Cheating Tic-tac-toe by lonyoo


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                                                                     Proving you’re lesson ready:
                                       8                           Cheating Tic-tac-toe

   What Cheating Tic-tac-toe is for
   You’ve been working hard on your task for the day, and it feels as though you might be finished.
   But how do you know that it’s ready for the lesson?

   You need to test it. If it passes the test, you can stop working on it. If it doesn’t, then you need to
   keep practicing.

   Cheating Tic-tac-toe is one of many tests that you can use in such a situation—there are other
   more challenging tests that you can find at (The more tests you
   pass, the more certain you can be that the item is lesson ready)

   How to use Cheating Tic-tac-toe

     ΠTo pass this test, you need to win a game of Tic-tac-toe, so go get an opponent. A parent,
     brother or sister, grandma - whoever. This game is more fun if there’s someone to beat.

      Draw up a regular tic-tac-toe board. Like a sharp sign, only straight.
     Ž Go to your instrument, and play through the section that you need to test. If there were no
     errors, it’s your turn. If you messed up anything at all, your opponent has a turn. You keep
     going until one of you wins. (Which means that yes, in this version of tic-tac-toe, it’s possible
     to have several turns in a row)

   What if you don’t win?
   Challenge your opponent to a rematch, but ask them to come back in twenty minutes when
   you’ve had a chance to practice the section some more. Hopefully your second game will wipe
   that superior smile from their face.

   For more information on pressure games like this:
   • Turn to pages 149-172 in The Practice Revolution
   • There is also a shorter online guide available at

   For other Practice Strategies to assist with “Proving you’re lesson ready”
    • Go to

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