Q1.    Does your SSC have, or do you plan to have, a committed and funded
       M&L skills development strategy?

A1.1   The SEMTA pathfinder-SSA includes management/leadership as one of the
       key priorities. In addition to the SSA Action Plan, we have developed a Cross-
       Sector Action Plan - extracted from the SSA Employer Plan - to address key
       priorities, particularly management/leadership.

Q2.    Do you have particular M&L issues or focus emerging from your SSA?

A2.1   The SSA Employer Plan focuses on the establishment of an infrastructure to
       support the development of programmes to deliver best in class skills for
       functions covering management skills eg, change, financial, entrepreneurial,
       general, innovation, knowledge, risk, people and project management. The
       plan also includes action to improve commercial/strategic leadership and for
       expanding the capability/capacity of team leaders and first line supervisors.

Q3.    Have you started work on any solutions to these issues and if so, what
       are they?

A3.1   SEMTA, aerospace employers - led energetically by Rolls-Royce - and the
       Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) have held two UK-wide
       events to engage with employers and stakeholders to gain - jointly -
       commitment to deliver the SSA through demonstration of best practice and
       identifying productivity and competitiveness improvement on a regional basis.
       Over 300 people attended the events, ranging from trade associations, trade
       unions, Regional Development Agencies, colleges and universities. Other
       regional events are planned for this year and early 2007.

A3.2   Electronics employers have been brought together through the active support
       of the Department of Trade and Industry to establish the UK-wide Electronics
       Leadership Council (ELC - The ELC
       exists to provide strategic leadership for the UK electronics industry, support
       for greater innovation and creativity and help to sustain future growth and
       profitability, both domestically and internationally. In addition, the SEMTA
       Electronics Sector Strategy Group (SSG) has held the first of many
       forthcoming events in Yorkshire to disseminate the SSA to electronics
       companies in the region.

A3.3   Members of the SEMTA Marine SSG and other marine employers have
       embarked on the progression of management/leadership skills within their
       organisations by working more closely with us. Companies/organisations who
       are currently involved in developing their leaders/managers as part of the roll-
       out of the SSA are Babcock Engineering Services, BAE Systems Marine
       Limited, Fairline Boats plc, Princess Motor Yachts, Sunseeker International
       Limited, British Marine Federation and DML.

Q4.    Apart from what is emerging from your SSA, do you have any other M&L
       initiatives that are up and running, are planned, or might be considered?

A4.1   We have been working closely with the Warwick Manufacturing Group to
       integrate the SEMTA „Business to Skills‟ (B2S) model into their Business
       Improvement Matrix. The objective is to categorise the “Measures of
       Success” defined by a company when using the B2S model according to the
       “Impact Categories” defined by Warwick - one of which is management/
       leadership development.

A4.2   We are also trialling this with our Marine SSG on a number of specific training
       programmes and have agreed with our Electronics SSG to carry out a similar

Q5.    What SSC funds are available for M&L initiatives?

A5.1   No specific funds have been made available to SEMTA at the moment.
       However, at some stage, we would like to explore how we could get some
       recognition for the innovative work outlined in paragraph A4.1 above - which
       is still in its infancy - with a view to getting the SSDA/SfBn to provide funding
       to explore further this approach.

Q6.    Have you engaged with any of the English Regions or the Home Nations
       to develop M&L programmes or solutions?

A6.1   In addition to the action outlined in paragraphs A3.1-A3.3 above, SEMTA has
       been involved with Advantage West Midlands (AWM) colleagues in helping
       them to develop and implement a successful programme whereby high-
       calibre business advisors were assigned to SMEs to help them develop
       their management/leadership capability for improved competitiveness.

Q7.    Are any of these funding M&L initiatives with you?

A7.1   The programme outlined in paragraph A6.1 above was funded by AWM itself.

Q8.    What best practice/case studies are available?

A8.1   The B2S model outlined in paragraph A4.1 above.

                                                              DC, 27/10/06 [m&ldetails.doc]

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