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					                                                   The adventure begins in the warm month of May,
                                                with workshops and classes over the course of three days.
                                                A university without walls, a place to learn and to share,
                                                    with hand-picked presenters and SSC “hares.”
                                                  Look beyond the reflection, no more time should pass,
                                                           be creative, be bold; take a step…

                                t h r o u g h                                                           t h e

                                                    2010 Seattle Study Club Coordinators Conference
                                                The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle ~ May 13-15, 2010

                                   Thursday < 13 May 2010
                                   T             M
                                                                 The Heart of Success
                                                                         Dr. Dan Tripps
                    Dr. Tripps will share the fundamental principles of discipline, perseverance and leadership that can be found in his
                  book, The Heart of Success: Conversations with Notable Achievers. He will offer tools to help attendees learn from their
                    mistakes, find a sense of direction, and gain a new perspective on the role and value of a life dedicated to achieving.
                                                        Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                                               1. List the commonly displayed attributes of those who achieve.
                                                2. Understand the difference between excellence and success.

       Strategy, Tactics & Principles for Rook Pawns                                     Opening Move to Checkmate for Knight Pawns
           Chapter 1 of Rookies 101 with Hatta (aka Greg Tice)                              Veterans Problem Solving with Haigha (aka Carla Kimball)
       This session will provide an overview of the background and                         It is only by experience derived from practice and observation
 underlying educational principles behind the Seattle Study Club concept.                 that players acquire the requisite knowledge to avoid weakness
  The strategy and tactics developed have been tested over time, perfected                in their own Study Club. This interactive session is one of the
  and wielded by a master of the game, Greg Tice. This session will show               most effective educational opportunities we have available. Veteran
    first time Coordinators the true value of their role and the critical                 Coordinators will split into small groups and share examples of
                skills needed to run a successful Study Club.                          problems actually faced in their Study Clubs and develop strategies.
              Following this session, attendees should be able to:                                 Following this session, attendees should be able to:
   1. Understand the philosophy behind SSC academic programming.                      1. Implement tips and strategies learned from SSC mentors and peers.
                2. Grasp the basics of running a Study Club.                               2. Brainstorm solutions to problems faced in the Study Club.

                                                               Presentation Advantage
                                                                   Diane Brewster-Norman
              Even the most experienced professionals can lack effective presentation skills. They fail to prepare, are fearful in front of people
            and lack the confidence to engage and persuade an inattentive audience. Verbal and non-verbal communication is a direct reflection
              of the individual speaking, their workplace, practice and Study Club. FranklinCovey’s Presentation Advantage workshop helps
                  participants discover how to craft presentations around essential objectives, present key concepts and ideas with power
                                 and enthusiasm, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery.
                                                       Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                                      1. Apply improved presentation tactics to motivate their Study Club members.
                                               2. Manifest the skills learned to become better communicators.

                                         Friday < 14 May 2010
                                         F           M
                    Continuing Dental Education Workshop: The Application Process from Start to Finish
                                                                Haigha (aka Carla Kimball)
                    During this hands-on interactive session, attendees will be given instruction along with sample documents to assist
                 in obtaining AGD/ADA compliance for their Study Club (whether a first-time or renewing applicant). Carla will review
                                 the step-by-step process, as well address the most frequently asked compliance questions.
                                                      Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                   1. Determine the requirements for successfully completing and submitting their Study Club AGD/ADA application.
                            2. Assess whether their Study Club is in full compliance with AGD/ADA regulations and updates.

       Strategy, Tactics & Principles for Rook Pawns                                         Wonderland Think Tank for Knight Pawns
          Chapter 2 of Rookies 101 with Tweedledum and Tweedledee                             Veterans with the White Queen (aka Heather Bright)
                       (aka Shaida Ghomi and Lisa Nicon)                              Calling all Knight Pawns to participate in an event within the event.
            Coordinating successful events takes a combination of                        Think Tank discussions offer rare opportunities to huddle with
     communication, negotiation, budgeting, organization and creativity.              SSC “hares” and fellow Knight Pawns, joining together to dig deeper
   During this session, SSC Event Directors Shaida and Lisa will present              into the magical SSC Wonderland. This program has been designed
       a wealth of information regarding event planning, from intimate                 to elicit specific information, thoughts and opinions from our core
        “lunch ’n learns” to multi-day symposia. They will also provide                    group of returning Coordinators, creating opportunities for
        indispensable tools to use when negotiating contracts for event                           development and strength within our network.
             facilities, banquet services, entertainers and speakers.                              Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                Following this session, attendees should be able to:                             1. Assess current professional needs and interests
1. Create a “win-win” when working with vendors and negotiating contracts.                             of those involved with the Study Club.
 2. Implement tips learned to run high quality successful Study Club events.                  2. Develop new strategies and ideas to benefit both the
                                                                                                   Coordinator and the SSC network as a whole.

                                               From the Pool of Tears to the Pearls of Wisdom
           Total collaboration is at the heart of the SSC culture and tradition. This year we are taking knowledge sharing to a new level, having
           the “real” experts in the field communicate their Study Club pearls. Fellow Knight Pawns will share their individual experiences, best
          processes, techniques, programming ideas, events and themes that have been developed and implemented within their own Study Club.
                                                           Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                            1. Discover practical and instantly applicable tips and techniques for running a successful Study Club.
                                            2. Utilize valuable step-by-step processes developed by other Study Clubs.
                     Please send your Study Club examples to our office to share, i.e., program materials, gift ideas, invitations, event themes, etc.
                    Keep in mind that all samples shared during the meeting inspire us to create and practice new ideas in our own Study Clubs.

                                                                    Customer Service
                                                                      Hatta (aka Greg Tice)
                 Why do people call themselves “Ritz People” when talking about the Ritz Carlton? Why do they refer to themselves as SSC
            members or Symposium Veterans when talking about SSC meetings? Because they are engaged customers who feel connected to the
           organization and to the people who make up the organization. Customer service isn’t a strategy or corporate mandate; it is an attitude,
            a belief system that manifests itself in many different ways. The delivery of customer service and its reinforcement in the Study Club
           and practice can be enhanced with an implementation strategy, but the attitude and belief systems themselves must match the system.
             If they don’t, Coordinators will not be walking the “service” talk. This session will explore exactly what service means; the different
              levels of service delivery from “minimum necessary” to “over the top”; the attitudes and beliefs that drive service; changing service
                  to engagement; and we will begin to lay out a system that allows attendees to consistently deliver memorable experiences.
                                                         Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                                             1. Identify and promote the attitudes and beliefs that enhance service.
                                     2. Develop a strategy for implementation of service that matches currently held beliefs.

                                                  May 2010
                                    Saturday < 15 M
                                                                  Endangered Species
                                                             Cheshire Cat (aka Dr. Michael Cohen)
           This presentation is about protecting our livelihood for the future. How may the practice and/or Study Club be positioned to recover
           more quickly from this economic downturn? How about finding the path to return to robust growth? Is it possible to march forward
            as if these endangerments never existed? The answers require an “SSC” mindset of sharing knowledge and learning from each other.
                                                         Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                 1. Revise the “every man for himself ” philosophy and discover that “all for one, one for all” is far more powerful and effective.
                2. Ascertain the importance of assessing their Study Club’s current situation and figure out how to return to past profitability.

                                   Marketing the Specialty Practice & Study Club in the Digital Age
                                                                         Dan Hinkle
                  Most practice management gurus agree that Internet marketing is the wave of the future. But few can explain exactly
               how Directors and Coordinators should go about harnessing the power of digital marketing for the practice and Study Club.
                       In this lively session, Dan breaks new ground and shares his tips, tricks and tools for taking practices and
                                        Study Clubs to the next level using innovative digital marketing techniques.
                                                      Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                   1. Apply tips and techniques to increase case acceptance and improve patient and Study Club member awareness.
                  2. Analyze their existing contacts database to best leverage communications with patients and Study Club members.
                                        3. Develop a web presence and methods to track and test their advertising.

                              Irrefutable Keys to Reduce Non-Productive Time: Unlock Your Mystery
                                                                              Lisa Philp
                Whether managing a Study Club or a patient base, the stress of overcoming no shows and cancellations can be exhausting
             using a lot of one’s positive energy. Lisa’s proven keys for success of overcoming downtime will take the audience from frustration
                 and urgency to a simple strategy of focused energy and create immediate results to reduce downtime in all aspects of life.
                                                          Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                          1. Understand how to assess their own unique situation and create an action plan that meets their needs.
                                            2. Apply simple techniques to ease their effort with non-productive time.

                                         Leading Builders, Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers & Millenials
                                                                          Haydn Shaw
                           Workforce 2000 predicted 25 years ago that today’s managers would have to juggle four generations:
                Builders, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millenials. Each age group learns differently, works differently, buys differently and wants
                 to be rewarded differently. Understanding how they differ in their views will help you, your practice and your Study Club
                                 adjust to better communicate and meet the needs of your patients, staff and membership.
                                                       Following this session, attendees should be able to:
                   1. Discover why typical approaches no longer work in the workplace or Study Club membership, and learn what does.
             2. Apply leadership principles to help different cohorts find their voice, feel appreciated and trust that their contributions matter.

                                                  the fine print
             Hotel: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is located in downtown Seattle, 20 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport,
           (411 University Street, Seattle, WA 98101). Reservations can be made by calling 206.621.1700. Be sure to mention you are with the
            Seattle Study Club to receive the special rate of $199 per night. Please make and guarantee your own reservation. You will want to
                arrive on Wednesday, May 12 and depart on Sunday, May 16. (Please understand that in exchange for the discounted rate,
                              a non-refundable deposit equal to two nights’ stay is required to hold your room reservation.)
             Tuition: $1,545 (if received at the SSC office on or before April 20, 2010; $1,695 after April 20, 2010). Price includes: two and
         one half days of programming, three breakfasts, two lunches, welcome reception on Thursday night and a final event on Saturday night.
         Group Tuition: $1,445 per Coordinator for groups of two or more from the same Study Club registered by April 20, 2010; $1,595 after.
              Cancellation Policy: If written notice of cancellation is received at the SSC office by April 15, 2010, all but $250 of the tuition
             will be refunded. If received between April 15 and May 1, 2010, 50 percent of the tuition will be credited toward registration for
                  the 2011 Symposium or the 2011 Coordinators Conference. No refund is available for cancellations after May 1, 2010.
                                        Questions: Please contact Shaida Ghomi or Carla Kimball at 425.576.8000
                                        or by email to or
                                       Schedule is subject to change and speaker substitutions may be made without notice.
                        Up to 17 CE Credits Available   Approval does not imply acceptance
                        Academy of General Dentistry    by a state or provincial board of
                        Approved PACE Program           dentistry or AGD endorsement.             Seattle Study Club is an ADA CERP recognized provider.
                        Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit       (10/19/2007 to 9/30/2011)                 (11/2007 to 9/2010)

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