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									March 2007

            Kicks Martial Arts News
    Recipe for A New Year                                 Sky Leo                       None of us is as smart as all of us.
                                                                                                              - Walt Disney
 To leave the old with a burst of song,     Sky has shown one of the big-
 To recall the right and forgive the        gest improvement ever seen at
 wrong.                                     Kicks since his first day on the                         Terminology
 To forget the thing that binds you fast,
 To the vain regrets of the year that’s
                                            floor. Sky has been with us for             Ju                                     Ten
                                                                                        Karate Do                Empty Hand Way
 past.                                      a few years now, and takes his              Goju                             Hard/Soft
 To have the strength to let go your        time at each belt before moving             Wado                Japanese Way of Peace
 hold,                                      onto the next one. This is not a            Jui Jitsu                 Art of Flexibility
 Of the not worthwhile, of the days
                                            bad thing, seeing as recently he
 grown old.
 To dare to go forth with a purpose         has shown tremendous im-
 true,                                      provement technically and                      T-shirts & Uniform
 To the unknown task of the year that’s     mentally on the floor. His katas
 new.                                                                                   Full Gi’s required for Kata/Routine classes
                                            are focused and clean. In class             and testing. SCHOOL T-SHIRTS only can
 To help your brother along the road,
 To do his work and lift his load.          he always works out with a                  be worn in the other classes. No Tourna-
 To add your gift to the world’s good       smile, and has really upped his             ment T-shirts. Uniform policy: Please
                                                                                        note that Black GI tops are for BLACK
 cheer,                                     listening game. His blitz in
 Is to have and to give a Happy New                                                     BELTS ONLY. Please check with the
                                            sparring is always on target and            office first before wearing or purchasing
                                            almost inescapable. Sky has                 anything new. We offer many different T-
                                                                                        shirts and GI”s, however, we still must main-
 - Robert Brewster Beattie                  great support from his Mom                  tain a level of uniform policies. We do not
                                            and Dad and his baby brother                feel comfortable when we have to tell some-
     Student of The                         Lyric who is always watching                one that something is not allowed, so please
                                                                                        check first. Please note there is no refund or
                                            class. They are a very busy
         Month                              bunch but Carrie and Joseph
                                                                                        exchange on any merchandise as we do not
                                                                                        get credit from our suppliers, so please
                                                                                        check your purchase carefully before use.
            Aslan Leo                       keep the kids on a regular
 Aslan is the youngest member               schedule and it is definitely
                                            paying off. Sky has a great
                                                                                        Welcome New Students
 of the growing Leo team. After
 years of watching Sky from the             sense of humour and is a plea-                               Phil Meitz
 sidelines, Aslan exploded onto             sure to have on the floor. Keep
                                            up the good work!
 the floor ready to go. Aslan has                                                             Safety & Health
 a great personality and gets                                                           Reminder - it is mandatory to have Hand,
 along with all of the kids on the             KICKS CORNER                             Feet & HeadGear, mouth guard and cup for
 floor. He is very intense and                                                          sparring. Shin guards & Chest protector is
                                                                                        recommended. Please note: for sanitary
 has a mean face only rivaled by                                                        reasons (e.g. lice), it is best not to share
 his brother. When his focus is                 Kicks Rule #24 & #25                    your equipment.
 on, there is nothing snapping
 him out of it. His katas are
                                            24. No loitering or playing in the change
                                                                                             Newsletter is posted
 sharp and his stances are solid.                                                       Please remember that the newsletter is always
                                            25. Please dispose of garbage and gum       posted on the board for your information.
 For the few times that he has              appropriately.
 fought he has shown himself to
 be fierce and fearless. Aslan is           Reminder: Empty Drinks before                        Ask For Help
                                                putting in the garbage.                 Never be afraid to ask for help or need to talk
 on the road to orange belt and
                                                                                        about anything. The Senseis are always there.
 has been showing C.A.N.I                   ***********************************         Remember to never push yourself past your
 (constant and never-ending im-              PARKING – PLEASE READ                      limit, to the point of injury. If you have an
                                                                                        injury, or cannot do an exercise, bring it to the
 provement) in each class he has             THE NOTE IN THE FRONT                      attention of the instructor.       Bring any
 done since the new year.                        ******DOOR!******                      comments you have to the instructor,
 We look forward to big things               **************************                 they will not feel bad, they want you to
                                                                                        enjoy class!
 from Aslan, keep up the great              THIS IS EVERYONE’S SCHOOL. LET’S
                                              KEEP IT CLEAN & RESPECTFUL
Don’t Leave Your Kids                                    SPECIAL
Please always make sure that classes are
on or the school is open before leaving
your kids.                                       DATES & Events
    Keep Dojo Clean
Clean shoes at the front door. Please help
us to keep the school clean. Thank you for
all those who help us.

            Bad Weather
Any time that the weather is questionable,    We will be closed Easter Monday
please call the school before 4:00 p.m. and   (April 9). We will be open Satur-
leave a message asking if we are opened.      day April 7. Have a Happy Easter.
We will return your call ASAP if the phone
lines are working. Regardless, everyone’s
safety comes 1st, so please stay at home                 50/50 Draw
during severe weather conditions.
                                              A 50/50 draw will take place
            Thank You                         March 15th.
                                              Cost: 1 ticket for $2.00 or 3
Thanks to Rob Leaker for creating
 and updating our very own web-
                                              tickets for $5.00, 10 tickets for
        site. The website is                  $10.
Please log on and check out all the
                                                         Grading Date
 features. There are some tourna-             The grading is on Saturday, March 24 th
                                              at 12:30. Please pay your grading fees 1
 ment vides, curriculum informa-              week prior to your grading to ensure
  tion, monthly focuses, and lots             belt orders. Ida will call or talk to you to
 more. Thanks again for the many              make sure you know you are grading. If
     hours of hard work Rob.                  you need any help please see Ida to book
                                              a private lesson. Full GI’s to be worn!
                                              Please note: private gradings will only be
              Tax Credit                      done at the recommendation of the Sensei.
You may qualify for a tax credit of           If for some reason you cannot attend a
$500 per child under 16 for sports            scheduled grading you will automatically be
                                              put on the next grading list. This is to be
activity effective January 07. Guide-
                                              fair to all that are testing and to adhere to
lines for this credit are still new. Re-      the testing guidelines.
ceipts will be issued at the end of the

      Summer Camp
It may seem early but the summer
camp details are already in motion.
This year’s movie will be based on
a reality tv show competition titled
“So You Think You Can Kick?”
Day trips horseback riding, to the
zoo, and hiking are also on the
agenda. Please see the flyer for all
the information.

   Cardio Kick-box Class
Cardio Kickboxing classes are being in-
structed by Karen Bell on Monday and
Thursday nights from 8:15 to 9:00. This is
a highly recommended workout class for
member and parents. Please see office for
more info.

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