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									                            The Commonwealth Links
                                        Chartered June 6, 1998

        The 270th Chapter of The Links, Inc.
       The 75th Chapter in the Eastern Region

              Chapter’s History

In May, 1992, Cynthia Mayo asked Marjorie
Chrichlow Smith to join her to research the
possibility of organizing a Links, Incorporated
Chapter, south of the James. A letter was written to
the late Link Patsy Belcher to secure the information
and steps that should be followed to organize a
chapter. The initial meeting or the group was held
October 17, 1992, with 14 members at the Jefferson
Hotel in Richmond, VA.

The officers were selected, the name of the group                         Chartering Officers
was chosen and the names of other persons who                                   (Shown above)
might be interested were presented. Eight more                 Gertrude Jones, President
persons joined C-WIF (Commonwealth Women                       Cynthia Mayo, Vice President
Impacting Families) for the second meeting, making             Claudia Wall Johnson, Secretary
a total of 22 members. Other persons joined in 1994,           Roberta Caston, Corresponding Secretary
1995 and 1997 and the names are reported below.                Marie Moore, Treasurer
During 1993 and 1994, the officers met with the                Jacquelyn Joyner, Archivist
presidents of the Richmond Chapter, The James                  Margie Booker, Parliamentarian
River Valley Chapter and the Petersburg Chapter to
inform them of our intent to apply for a Links               A chapter visit and assessment by Link Barbara D.
chapter.                                                     Simpkins took place in March 1998 and the
                                                             chartering date was set for June 5-7, 1998 at the
In 1994, C-WIF’s application to The Links, Inc. was          Marriott Hotel in Richmond, VA.
sent to Mrs. Marian McSweeney, Chapter
Establishment officer. In the interim, several changes       The following persons were present during the
took place in The Links related to procedures and            initial meeting:
processes required to become a chapter. We were                       Margie Booker, Archivist
informed that we were an applying group seeking                       Roberta Caston, Corresponding Secretary
“Interest Group” status in 1996.                                      Beverly Davis
                                                                      Rosalind Everette
In 1997, we received a letter from Link Barbara D.                    Claudia Wall Johnson, Recording Secretary
Simpkins, Ed.D indicating that she would be in                        Gertrude Jones, President
contact with us within a year and that we met the                     Rosemary Jones
interest group requirements. In February, 1998, Link                  Jacquelyn Joyner, Archivist
Barbara D. Simpkins met with President Gertrude                       Vanessa Myers
Jones, Marie Moore, Margie Booker and Cynthia                         Cynthia Mayo, Parliamentarian
Mayo.      She then assigned Link Ann Taylor,                         Marie Moore, Treasurer
Petersburg Chapter, Link Cora Salzberg, James River                   Saundra Rollins, Vice President
Valley Chapter and Link Grace Townes, Richmond                        Joyce Shockley
Chapter to work with us to prepare for the chartering.                Margie SThe persons who joined us for
                                                             the second meeting included: Rose Adams,
We were given an assignment to complete which had            Christine Ballard, Joyce Beckett, Tina       Cade,
to be mailed to Link Barbara D. Simpkins by                  Connie Edwards, Linda Gross, Shirley Reid and
February 26, 1998.                                           LaVerne Spurlock.

Members who joined in 1994: Branda Price,              Elected Officers:1999-2001/ 2001-2003
Robbie Thompson, Lornel Tompkins and Jean              President- Cynthia Mayo
Williams.                                              Vice-President- Rosemary Jones
                                                       Recording Secretary-Rose Adams
Members who joined 1995: Faye Bradley, Denise          Corresponding Secretary- LaVerne Spurlock
Dickerson, Pauline Levy, Julia Pope and Marilyn        Treasurer- Robbie Thompson
Royal.                                                 Chaplain- Rosalind Everette
                                                       Historian-Jacquelyn Joyner
Members who joined in 1997: Delores Dalton,            Parliamentarian-Margie Booker
Carolyn Montgomery Murray, Shirley Pretlow and
Pearl Thomas.                                          Immediate Past President- Gertrude Jones

One additional member joined in 1998: Deborah
Jewell-Sherman.                                        In 1998, 21 members of the chapter attended the
Total membership of the chartering group was 32.       National Assembly in Boston, MA. They were
                                                       Links: Rose Adams, Christine Ballard, Margie
Chartering/Elected Officers-1996-1999                  Booker, Faye Bradley, Roberta Caston, Beverly
Gertrude Jones-President                               Davis, Connie Edwards, Rosalind Everette, Linda
Cynthia Mayo-Vice-President                            Gross, Claudia Wall Johnson, Gertrude Jones,
Recording Secretary-Claudia Wall                       Rosemary Jones, Jacquelyn Joyner, Cynthia Mayo,
Corresponding Secretary- Roberta Caston                Marie Moore, Vanessa Myers, Branda Price,
Treasurer- Marie Moore                                 Deborah Jewel-Sherman, Joyce Shockley, LaVerne
Archivist-Jacquelyn Joyner                             Spurlock, Robbie Thompson, Lornel Tompkins and
Parliamentarian, Margie Booker                         Jean Williams.

Chartering Members
        Rose Adams                                     In 1999, 13 members of the chapter attended the
        Christine Ballard                              Eastern Area Conference in New York, NY. They
        Faye Bradley                                   were Links: Rose Adams, Faye Bradley, Beverly
        Beverly Davis                                  Davis, Denise Dickerson, Rosalind Everette,
        Delores Dalton,                                Gertrude Jones, Rosemary Jones, LaVerne Spurlock,
        Denise Dickerson                               Jacquelyn Joyner, Cynthia Mayo, Marie Moore,
        Connie Edwards                                 Vanessa Myers and Lornel Tompkins.
        Rosalind Everett
        Rosemary Jones                                 The Chapter hosted Legislative Days at the General
        Pauline Levy                                   Assembly in 2000 and 2001. Vanessa Myers chaired
        Vanessa Myers                                  the first committee and LaVerne Spurlock chaired the
        Carolyn Montgomery Murray                      committee in 2001.
         Julia Pope
        Shirley Pretlow                                In the year 2000, 11 members of the chapter
        Branda Price                                   attended the National Assembly, San Francisco.
         Marilyn Royal                                 They were Links: Rose Adams, Margie Booker,
        Deborah Jewell-Sherman                         Rosalind Everette, Rosemary Jones, Cynthia Mayo,
        Joyce Shockley                                 Vanessa Myers, Julia Pope, Branda Price, Robbie
        LaVerne Spurlock                               Thompson, Joyce Shockley and LaVerne Spurlock
        Pearl Thomas.                                  and Connecting Links Warner Jones and Dr. Randy
        Lornel Tompkins                                Adams.
         Robbie Thompson
         Lornel Tompkins                               The First Biennial Green and White Luncheon was
         Jean Williams.                                held at the Marriott Hotel. A $10,000 scholarship
                                                       was given to Virginia Union University. Ray and
                                                       Jean Boone were honored as community leaders.

32 Persons    are   designated   as   “Chartered       In 2002, the scholarship was given to St. Paul
Members.”                                              College and Dr. Grace Harris was the honored

community leader. The speaker was Dr. Gladys Gary          Pope, LaVerne Spurlock, Robbie Thompson and
Vaughn, national president of The Links, Inc.              Lornel Tompkins along with Connecting Links:
                                                           William Joyner and Patrick Liverpool.
In 2004, the scholarship was awarded to Virginia
State University, and the community leader was The
Honorable Judge Roger Gregory. The speaker was                         Elected/Appointed Officers
Alvatrice Belches, a historical archivist.                                     2003 – 2005

In 2006, the scholarship was given to Virginia Union       Rosemary N. Jones – President
University. The speaker was Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd,            Robbie S. Thompson – Vice President
immediate past national president of Delta Sigma           Pearl W. Thomas – Recording Secretary
Theta Sorority, Inc It was held at The Jefferson           Denise P. Dickerson – Corresponding Secretary
Hotel.                                                     Rose B. Adams – Financial Secretary
                                                           Jacquelyn S. Joyner – Treasurer
                                                           Gertrude S. Jones – Chaplain
A significant bylaw change took place during the           Rosalind Everette – Historian
National Assembly which requires all members to            Margie R. Booker – Manager, Special Projects
attend a regional or national Assembly to                  Julia W. Pope – Archivist
maintain membership in The Links, Inc.                     Cynthia R. Mayo – Parliamentarian and
                                                                              Immediate Past President
Members who joined in 2001: Gena Burr, Carla
Harrell, Diane Liverpool, Kimberly Weaver and                        Elected Nominating Committee
Vicki Scott Johnson (transfer from Topeka, KS.)            Deborah Jewell Sherman
                                                           Vickie Scott Johnson
In 2002, 9 members of the chapter and 2                    Marie Moore
connecting Links attended the Convention in                Branda Price
Chicago, IL. They were Links: Gena Burr, Connie            Joyce Shockley
Edwards, Rosemary Jones, Jacquelyn Joyner,
Cynthia Mayo, Branda Price, Pearl Thomas, Robbie           Link Rosemary Jones presented The Arts Project
Thompson and Jean Williams along with connecting           during the Eastern Area Conference in April of 2003.
Links : William Joyner and Willie Williams.                the Chapter won the Second Place Honorable
                                                           Mention Award.
Link Deborah Jewell Sherman was one of the guest
speakers at the Cluster Meeting in March of 2003.          On September 3, 2003 The Chapter, along with
                                                           Richmond and James River Valley, was invited to
Link Pauline Levy transferred to the Charlotte, NC         serve as Hostesses for the grand opening of
Chapter of The Links, Inc.                                 Nordstrom’s.

The Chapter sponsored its’ Third History Bowl              In 2004, 8 members of the Chapter attended the
Challenge in March of 2003 for 5th graders. Three          National Assembly in Atlanta, GA. They were
students from the Richmond Public Schools won.             Links: Gena Burr, Margie Booker, Rosemary Jones,
Each winner was given a United States Savings              Branda Price, Vickie Johnson Scott, Pearl Thomas,
Bonds.                                                     Remy Jones Thompson and Robbie Thompson.

The second Biennial Green and White Luncheon was           In March, 2004, The Chapter hosted the Cluster
held at the Virginia Crossings Resort, Glen Allen,         Meeting, chaired by Link LaVerne Spurlock.
VA. The $10,000 endowed scholarship was given to           consisting of Petersburg, Richmond, ,James River
St. Paul’s College.                                        Valley and Commonwealth. Link Cora Salzberg,
                                                           National Chair of Links to Success, Children
In 2003, 18 members of the chapter and 1                   Achieving Excellence made a presentation. Reports
connecting Link attended the 37th Area                     were given from each participating chapter related to
Conference in Baltimore, MD. They were Links:              national facets. More than 60 Links attended.
Christine Ballard, Margie Booker, Gena Burr, Tina
Cade, Delores Dalton, Beverly Davis, Carla Harrell,        Members who joined in 2004: Diane Simon Beatty,
Gertrude Jones, Rosemary Jones, Diane Liverpool,           Yvonne Brandon and Remy Jones.
Cynthia Mayo, Marie Moore, Shirley Pretlow, Julia

On November 20, 2004, The Green and White
Luncheon took place. One hundred and eighty                During the 2004-2006 years, Links Diane Liverpool
persons attended. Virginia State University received       served on the National Human Resources Committee
the $10,000.00 endowed scholarship.        President       and Link Cynthia Mayo served as a program chair of
Eddie N. Moore and Dr. Robert Turner attended the          Health and Wellness for the Scott-Hawkins
event.   We conducted a mini-forum to assess               Leadership Program.
community needs.
                                                           Officers Elected for 2005-2007
In April of 2005, the Chapter was honored as the
group giving Virginia State University the highest         Rosemary N. Jones – President
amount of money.                                           Marie M. Moore – Vice President
                                                           Pearl W. Thomas – Recording Secretary
Other events included:                                     Vanessa Myers Mason– Corresponding Secretary
     Premiere presentation of movie made by               Rose B. Adams – Financial Secretary
        children at Southampton School.                    Jacquelyn S. Joyner – Treasurer
     Support of President Rosemary Jones as a             Gertrude S. Jones – Chaplain
        candidate for the School Board.                    Jean T. Williams – Historian
     Marriage of Link Remy Jones on February              Margie R. Booker – Manager, Special Projects
        12, 2005.                                          Linda Gross – Archivist
                                                           Cynthia R. Mayo – Parliamentarian
In 2005, 20 members of the Chapter attended the
Eastern Area Conference in Norfolk, VA. They               Elected Nominating Committee
were Links: Rose Adams, Diane Beatty, Margie               Laverne B. Spurlock, Chairman
Booker, Faye Bradley, Yvonne Brandon, Gena Burr,           Connie Edwards
Beverly Davis, Denise Dickerson, Rosalind Everette,        Cynthia Mayo
Linda Gross, Claudia Wall Young, Gertrude Jones,           Branda H. Price
Rosemary Jones, Jacquelyn Joyner, Cynthia Mayo,            Claudia Wall
Marie Moore, Deborah Jewell Sherman, Pearl
Thomas, Remy Thompson, Robbie Thompson and                 In May 2006, four new members were initiated. They
Jean Williams.                                             were: Aretha Armwood, Carla Gregory, Rosalind
                                                           Taylor and Stephanie White. The total membership:
Lind Tina Cade served as a surrogate mom for her           41.
daughter and carried three healthy babies the full
term. CNN and many other news entities wrote the           In August 2006, the 14th Annual Richard M. Ballard
story. Since then, the Tina Cade Foundation was            Golf Tournament was held at the Crossings Golf
organized.                                                 Club. Seventy golfers participated.

In 2005, Link Joyce Shockley transferred to South          The 4th Biennial Green and White Luncheon was held
Carolina.                                                  at the Jefferson Hotel. It was attended by more than
                                                           250 persons. Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd was the speaker.
Fifty four golfers participated in the 13th Annual         The $10,000 endowed scholarship was given to
Richard M. Ballard Golf Tournament.                        Virginia Union University. Links Jean Williams and
                                                           Cynthia Mayo served as co-chairs of the event.
In 2006, 11 members traveled to Philadelphia for the
National Assembly. Persons who attended include:           In April, 2007, 17 members attended the Eastern
Rosemary Jones, Marie Moore, Margie Booker,                Area Conference held in Arlington, VA. The
Cynthia Mayo, Gertrude Jones, Tina Cade, Christine         members who attended were: Links: Rosemary Jones,
Ballard, Faye Bradley, Beverly Davis, Deborah              Marie Moore, Cynthia Mayo, Pearl Thomas, Margie
Jewell-Sherman, Lornel Tompkins                            Booker, Claudia Wall, Gertrude Jones, Faye Bradley,
                                                           Vanessa    Mason,     Marilyn    Royal,    Carolyn
The chapter designed and sponsored Project L.I.F.T.        Montgomery, Branda Price, Lornel Tompkins,
(Links Impacting Family Traditions). Link Jean T.          Beverly Davis, Rosalind Taylor, Aretha Armwood,
Williams served as chairman. The project was               Stephanie White.
conducted at John Marshall High School and was
targeted for students who have problems attending

Link Rosemary presented a lighted sign with
Commonwealth Links to the chapter as her
outgoing gift.

Officers elected for the 2007-2009 Years

Robbie S. Thompson – President
Marie M. Moore – Vice President
Diane R. Liverpool – Recording Secretary
Claudia Wall– Corresponding Secretary
Denise Dickerson – Financial Secretary
Cynthia R. Mayo – Treasurer
Lornel Tompson – Chaplain
Diane S. Beatty – Historian
Margie R. Booker – Manager, Special Projects
Linda Gross – Archivist
Pearl S. Thomas – Parliamentarian
Rosemary N. Jones-Immediate Past President

Elected Nominating Committee 2007-2009
Rose Adams
Gena Burr
Gertrude Jones
Jacquelyn Joyner
Jean Williams

The 15th Annual Richard M. Ballard, Jr. Memorial
Golf Tournament was held on August 4, 2007 at the
Crossings Golf Club. Sixty-four golfers participated.
McGeorge Mercedes Benz provided a car for the
“Hole in One” prize. Co-chairs were Margie Booker,
Marie Moore, Rosemary Jones and Cynthia Mayo.

During 2007-08, the chapter focused on planning for
its 10th Anniversary. It was held on June 21, 2009 at
the Richmond Marriott. More than 300 persons

The Bieennial National Assemble was held in Seattle,
Washington from June 30-July 4, 2008. The
following Links attended:
Robbie Thompson
Marie Moore
Jacquelyn Joyner
Rosemary Jones

Jacquelyn Joyner serves as the Chair of a youth
initiative, sponsored by the Eastern Area Region.
Roselary serves on the National Ethics Committee.


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