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      American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists

                           REGION VII QUARTERLY UPDATE
                              Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005

Join us at APhA2005 in Orlando!                           Region VII Candidates Run for
                                                          National Office
T   he APhA2005 Annual Meeting and
    Exposition is being held this year in
Orlando, Florida from April 1 – 5. At this                E   very year, APhA-ASP elects four student
                                                              leaders to represent them at the national
meeting, over 6,000 attendees from across the             level. One President-elect is selected for a two-
country will gather to discuss issues and share           year term, while one Speaker of the House and
ideas critical to the profession of pharmacy.             two Members-at-large are chosen for one-year
                                                          terms. Candidates will vie for your school’s vote
During the meeting, the APhA – Academy of                 during several events at APhA2005. Please read
Student Pharmacists will elect new leadership             about each candidate and familiarize yourselves
and pass new policy proposals. This meeting               with their background statements at this link to
provides students with the opportunity to direct          candidate statements.
the future of pharmacy, network with prospective
employers, learn about differences in practice            This year, we have two candidates from Region
across the country, and have a lot of fun.                VII running for national office. Margaret
                                                          Sopalski from the University of Washington is a
There are several featured events listed below.           candidate for President-elect, and Cristina
This list is only a snapshot highlighting critical        DuVall from Washington State University is
meetings to attend. Please review the complete            running for Member-at-large. They have each
Students’ Guide to APhA2005 for additional                written an article that outlines their reasons for
activities. The Awards Ceremony will be                   running and gives you some talking points to
particularly relevant this year, as there will be at      share with students from schools outside our
least one award given out to a Region VII                 region.

                             APhA-ASP Featured Events at APhA2005

             Saturday, April 2     8:00 a.m.     Opening General Session
             Saturday, April 2     1:00 p.m.     Open Hearing on Proposed Resolutions
             Saturday, April 2     2:00 p.m.     Open Candidate Review
             Sunday, April 3       1:00 p.m.     Region VII Caucus
             Sunday, April 3       2:30 p.m.     APhA-ASP House of Delegates – First Session
             Monday, April 4       2:00 p.m.     APhA-ASP House of Delegates – Final Session
             Monday, April 4       7:00 p.m.     APhA-ASP Awards Ceremony
             Margaret Sopalski
             University of Washington                                         Inside This Issue
             Candidate for APhA-ASP President-elect
                                                             Join us at APhA2005! ................. page 1

R    ecently a student at the University of
     Wisconsin caused quite a stir on campus.
Cynthia Martens, an Italian and European studies
                                                             Candidates for National Office .... page 1
                                                               Margaret Sopalski, UW ............ page 2
                                                               Cristina DuVall, WSU .............. page 3
major, wrote a newspaper column regarding a                  Proposed Resolutions .................. page 5
woman’s right to have birth control filled. She              Serving All Year Long ................ page 6
then went on to state that a pharmacist has “no              Chapter Updates ........................... page 7
business asking personal questions (such as                  Calendar ....................................... page 9
whether a girl is using birth control pills for
contraception).” In less than twenty-four hours,
there were fifty plus online responses from U of       this evolution. With MTMS on the horizon,
Wisconsin School of Pharmacy students. Ms.             payment for services such as medication therapy
Martens, an educated individual at a university        review and diabetes education is within our
with a school of pharmacy, did not understand          grasp. Yet it serves no purpose to have means
why a pharmacist might want to ask such                for payment, unless our patients know the
personal questions, or her need to answer them.        services exist in the first place.

A month ago the University of Washington               If allowed to serve you as APhA-ASP President-
student newspaper, The Daily, ran a series on          elect, my goal will be to change this
drug use at the UW. It was a two part series on        misperception of our profession. This shift of
undiagnosed depression, and Ritalin used as a          perception to reality is imperative for the
study aid. Two weeks later another article ran on      development and growth of a true patient
the FDA’s decision not to make Plan B an OTC           pharmacist relationship. Once patients
medication. A pharmacist was not consulted for         understand what we as pharmacists can provide,
any of the articles. Slightly frustrated, I decided    they will be more willing to answer our
to write a letter to the editor entitled “Ask a        questions and spend the time needed to manage
pharmacist” which would inform readers of what         their medication therapy.
pharmacists can provide to patients. It was
published in its entirety in a section entitled Free   This important goal can be accomplished by
Speech Friday. With a circulation of 30,000            many means, primarily through increased patient
students, not to mention faculty and staff, I was      involvement in the community. Legislative
excited to think that I had possibly changed the       advocacy is a beginning, but we must work to
perception of pharmacy, for even one patient.          expand and improve our patient care initiatives.
All it took was paper and a pen, and one student       These initiatives not only provide valuable
pharmacist who was willing to stand up and say         public health services, but also provide education
“This is who we are, and this is how we can help       to the public about our profession.
you everyday.”
                                                       As student pharmacists, we each have the ability
How many of you have heard, “You’re going to           to become agents of change for pharmacy. I will
school to count by five’s?” We all have. The           also encourage students to become innovators of
truth is many of our patients do not know what         new programs and policies to implement at their
our profession is capable of providing to them.        own schools. What works for one school and
The profession of pharmacy has greatly evolved         community might not work for another, because
and advanced over the past thirty years, yet the       of socio-economic and cultural differences.
public’s perception of us does not correlate with      Every new innovation and program, though, is

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                            Page 2
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
an opportunity to change the perception of         beneficial for all involved, most importantly the
pharmacy, one patient interaction at a time.       patient.

Finally, and equally important, we must improve    We have legislation supporting us. It is time for
our current relationships with other health care   us to stand up and say “I am your pharmacist,
professions. If you look through the policies of   and this is how I can help you today.” A
the American Medical Association, and those of     defining moment has come to our profession.
APhA, they are completely opposite. We must        It’s our moment, our mission, our responsibility.
extinguish the tension before it even begins, by   Let’s stand together for the future of pharmacy.
encouraging interdisciplinary relationships        I would appreciate your support, and can’t wait
during school. Forming partnerships for health     for the fun in Orlando!
fairs with students of dentistry or medicine is

             Cristina DuVall
             Washington State University
             Candidate for APhA-ASP Member-at-large

H     ello, my name is Cris DuVall and I am
      running for APhA-ASP National Member-
                                                   leaders begin their terms scantily equipped with
                                                   the information they need to be effective
                                                   resources to their members. They are on the
                                                   frontlines for the battle of knowledge. At a
I wish to advocate the bylaws, vision, mission,    national level, I will equip the chapter leaders
goals, objectives and procedures of APhA-ASP       with a condensed reference to which they can
and APhA as I represent APhA-ASP on behalf of      refer when discussing membership benefits to
its membership at large. I believe a Northwest     existing and potential members. I will endeavor
influence should remain at the national level to   to fortify APhA-ASP chapters’ recruitment and
ensure that we are adequately represented. Last    retention efforts beginning with pre-pharmacy
year as your Regional Member-at-large I voted      students and continuing beyond new
on your behalf with our Regional Delegate at the   practitioners.
APhA-ASP House of Delegates. This year I’m
moving on to the APhA House of Delegates with      To increase member involvement, APhA-ASP
your support.                                      must improve communication. We have done an
                                                   adequate job of communicating between the
As Region 7 Member-At-large I strove to            national, regional and chapter leaders with the
increase student understanding and use of APhA     student section of,
member benefits. I recognized the need for well-, our magazines, journals
informed Chapter Presidents, Presidents-elect      and the newsletters. Unfortunately, many of our
and Membership Vice Presidents. Many chapter       student pharmacists haven’t the time to read
THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                               Page 3
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
them in addition to their studies. When I visit          can take toward furthering the community of
regions I plan to dialogue face-to-face with             APhA’s legislative agenda. Members informed
members regarding their untapped resources to            of APhA-ASP policy process will be able to
professional development, career guidance,               better involve themselves within their state and
networking and leadership opportunities as well          local pharmacy associations.
as money savings for textbooks and insurance. I
will ask for input on Operations Diabetes and            As National Member-at-large I will be chairing
Operation Immunization, the APhA-ASP/PSSC                either the Education or Publications Standing
Project Award Program, APhA/NHBA                         Committees. In either venue I would work with
Heartburn Awareness Challenge, smoking                   the team to develop pharmacy leadership and
cessation education efforts, and American                professionalism opportunities for student
Pharmacists Month. I will listen to the                  involvement within state and local communities
suggestions the members have and bring those             as well as nationally within APhA and beyond.
ideas back to the national level. Every member           As always, we will be looking for your
has the right to be heard and I will be your             suggestions on how to better APhA-ASP as a
advocate.                                                whole and the members as individuals.
                                                         I believe I will effectively represent the
As a first year, I worked with Washington state          communal voice of student pharmacists here in
legislators, the Washington State Board of               the Northwest. I will strive to provide a variety
Pharmacy and Washington State Pharmacy                   of opportunities for professional growth and
Association to change state policy to allow              enthusiastically advance the future of pharmacy
foreign exchange students the opportunity to             to the best of my ability. I would appreciate
participate in the IPSF volunteer exchange               your support as I campaign for APhA-ASP
program. I am highly motivated to enhance                National Member-at-large. What issues would
student pharmacist involvement in legislative            you like to see addressed at the national level? I
issues and advocacy for the profession. I plan to        am open to your ideas; please feel free to contact
work with the National Executive Officers in             me.
creating succinct legislative fact sheets pertinent
to the Student Political Information Network             Thank You,
(SPIN) and other students with action steps they         Cris DuVall (

Your 2004 – 2005 Region VII Officers

       Winter Chan                             Mike Fahey                     Dawn Leeper
    Member-at-large                             Delegate                    MRM Coordinator
    University of Utah                    Oregon State University         University of Montana       

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                     Page 4
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
             Proposed Resolutions for the APhA-ASP 2005 House of Delegates
             By Mike Fahey, Oregon State University, Region VII Delegate

     t November’s Mid-year Regional Meeting,
A    Region VII members passed ten policy
proposals on to the Resolutions Committee. So ...
                                                         APhA-ASP recommends that the Centers for
                                                         Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
                                                         designates pharmacists as the preferred provider
what happened to those resolutions?                      of Medication Therapy Management Services
                                                         under Medicare Part D, as established by the
A total of 115 resolutions were passed throughout        Medicare Modernization Act of 2003.
all eight regions. The Resolutions Committee
thoroughly debated the merits of each idea and           2005.4 Limiting the Sale of Methamphetamine
narrowed the field down to what we felt were the         Derivatives
most relevant and critical issues. The eight             APhA-ASP supports federal legislation that
chosen policy proposals will be debated and              monitors and regulates the sale of
voted on at the Open Hearing and the House of            pseudoephedrine-containing or other drug
Delegates sessions in Orlando.                           products used in the unlawful manufacture of
                                                         methamphetamine or other illegal substances with
Below is the text of the eight policy proposals.         the potential for abuse.
The background statements for these are located
on the APhA-ASP Policy web site. Please                  2005.5 Lower Cost Medications
familiarize yourselves with the issues before            APhA-ASP encourages the development of
hopping on that plane to Orlando.                        educational resources for pharmacists and student
                                                         pharmacists on existing assistance programs that
Discuss these resolutions with your chapter and          provide low-income and uninsured patients
bring your questions to the Region VII Caucus            access to medications at a reduced cost.
(Sunday, April 3, 1 – 2 p.m., Peabody Hotel,
Windermere). Alternatively, before the meeting           2005.6 Legislative Education
you may send an e-mail with your concerns to the         APhA-ASP encourages the development of
APhA-ASP House of Delegates mail box. As                 educational programs that foster legislative and
always, you may also contact me directly.                political awareness of current issues within the
                                                         profession of pharmacy.
2005.1 Tort Reform
APhA-ASP supports legislation that limits the            2005.7 Insurance / Patient Specific Information
amount of non-economic and punitive damages              APhA-ASP supports legislation requiring third-
incurred in malpractice lawsuits filed against           party payors to offer 24-hour access to personnel
pharmacists and other healthcare providers               in order to resolve patient coverage issues,
performing their professional duties.                    including but not limited to the confirmation of
                                                         patient benefit status and the authorization of
2005.2 Clinical Trials                                   payment for services.
APhA-ASP encourages legislation that requires
pharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers to          2005.8 Tamper Proof / Counterfeit Resistant
disclose the results of all clinical trials regardless   Packaging
of outcome through an independently reviewed,            APhA-ASP urges drug manufacturers and
publicly accessible, national electronic database.       distributors to continually incorporate innovative
                                                         counterfeit- and tamper-resistant technology into
2005.3 Medication Therapy Management                     product packaging.

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                      Page 5
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
          Serving All Year Long: APhA-ASP Patient Care Projects
          By Winter Chan, University of Utah, Region VII Member-at-large

  t’s now been a few months since deadlines
I have passed for handing in reports for the
patient care projects, Operation Immunization,
                                                          new co-chairs to train during the spring and
                                                          summer months.

Operation Diabetes and the Heartburn                     Make sure the publicity committees of each
Awareness Challenge. We are all well into the             project are getting the word out on upcoming
semester and busy once again with projects,               activities.
exams and seminars, and APhA-ASP Patient
Care Projects sometimes take a back seat after           Communicate with other project co-chairs
the January 1st deadline.                                 from our region in order to share ideas.

                          Participating in the           Involve your
                          patient care projects all       chapter’s
                          year long is a way that         Executive
                          we, as student                  Committee in the
pharmacists, can serve the community, use and             brainstorming
practice our skills and knowledge, and actively           process and volunteering at projects.
promote the role of the pharmacist.
                                                         Invite students that have not participated in
Below are some simple ways to continue the                the past to head up a screening or project.
great work into the spring and summer:
                                                         Contact your Region VII Officers for ideas or
   Create a new folder to record all of 2005             suggestions for help or ideas.
    activities, including report sheets, picture
    files, and lists of                               The APhA-ASP Patient Care Projects were
    successful activities                             implemented in order to help us in our
    from the past on                                  professional development, but more importantly,
    which to build. Start                             to improve the quality of life for those in our
    recording early so it                             community. Region VII continues to provide
    will be easier to do                              these services for the community. Keep up the
    your project next                                 good work!
                                                      Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or
   Have a meeting with current co-chairs of the      ideas at
    projects to discuss future plans and nominate
Chapter Updates

                                           Idaho State University

W      e are busy here in Pocatello planning for
       our trip to Orlando. We have 19 students
going to the Annual Meeting. We are excited
                                                         representative and SPIN coordinator, Donovan
                                                         Victorine, sat in on the meeting with ISPA
                                                         leaders to make amendments that pharmacists
that Aaron Long, our ISHP student                        and student pharmacists want included in the
representative has accepted a position on the            bill. Last I heard, the sponsors proposing the bill
Policy Standing Committee with APhA-ASP                  have accepted some of the amendments and it
next year. To raise funds every year, we have a          will voted on in the near future.
Spaghetti Feed Auction and Fundraiser, where
we give a portion of the proceeds to a charity in        Alisa Stewart, Operation Diabetes chair is very
the Pocatello community. This year we decided            busy planning and getting committees together
to donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation. We                  for our diabetes health fairs coming up this
raised about $6500 total and donated $2000 to a          spring. We had a Spanish Health Fair and one
17-year-old girl that has leukemia through Make-         other diabetes fair earlier in February in two
A-Wish Foundation.                                       rural towns near Pocatello. There are three
                                                         others planned for the rest of the semester right
The Spaghetti Feed always takes a lot of                 now in surrounding rural communities and in
planning, whether it is gathering donations from         Pocatello. April 30th we have our annual
the community or faculty to cooking brownies             Diabetes Health Fair here at the College of
and spaghetti for the dinner. Our chairperson,           Pharmacy where we invite physical therapy,
Evan Frasure, did a great job of planning and            nursing, and other health profession students to
making the event run smoothly. It is an event            participate with us. We also include health and
that involves faculty, students, staff and the           fitness groups in the community and a
community. Many of the students buy anything             cardiology clinic here in town. Our goal is to
from dinners or BBQs to ATV trips with faculty           give as many people as possible free
members.                                                 Hemoglobin A1c tests, glucose tests, medication
                                                         counseling and education about diabetes.
Our chapter had Legislative Day on February
22nd in Boise, Idaho. Students from Boise and            With all of these events going on this semester, it
Pocatello along with our state associations              is flying by. We look forward to seeing
participated in the event. There is a proposal in        everyone in Orlando and hope you all have a safe
Idaho to put all pseudoephedrine-containing              trip there!
products behind the pharmacy counter and log
them when purchased. Our ISPA student                    Kory VanderSchaaf, Chapter President

                                          University of Washington

T    he APhA-ASP Chapter at the University of
     Washington has been quite busy! In
October, Operation Immunization, led by Kristen
                                                         with the Diabetes Walk, held on the first
                                                         weekend of the fall quarter. We had about 20
                                                         students volunteer to help with several events at
Soo Hoo, handed out flyers with information on           the walk. Later that month, our chapter went up
the flu vaccine at Husky Stadium before the San          to the main campus to educate and increase
Jose football game, the only winning game of the         student awareness on safe sex and emergency
season! Operation Diabetes started the year              contraceptives, smoking cessation, as well as

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                      Page 7
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
calcium and folic acid. All of these projects           game to raise $1200 for children with diabetes.
gave our chapter the wonderful opportunity to           Later on this year, our Operation Diabetes
interact and educate the public on current issues.      Director, Aimee Breitfelder, will be organizing
                                                        an effort to gather over 100 volunteers for the
Prior to MRM in November, we gathered                   Diabetes EXPO at the Seahawks Convention
students for SPIN 101 and resolution writing.           Center, here in Seattle.
Our SPIN Coordinator, Sarah Elliot, gave
students the quick and dirty on the legislative         Right after Winter finals, we’ll be heading to
process and pharmacy issues. Midyear was a              Olympia for Legislative Day, where we will
blast and many of our students contributed to the       educate Congressmen on what pharmacists do
policy process. At MRM, our very own                    for their patients. We’ll also be giving a
Margaret Sopalski decided to run for APhA-ASP           presentation at the Hearthstone, as assisted living
President-elect in Orlando!                             facility in Seattle on Heartburn Awareness.

In January, there were about 30 students who            Finally, and most importantly, our chapter is
competed in the Patient Counseling Competition.         taking 48 students to APhA in Orlando. Our
Carson Huntoon (APhA-ASP Chapter President-             very own Collin Conway will be leading the
Elect) won for the second year in a row. He will        show as Speaker of the House. We sincerely
be competing in the National Patient Counseling         hope to see you all there!
Competition in Orlando.
                                                        Ronda Machen, Chapter President
Coming up in February, Operation Diabetes will
be taking 100 students to a Sonics Basketball

                                          Oregon State University

T    he past several months have been busy at
     Oregon State University. Our patient care
committees have been very active in reaching out
                                                        other was in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.
                                                        In addition, Mr. Yuk presented their program to
                                                        children attending a KidSpirit day camp. The
to the public. Operation Diabetes and Operation         camp’s “Junior Beavers” (K – 2 nd graders) and
Hypertension have jointly held multiple events,         their older students taking a babysitting class
including two screenings at Sunflower House (a          learned about poison prevention from Mr. Yuk.
free health clinic) and a health fair at the
Corvallis Fred Meyer. Members of Operation              In January, Kim Tamura (third-year student)
Diabetes were active participants in the ADA            bested all other OSU participants in our chapter’s
Diabetes Expo held in Portland in February. At          National Patient Counseling Competition and
the Diabetes Expo, students participated in bone        will represent us in Orlando. She will be joined
density and body mass index screenings and had          by 24 other students who are making the trip to
countless positive interactions with the diabetic       APhA2005.
community. Operation Hypertension also hosted
an open-house event at the Student Health Center        Several of our pharmacy students participated in
on the Corvallis Campus.                                Legislative Day on February 23 rd. Brian Vu and
                                                        Martin Wong, both second-year students, led the
The College of Pharmacy and Phi Delta Chi,              way in helping us share with legislators what
with help from Operation Hypertension,                  student pharmacists learn and how we contribute
sponsored two Brown Bag events. One event               to the health care system.
was at the Mennonite Village in Albany, and the

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                     Page 8
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005
Other events of note include a fundraiser for the            which distributes food to many different
victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami and a food               outreach agencies in the area. The food drive
drive. A total of $4,300 was raised by students,             just wrapped up so look for the total amount of
faculty, and staff of the College of Pharmacy for            food raised in the next chapter update!
the tsunami relief effort. The funds raised were
donated to the American Red Cross. The food                  Rowan Madix, Chapter President-elect
drive benefits the Linn Benton Food Share,

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

A pril 2005
     Apr 1 – 5:           APhA2005 Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida.

     Apr 15:              Tax Forms due to APhA Headquarters

M ay 2005
     May 19 – 23: IPSF Pan-American Regional Symposium, Kingston, Jamaica

J une 2005
     Jun 19 – 24:         University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies

J uly2005
     Jul 15:              Chapter Achievement Report due to APhA Headquarters

     Jul 15 – 17:         APhA Summer Leadership Institute, Washington, DC

A ugust2005
     Aug 5 – 14:          IPSF 51st World Congress, Bonn, Germany

THE SCRIPT: Region VII quarterly update                                                         Page 9
Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2005

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