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					                           FARGO NORTH RAIDERS HOCKEY ASSOCIATION

                                                                               NOVEMBER 2004

Second Year a Great Success for Raider’s Hockey Happening
The 2nd Annual Hockey          A BIG THANKS to all of      Planning for the 3rd
Happening was held on          the Raider families that    Annual Hockey Happening
                                                                                       Inside this issue:
Thursday, October 7th at       donated items, only 4-5     will begin in the spring.
the Speedway Event             families did not help out   Watch for your chance to
Center in West Fargo.          with donations. Next year   be a volunteer.             Red Fowler             2-3
Over 200 tickets were          we'll aim for 100%                                      Red Fowler Boxes           3
sold.                          participation. We also
                                                                                       Parents Volunteer          3
                               need to thank - and
The event was a huge           support -all of the                                     Board of Directors         3
success once again and we      businesses that supported                               Poinsettia Sales           4
raised over $10,000 for the    us with donations.
Raiders organization.                                                                  Tournament                 4
Signed Sioux and Gopher        All had a great time and                                Raffle
jerseys were great sellers!!   the Raiders thank you and                               Open Roster                4
Numerous guns were sold        your friends and families                               Policy
on raffle boards. Rick         for attending.
Niemi won a bundle of                                                                  Raiders Rosters            5
cash.                                                                                  November Home          Back

Coaches Ready and Hyped For 2004-05 Hockey Season
Coaches selected for the 2004-05 season include:

Bantam A                       Peewee B Navy               Squirt B                     Upcoming Events
Ryan Griggs                    Jay Schnell                 Greg Gronland
Brian Jackson                  Jimmy Loken                 Steve Johnson                 FNRHA Monthly
Bantam B                       Peewee B White                                             November 11, 2004
Rob Aasand                     Troy Krabbenhoft
                                                                                         Team Pictures
Brent Burns                    Zack Idland
                                                                                          December 2004
Peewee A                       Squirt A                                                  Fargo Raiders Pee Wee
Jade Nelson                    Scott Winjum                                               Tournament
Jeff Aikens                    Brent Reinarts                                             January 14 – 16

                                                                                         Fargo Banquet
                                                                                          March 22
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About ‘Red’ Fowler – a Dedication

To fully appreciate Fargo North Raider and Fargo North Hockey, you have to revisit the roots of these programs
and you will find Red Fowler as the “Founder” the “originator” the tireless “volunteer” who spearheaded the
original Fargo Blue Line Club, which evolved into the Fargo North Raiders and the Fargo South Flyers.

The Fowler family history lesson is important for all of us to know because it is who we are as an organization
and without the influence and dedication of Red and Betty Fowler, we would not have the strong foundation we
enjoy today. The Red Fowler Memorial Award is awarded to a Fargo Raider volunteer who has unselfishly
donated their time to sustain and improve youth hockey and the Raiders Hockey Club.

I need to share a few of the “Fowler Facts” and believe me, I am only touching on a few and I am sure Betty could
add many more:

        Red spent his adult life living this belief: “It‟s all about the Kids”
        It was natural for Red to do things for others and his approach was always positive with a big smile on
         his face
        The original warming house for the Ben Franklin outdoor rink was the Fowler residence on 9 th Street
         North – that‟s where the kids could go to warm up!
        Red and Betty painted the boards at the Island Park Arena
        Red made sure that the first hand warmer at the Washington outdoor rink was a charcoal grill – there
         was no indoor ice and you had to keep your hands warm to keep stats.
        Red had a “BOX” at the Coliseum to collect hockey equipment that people either discarded or outgrew.
         Red would loan this equipment to kids who did not have equipment or could not afford to buy it. His
         only request was that when you were done with it or outgrew it, that you would bring it back for some
         other youngster to use. Betty still has the original box at the house
        When the Coliseum was built, Red would open the doors at 4:30 a.m. so the figure skaters could practice
         – keep in mind that Red did not work for the Park District – he did this on a voluntary basis
        Red worked the scorer/ penalty box for countless games. When Betty arrived for a North High varsity
         game on e night, they told her Red had taken a puck to the head and went down in the JV game – but he
         stayed in the box for the entire varsity game
        15 Fowler family members graduated from Fargo North High School
        Red served on the Board of the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association
        Red, Kermit Bye and Jim Kapitan along with other were there at the beginning of the Bison Hockey Club
         and the Bison Booster Club – Red served as a charter Vice-President of the Booster Club – Red worked the
         score/ penalty box and kept player statistics for Coach Dave Morinville
        Red was involved in the National Club Hockey Tournaments hosted in Fargo
        Red and Jim Kapitan assisted in the National Hockey Tournament that was hosted by Iowa State
         University in Ames, Iowa
        Red and his good friends Lloyd Armstrong and Jim Kapitan were instrumental in hosting the annual
         Edgewood Lions All Star games
        Red was inducted into the North Dakota Hockey Hall of Fame
        Red was inducted into the Fargo North High School Hall of Fame
        Red retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the ND Army National Guard

Red Fowler is an outstanding example of leadership and tireless devotion to “Kids” and he spent countless hours
giving of himself and his family to enable young people to have the opportunity to play hockey. This
“LEGEND” of North Fargo hockey history set a high standard of excellence for all of us to strive for as
volunteers, parents, players, coaches and friends of hockey.

For those of you who knew him personally you will appreciate that this simple man had a basic belief that you
did for others, you did it unselfishly, you never sought the credit or the recognition and you gave what you could
and “It’s all about the KIDS”. I visited with Betty the day after Red passed away and I expressed how sorry I
was to hear the news and Betty informed me that Red had enjoyed himself so much at the Fargo North High
Hockey Banquet the week before and he had still been laughing about the skit that Coach Smith and I put on
about the players. Red‟s laugh and smile will not be forgotten.

I attended Red‟s funeral as a lot of you did and this simple man had so many friends and people he had touched
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could not fid a seat at Holy Spirit – I sat between two of his friends, Judge Rodney Webb and Judge Kermit Bye,
who were there to say goodbye to their friend. If there is a true measure of a person‟s impact it is reflected in the
people who were inspired and touched because of that person‟s influence, guidance and friendship – Red‟s
impact will never be forgotten and it is a roper tribute that the rinks in the new Southwest Arena are named after
Red and his dear friend Lloyd Armstrong.

So ends the history less for Raiders and Spartans – Red‟s spirit and his famous quote will stay with all of us that
are involved with North Fargo hockey – “KEEP THE KIDS OUT OF HOT WATER – PUT THEM ON ICE”.

Jim Kapitan and I will commit to establish a RED’S BOX at the Coliseum and one at the Southwest Arena so that
any young person who is in need of hockey equipment will have a place to go to get what he/ she needs – “It’s
all about the KIDS”.

                                                                                                        Dan M. Carey
                                                                                                       March 24, 2004

Red Boxes to be Placed at Fargo Arenas
As promised, Dan Carey and Jim Kapitan are now in           The Dedication Letter, written previous, will be
the process of producing “Red Boxes”. Dan and Jim           included when the boxes are completed and dedicated.
were in contact with the Fargo Park District and as a
result, three boxes are currently in the works. They        Once the Red Boxes are in place, hockey families
will be placed at the Coliseum, Southwest Arena and         are welcome to donate their used and outgrown
Teamsters. Dan and Jim plan to have the boxes in place      equipment. All they ask is once you‟re player has
the first part of December.
                                                            outgrown the equipment borrowed; they return it
                                                            to the Red Box to be used by someone else.

Parent Volunteers Lead the Way
The Raiders couldn’t do it without you, the parent volunteers. We’d all like to thank you for volunteering for such
positions as team managers, raffle coordinators, calling parents, advertising volunteers and the numerous hours
spent devoting your time to hockey and your kids. Have a great season – and thank you in advance for all your
hard work.

                                                                        Fargo North Raiders Board of Directors
                                                            President             Joe Johnson            235-0793
 Past President   Nate Brenneman    232-1597
 Vice President   Mark Muhonen      298-3235
   Secretary      Brian Cattanach   280-0466
   Treasurer       Nancy Slotten    235-7922
Member at Large   Bonnie Johnson    298-8620
Member at Large     Don Blevins     271-4781
Member at Large   Mark Mazaheri     297-8187
Member at Large     Jeff Aikens     232-8549
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Poinsettia Sales a Success
October concluded with the 2nd annual Poinsettia Sales. Approximately 450 tickets
were sold for this years‟ fundraiser. For every $12.00 poinsettia the Raiders sell,
approximately $4.50 goes back to the organizations‟ general operating fund.

At each level, the player with the highest sales receives a Jr., Intermediate and Sr.
Hockey Stick, respectively. Our winners for 2004 were:

Brodie Gylten                Squirt                sold 22 poinsettias
Devin Wadholm                Peewee                sold 34 poinsettias
Tyler Glueckert              Bantam                sold 20 poinsettias

As a reminder, people can pick up their poinsettias Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1 during regular business hours. If you
are unable to make it at those times, please contact Lee‟s Floral to make other arrangements. It may be a good
idea to contact those you sold to as a reminder.

Special thanks go out to Bonnie Johnson and Renee Muhonen for volunteering their time as the Poinsettia Sales
Chairs. And also, thanks to Jeff Aikens and Kostka Sports for providing the hockey sticks at cost to the Raiders.

Peewee Tournament Raffle Tickets Sales Start
During the team parent meetings, Barb Parmer distributed raffle tickets to all Raiders families. If you didn‟t
receive yours, please contact your team‟s raffle coordinator. Raffle tickets are $20 each and will be drawn for
prizes of $50, $100, $250 and $500 on Jan 13, 14 & 15. Each ticket sold has 30 chances to win! All families are to
turn in their tickets and money no later than December 30.

Also, a Raffle Co-Coordinator is being sought, as Barb will no longer be with the Raiders after this year. If you
are interested in helping and becoming Coordinator for future Raiders Raffles, please contact Barb at 232-6916.

Open Roster Policy New for 2004-05 Season

This season, the Raiders Board and Raiders Coaching          year player, you were automatically on the „A‟ squad
Committee decided to impose an “Open Roster” policy          your second year.
for the 2004-05 rosters.

Coaching Coordinator, Mike Berg, explains it like this:
“USA Hockey says we have to have our roster for our
teams in by December 15th of each season. We also
have rules within the state saying we must have our
roster in before any league games are played. But, we
are allowed to change that roster until December 15th
within the state.

In the past the Raiders have had a policy that once you
made the „A‟ squad that you couldn't go down and if
you were lucky enough to make the „A‟ squad as a first
                                                         competitive organization. It simply gives the coaches
                                                         another tool to work with to help motivate the kids and
This „Open Roster‟ policy simply says that the coaches   to try to make the organization competitive at every
& Coordinators have the option of moving an „A‟          level.
player down or a „B‟ player up at their discretion.
                                                         It should also be mentioned that the high school does
The Board and the coaching committee agreed that this    this all year long with their player
is one way we can make the Raiders a more
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Introducing the Raiders
rosters can and may change due to the ‘Open Roster’ Policy – final roster listings will be provided after Dec. 15

Bantam A                        Peewee A                         Peewee B White                   Squirt B
Ryder Bekkedahl                 Adam Aikens                      Josh Blevins                     Alex Abdullah
Kayla Berg                      Ben Albrecht                     Mike Brooks                      Jace Aikens
Logan Gylten                    Kyle Berg                        Adam Haut                        Michael Bala
Eric Herzog                     Corey Bjoralt                    Brady LaMont                     Collin Boetel
Ben Jacobson                    Luke Buerkley                    Ted Loegering                    Christian Colman
Sam Johnson                     Sawyer Dahl                      Ryan Meyer                       Matt Connelly
Jake Labernik                   Alex Elliott                     Chase Muhonen                    Marc DeMarais
Nick Masseth                    Matt Fiechtner                   George Niemi                     Gabe Ferragut
Mitch Mazaheri                  Sam Hawkins                      Brady Paulson                    Mike Gunderson
Ian McGurran                    Jacob McPhail                    Dallas Reger                     Robert Helming
Grant Narveson                  Josh Nistler                     James Robinson                   Alec Johnson
Ethan Parmer                    Ian Thompson                     Lukas Slotten                    Sam Klukken
David Rommesmo                  Matt Trana                       Aaron Wiger                      Andrew Smith
Dan Sheridan                    Devin Wadholm                                                     Brandon Smith
                                                                                                  Mara Teschendorf
Bantam B                        Peewee B Navy                    Squirt A                         Max Teschendorf
Nick Brenneman                  Cole Carlson                     Rhett Carlson                    Drew Weist
Tanner Cattanach                Cody Cullen                      Tyler Cote
Taylor Cunningham               Anna Grindeland                  Brodie Gylten
Alex DuFault                    John Hanson                      Dalton Hanson
Tyler Glueckert                 Cameron Johnson                  Spencer Klein
Jeremy Grindeland               Alex Larson                      Preston Lehmann
Bryce Johnson                   Brennan Lemar                    Christian Moffett
Nick Losee                      Andrew Long                      Ben Osman
Alec Mathias                    Clayton Ludlum                   Lucas Pazdernik
Andrew Schefter                 Colton Nefzger                   Blake Peterson
Tom Stadum                      Dan Rueckert                     Andrew Salsman
Aaron Stoe                      Tanner Toussaint                 Ben Selberg
Shane Tuchscherer                                                Cole Selberg
Ethan Worley                                                     Andrew Uglem
                                                                 Riley Wanzek
                                                                 Ethan Woods
Be sure to visit the web site at http://www.fargoraiders.com

Heidi Klukken
1029 4th St. N.
Fargo, ND 58102

Raiders November Home Games
home games are held at the Teamsters Arena , unless otherwise noted

Bantam A                                                        Peewee B Navy
Sun. Nov. 14 vs. Minot Btm A @ 9:45 a.m.                        Sat. Nov. 20 vs. W. Fgo PW B White @ 4:45 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 19 vs. Dickinson Btm A @ 9:30 p.m.                    Sun. Nov. 21 vs. GF Sugars PW B @ 6:30 p.m.
Sat. Nov. 20 vs. Bismarck Natls Btm A @ 3 p.m.                  Fowler Rink at Southwest Arena
Sun. Nov. 21 vs. Bismarck Genrls Btm A @ 1:15 p.m.              Fri. Nov. 26 vs. Raider PW B White @ 12:15 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 26 vs. Crookston Btm A @ 2:00 p.m.                    Sat. Nov. 27 vs. GF Sunkings PW B @ 1:15 p.m.
Sat. Nov. 27 vs. Roseau Btm A @ 5:45 p.m.                       Sun. Nov. 28 vs. Angels PW B @ 6:30 p.m.

Bantam B                                                        Peewee B White
Sat. Nov. 20 vs. Wahpeton Btm B @ 6:30 p.m.                     Sat. Nov. 13 vs. Wahpeton PW B @ 6:30 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 26 vs. Flyer White @ 5:30 p.m.                        Sun. Nov. 21 vs. Angels PW B @ 8:15 p.m.
Sat. Nov. 27 vs. Alexandria Btm B @ 3:30 p.m.                   Fri. Nov. 26 vs. Raiders PW B Navy @ 12:15 p.m.
                                                                Sat. Nov. 27 vs. GF Sugars PW B @ 3:00 p.m.
Peewee A                                                        Fowler Rink at Southwest Arena
Sat. Nov. 13 vs. Park Rapids @ 1:15 p.m.
Sun. Nov. 14 vs. Alexandria PW A @ 3:00 p.m.                    Squirt A
Thurs. Nov. 18 vs. Dickinson PW A @ 7:45 p.m.                   Sat. Nov. 13 vs. Park Rapids @ 11:30 a.m.
Sat. Nov. 20 vs. Bismarck Admirls PW A @ 1:15 p.m.              Sat. Nov 27 vs. Warroad @ 11:30 a.m.
Sun. Nov. 21 vs. Bismarck Blades PW A @ 11:30 a.m.              Dec. 3 – Dec 5 FYHA Tournament
Fri. Nov. 26 vs. Crookston PW A @ 3:45 p.m.
                                                                Squirt B
                                                                Sun. Nov 28 vs. Detroit Lakes @ 4:45 p.m.

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