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                                      Ice Skating At Schenley Park
                                             The Kidz Korner event held on
    Letter from the Editor
                                      February 28th, 2009 was a fun
                                      highlight of the month. Nestled
      I was elected into the office   amongst the trees in Schenley Park
as Editor of the Kidz Korner, I was   was a quaint ice skating rink and
amazed. I felt as if I was given so   used by the community that allowed
much power.                           us to spend time together
      Well, guess what remember       fellowshipping with the children,
what was told to Spider-man? “With    young people and more seasoned
great power comes great               saints. We were able to lace up our
responsibility!” I learned that one   ice skates and enjoy skating across
all right.                            the frozen playground.
      This newsletter is dedicated        The day was absolutely perfect!
to the children of the church. What   The weather was a bit nippy, but as
you want in this newsletter, I        the fun began the temperature meant
would like you to be a part of it.    nothing as everyone was smiling and
If it’s boring, you let me know. I    giggling. Whether it was telling
want you to tell me how you want it   stories about old time memories to
and I’ll make it happen to the best   young ones or eating a delicious
of my ability. Let’s make each        slice of pizza from a local
issue a page full of laughs,          pizzeria or playing tag on the ice
giggles, memories, and most of all    with all the children everyone was
STUFF ABOUT YOU AND GOD!              finding a way to have fun.
      So I want you to fill my mail           It was such a blessing to
box and my e-mail with letters you    fellowship with the saints of
want everyone to see. Every time I    God and enjoy a fun day of ice
go to my e-mail or mailbox I want     skating. Truly it was amazing how
to see a letter saying; Brother       well all the children skated and
Kevin in your next article could      thank God from the inexperienced to
you put this in it.                   our seasoned veterans on the ice
      Send me drawings of things      everyone was zipping around the
you love. If you enjoy writing        arena, all while God watched over
poems, send it to me. If you like     everyone keeping us safe as we made
to write to your friends send me a    our ways on and off the ice. Short
shout-out. I want this newsletter     of many sore bones and joints and a
to be about you and what you like     few bruised bottoms everyone made
to do to show God’s love in your      it out perfect.
life.                                         I myself had a chance to
      So start sending information    spend time with the children and
to me, let’s make God want to read    listen to the amazing work that God
this newsletter so He can see how     is doing in other parts of the
much fun we are having with our       vineyard. I praise God that we all
friends at church!                    had the opportunity to enjoy
      Look forward to hearing from    ourselves and I had a great time.
you all everyday.                     If you didn't get a chance to
                                      attend the Kidz Korner activity you
                Brother Kevin Burns   missed a lot of fun! God willing
Home address:                         you will be able to attend the next
925 State Route 31
Tarrs, PA 15688

                                               Sister Lauren Urana
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                                      Name: William Miller
                                      Age: 3 1/2
         Shouts Heard!!!              Branch: Aliquippa
                                      Favorite Hobby: Thomas Trains
                                              (Choo Choo)
Recently we have been sending         What William Likes most about
requests throughout our area to       church is: Singing!
various locals encouraging the
children to make their voices heard       Well William thank you so much
in our newsletters, their             for letting us know how much you
newsletter. Well kids this is what    love God! We hope to hear you
you sent so far!                      singing loudly at every area
Each young person is asked these
questions.                                - Brother Kevin
If they don’t have a response it’s    _________________________________
OK. Simply put a (NR=no response)
in the answers place.                 Name: Noah Ondik
                                      Age: 12
Full Name?                            Branch: Aliquippa
Age?                                  Favorite Hobbies: Video games,
Branch?                               computer
Favorite Hobby?                       What Noah likes most about church
What do you like most about Church?   is: The Music!
Tell us about your best memory        Your Best Memory involving
involving something from church?      something about church: The
What do you love most about God?      Christmas plays
                                      What do you love most about God:
We already have responses coming in   He made us smile!
and as I get more I will add them
to each issue. Also, just to be             Well Noah I don’t know about
fair I never really got to            you but I do like a good video game
introduce myself so I filled one      every once in awhile, though don’t
out.                                  forget that when you play board
                                      games with your friends from church
Name: Kevin Lee Burns                 you will laugh more than you ever
Age: 18                               can imagine! You will have a sore
Branch: Vanderbilt                    mouth from the smiles and good
My Favorite Hobby: Hockey and the     times spent that night! Hope to see
Pittsburgh Penguins, but I love       you grinning from ear to ear real
spending time with the saints just    soon!
as much if not more.                      - Brother Kevin
What I like most about church is:         -
That when I’m sad or feel alone all      Who was in the whale and found
I have to do is send a text to a         their way out with God’s help?
friend from the church and I’m
smiling from ear to ear because of    Goliath - Jesus – Jonah - Samuel
My best memory involving something
about church: The day I was
baptized, what a day that was!
What I love most about God: How
much he loves me and that each day
I wake up he is standing right
there ready to walk with me and
help me get through my troubles.
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             Testimony                Puzzle #1

                                      P   K   L   E   H   U   M   N   H   S   S   U    I   Y
The years throughout the church for
me have been pretty nice. Every       V   X   S   J   I   O   V   I   M   E   I   M    H   A
year that I go to camp in September   Y   I   A   T   R   Y   H   G   U   C   H   O    P   L
I meet at least one new friend        J   I   V   O   X   E   D   M   E   O   P   S    E   M
there. This past year I met Lorenzo   A   I   N   J   L   V   L   Y   T   N   E   I    N   A
Sauro from Monongahela. I even
                                      C   I   H   A   U   H   O   N   H   D   N   A    H   E
invited him to my birthday party.
Conferences are a time that I can     O   S   M   P   R   S   Q   L   E   N   D   H    T   J
see them again. A special time that   B   A   O   Z   E   M   R   U   R   E   R   Q    R   Z
God helped me was when I was about    N   X   S   N   Q   N   O   L   B   P   I   K    U   R
7 years old and helping to build a    Y   V   R   O   E   J   T   R   B   H   H   H    O   W
pavilion at Greensburg Branch. I
                                      X   J   L   H   U   A   B   S   M   I   T   G    F   T
was climbing a ladder behind
Brother Bruce Picciuto, and he had    F   A   E   Z   N   R   P   U   R   O   F   A    Q   E
an electric saw. Saw dust flew in     O   L   N   V   B   O   X   C   X   I   N   Y    V   T
my face which caused me to lose my    H   S   X   X   O   M   N   I   X   B   F   I    V   X
balance and fall off the ladder
onto the concrete. Luckily, Brother
Tony Picciuto, an Elder was there
right away to anoint me. It was in
                                      ALMA                        JAROM
a matter of seconds that my head
felt completely better and I was      ENOS                        MORMON
ready to help again. There are a
lot more times that God has helped
my family and me. Just today my       ETHER                       MORONI
brother fighting in Iraq almost
died. He was in his tank and I        FIRST NEPHI                 MOSIAH
think he ran over a land mine but
his tank blew up leaving him with
burns and shrapnel all up his arms,   FOURTH NEPHI                OMNI
but the best part is that he didn't
die. Four other men didn't make it
though. I know it is the love of
                                      HELAMAN                     SECOND NEPHI
God that carried him through. He is
in a hospital in Iraq right now and   JACOB                       THIRD NEPHI
needs prayers. I hope to stay in
the church and get baptized. I know
I will. God Bless and please pray
for my brother Danny.

Submitted by Shane Covalesky          Next Issue will hold the
                                      answers. Let me know if these
                                      puzzles are too easy for you.
(Editor’s note: Since receiving       I want you to have fun doing
this testimony, Shane’s brother,
Danny was treated at a medical
                                      these, not be sleeping.
center and has returned to Iraq.
Please remember to pray for him and   Send me e-mails with ideas
all those who are in the military.)   for our next puzzle!!
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   Picture of the Issue!

Congratulations to our
  home town Penguins
                                        Where: Greensburg WCC grounds
   for winning the                         When: Friday June 26, &
2008-2009 Stanley Cup!                         Saturday June 27

  Welcome to the new                   Time: Friday 6:30PM pitch tents
                                            7:30PM kick-off meeting
     “Hockey Tahn”                        Snack & Bon Fire 8PM-?????

                                          Saturday: 8:30AM Breakfast
                                                   10AM Chapel
                                               Noon -???? Picnic
                                            (Sports and Activities
                                                will be held for
                                                  the children)

                                          All attending are asked to
                                             bring a covered dish,
                                               lots of enthusiasm,
                                              a bag of excitement,
                                               a heart full of love
                                                and a big smile.
I want to say thank you to the ones
who have sent me information so far                  ****
for our children’s Shout-outs.
Also, I want to send a special        “Come    and enjoy Fellowship,
thanks to Sister Lauren Urana who                 Food
wrote the article for me about the
Kidz Korner Skating Activity. I                 and Fun”
want to say thank you to each
parent who is sitting down with
their child and reading this with
them. You are what will make this
all worth it. Keep being your
child’s strength and foundation
until they find their own. I know
that without the support of my        The 2009 PMA Area MBA Camp Kick-off
parents I would never have been        will be held Saturday, August 8th
able to do what I am doing today.
                                             at Moon Township Park.
May God Bless you all until we see
each other and remember kids, I’m     A great day of excitement is being
waiting for those e-mails. You’re           planned for ALL ages to be
all my helpers with this newsletter     involved, by Brothers Jon Nath,
so start sending ideas.                    2009 Camp Director and Adam
                                         Mathews, Assist Camp Director.

      Editor                          Watch for a flyer coming with all
                                            the final information.
      Brother Kevin Burns

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