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									Seattle, Washington

Accommodation         Inn at Harbor Steps

                      Pick up your rental cars and drive to the hotel. Drive on I-5 north to downtown Seattle.
                      Take exit 165 to Seneca St. Drive 5 blocks to 1 Avenue. Turn right. Drive one block to
                      University Street. The hotel is on the Southwest corner of the street. Park in the loading
                      zone. When you check in you will be given access keys to the parking garage. Parking is
                      included with your rooms

Local coordinator     Tina Albro

Sunday, July 6

Evening               Free Time
                      Suggested activities:
                      Seattle Art Museum, across the street from hotel
                      The Pike Place Market, one block north
                      Historic Pioneer Square, 6 blocks south of the hotel
                      Walk along the Seattle waterfront
                      For booklovers, Elliot Bay Bookstore in Pioneer Square
                      For shoppers, Pacific Place and Westlake Mall on Pine Street
                      Ride the Monorail to the Space Needle and Experience Music Project rock museum,
                      built by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and designed by Frank Gehry
                      Seattle has one of the nation’s most walkable downtowns. Bus service is free in the
                      central core.

Monday, July 7
Business Attire

9:00am                Meet in the hotel Library, located on the level below the lobby to review Program with
                      Tina Albro, Seattle Coordinator

                      What are the essential things to know about Seattle? Briefly, they are water, forest, and
                      independent thinking. These three things really define our region. The first two are
                      obvious; the third is driven by the character of the people who came here in the 1850s to
                      take advantage of the resources of the first two. Our economic successes-first in wood
                      and fishing, later with airplanes and even coffee (Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks Amazon,
                      etc) .

                      Seattle was voted "America's Most Dynamic City" by Fortune magazine, "No. 1 City of
                      the Future" by USA Today and "America's Athens" by the New York Times. As Seattle
                      has caught the attention of the nation and the world, one has to ask, what is it about a
                      town removed from the power centers of the world that has garnered so much
                      attraction? The answers may lie in Seattle's youth and resourcefulness, its geographical
                      remoteness and natural surroundings. Seattle began as a rambunctious pioneer town
                      with a liberal outlook born of frontier expediency. And that civic character manifests
                      itself today in the recent World Trade Organization protest marches, as well as the quiet
                      creation of more millionaires per capita than any other urban area in the United States.
                    Through six generations of gold seekers, lumberjacks, teachers, fishermen, airplane
                    builders and software inventors, we all share the feeling that living here is an adventure.

9:30                Depart by car for Seattle Times

10:00am             Editorial Board Meeting, the Seattle Times

                    Mr. Jim Vesely, Editorial Page Editor, the Seattle Times
                    Vesely was a Journalism Fellow of Stanford University and is a member of the National
                    Conference of Editorial Writers. Jim has made frequent reporting trips to Asia. He first
                    visited China in 1984 as a visiting editor with the People's Daily, Beijing. He also covered
                    a wide range of national and international events - political conventions, presidential
                    campaigns and changes in Eastern Europe.

12:30pm             Seattle City Council visit and welcome
                    Keith Orton, PhD, Chief International Specialist for the City of Seattle
                    Overview of Regional issues.
                    210 Municipal Building 600 4 Ave. Seattle, WA 98104 tel: 206.684.8266

1:30                Private meeting with members of the Seattle City Council

2:00                Introduction and welcome by City Council in Council Chambers

3:00pm              Show me Seattle tour. A quick overview of Seattle to orient you! We will visit and learn
                    about downtown Seattle, The Seattle Waterfront, Pioneer Square and witness some
                    outstanding views. We will stop at the Space Needle and ride the elevator to the top.
                    Double Decker Tours tickets and schedules are available on board. Buy one ticket, ride
                    the second consecutive day free. So take your time and enjoy the ride

6-8pm               Welcome to Seattle Happy Hour
                    Faire Gallery Café 1351 East Olive Way, 206-652-0781,

Tuesday, July 8
Morning             Small business development visit to Cleanscapes
                    Cleanscapes is a Seattle small business partnering to deliver innovative and efficient
                    StreetScape management services and effective waste reduction, diversion and collection
                    programs for cleaner, safer, and more sustainable cities, while providing employment
                    opportunities and career paths for men and women in the social services network.

Lunch               Meet local Entrepreneurs

2:00pm              Boeing Tour and briefing

6:00-8:00pm         Seattle Green drinks Part of the international Green drinks network, Seattle Green
                    drinks is a completely volunteer-run non-profit organization. The organization exists as a
                    platform for connecting Seattle's environmental community, with our main event a
                    monthly informal social networking gathering. All are welcome to join us the second
                    Tuesday of every month, starting around 5:30pm. The goal of our group is pretty simple:
                    good times shared among people working in, or interested in, environmental and
                    sustainability issues.

Wednesday, July 9
Business Attire
9:00am-12:00pm            Individual Appointments

12:00pm                   Depart by car for lunch meeting.

1:00pm                    Lunch Panel Discussion with young African American professionals who are involved in
                          civic activities

4:00pm                    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

                          Haddis Tadesse, Manager, External Relations and Partnerships
                          Based in Seattle, the Gates foundation is the largest foundation in the world. The
                          foundation currently has over $30 billion in assets, built up from Bill and Melinda Gates'
                          gifts of $26 billion. Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda
                          Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing
                          countries, it focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift
                          themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. In the United States, it seeks to ensure
                          that all people—especially those with the fewest resources—have access to the
                          opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. The foundation was created in
                          January 2000, through the merger of the Gates Learning Foundation, which worked to
                          expand access to technology through public libraries, and the William H. Gates
                          Foundation, which focused on improving global health. Led by Bill Gates’ father, William
                          H. Gates, Sr., the Seattle-based foundation has an endowment of approximately $25
                          billion through the personal generosity of Bill and Melinda Gates.
                          Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
                          1551 Eastlake Avenue East
                          Seattle, Washington 98102 Phone: 206- 709-3140

Evening                   Host dinners with an MMF alumni based in the Seattle area
                          Various locations and times (you will receive this information when you arrive)

Thursday, July 10
Optional overnight trip to the Pacific Ocean: Economic Development, Cultural Preservation and Ecotourism visit
to Makah Indian Reservation

Casual Attire
                 Makah Visit
                 Micah MCarty President, Makah Tribal Government (AMMF2006)
                 Home: 360.645.2055,
                 Work: 360.645.3230,
                 Cell: 360-640-0237

                 Mr. McCarty, of Neah Bay, Washington, is an elected member of the Makah Tribal Council. He is
                 a drum maker, and a woodcarver of traditional tribal imagery. Within the last several years,
                 McCarty has been involved with reviving the ancient songs of the Makah people, as well as the
                 imagery of his family. Mr. McCarty describes himself in this excerpt from a 2002 American
                 Cetacean Society conference synopsis: “Makah atist, and Family historian in training, Micah
                 McCarty is my government Name. Kla-ow-us ‘One who is waiting’ is my birth Name, meaning
                 that I am to be groomed for a hereditary seat in an ancient house. Born on the Winter solstice
                 and schooled in some of the world’s universal truths, I was born on a sacred day for Nuu-Chah-
                 Nulth traditionalists.” Mr. McCarty will engage us in a session that focuses on issues of interest to
                 the Makah tribe.
                    Tentative Schedule:
                    Greeting and lunch with members of the Tribal Council
                    Meet with Janine Bowechop, Executive Director of the Makah Cultural and Research Center
                    Tour Makah Cultural and Research Center
                    Hike to Cape Flattery
                    Possible Fisheries visit
                    The Makah Tribe is a self-governing treaty tribe, To this day they are the only Native American
                    Tribe with the right to hunt whales guaranteed by treaty... Commercial fishing is one of the
                    mainstays of our economy. In 1970 tidal erosion uncovered an ancient whaling village at Ozette,
                    parts of which had been covered by a mud slide hundreds of years ago. The subsequent artifacts
                    which were found have now classified Ozette as one the most significant archaeological
                    discoveries ever made in North America. In 1979 the Makah Cultural and Research Center
                    opened to the public in order to share this great find. This nationally recognized museum features
                    full scale replicas of cedar long houses as well as whaling, sealing and fishing canoes. On display
                    are about one percent of the 55,000 artifacts recovered from Ozette. In 1999 and 2000, after a
                    hiatus of seven decades, Makah Indian whalers again hunted gray whales from their ancestral
                    lands around Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula. The Makah, whose whaling tradition dates
                    back thousands of years, are the only tribe in the United States with a treaty guaranteeing the
                    right to hunt whales.

Friday, July 11

Free day

Afternoon           Return to Seattle for those who visited the Makah Indian Reservation

Evening             Night on the town with James Keblas (MMF 2008)

                    As the Director for the City of Seattle's Mayor's Office of Film and Music, James is responsible for
                    developing strategies and policies that support Seattle as a place to create, produce and enjoy
                    film and music. Self described as a "punk rocker with an education" he has made waves in
                    Seattle's music and political scene. He first made his mark working at NastyMix Records and later
                    organizing events at the legendary Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge. James took that experience and his
                    passion for civic engagement to another level when he and other community members turned
                    Seattle's once oppressive stance towards music into one of support and growth. James was Co-
                    founder and the original Executive Director of the Vera Project, a nationally recognized nonprofit,
                    music-arts center run by and for youth in Seattle. As a graduate from the University of
                    Washington's School of Urban Design and Community Planning, James has worked with a handful
                    of cultural organizations and served for two years both as a Seattle Arts Commissioner and a
                    Music Advisory Member.

Saturday, July 12


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