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					                                   Program Ideas for Venturer Units

LOCATION:     Scout Hall


  COST:       Nil

   TIME:      Unit meeting night

  DRESS:      Optional


EQUIPMENT:    As required

PLANNING:     * Arrange for Leaders/Rovers for stunt site assistance
                and assessment
              * Arrange for speaker to give advice
                (could be Leader or other person)
              * Set up equipment for stunts for easy access before
                meeting commences
              * This activity could be used to develop Unit skills,
                preparation for Initiative Course or competition hikes
              * Types of stunts which could be used:
                - first aid simulation, initiative,
                  mapping and compass challenges, decoding, etc.
                - Ideas for these stunts can be obtained from your
                  District Venturer Leader
                                        Program Ideas for Venturer Units

  PROGRAM:        8.00 m      Flag Break, Prayer
                              Outline of night’s program

                  8.10        Speaker - assessment of stunts, how to
                              approach a stunt, problem solving etc.

                  8.25        Rotational Stunts

                  9.45        Assessor reports

                  10.00       Flag Down

AWARD SCHEME:     Not applicable

                  To participate in the stunts
 Youth Members:
                  To organise the activity
                                     Program Ideas for Venturer Units


 MEALS ON     The Unit is divided into teams and must provide a
 WHEELS:      wheelbarrow. Using an old plough disk or similar each
              team lights a small fire in the wheel barrow and places hot
              plate or frying pan on the fire. Each team must then wheel
              their barrow and cook their meal whilst moving around
              the pre-set course. The first team back with a cooked meal

              Make a large number of gelatine pies by mixing gelatine
              with hot water and beating vigorously with a mixer to
              make a sticky and foamy pie mixture. Add food colours if
              desired. Put the pies on paper plates and put in the
              refrigerator to set. After they set divide the pies up
              between the Venturers and move to a suitable place.
              Stand well clear!!
                   Note: Old clothing to be worn for this activity

 CATAPULT     Divide the Unit into teams. Using poles and lashing ropes
 BUILDING:    each team constructs a catapult. Run a competition to see
              which team can throw their missile the greatest distance
              and strike a target.

 MESSAGE      Challenge: Get a balloon, not blown up across a
 BALLOON:     crocodile infested river, and return it back blown up with
              a message written on it. The balloon must not burst on the
              way back. Materials: balloon, rope, poles, texta, straws.

              Story: The shark walked briskly along the golf fairway.
THE SHARK’S   He was playing well, and keeping ahead of his
 DILEMNA:     competitors. At the next green he lifted his iron and
              connected with the ball. It rose into the sky and the Shark
              eagerly pursued it. However the smile soon disappeared
              from his face. His ball ended up in a paper bag left on the
              green. If he removed the ball from the bag it would cost
              him a penalty stroke. If he tried to hit the ball in the bag,
              he would lose control over the shot. What should he do?
                                       Program Ideas for Venturer Units

   GIRAFFE       Venturers form into teams. Each team is allowed 15
   RACING:       minutes to build a Giraffe. These consist of an “A” frame
                 made using two long poles and one short. Use as big
                 uprights as possible and position the crossbar about
                 600mm of the ground. By attaching four ropes to each
                 leg - two at the top and two at the bottom - and by careful
                 manipulation, the “Giraffes” can be made to walk by
                 remote control. A team member helps things along by
                 standing on the cross bar and shifting their weight from
                 side to side.

                 This is not only an excellent and fun exercise in
                 pioneering, but also demands total co-operation and

                 Equipment: A prepared map of the area for the activity,
                 (preferably with bush/tree cover and tracks), compass and
                 instruction sheets (different for each team), a number of
                 “treasures” per team
                 Prepare the map for the activity on the lines of a
                 topographical map with grid lines and true north.
                 Hide treasures in the area and write up instruction sheets,
                 giving clues to the treasures by way of map references
                 and compass directions

                 Equipment: Paper, pencils, rulers, (or straight edges)
   ISLANDS:      “islands”, compasses.
                 Split Unit into teams of 4 or 5. Collect small items (eg.
                 match boxes, cups, or any small items in the Scout hall)
                 and spread them randomly across the floor of the hall.
                 Explain to the Venturers that these items are islands and
                 they are prisoners escaping from Devil’s Island in an open
                 row boat. As their escape will be at night and they will be
                 unable to take any supplies with them, they have to plan a
                 course and also produce an accurate map of the positions
                 of the island without going amongst the islands. ...Cont’d
                                          Program Ideas for Venturer Units

                   Method: Draw a line on the paper in scale to the length of
Islands - Cont’d   the hall. Select 2 points and stand at this position looking
                   towards an island. With the paper in front of you, and
                   using a ruler, place the ruler on the on the paper at the
                   same position as you are standing in the hall. By using
                   another sight along a straight edge, line up with the
                   object. When lined up, draw a faint line along the straight
                   edge. Do this with all the objects.

                   Now move to another location and repeat the steps above.
                   Where the two lines cross is the position of the island in
                   relation to other island’s positions and your start point.
                   To calculate your course, use a compass to determine
                   direction then the scale to calculate the distance. This
                   method of mapping is called mapping by triangulation.

                   Equipment: (per team) 3 spars long enough to make a
STRETCHER          stretcher, 3 lashing ropes, 4 Venturers.
  RACE:            Method: Construct a triangle stretcher using lashings.
                   Three Venturers carry the fourth Venturer of the stretcher
                   over a given course. First team to return wins the race.
                   Could be used by Unit on Scout or Cub Scout night.
                                     Program Ideas for Venturer Units


  WHO AM I     One Venturer writes down the name of another member
THINKING OF?   of the group. The others take turns trying to find out
               whose name it is by suggesting possible characteristics of
               the person. The first Venturer answers yes or no
               depending on whether the suggestions are
               appropriate.Make sure comments will not offend any
               person taking part in the game.

               Each member of the Unit brings along a baby photo -
               name on the back. Photos are displayed with numbers
               underneath. A prize for the winner (maybe a dummy?)

MATCH BOX      Divide Unit into teams and supply each team with a
CHALLENGE:     match box. Teams are to fill the match box with as many
               different items as possible in a given time. The winning
               team is the one with the most (different) items, and
               returns to the Scout Hall on time.

   SHOE        Everyone puts their shoes in the middle of the hall.
 SCRAMBLE:     Leader turns the lights out and mixes up the shoes.
               Everyone has to find and put on their shoes again before
               the lights can be turned on.

               Equipment: One basketball or similar. Venturers pair
JOCKEYS UP:    off with another of similar build. Venturers stand in a
               circle, one Venturer mounts the other person in piggy
               back style, A basketball is thrown between the piggy
               backed Venturers. If the Venturer fails to catch the ball,
               or the ball is badly thrown, the pair is out of the game.
               The winners are the last pair to survive. During the
               course of the game, the game organiser calls out,
               “Jockeys Up”. On this command the piggy backed
               Venturers drop to the floor, run around the outside of the
               circle until they reach their partner where they change
               places and the ball throwing recommences.
                                       Program Ideas for Venturer Units

   CHAIR        Equipment: Basketball, 2 chairs.
BASKETBALL:     Divide Unit into 2 equal teams - preferably of same
                height. The ball is thrown up in the centre of the court.
                A player from each team attempts to knock it to one of
                their own players. By passing the ball between them the
                team works the ball to their goal catcher standing on the
                No kicking the ball, pivoting on one foot is allowed, no
                physical contact (tackling, bumping, pushing).

                Equipment: 6 chairs, basketball
                Teams pair up. The chairs can be placed in a ring or
                around the hall. The ball is thrown in the ring of chairs.
                One person from the pair is to chase the play and attempt
                to kick the ball under another team’s chair. The other
                partner must protect their chair. Do not kick the ball
                above shoulder height. If the ball goes under a chair, the
                pair is out - chair and all - or can be replaced by another
                pair waiting for a turn.

  SOCK YA:      Equipment: A pair of socks rolled up
                Objective : To tag a member of the opposite team with
                the sock. The sock is rolled from the end of the hall in the
                attempt to land it in the semi-circle drawn on the floor at
                the opposite end of the hall. If the sock lands in the semi-
                circle the team who rolled it gains possession of it. If on
                the other hand it lands outside, the opposite team have the
                right to the sock. This process is repeated when someone
                is tagged. No running with the sock. When tagging the
                opposed team the sock must be in your hand. The tagged
                person can either be eliminated or a point scored against
                the team.

POISON STICK:   Lay a stick or spar across the top of a rubbish bin. The
                Unit joins hands in a circle around the rubbish bin. The
                circle pulls in or out until someone knocks the stick to the
                ground and the person is eliminated from the game. The
                game continues until there is a winner.
                                        Program Ideas for Venturer Units

 SPOTLIGHT:      Equipment: A torch, obstacles. Venturers line up at one
                 end of the Scout hall. Chairs and obstacles are spread on
                 the hall floor.
                 Method : One Venturer stands at the opposite end of
                 the hall with a torch and a suitable “treasure” at their feet.
                 The hall lights are turned out. The object of the game is
                 for the Venturers to stalk the one Venturer and retrieve
                 the object without being caught. On hearing a noise the
                 Venturer with the torch swings around and if the spotlight
                 picks up a moving Venturer, that Venturer is out of the

 “NORTS” AND     Equipment : Chalk, two teams of Venturers, 5 to a team
   CROSSES:      with identifying markings.
                 Method : As with the game of “Noughts and Crosses”
                 but using Venturers.

                 Equipment : Inflated balloons, pins.
                 Method : Two teams of Venturers, each teams with a
                 goalie. Each goalie stands on a chair at opposite ends of
                 the hall and has a pin. The V.L. throws a balloon into the
                 game. The teams try to hit the balloon in the directions of
                 their goalie. The balloon can’t be held. Without leaving
                 the chair the goalie must try to burst the balloon with the
                 Every time the goalie bursts a balloon, it’s a point to that
                 team. The game can be livened up by having two
                 balloons in play.

EVERYBODY UP!:   Venturers of similar builds pair up.
                 Facing each other, they sit on the ground so their knees
                 are bent up and their feet are opposite. Linking hands and
                 arms outstretched, they attempt to stand simultaneously.
                 Once pairs have had a reasonable success rate, increase
                 the size of the group to 3, 4, 5 and 6 Venturers.

CIRCLE CHAOS:    Equipment: (varies with the size of the group) a number
                 of tennis balls, a plastic cup, a rolled up sock or bean bag.
                 Method: Venturers form a circle. To commence the game
                 a tennis ball is thrown between the Venturers. As the ball
                 is thrown, the name of the receiving Venturer is called.
                 Progressively add another tennis ball, then the plastic cup,
                 then the rolled up sock.
                                    Program Ideas for Venturer Units

             This game is performed in total silence.
             The V.L. asks the Venturers to line up in order of their
             birthdays. Without speaking the Venturers have to work
             out a method of being a straight line so as Venturers with
             birthdays in January are at the head of the line, following
             down the months to December.
             This game can also be played by each Venturer being
             given a number. The Venturers must then line up from
             one to whatever the final number given. The VL could be
             devious here and miss out a number!.
Program Ideas for Venturer Units
                                      Program Ideas for Venturer Units

TENT ERECTION:   The team must erect a tent with each team member
                 having a disability making it impossible for one person
                 to complete the task on their own.
                 Disabilities to draw from:
                 * blind
                 * broken arm
                 * sprained ankle
                 * hearing disability
                 * lost voice

  BALLOON        The team has balloons tied to their shoulders and must
 COMMANDO        complete an obstacle course without popping the
  COURSE:        balloons.

  BLINDFOLD      All members are blindfolded, sitting down in a scattered
    ORDER:       order.
                 Leader moves around verbally quietly informing each
                 person of his/her number.
                 Object: with no verbal or visual communication, the
                 group has to form up in order, either in a straight line or
                 a circle, possibly with a time limit.
                 When it is considered by the group that the correct order
                 has been reached, they link elbows and sit down.
                 Remove blindfolds and participants disclose their

THE OLD MAN:     The old man has been driving an ‘old bomb’ of a car.
                 It is found off the road and over a bank and the old man
                 is sitting in a dazed condition. There are mysterious
                 circumstances. Bank notes are strewn around, two cups,
                 The Venturers must try to solve the mystery and write a
                 full report for the police.

                 Set up a situation concerning:
THE UNSOLVED     a) a murder - body, axe, gun, simulated wounds, etc.
  MYSTERY:       Take the trouble to make it look like murder with clues.
                 b) a robbery
                 c) an accident
                 d) a drowning
                 f) a kidnap
                 Ask each group to solve the mystery.
Program Ideas for Venturer Units

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