
                                                                               the Province of Prince Edward
                                                                               Island may try to reargue these
                                                                               issues, in its own courts, it should
                                                                               understand the fact that Cape
Photo taken in 1894, at Rocky Point PEI                                        Breton and Epekwitk adhered to
                                                                               the 1752 Treaty on the same day
In addition we have special rights                                             at Halifax, and if the provisions of
in the form of aboriginal rights                                               the 1752 Treaty cover Cape Bret-                                         Chief John Thomas Sark
and treaty rights which preclude                                               on as a result, it is inescapable
the operation of some laws. The                                                that they also cover Epekwitk.                                            sakamowti (districts), and each
importance of Constitutional law                                                  The Sakamow of the “Miri- Chief John Thomas Sark and Wife              of these in turn was subdivided
to our people is that constitu-                                                mechi, Iediak,Pogmouch and                                                among many wikamow (clans).
tional recognition of the unique                                               Cape Breton” Mi’Kmaq signed Collections Series no. 10 1809.               Each clan was led by a sakamow
status of aboriginal people has                                                articles of adhesion to the Treaty     The following explanation (chief) ; a Sa’ya (spiritual leader);
a fundamental effect on all the                                                at Halifax on 25 of June 1761, of the Mi’Kmaq Grand Council and a keptin (war chief).
other particular laws which ap-                                                as witnessed by an official tran- is taken from a Book entitled             The Mikmaw Nation is an al-
ply to our people. In addition, the                                            script of the conference made Drumbeat: Self- Reliance and Self- liance of many aboriginal peo-
constitutional recognition of our                                              by Richard Butler. Secretary to Determination                             ple”, who inhabited Mikmakik.
status and rights provides more                                                His Majesty’s Council for Nova         The Mi’Kmaq are used to deal- The meaning of “ Mi’kmaq” “ is
permanency to their existence                                                  Scotia, in the custody of the Pro- ing with other peoples. Prior to the allied people”; “Mikmaw” is
as alterations to them require a                                               vincial Archives of Nova Scotia. the arrival of the Europeans, we singular. “Mikmakik” means “the
fundamental change to the laws                                                 This adhesion brought in the carried on relations with other land of friendship”, and covers
of Canada.                                                                     Mi’Kmaq districts which border indigenous peoples throughout present day Newfoundland, St
                                                                               the Gulf of St. Lawrence, includ- North America, among other Pierre et Miquelon, Nova Scotia,
   Our rights can be divided into                                              ing Prince Edward Island: the things for the purposes of trade, New Brunswick, the Magdalen
two categories:                                                                districts of Unama’kik, Epekwitk, alliance, and friendship. All such archipelago Prince Edward Is-
   (A) Aboriginal rights - these Grand Chief Membertou                         and Piktukewaq as Father Baird dealings were based on mutual land and Gaspe`Peninsula of
rights are attributed to the origi-                                            described them.                      respect and co-operation, and Quebec.
nal occupiers of Canada on the not treaties.                                      In an extract of a letter from formalized through treaty-mak-            The leadership of the Grand
basis of the exercise of such         Before I discuss the treaties,           Col. Fry to His Excellency the ing process. The Mi’kmaq                   Council is made up of three po-
rights before the European oc- let me assure you that despite                  Governor of Nova Scotia dated,         called this international law, sitions: the Kjisakamow (grand
cupation of Canada back to time the Provincial Government’s                    Fort Cumberland, Chignecto, the law of Nikamanen. Treaties chief) is the ceremonial head of
immemorial. These rights are position on the applicability of                  March 7, 1760. Col Fry Lists the are spiritual as well as political state; the Kjikeptin (grand keptin
divided into the following cat- the Mi’Kmaq treaties on Prince                 names of the Chiefs of Acadia.       compacts that confer solemn is the executive of the council;
egories: Land (recognized in Edward Island, the treaties apply                    Names of the Indian Chiefs, In- and binding obligations on the and the Putus (wisdom) is the
the Royal Proclamation of 1763), to this Province. Medals or other             habiting the Coast of Acadia.        signatories. The spiritual basis of keeper of the constitution and
land use (hunting, fishing, trap- articles given to the Mi’kmaq at                Louis Francis - Chief of Merim- the treaties is crucial to an under- the rememberer of the treaties.
ping and gathering), customary the time of the treaties or agree-              ichi                                 standing of their meaning, since       The following is based largely
law (recognized in such areas as ments were negotiated became                     Dennis Wineemowet - Chief of it represents an effort to elevate upon Wiken, “Encounters with
family law) and self government. a tangible reminder to the agree-             Tabogimkik                           the treaties, and relations among Tall Sails”, Chapter 1, but also
Aboriginal rights are recognized ment. For instance, in April of                  Etienne Abehabo - Chief of peoples, beyond the vagaries of Patricia Nietfield, Determinants
in common law.                      1922, a Charlottetown reporter             Pobomoosh                            political opportunism and expe- of Aboriginal Micmac Political
   (B) Treaty rights- these rights wrote that the Mi’kmaq of Abeg-                Claude Atanaze - Chief of Ge- diency. They are intended to de- Structure, Ph.D, University of New
come from terms mutually weit signed the 1752 treaty was                       diack                                velop through time to keep pace Mexico, 1981.Vol, 2,pp. 400-407.
agreed upon by the signing par- evident, “ from the Silver Medal                  Michael Algoumatimpk - Chief with events, while still preserving
ties of the treaties who intended of King George, which Chief Sark             of Kashpugowitk                      the original intentions and rights           Continued on page 13...
 February 2009                                                                  Kwimu Messenger                                                                            Page 13

Leadership...from page 12
   Before and after the treaty        of the inland sites, however, were     perience was highly valued. In       usually referred to as a “Captain”.   the centre of the Council; was
making period, the Mi’Kmaq            far distant from the coast, mak-       1767, the surveyor Samuel Hol-       The titular head of the Council       transferred to Uni’ ma’ ki after
were primarily a maritime             ing possible shore visits to fish      land encountered sixty Mi’Kmaq       was the Grand Chief, who was          1749. The reasons for the move
people, living for at least eight     and to hunt seals during the win-      in Uni’ ma’ ki who told him they     elected by male family heads          are not clear but may be related
months of the year along or near      ter. Indeed during the 17th cen-       were waiting to meet “an old         and was assisted by the Grand         to the intensification of conflict
the coastline. Until recently, the    tury, the Jesuit, Pierre Biard wrote   man more than 120 years of age       Captain. The Putus, or wampum         with New England. Therefore,
Atlantic region had an abundant       that families living in southern       who they say is the Eldest of the    keeper, safeguarded treaties of       Council meetings appear to have
fish life in its Island rivers and    regions hunted seals spawning          Tribe upon whose counsel they        friendship and alliance made          taken place on Uni’ ma’ ki or at
coastal waters. This fish and ma-     on the Seal and Tuskett Islands        set great value. Together with el-   by the Council. Annual meetings       Antigoniche.
rine life provided the Mi’Kmaq        throughout January. With spring        ders, the chief determined areas     were held at both the district
with a large and steady supply of     break-up which began as much           to be hunted during the winter,      and Council levels. As noted by          Researchers have argued that
food which was complemented           as a month earlier in Southern         and settled disputes within the      Baird in 1616, these meetings oc-     the Council developed in re-
by fresh fruits, such as strawber-    Kmitkinag than in Uni’ ma’ ki,         village. When the village collec-    curred principally in the summer      sponse to the European invasion
ries, blueberries, raspberries and    families began moving towards          tively undertook hunting expedi-     when discussions took place           of Mi’Kmaq lands. This view-
gosseberries during the summer.       the coast, to prepare for the          tions to areas far removed from      “about peace and war, treaties        point has posited, either explic-
Because food resources were           spring runs of anadromous fish.        the village, leaving women and       of friendship and treaties for the    itly or implicitly, that since the
more readily available during                                                children behind, the elders dis-     common good”. Such meetings           first mention of a pan-Mi’kmaq
the warm weather months, popu-          An examination of the records        tributed proceeds from the hunt      would also have been an occa-         political structure only occurs in
lation concentrations were great-     reveal sites which were occupied       to individual households. During     sion for families to meet rela-       the 18th century, this means that
est then reaching as many as 300      continuously from the early 17th       the summer when the villages         tives and friends from other vil-     it did not exist before then. As
people and more in one village.       to mid 18th centuries. The persis-     assembled, the Chiefs together       lages. One such gathering held        pointed out earlier, there is little
This congregation of people is        tence of these villages both prior     with Elders met to discuss issues    near Canso during the summer          documentation prior to 1700 so
often called the summer village       to and during the treaty making        relating to the community.           of 1765, attracted approximately      that the lack of records regarding
and was principally composed          period suggests a degree of so-                                             500 people.                           the Council does not necessarily
of families related through           cial and political stability within      According to oral tradition,                                             imply its non existence. There
marriage. During the autumn           most segments of the Mi’Kmaq           six hundred years ago all vil-          Oral tradition suggests that       is, moreover, circumstantial evi-
months this population broke          society during these years.            lages were organized into a          Grand Council meetings had at         dence suggesting its existence
up into smaller groups of fami-                                              pan-Mi’kmaq organization as          one time been held at Pubnico         prior to 1600. During the late
lies and moved inland to fish           Political leadership in each vil-    a result of Haudenosaunee en-        Point in southwestern Kmitknag.       16th century, the French trader
for ells and later to hunt moose      lage was exercised by the saka-        croachments into Mi’Kmaq terri-      This would accord with Frank          Etienne Bellinger observed a
and/ or caribou. Evidence sug-        mow who together with a group          tory. Called the Sante Mawi’omi      Speck’s observations based            village of approximately 80 wig-
gests that families generally         of elders resolved village issues.     (Grand Council or Holy Gather-       upon oral interviews among            wams in the Cape Sable region.
fished and hunted in the same         The chief did not wield absolute       ing), the Council divided Mi’kma’    Mi’Kmaq inhabitants of Kmit-          With each wigwam holding 10
territory year after year, with the   authority over his people but          ki into seven separate districts.    knag during the early part of the     to 15 people, this would mean
right to hunt in the lands being      rather attempted to influence          Within each district, there could    20th century that the area sur-       a minimum of 800 people. In
conveyed patrileneally. The size      others through example.                be one or more village with          rounding the Annapolis Basin          tangent with oral testimony indi-
of these hunting-fishing groups is      Decisions regarding the village      one of the village chiefs being      was originally the head village of    cating the region as the location
unclear but were likely larger in     were made in consultation with         elected to represent the district    the Grand Council and its leader      of Council meetings, this would
southern areas where resources        other male family heads. Elders        in Council meetings. In the 17th     was elected from sakamows of          suggest that Bellenger visited the
were more plentiful than in re-       played a crucial role in provid-       and 18th century European            this region. According to oral        area during an annual Political/
gions further northwards. None        ing counsel as their age and ex-       documentation, this individual is    traditions, as collected by Speck,    social gathering.

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Page 14                                                                                  Kwimu Messenger                                                             February 2009

Morell High Students have a passion for basketball
                                                                                                                            Aboriginal Hypnotist
           Shooting for the stars                                                                                           Coming to UPEI
        By Nathan Rochford             potential to take the game be-            Laughlin said. “He has a lot of             By Donna J MacArthur           describes as,“one of the funniest
                                       yond high school.                         athleticism and raw talent. I think                                        individuals he knows.”
  On the court Curtis Knock-             “Both of them show a lot of             come the end of the season he          Internationally-acclaimed hyp-         Ward is of Ojibway/Metis eth-
wood is a force to be reckoned         potential for sure,” Laughlin said        will be a key contributor in play-  notist, Scott Ward, will be perform-   nicity. He was born in Manitoba,
with.                                  prior to the Marlin’s final game          off time.”                          ing at UPEI Duffy Theatre, in Char-    and currently lives in Alberta.
  The Morell Marlins’ power for-       before the Christmas break. “I                                                lottetown on February 4th, 2009.       Formerly a school teacher, hav-
                                                                                                                     A fundraiser for UPEI Aboriginal       ing graduated with a Bachelor
                                                                                                                     Student’s Association, the event is    of Education from the Univer-
                                                                                                                     open to all, and promises to be        sity of Alberta, Ward says he quit
                                                                                                                     an unforgettable experience.           teaching to follow his dreams. He
                                                                                                                        Described as a natural with his     now describes his classroom as
                                                                                                                     audiences, Ward has been travel-       extending “across Turtle Island”
                                                                                                                     ling from Canada’s far north to the    (greater North America), where
                                                                                                                     southernmost states of USA, and        he can share learning and edu-
                                                                                                                     all points in between, for the past    cation everywhere he visits.
                                                                                                                     five years. His high-quality, fully-      Ward also does individual hyp-
                                                                                                                     produced, hypnotic stage shows         notherapy sessions for quitting
                                                                                                                     keep his engagement calendar           smoking, weight loss, self-esteem
                                                                                                                     booked for return performances         and various fears and phobias.
                                                                                                                     wherever he visits.                    Too, he offers interactive group
                                                                                                                        Ward graduated from the Ex-         workshops for youth, in personal,
                                                                                                                     cell Center for Hypnotherapy, as a     career, and business develop-
                                                                                                                     Certified Hypnotherapist, in 2004.     ment.
                                                                                                                     He specializes in comedy-hypno-           While in Charlottetown, Ward
                                                                                                                     sis shows and speaking engage-         will present two comedy-hypno-
                                                                                                                     ments, full-time. As a warm-up to      sis shows (afternoon/evening),
                                                                                                                     his powerful, interactive hypnotic     as well as offering a morning
                                                                                                                     performances, the youthful father      workshop on career counselling
                                                                                                                     of two, often starts off his shows     and goal-setting for Aboriginal
                                                                                                                     by sharing some very convinc-          students.
                                                                                                                     ing Magic with his audiences.             Advance tickets for the popular
                                                                                                                     His comedy hypnosis is credited        hypnotist’s stage performances
                                                                                                                     with having audiences “busting         are available by calling Stepha-
Morell Marlins’ power forward Curtis Knockwood poses with a basketball in the                                        with laughter.” Ward attributes his    nie or Ashley Jadis, at 620-5126.
Morell Regional High gymnasium after a recent game.                                                                  humour as being handed down            The cost is $15 each or two tick-
                                                                                                                     to him from his father, whom he        ets for $20.
Photo by Nathan Rochford
ward combines genuine athleti-         think if they stay focused and
cism with a bull-like intensity for    concentrated on school as well
intimidating results.                  as basketball the opportunity (to
   Will Jadis is a different story.    continue playing at a college or
   While just as skilled, Jadis, a     university level) would certainly
point guard for the Morell Mar-        be there.”
lins, is smaller than Knockwood          That would be a dream come
and so draws his strengths from        true for Knockwood.
speed and agility instead of sheer       “I would love to (keep playing         Will Jadis, Morell Marlins’ point guard,
size and power.                        basketball) after high school,” he
   Two very different players chas-    said. “I’m not saying it’s going to      launches a shot while practising with
ing after the same thing game          happen, but it’s possible.”              teammate Curtis Knockwood in the
after game. They want a win for          However playing at a post-sec-         Morell Regional High gymnasium re-
their school.                          ondary level takes a lot of time         cently.      Photo by Nathan Rochford
   But just a few years ago play-      and commitment, something
ing for their high school basket-      both boys understand very well.
ball team wasn’t something that          On average Jadis and Knock-
had even crossed either player’s       wood spend seven days a week
mind.                                  playing basketball, either with
   Then, basketball was some-          the team or practicing on their                                  Internationally-
thing they did to pass the time        own.                                                                   acclaimed
while growing up on their re-            “Basically whenever we’re
serve in Scotchfort.                   bored,” Jadis said.
   Since then, things have               But whether it was boredom or                              Scott Ward, will be
changed considerably.                  dedication, the practice paid off.                             offering two lively
   Both boys are still playing bas-      Laughlin said both boys have                                  and entertaining
ketball, but now they’re in their      come a long way since the sea-                                  performances at
senior year at Morell Regional         son started, adding Knockwood                                UPEI Duffy Theatre,
High and according to Marlins’         especially has proved his keep.                                   on February 4.
coach Ryan Laughlin, have the            “He’s a very good rebounder,”
February 2009                                                            Kwimu Messenger                                                           Page 15

                                             Community Events
MONDAY                          Charlene Palmer Community        March 13, 2009 Cultural           Information Sessions, March          Valentines’
Every Monday, Margaret Jadis,   Health Nurse will begin          Connections on at the             13th, 2009 at Charlottetown          Day Bingo
CHR, does water testing in      providing diabetes classes on    UPEI Aboriginal Student           Rodd’s Hotel. Open to the
                                Tuesdays from 10AM-12 PM.                                                                       Lennox Island First Nation
the communities for Green                                        Center. Starts at 9:00am and      public from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
                                These classes will be based                                                                        is holding a CHARITY
Meadows, Scotchfort and         on the ones provided by the      runs all day                      Featuring the Aboriginal   VALENTINES’ DAY BINGO on
Rocky Point.                    provincial diabetes program.     March 14 & 15, 2009 NCPEI         Justice Program in the     Sunday, February 15th at 3pm
Every Monday: JUST FOR          If you never attended those      is holding “Miss Aboriginal       morning, and MCPEI Health in the John J. Sark School Gym
MOM’S group. Snack and          classes or would like some       PEI” for girls 16-29 years of     program in the afternoon.  on Lennox Island. The school
door prizes! Time for all       updates then these classes       age                                                            is located at the bottom of
                                are for you.You do not have                                         February Birthday Wishes   Sweetgrass Trail on Lennox
young Moms’ to relax and de-                                     March 21and 22, 2009.
                                to be diabetic to attend.                                                                      Island. All funds raised will
stress. Contact Jodi for more   Join us for some fun while       “Youth & Elder Weekend”.                           to:      be donated to Lennox Island’s
information @ 676-3007          learning more about healthy      Location TBA                                                   St. Anne’s Church Building
Reminder: Every Monday          living with diabetes or how to                                     Kate Arsenault - Feb. 2   Fund. Charity Bingos will also
night: Gym Night, in Mount      prevent diabetes. Hope to see    Lennox Island and Abegweit        Jenene Sark - Feb. 4        be held on Sunday, April 5th
                                you here!                        Band and AWA Lennox Island        Lloyd Taylor - Feb. 4      and Sunday, June 14th. Details
Stewart, starts at 6 pm.
                                                                 Health Center Youth drop in       Stephanie Leslie - Feb. 4              to follow.
TUESDAY                         Wellness Clinic                                                    Zoo Darte - Feb. 5
                                                                 sessions on Tuesday nights
                                                                                                   James Sark Jr. - Feb. 7            The Charity Christmas Bingo
Tuesday: Child Health Clinic-   Foot Care Nurse available        (Start Date TBA)                                                     raised over $1,000.00 for the
                                9-12 AM. Please call for an                                        Nikki Pictou - Feb 7
Immunization 10:00 am to                                                                           Jacqueline Ronaghan - Feb 8         Church. A great big thanks
                                appointment. Due to the          Lennox Island is holding                                            from everyone on the Church
3:00 pm                                                                                            Terry Sock - Feb 8
                                increase in number of clients                                                                           Fundraising Committee.
Maternal Child Health Drop      for footcare she may not be      Narcotics Awareness (NA)          Amelia Tuplin - Feb. 9
for Parents & Tots - play                                        meetings on Thursday nights                                           “The St. Anne’s Church has
                                able to see every one every                                        Mary Jane Bernard - Feb. 10        been an integral part of the
time and visit. For more        month. Priority will be given    at 8:00pm. (Start date TBA).      Rhonda Thomas - Feb 11            Lennox Island Community for
information contact: Patricia   to elders and a waiting list     January 26th, 09 AWA will         Dellis Bernard - Feb. 13                hundreds of years.”
Bourque @676-3007               will be made. Please call for    be holding a “Making Your         Owen Peter - Paul Feb 13
                                an appointment.                  Dollar Stretch” workshop          Derek Mattina - Feb. 14           For more information, please
WEDNESDAY                       -Blood Pressure/ Weight /
                                                                 being held in Abegweit            Jenna Burke - Feb 14                     call 831-2779.
Every Wednesday and             Sugar level Checks
                                                                                                   Peter Joseph Bernard - Feb 14
Thursday: Community             -Blood Cholesterol Testing
                                upon request                     January 27th, 09 AWA              Wyonna Bernard - Feb 15
Dietician with Trudy MacNeil                                                                       Sandra Hulan - Feb 15                Friendship Center
                                                                 will also be holding a
- Nutrition Information;                                                                           Roddy Gould Sr. - Feb. 16
                                Prenatal Classes                 “Making Your Dollar Stretch”                                               Tea Social
Community Health Nurse          Anyone interested in prenatal                                      Markus Peter Paul - Feb 16
                                                                 workshop in Lennox Island
Cathy Gallant – Diabetes        classes please call Charlene                                       Deana Bernard - Feb. 17
Awareness.                      for more information at 831-                                       Jim Sark Sr. - Feb. 17
                                2711. These can be done one      March 9th, 09 A Provincial        Tyler Gould - Feb. 17
Every Wednesday: Healthier
                                on one as well                   Health Workshop at 9:00am         Butch Knockwood - Feb. 19
Living Group at 11:00 am
                                                                 to 4:00pm, at the Loyalist Inn,   Cory Jadis - Feb. 20
                                Update on the (CSE)              Summerside.                       Kirby Bernard - Feb 20
Every Thursday: A.A.
meetings 8:00 to 9:00 pm.       Correction Services                                                Emily Bernard - Feb. 21
                                Education Workshop:              “Girls Night” on Lennox           Julie Pellissier-Lush - Feb 21     February 11, Lennox Island
  “Alcohol and Drug             Key note speaker :               Island Monday’s at 6:00pm.        Angus Sark - Feb 24                February 18 Charlottetown
Abuse, is a Community                                            “Girls Night” on Abegweit,        Adam Jadis - Feb. 26
and Family concern”             Judge Graydon Nicholas.
                                Date: February 6th               Tuesday’s at 6:00pm. Start        John L. Scully - Feb. 26            MCPEI Tea Locations for
  Feeling    hopeless    and                                                                       Eliza Knockwood - Feb. 27                 February 2009
alone?                          Summerside at St. Paul ’s        date TBA
                                                                                                                                      Lennox Island Eco Tourism
  Contact: Georgina Jadis or    church from 9:00am to                                                                                    Centre - 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Barbara Bernard at (902) 676-   4:00pm (Friday)                  National        Non-Smoking              Mi’Kmaq Tea
                                                                                                                                            Lennox Island PE
3007 or (902) 629-9960          Open House being held that       Week next week. Sessions                 Feb 11, 2009                 Charlottetown Friendship
Every Thursday: Client          evening in Charlottetown at      starting Monday January 19th,           12:00 - 1:00 pm                 Center - 2:00-4:00 p.m.
appointment for diabetics       NCPEI office from 6:00pm –       2009 at the Lennox Island                                            178 Water St. Charlottetown,
                                                                 Health Center at 10:00am          The Center would like to invite                 PE
during office hours (8-5).      8:00pm (Friday evening) all                                        all ladies, gentlemen, and
                                                                 AJP                                                                 Come on out and have a cup
AA meetings 8:00 to 9:00 pm.    are welcome.                                                       children to a Mi’Kmaq Tea.          of tea with your peers for
Prenatal Classes: Group         Date: February 7th               Circle Keeper Workshops           This is a great opportunity to     a few minutes or couple of
or one on one, call for         Charlottetown at NCPEI           March 6th & 7th, 2009             practice and learn new words                  hours.
appointment @ 676-3007          office from 9:00am- 4:00pm.      at the Rodd Royalty Inn,          from the Mi’Kmaq language.
Cathy Gallant BSCN, RN          Invitations are being sent out   Charlottetown
                                now. RSVP’s are requested.       Youth Prevention
                                                                 Workshops (Lennox Island                Have a story idea or community notice?
Lennox Island Health Center
                                NCPEI Youth Meeting every        and Abegweit) Dates to                  Contact Julie Pellissier-Lush at (902) 626-2882
     Upcoming Events                                             happen simultaneously
                                Thursday night at 7:00pm,
Diabetes classes started        drumming group. Everyone         February 12, 19, 26 and March
Tuesday, September 23/08.                                        5, 12 and 26th, 2009.
Dietician, Trudy MacNeil and
 then and now

                                          Chelsey Sark

                                                                                                                              Bradley Labobe
                                                   Lennox Island Team

          Logan Lewis

                                                                                                  Charlie Sark                                      Ryan Jadis
     Ethan Peter- Paul
                                                                             John J. Sark    John Ryan

           Cassidy McKellop at Canskate

                                                                                                          “heals, repairs someone phsically,
                                                                                                                 mentally, spiritually

                                                                                                           FUEL for the BODY
                                                                                                            & USING YOUR
Chelsey Sark                                                                                   FUEL for the                            USING your
                                                                                                 BODY                                    FUEL
                                                                                              adapt your current                      adapt your current
                                                                                            eating to optimize good                activity level to optimize
                                                                                              health and achieve                   good health and achieve
                                                                                                   your goals                              your goals

                                                                                            WHO: Everyone in Lennox island & Abegweit First Nations
                                                                                            WHAT: Book a session with Trudy and Ryan to start
                                                                                                  on your Journey to wellness
                                                                                            WHEN & WHERE: Starting February 18th @ Lennox Island
Jolyssa Kilbride                                                                            Health Centre, Starting February 19th @ Abegweit Health Centre
                                                                                            TIME: 10:00am - 12:00 pm & 1:00pm - 3:00pm
                                                                                            WHY: Healthy Individuals make a healthy community!
                                                                        Hockey in Lennox

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