OCTOBER 2003 MAY 1999                              THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE SCMA

     Management at the Newport Dunes, popular Southern California                  Newport Dunes in producing this outstanding boat show event in 2004,”
 recreational boating marina and aquatic center located in Newport Harbor,         commented SCMA Executive Director, Dave Geoffroy. “The Duncan McIntosh
 has announced that the Southern California Marine Association will be the         Company has done an exceptional job in developing the Newport Dunes
 presenting organizer of the annual 2004 Newport Beach Boat Show at the            venue with one of the largest in-water boat displays in the entire country.
 Dunes, April 28 to May 2. This decision was the result of a scheduled             We're very glad that if change was inevitable, that the final decision favored
 contractual expiration with the previous show promoter, the Duncan                the SCMA and it's over 600 member companies that it represents. Be assured
 McIntosh Company, and the desire of Newport Dunes ownership to evaluate           that we'll do everything in our power to maintain the high standards of
 all viable business alternatives for future boat shows.                           excellence set by the Newport Boat Show of the past and bring additional
     “We're incredibly pleased to have this opportunity to partner with            enhancements, growth and improvements for the future.”

      After more than a decade, the much talked
  about Diamond Valley Lake reservoir in Hemet is       Diamond Valley Lake Open to the Public, October 3
  now open to the public for boating and fishing,
  and other forms of outdoor recreation. Built by       damages the California Aqueduct which is the          over 4.5 miles long and approximately 2 miles
  the Metropolitan Water District, Diamond Valley       main source of water from Northern California.        wide seems to have been built with sailing in
  Lake’s primary purpose is to act as the primary       According to MWD officials, Diamond Valley Lake       mind. The three dams were constructed to
  emergency water storage facility for the Southern     provides a six-month safety net water supply to       enclose a valley that acts like a wind tunnel.
  California area. The lake holds 260 billion gallons   the general population south of the unpredictable     Almost daily, a breeze kicks-up around the noon
  of water, and nearly doubles Southern California's    San Andreas Fault line.                               hour.
  surface storage, greatly reducing the threat of           In addition to recreational power boating and        For more facts and specific information about
  water shortages during periods of drought. It is      fishing, it is assumed that the new lake will be a    Diamond Valley Lake, please go to page 3 of this
  also a back-up water supply in case an earthquake     boon to inland sailors as well. The lake, which is    newsletter.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                                               PAGE ONE
                                                   L O C A L                                               B U Z Z
is the official newsletter of the                                    STACY L. FREEMAN RETURNS TO SCMA
Southern California Marine
Association, published
monthly, distributed to its
                                                                                      The SCMA is pleased to announce that Stacy L. Freeman will be
membership and related                                                            rejoining the Southern California Marine Association staff full-time
boating industry businesses.                                                      effective October 6, 2003. Stacy's new position will be that of Sales
Submission of editorial                                                           Manager. Her valuable skills and expertise will be used to help the
                                                                                  SCMA in promoting its two new boat shows for 2004, the Newport
content for publication should
                                                                                  Beach Boat Show at the Dunes, April 28 - May 2, and the San Diego
be directed to:                                                                   Summer Boat Show, July 22-25. Stacy's primary focus will be on
SCMA                                                                              expanding exhibitor participation from west coast yacht brokers and
1006 E. Chapman Ave.                                                              blue water accessory manufacturers and dealers. Stacy…we're glad to
                                                                                  have you back!
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 633-7581
FAX (714) 633-9498.

President: Marie Schock
Vice President: Byron Bronson
                                               WHAT’S FLOATING
                                          Thanks to SCMA's new “dock-masters,”
Treasurer: Jack Means                headed by Mike Rawlings and Bob Miller, plus a
Secretary: Jim Hendricks             group of dedicated and skilled craftsmen,
                                     twenty brand new docks to be used at the
                                     upcoming International Sail & Power Boat
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   Show in Long Beach were designed and built
Doug Ament                           in less than a week! “SCMA is very fortunate to
Mike Basso, Sr.                      have such a hardworking and talented crew of
Jim Echolds                          boat show production assistants,” commented
                                     SCMA Executive Director Dave Geoffroy. “Since
Mike Guardalabene
                                     our supplemental supply of old docks became
Ray Guy                              unavailable at the last minute, our SCMA team
Dan Klaas                            dug in and got busy, building the additional
Bob Leach                            docks needed in
Sid Partow                           remarkable record
                                     time. I'm sure that
Frank Redlew
                                     Long Beach Boat
Dick Simon                           Show exhibitors and
Harvey Wills                         attending guests will
                                     appreciate the effort.
                                     It's this kind of excep-
SCMA STAFF                           tional teamwork that
Executive Director: David Geoffroy   helps make SCMA
Show Manager: Terry Tjaden           boat shows the best in
                                     the country.”
Business Manager: Debbie Harrigan
Show Coordinator: Matt Meeker
Sales Manager: Stacy L. Freeman
Sales & Member Services:
 Mike Rawlings
                                      WHAT’S HAPPENING...
                                      A Guide to Special Boating Events In and Around Southern
                                                                                                                                    Call “Joker’s Wild” for
                                                                                                                                              more regatta
                                                                                                                                            information at
                                                                                                                             California (928) 680-0265
                                                                                        OCTOBER 2003
Administrative Assistant:
                                       11-18 WORLD WATER SKI RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS — Long Beach, California, Queens Bay
 Judy Sailors
                                       13-16 HOT BOAT MAGAZINE EAST COAST PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS — Key Largo, Florida
Government Relations:
                                       16-19 INTERNATIONAL SAIL & POWER BOAT SHOW — Long Beach Convention Center and Downtown Marina
 Harry Monahan                                  — more info, or 888-BOAT-INFO
Advertising:                            17 SCMA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING — Long Beach Convention Center, Seaside Lobby
 Bob Brown, Media Direction                     9:00am, complimentary buffet breakfast and speaker
                                       20-24 POWERBOAT MAGAZINE PERFORMANCE TRIALS — Ft. Myers, Florida
Public Relations:
 Michael Leone, Leone & Leone Ltd.                              If you'd like your event listed, please email

PAGE TWO                                                                               SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
        SOCAL LAKE…
                                                                                                                                NEW            WELCOME

    DIAMOND VALLEY LAKE was a $2.1 billion
project which took nearly twenty years to complete. It
will officially open to the public for boating and fishing
                                                               BOATING REQUIREMENTS:
                                                                   All boats must be inspected and receive a
                                                               Metropolitan Water District sticker before they will be
                                                                                                                                APPROVED AT THE SEPT. 24, 2003
                                                                                                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
on Friday, October 3. It covers 4,500 surface acres mak-       allowed on the lake. Only boats with four-stroke or direct
ing it the largest reservoir in Southern California. The       fuel injection two-stroke combustion engines are allowed.        REGULAR
lake currently features an overlook at the west end, an        The maximum speed limit on the lake is 25 mph, or 5              AIR BOOM, INC.
11-lane concrete launch ramp with four courtesy docks          mph within 200 feet of shore, the marina or other struc-           Denise Stack
at the east end, portable toilets, a temporary concession      tures. Only gasoline that is free of the additive MTBE is          22714 Canyon Club Dr.
building, 40 rental boats and 10 pontoon boats, 250 park-      allowed, and fuel will be randomly tested. MWD asks that           Canyon Lake, CA 92587
ing spaces for vehicles with trailers and 100 parking          you bring a receipt from an MTBE-free gas station such             Phone Number: 909-244-4526
spaces for vehicles alone.                                     as UNOCAL as proof.                                                FAX Number: 909-244-2726
LAKE HOURS:                                                                                                                       Email:
                                                               TRIVIA:                                                            Website:
6:30am to sunset, October and November.
                                                               ■ If Diamond Valley Lake were filled by a garden                   Manufacturer, Wakeboard Towers,
7:00am to sunset, December and January.
                                                                 hose, it would take an estimated 19,839. years.                  Pylons, Racks, Speakers, Lights
6:30am to sunset February
                                                               ■ The east dam stretches 2.2 miles in length.                    ALCOM MARINE ELECTRONICS
6:00am to sunset March to September
                                                               ■ To build the lake, 110 million cubic yards of earth             Robert I Kinney
FEES:                                                            and rock were used in the construction of the
                                                                                                                                 151 Shipyard Ave., Suite 4
$7 for entry, $6 for boat launch.                                three dams…that's enough dirt and rock to build
                                                                                                                                 Newport Beach, CA 92663
$3 per person for fishing, $5 for advanced reservations.         a 7-foot high wall, 3-feet thick around the earth at
                                                                                                                                 Phone Number: 949-673-1727
Boat rental is $92 for half day, $117 for full day (includes     the equator.
                                                                                                                                 FAX Number: 949-673-2057
    entrance fee)                                              ■ In order to strip vegetation from 400 acres of                  Email:
Pontoon boat is $117 for half day, $152 for full day.            surrounding hillsides before construction began, a
                                                                 herd of 1,600 goats was rented and allowed to
RESERVATIONS:                                                    graze. This allowed sensitive archeological sites to
                                                                                                                                 Marine Electronics
    They are required, and will be for the foreseeable                                                                                       continued on pages 6 & 7
                                                                 be spotted and catalogued before construction
future. 250 boat per day maximum limit. Call (800) 590-
5253 or visit for advanced reservations.

                      ‘‘BIG A’’
                                                                                        In spite of a disappointing season for the Anaheim Angels, SCMA mem-
                                                                                    bers and friends still found plenty to smile about at SCMA's annual tailgate
                                                                                    party and night at the ballpark on August 1. After a great potluck buffet
                                                                                    dinner and baseball trivia prize raffle under the “Big A,” the one-hundred
                                                                                    plus SCMA contingent filed into Anaheim Stadium to watch the Angels
                                                                                    defeat the Toronto BlueJays by a score of 5-0. Don't dismay Angels
                                                                                    fans…there's always next year!!!

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                                              PAGE THREE
   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S                                                     AB 1555 AWAITS
              MESSAGE                                                       GOVERNOR
                                                                            SIGNATURE TO
                                               Dave Geoffroy
                                                                            BECOME LAW
                                                                                AB 1555 (California's new boat noise law) was passed by the State
                                                                            Senate on September 2, 2003 and passed by the Assembly on September 5,
                                                                            2003. The bill now awaits the signature of the Governor (whom ever that
                                                                            may be) to become law effective on/after January 1, 2005.

                                         eptember was an incredibly busy
                                                                                The new law amends, repeals and adds to existing Sections 654, 654.05
                                         month for your association. We     and 654.03 of the Harbors and Navigation Code.
                                         started by finalizing plans to         Essentially, California has adopted the “Model Noise Act” which is a boat
                                         conduct a new San Diego            noise standard now law in about twenty states and is endorsed by the NMMA.
   Summer Boat Show at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina on Harbor                  The key elements of the bill are:
   Island, July 22-25. This is going to be a great boat show, opening           1. Effective January 1, 2005 — all motorized recreational boats must
   new market opportunities for many of our members. We have                meet the following noise standard — (the J2005 test) — for engines man-
                                                                            ufactured after January 1, 1993 must meet a maximum decibel limit of 88
   scheduled a special San Diego “preview” presentation for Thursday,
                                                                            dB(A) measured at idle speed one meter (39 inches) behind the transom.
   November 20 at the Sheraton Hotel with a complimentary buffet            Engines manufactured before January 1, 1993 are allowed a maximum of
   lunch at 12 noon and information briefing to follow. Please let our      90 dB(A). (the J1970 test) — no boat shall exceed a maximum of 75
   office know if you can attend. Then, on September 22, SCMA was           decibels when measured at the shoreline (regardless of distance or speed).
   officially notified by the management of the Newport Dunes Resort            2. This law now includes BOTH inland waters and coastal waters. It
   that we would be conducting organization of the 2004 Newport             also stipulates that a person may not operate a motorized vessel in or
   Beach Boat Show at the Dunes, April 28 to May 2. This is a big           upon inland or coastal waters within one mile of the coastline of the state
                                                                            in a manner that exceeds the stated noise limits.
   challenge, but your Board of Directors is confident that we are
                                                                                3. This law also states that a person may not manufacture for sale a
   equal to the task.                                                       motorized vessel that is not equipped with a muffler or a muffler system
       In order to help us with the many details, Stacy Freeman, has        as of January 1, 2005. (SCMA fought for language which was added to the
   decided to rejoin the SCMA in a full-time capacity as our new Sales      law that states that thru-the-prop exhaust satisfies the definition of a
   Manager, working closely with in-the-water boat dealers and yacht        muffler or muffler system)
   brokers on increasing their participation at our boat shows. This is         4. Nevada also operates under the “Model Noise Act” — however
   great news for SCMA. Stacy is an outstanding asset to our organi-        Arizona does not. However, California law enforcement agencies can
                                                                            enforce this law up to five miles from the California/Arizona border.
   zation and we're glad to have her back.
       On the legislative front, SCMA was successful, through the
   efforts of our lobbyist in Sacramento, to help keep AB 694 (the
   Offshore Sales Tax Delivery bill) from passing. Fortunately, we were
   able to persuade the Republican opposition block to stay together
   which denied the Democrats the necessary two-thirds majority
                                                                            ANGLERS CAST
   vote. If this bill had passed, it would have had serious detrimental
   effects on large motoryacht and sailboat sales, especially in
                                                                            THEIR SUPPORT TO
   Southern California. Although we prevailed for now, the fight is
   not entirely over. We expect this issue to be reintroduced to the
                                                                                A year and a half ago, the Southern California sportfishing community
   state legislature again in the next 12 to 18 months.
                                                                            was loud and clear in its backing of Republican candidate, Bill Simon, for
       A lot of effort was expended by SCMA to prevent Castaic Lake         California Governor. Since then, various local fishing organizations have
   from closing after Labor Day due to increasing state budget woes.        been fairly quiet on the political front until the gubernatorial recall race
   Although SB 1043 (the Castaic Lake Rescue Bill) did not pass (it         has once again fueled their interest.
   would have appropriated $900,000 from the Harbors & Watercraft               Tom Raftican, a director of the California Fishing Coalition has recent-
   Revolving Fund to be given to Los Angeles County to keep the lake        ly announced that their group is supporting Arnold Schwarzenegger for
   open), Castaic will remain open to boaters until the first of the year   governor based upon a recent face-to-face meeting in Santa Barbara. “He
                                                                            assured me that he's a friend of recreational angling,” Raftican said. “He's
   thanks to a last minute appropriation from L.A. County. This tem-
                                                                            a friend to fishermen and we're happy to support him.”
   porary money infusion will give State and County legislators a little        In a separate meeting, Phil Friedman, a representative of the
   time to more thoroughly review the problem and come up with              Sportfishing Association of California, said that Schwarzenegger expressed
   solutions on how to more economically operate this important             his openness to making decisions about fishing issues based on logic and
   recreational facility.                                                   sound science. Bob Fletcher, president of SAC commented, The bottom
       Like I said in the beginning....this has been a very, very busy      line is, we feel very comfortable that Schwarzenegger will bring a total
   month!!!                                                                 change of attitude and that at least give us an opportunity to make a case
                                                                            for recreational fishing and the economic value it has to the state.”

PAGE FOUR                                                                           SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
                   WATCH                                                                                                                           by Harry Monahan

                                    In the closing days of the 2003 California Legislative Session in September,
                                        two bills failed passage with serious impact on recreational boating.

   AB 694
       Thanks to Republican solidarity in the State Senate, AB 694, which would change the regulations regarding offshore, or out-of-state, delivery of boats
   and the state sales tax, failed by three votes of passing into law. The bill, which requires a two-thirds majority, or 27 Senate votes to pass, fell short at 24-
   13. The partisan vote is obvious as the Senate has 25 Democrats and 15 Republicans. The missing votes represented abstentions by one Democrat and
   two Republicans.
       The bill was granted “reconsideration,” but never came up for another vote before the session ended, presumably because the proponents could not
   muster the necessary three votes. Boating is not completely out of the woods, however, because AB 694 has been designated a “two-year bill” so it can be
   revived when the Legislature reconvenes in January.
       To over simplify, the bill would extend the time from 90 days to one year that a yacht (or airplane or RV) must remain out of California after the pur-
   chase is completed to be exempt from the state sales tax.
       AB 694 slipped through the Assembly as a completely different measure, being limited by amendments to granting sales tax immunity to aircraft
   brought into the state for maintenance or repair. It was apparent the bill could not earn the two-thirds majority in the Assembly in its original form.

   SB 1043
       This was the “Castaic Lake Rescue Bill,” but time ran out on the legislators before it could be voted upon. The bill will be revived in January.
   Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved funding to keep the lake's recreation facilities open until January in the hope that
   some financial assistance will be forthcoming.
       SCMA representatives persuaded the Senate to amend SB 1043 to appropriate $900,000 from the Harbors & Watercraft Revolving Fund to be given to
   Los Angeles County, which would contribute a matching amount, to keep Castaic open through the current fiscal year ending July 1, 2004. The bill also
   called for the appointment of a task force to recommend ways to promote consistent funding for the Castaic Lake operation.
       Even if SB 1043 had come up for a vote before the session ended, it probably would have failed passage because in those closing days, the Republicans
   were refusing to vote for any of the measures requiring two-thirds majorities because the Democrats of breaking the overall budget agreement.
       It must be noted that the Department of Boating & Waterways, the Boating & Waterways commission, and a coalition of other marine associations
   (NCMA, MRA, CMPHA, and the Harbor Masters) are opposed to the bill. They thought it would set a bad precedent to grant funds for operation expenses;
   traditionally the HWRF is used to build, maintain and repair facilities. The association coalition proposed to make the appropriation a 10-year repayable
   loan rather than a grant.

       The recent boating fatalities on the Parker Strip on the Colorado River probably will encourage renewed efforts in the California Legislature to estab-
   lish mandatory boat operator licensing. SCMA will continue to work for more education, stricter enforcement and heavy penalties (including mandatory
   safety class attendance for offenders) to increase safety on the water.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                                                      PAGE FIVE
                                              NEW MEMBERS
                                                                                                   FAX Number: 949-717-7554
  THE BEACH...                                continued from page 3                               FREEDOM WATER SPORTS
    SCMA General Membership Meeting                                                                Scott Bolsta
Set for Friday, October 17                    BOAT DEPOT                                           31962 Road #400
    SCMA cordially invites all members         JoAnn Paradis                                       Coarse Gold,, CA 93614
to attend the 2003 General Membership          4025 Pacific Highway                                Phone Number: 559-658-6099
Meeting, Friday, October 17, at the Long       San Diego, CA 92110                                 FAX Number: 559-668-6099
Beach Convention Center, Seaside               Phone Number: 619-296-2866                          Email:
Lobby during the International Sail and        FAX Number: 619-296-3272                            Website:
Power Boat Show. The meeting will              Boat Dealer, Outboard Engines and Inflatables       Power Ski Jet Board
begin with a 9:00am complimentary                                                                 HAYDEN INSURANCE SERVICES
                                              CALIFORNIA COAST YACHTS
buffet breakfast followed by a brief busi-                                                         Gina Glassell
                                               Joel A. Romero
ness meeting and a special motivational                                                            3408 Via Oporto #203
                                               341 Bayside Drive
presentation by Bob Clements. Mr.                                                                  Newport Beach, CA 92663
                                               Newport Beach, CA 92660
Clements specializes in the development                                                            Phone Number: 949-723-1170
                                               Phone Number: 949-723-9494
of “High Performance People.”                                                                      FAX Number: 949-723-1171
                                               FAX Number: 949-723-7489
    Over the past 16 years, Bob Clements                                                           Marine Insurance
has been working both nationally and                                                              HERITAGE YACHT SALES
internationally with companies who are
                                               Boat Dealer, Sunseeker                              Don Ross
looking for ways to differentiate them-
                                              CALIFORNIA CORROSION CONCEPTS                        829 Harbor Island Dr.
selves and their people in the competitive
                                               Darby Howard                                        Newport Beach, CA 92660
marketplace. Companies like Monsanto,
                                               47 Quail Court, Suite 111                           Phone Number: 949-673-3354
Prudential, New York Life, John Deere,
                                               Walnut Creek, CA 94596                              FAX Number: 949-673-3068
Fiat, Groupe Limagrain, ADM and Toro
                                               Phone Number: 800-644-6555                          Boat Dealer
have all received his message. In addition,
Mr. Clements has worked with Tom               FAX Number: 925-927-6634                           LEE SAILS
Hopkins, author of the best selling book,      Email:                              Tim Palmer
“How to Master the Art of Selling,” and        Website:                         622 W. Alegria Ave.
Tony Robbins, author of the two best           Manufacturer, Corrosion Test Kits & Cathodic        Sierra Madre, CA 91024
sellers, “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken         Protection Systems                                  Phone Number: 626-355-8798
the Giant Within.” Through time, Bob          CHARLOTTE SMITH YACHT SALES                          Email:
Clements has earned a reputation as one        Phone Number: 805-382-2374                          Website:
of the top speakers and trainers in the        FAX Number: 805-382-2374                            Sailmaker
country dealing with experienced man-          Broker, Yacht Sales                                MASTER FORMULA
agers and sales people. His training style                                                         Clarence Larkins
                                              DAY STARTER NORTH AMERICA
is fun and upbeat, and his message is rele-                                                        3924 Mira Loma Avenue, Suite G.
                                               Grant Curtis
vant and timely with the rapid changes                                                             Anaheim, CA 92806
taking place in business today.                9565 Pathway Street, Suite B
                                               Santee, CA 92071                                    Phone Number: 714-238-1129
    If you plan on attending and haven't                                                           FAX Number: 714-630-4184
already RVSP'd, please call (714) 633-7581     Phone Number: 800-886-8769
                                               FAX Number: 619-596-8565                            Website:
or FAX (714) 633-9498 the SCMA office                                                              Metal Gloss & Polish
today. Please join us in Long Beach for        Email:
                                               Website:                      NORTH SAILS
this important opportunity to network
                                               Distributor, MX Daystarter & Navigator Batteries    Bob Kettenhafen
with fellow marine industry members and
                                              DOCK SHOX                                            194 Marina Drive #200
learn more about the ways that SCMA is
                                               April Vera                                          Long Beach, CA 90803
at work for you and your business.
                                               209-1/2 38th Street                                 Phone Number: 562-795-5488
                                               Newport Beach, CA 92663                             FAX Number: 562-795-5434
  INTERNATIONAL                                Phone Number: 714-875-8495                          Sailmaker

   SAIL & POWER                                FAX Number: 949-253-7139
                                                                                                  ON WATER DVD
                                                                                                   8383 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 139
  BOAT SHOW 2003                               Dock Lines                                          Portland, OR 97220
                                                                                                   Phone Number: 503-257-8765
          Who…What…When!                      ELLIOTT/PATTISON SAILMAKERS, INC.
                                               Harry Pattison                                      FAX Number: 503-252-1115
    October 16-19, 2003                        870 Production Place                                DVD Boating Magazine
   Long Beach Convention Center &
                                               Newport Beach, CA 92663                            PACIFIC FOCUS ASSOCIATES, INC.
  Downtown Marina (docks DD & EE)
                                               Phone Number: 949-645-6697                          Stan Susman
               Admission:                                                                          1882 Parkcrest Drive
                                               FAX Number: 949-642-5415
$9 for Adults – Children 12 & under free                                                           Costa Mesa, CA 92627
              Show Hours:                                                                          Phone Number: 949-642-7678
         Thursday: 11am - 8pm                  Sailmakers                                          FAX Number: 949-642-2087
          Friday: 11am - 9pm                                                                       Email:
         Saturday: 10am - 9pm                 FINANCIAL FREEDOM
                                                Howard I. Wertheim                                 Manufacturer and Manufacturer's Rep, Interlux
          Sunday: 10am - 6pm                                                                       Paints, Ritchie Compass, Lenco
                                                35 Northampton Ct.
  In-water displays close daily at dusk                                                           PEARSON YACHT WEST
                                                Newport Beach, CA 92660
           More Information:                                                                       Charlie/Jeff
                                                Phone Number: 949-435-4000 • 888-BOAT-INFO

PAGE SIX                                                                                  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
 2330 Shelter Island Drive #106
 San Diego, CA 92106
                                                    Mission Viejo, CA 92691
                                                    Phone Number: 949-472-3122
                                                                                              GET READY FOR
 Phone Number: 619-224-8783
 FAX Number: 619-224-6200
                                                    FAX Number: 949-572-3116
                                                    Email:                     THE
 Pearson Power Yachts
                                                    Device to Keep Birds off Boats             BOAT SHOWS!!
POINT WEST YACHTS                                  BISTRO BLENDS of LA                              The SCMA 2004
 Warren Westerhoff
 P.O. Box 91
                                                    Victor Ugarte, Jr.
                                                    12762 Haster Street, #3
                                                                                                   Boat Show Schedule
 Somona, CA 95476                                   Garden Grove, 92840                              48th Annual LOS ANGELES
 Phone Number: 707-280-4080                         Phone Number: 714-362-7996                         BOAT SHOW (nine days)
 Email:                  FAX Number: 714-971-2000                         January 24 - February 1, 2004
 Website:                   Email:                            Los Angeles Convention Center
 Motoryachts                                        Website:                       12th Annual ORANGE COUNTY
SAILBOATS, INC.                                     Non-Perishable Vinegars & Dressings                BOAT SHOW (four days)
                                                                                                            April 1-4, 2004
 Jim Bohart                                        CLAMPTITE — RAY SILVEY CO.
                                                                                                      Anaheim Convention Center
 13505 Bali Way                                     P.O. Box 828
 Marina del Rey, CA 90292                           Eagle Point, OR 97524                         NEWPORT BEACH BOAT SHOW
 Phone Number: 310-821-8446                         Phone Number: 903-288-5592                        AT THE DUNES (five days)
 FAX Number: 310-821-5696                           FAX Number: 541-779-2626                   April 28 - May 2, 2004 • Newport Dunes
 Mainship Power Yachts                              Tools                                        18th Annual SPRING BOAT SHOW
                                                                                                              (four days)
SAN PEDRO YACHT SALES, INC.                        HAIRS FIRST MATE                              June 10-13, 2004 • Fairplex, Pomona
 Nick Friedman                                      Dave Smith
 2800 Miner Street                                  Phone Number: 805-207-5980                  SAN DIEGO SUMMER BOAT SHOW
 San Pedro, CA 90731                                FAX Number: 805-494-3698                                  (four days)
                                                                                              July 22-25, 2004 • Sheraton Harbor Island
 Phone Number: 310-547-4415                         Shampoo Product for Salt Water
 FAX Number: 310-547-4258                                                                        INTERNATIONAL SAIL & POWER
                                                   INDOOR/OUTDOOR RV & BOAT STORAGE, LLC               BOAT SHOW (four days)
 Yacht Broker                                        Terry Craig                                          October 14-17, 2004
SEAHORSE MARINE                                      4621 E. Guasti Road                           Long Beach Convention Center &
 Paul Stack                                          Ontario, CA 91764                                     Downtown Marina
 15680 Dohez Rd.                                     Phone Number: 909-974-4406
                                                                                              For additional information regarding these
 Apple Valley, CA 92307                              FAX Number: 909-974-4407                 SCMA boat shows for 2004, please contact
 Phone Number: 760-242-9537                          Email:                     the SCMA office at (714) 633-7581.
 FAX Number: 760-242-9528                            Website:
 Boat Dealer                                         Storage of RVs and Boats
 Klaus Kutz
                                                   MOTOR MAX
                                                    Mark Barthelmass
                                                                                               COME SEE FOR
 939 Marina Village Parkway
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                                                    Phone Number: 949-233-4018
                                                    FAX Number: 949-495-1091
                                                                                              San Diego Summer Boat Show
 Phone Number: 501-769-9400                         Fuel Additive
                                                                                                   Preview Slated for
 Yacht Sales                                       PACIFIC COAST PARADISE                        Thursday, November 20
TOW BOAT/US HUNTINGTON                              Derek Hadge
                                                                                                  Interested in what the San Diego
 Don Castellani                                     17662 Irvine Blvd. #17
                                                                                              recreational boating market has to offer?
 16390 Pacific Coast Highway                        Tustin, CA 92780
 Huntington Beach, CA 92649                         Phone Number: 714-505-3196                Come find out more about SCMA's new
 Phone Number: 562-592-9881                         FAX Phone: 714-505-2166                   San Diego Summer Boat Show at
 FAX Number: 562-592-9887                           Email:     Sheraton Harbor Island on Thursday,
 Tow Boat Service                                   Website:     November 20. SCMA staff will be on-hand
                                                    Real Estate, Ocean View Properties        for a special on-site preview and presenta-
                                                                                              tion of what this new boat show and mar-
 Jim Smith                                         TAG & BAG, INC.
                                                                                              ket is all about, and how it will benefit the
 2620 A Ingraham Street                             Steven Crouch
                                                                                              Southern California boating industry.
 San Diego, CA 92109                                1920 Shadow ridge Drive, Suite 109
 Phone Number: 619-843-4532                         Vista, CA 92083                               The location of the preview is the
 FAX Number: 619-226-1338                           Phone Number: 760-727-9729                Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel and Marina,
 Sportfishing Power Catamarans                      FAX Number: 760-727-0553                  1380 Harbor Drive, in San Diego. The
                                                    Email:               gathering will begin at 12 noon at the
ASSOCIATE                                                                                     Poolside Bistro (outdoors, facing the
                                                    Fishing & Sailing Apparel
BACH BUBBLE                                                                                   marina) with a complimentary buffet
 Ronald Cases                                                                                 lunch followed by a presentation of the

 P.O. Box 1285                                                                                boat show floorplan, marketing strategies
 Solano Beach, CA 92075                                                                       and a question and answer period.
 Phone Number: 858-481-8715                                                                       Don't miss this opportunity to see and
 FAX Number: 858-481-1362                         FOR THE MONTH                               hear about this outstanding new addition
BIRD-B-GONE                                                                                   to the SCMA boat show schedule for 2004.
 S. Fitzpatrick
                                     “When old behavior is uncomfortable, it is a good sign   Please RSVP to the SCMA office at (714)
 23918 Skyline                                   that it's time for a change.”                633-7581 by November 7 to attend this
                                                                                              important meeting.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                 PAGE SEVEN
                                                                                                                                                                      FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                                                       Permit #514
                                                                                                                                                                       Anaheim, CA

1006 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, California 92866-2111

  IMPORTANT SCMA DATES                                                                                     CLASSIFIEDS
                                                                         SCMA members are encouraged to place no charge ‘classified’ ads at their discretion. Please send
                                                                         classified copy to the SCMA office at (fax) 714-633-9498.

                                                                             WANTED: Westmar Marine Insurance Services is seeking a sales representative for the
                                                                         Southern California, Southern Nevada (Las Vegas and south), Arizona and New Mexico market.
                                                                         Applicant must have a minimum of two years marine industry experience. A background in finance
  OCTOBER 16-19, 2003                                                    and/or insurance is a plus. Must be willing to travel. Compensation includes base salary plus com-
     International Sail & Power Boat Show                                mission, full benefits and 401K.
                                                                                                                  Please respond to:
     Long Beach Convention Center & Downtown Marina                       Garrett C. Lumley, Westmar Marine Insurance Services, P.O. Box 667, Stockton, CA 95201 (209)
                                                                                             466-1413, FAX (209) 466-0260,
  OCTOBER 17, 2003
                                                                         WANTED: SALES ASSISTANT for Newport Beach yacht dealer. Computer & communication
     General Membership Meeting — 9:00 am
                                                                         skills, attention to detail a necessity. Internet savvy required. Fax resume to (949) 631-5440.
     Long Beach Convention Center / Buffet breakfast and guest speaker
                                                                         WANTED: SALES/MARKETING ASSISTANT for Newport Beach yacht dealer. Computer, people,
  NOVEMBER 20, 2003                                                      and communication skills required. Attention to detail a necessity. Must be Internet savvy, knowl-
                                                                         edge of Windows and Photoshop programs mandatory. Quark Xpress skills a plus. Must have a
     San Diego Summer Boat Show Preview                                  writing ability. Please Fax resume to (949) 631-5440.
     Sheraton Harbor Island — 12:00 noon
                                                                         WANTED: MECHANICAL/DESIGN ENGINEER for Sea Recovery Corporation, Rancho
                                                                         Dominguez, CA. Requirements: BSME degree with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience.
  DECEMBER 4, 2003                                                       Must have strong design and drafting ability, knowledgeable with AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
     SCMA Christmas Party                                                Experience with injection mold design, assembly tooling, sheet metal fabrication, PLC background
     The New Hyatt Regency Hotel, Huntington Beach                       strongly desired. Must have good communication skills, marine industry experience a plus, engi-
                                                                         neering management experience also a plus, but not required. Responsibilities: work on multiple
  JANUARY 24 - FEBRUARY 1, 2004                                          design projects, taking products from initial concept phase to first production pieces with support
                                                                         from supervisor and other team members. Will assist co-workers with design projects, address exist-
     48th Annual Southern California Boat Show
                                                                         ing product issues and create sales/marketing tools. Local applicants preferred (no relocation
     Los Angeles Convention Center                                       reimbursement paid). Some travel required. EOE, hours 8am to 5pm, M-F, position full time,
                                                                         salary/exempt. Please include salary history with resume. Contact: or FAX
  APRIL 1-4, 2004                                                        (310) 637-2501 — no direct phone calls please.
     12th Annual Orange County Boat Show                                     WANTED: Fox Marine Company needs inside order desk/customer service person. Marine
     Anaheim Convention Center                                           experience helpful. Needs good computer skills. FAX resume to Jack King (562) 983-6766.

PAGE EIGHT                                                                            SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION

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