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									                                           GINGERBREAD               HOUSE S                    DECEMBER              2006

                              YUMMY NORTHWEST
                                        MARY ROSEWOOD, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER
                                             LESLIE PHILLIPS, COPY EDITOR
                                                  KENT, WASHINGTON

                                                 Gingerbread joy
Tasty holidays                                  In Seattle, Sheraton Hotel
                                                chefs and local architects
                                                                                And now, some photos
                                                                                Here is a preview of what you’ll see at the
Nothing marks the winter holidays with                                          City Centre.
quite the same impact as gingerbread            have teamed up for the
houses. Simple or elaborate, these edible       fourteenth year to build
structures inspire awe in those who view        six massive gingerbread
them, and they’re darn fun to make.             structures to impress
                                                onlookers and raise
The unofficial rule for a true gingerbread      money for the Northwest
house is that everything used in its            chapter of the Juvenile
construction be edible. Whether you             Diabetes Research
actually eat it or not, is up to you. Some      Foundation.
folks cover theirs in shellac and pull it out
each Christmas.                                 This year’s theme is
                                                “Holidays in the Northwest.”
But Yummy Northwest recommends that             Look for Mount Rainier,
you make a new one each year. Part of the       downtown Seattle, the
joy of the season is making people happy,       Ballard locks, Orca
and working with tons of candy is one way       whales, eagles, skiers,
to accomplish this.                             kayakers, and many more
                                                Northwest sights.
Pre-baked houses are available at some
supermarkets and bakeries, so if you don’t      Usually, structures are
bake, you can still make your very own.         created and displayed in
                                                                               OK, it’s a little crooked, but it’s Seattle’s
                                                the Sheraton Hotel, but
                                                                               one-and-only gingerbread Space Needle.
                                                during hotel renovation,
                                                architects did what they
First, a little background                      could with 1,200 pounds
Gingerbread variations have been around         of dough and 600 pounds
for centuries. Breads, cakes, and cookies       of icing in home garages
have all been made throughout Europe            and rooms around town,
since at least the eleventh century.            and then very carefully
                                                transported them to the
Early settlers in America brought their         second floor of the City
recipes with them, and used local               Centre.
ingredients, such as maple syrup in New
England and sorghum molasses in the             This is a spectacular
South, to create regional delicacies.           must-see display in
                                                downtown Seattle.
In Germany, flat cookies have always been
more popular than elsewhere in Europe,          City Centre
and it was probably inevitable that             1420 Fifth Ave. (at Union)
someone there would think to build them         Seattle, Wash. 98101            More recognizable are the guys tossing
into a house. In the nineteenth century, the    Nov. 24 – Jan. 1                fish at the Pike Place Market…and the pig,
Brothers Grimm found a long-told fairy tale                                     of course.
wherein Hansel and Gretel, hungry and
abandoned children, came across a               Learn more about
                                                                                                        photos by Mary Rosewood
gloriously decorated gingerbread house in       juvenile diabetes at
the forest.                           
                                            Great gingerbread
                                            Here are some resources
                                            that will provide a good
                                            foundation for your own

                                            Vegan Lunch Box
                                            by Jennifer McCann
                                            Even if you consume meat,
                                            milk, or cheese, you’ll
                                            appreciate the healthy
                                            recipes developed by this        Santa pauses to laugh before crossing a
                                            creative Kennewick, Wash.,       cinnamon-stick-and-gum bridge.
                                            cook. Especially enjoy the
                                            recipe for Gingerbread
Pull back to enjoy the full view of Mount   Vegans in her new
Rainier overlooking downtown Seattle full   cookbook. To view daily
of Christmas cheer.                         lunch boxes filled with
                                            intriguing vegan treats, go to
                                            her award-winning blog at

                                            Great Gingerbread
                                            by Sara Perry
                                            This Portland cookbook
                                            author shares more of her
                                            wonderful edible ideas. You’ll
                                            love the simplicity of her
                                            gingerbread house, the
                                            Lickety-Split Log Cabin.
                                            Many other gingerbread
                                            treats await in this fun-to-
                                            look-at book.

                                            Making Great
                                            Gingerbread Houses
                                            by Aaron Morgan and
                                            Paige Gilchrist
A snow globe! How did they do that?
                                            Much more complicated than
                                            log cabins, the gingerbread
                                            houses in this book will
                                            delight you even if you decide   This Seattle landmark building, the Smith
                                            you’ll never make them. A        Tower, is best seen at dusk. Wow!
                                            tree house, a zoo, a totem
                                            pole lodge (the traditional
                                            dwelling of Northwest
                                            Indians), and a lighthouse are
                                            just some of the offerings.
                                                                             About Yummy Northwest
                                            The Mini Gingerbread             Each monthly issue highlights an edible
                                            House Kit                        delight available in the Pacific Northwest.
                                            by Running Press
                                                                             Contact the editor
                                            This tiny boxed kit contains a
                                                                             Comments, corrections, topic ideas, and
                                            recipe book, cutters, and two
                                            chimneys for your diminutive     submissions are all most welcome at
An eagle at its tree-top nest.              masterpiece.            View
                                                                             archives issues at

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