How to Embed Images in your Outlook Email by ICONFAMILY

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A step by step document to embed properly images into your Outlook Email so recipient can view image as they open the e-mail rather than have to wait to open an attachment.

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									NEW EMAIL

Click here to activate cursor |

GO to INSERT>Picture>

GO to INSERT>Picture>From File

Select the Image and click INSERT

Now your IMAGE is EMBEDDED into your email

You can also adjust the size of the image by clicking your mouse pointer in the middle of the Image. When you do that, you will notice on the corners and in the middle of the image little boxes. If you point your pointer to any edge box, click and hold the left mouse button and at the same time press and hold the SHIFT key, you will be able to reduce the size or enlarge the size in accordance to its proper aspect ratio.

And now you’re ready to send your email!

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