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									   Seattle Area
Service Committee
Minutes from Oct 1, 2006
                                    Seattle Area Narcotics Anonymous
                                          Agenda for Nov 5, 2006
 1.    Serenity Prayer                                                                       Mario M
 2.    Reading of the Traditions                                                              _____
 3.    Reading of the Concepts of Service                                                    ______
 4.    Reading of the Statement of Purpose                                                   ______
 5.    11th Concept                                                                          Renee B
       11th Concept Share                                                                    Renee B
 6.    Greetings to new GSR’s and others                                                     Julie B
 7.    Approval of minutes, and budget if necessary                                          Mario M
 8.    Announcements
        No smoking in the facility
        Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.
        Please stand up when sharing report and discussions.
        Please have all group donations to Treasurer before break.
        New form for GSR’s to take notes and review at home group/available from Chair/Secretary
        Please submit all Open Sharing topics, Motions and Grievances before break.
        Please sign-out schedules for each group you receive schedules for
        GSR’s please fill out Group Reports and mailing labels. Make sure secretary has your EMAIL address.
        This Room at NCC must be kept as is. Students are graded on configuration. Do not re-arrange furniture.
        GSR’s on-line Group Report Forms, Motion Forms, and SASC Guidelines are available at Group Reports can also be submitted on-line prior to the
         next SASC at the same website location.
 9.    Roll Call of Service Members                                                          Michelle A
       Group Roll Call                                                                       Michelle A
 10.   Service Members Reports
       SASC Chair                                                                            Mario M.
       Vice Chair                                                                            Renee B.
       Literature                                                                            Jennifer
       Parliamentarian                                                                       Julie B
       Area Treasurer                                                                        Kelle Sue S.
       Asst. Treasurer                                                                       Merle
       Recording Secretary                                                                   Michelle A.
       Asst. Recording Secretary                                                             Judy B
       Activities Chair                                                                      Rick W
       Activities Treasurer                                                                  Terea
       RCM                                                                                   Bob S
       RCM 2                                                                                 Julia
       Newsletter                                                                            Heather
       Hotline Chair                                                                         Open/Jacob V Chair
       H&I Chair                                                                             Becky W.
       P I Chair                                                                             Bruce
       Schedules /Web Coordinator                                                                     Guy H.
       SASC Rep to Conventions & Events Committee                                            Dan F.
       Unity Day Chair 2007                                                                  Mike C
       Web Coordinator                                                                       Guy H
11. Serenity Prayer                                            Mario M
12. Group Count and Roll Call                                  Michelle A
13. GSR’s Announcements & Sharing
14. Open Sharing-
15. Group Count and Roll Call                                  Michelle A
16. Old Business -                                                                               Mario M
Open Positions: Hotline Chair, Secretary The following are excerpts from the SASC Guidelines relating to the
Qualification for Officers and the Duties and Responsibilities of Officers for the current open positions.
Qualification for Officers
A. We recommend that all officers of this committee possess the following qualifications:
1. The willingness and desire to serve.
2. Understanding of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous through practical
3. The time and resources to be an active participant.
B. All positions are for a term of 12 months, with the exception of the RCM-2, Secretary and Assistant.
The Secretary and Assistant serve a six-month term and the RCM serves a two-year term (the first as RCM and the second
as RCM).
C. All Officers shall be required to sign a Memorandum of Financial Responsibility (see p. 12) as a condition of becoming
an SASC service member.
D. In addition to the qualifications listed above, further requirements for each officer are listed below.
Hotline Chair:

Recording Secretary

Motions- (see Renee or Maker for details and copy of motions)

06.10.03-Julia-Amend SASC guidelines to included FSA rep. at Regional part of RCM2 responsibilities.
Intent-to make consistent with needs of role and time line (16month involvement) to meet State requirements.

06.10.04-Julia-Amend SASC guidelines to include FSA rep at Regional as part of RCM responsibilities if
RCM2 unavailable.
Both .03 and .04 must go back to Groups for vote.
Takes place of motion last month to put in place guidelines recommended by region. Limits FSA position to
Major Motion requires 2/3 majority vote. Must be sent to the groups

17. New Business-


18. Final Group Roll Call SASC Officer, Subcommittee and Group Count and Roll Call   Michelle A
          2006             Jul      Aug      Sep       Oct       Nov       Dec
Chair                      XX       XX       XX        AA
Vice Chair                 XX       XX       XX        XX
Parliamentarian            XX       AA       XX        AA
Treasurer                  XX       XX       XX        XX
Asst. Treasurer            AA       AX       AX        XX
Rec. Secretary             AA       AA       XX        XX
Asst. Rec. Sec.             O       XX       XX        XX
Activities                 XX       XX       XX        XX
Act. Treasurer             AA       OO       OO        OO
RCM                        XX       AA       XX        XX
RCM 2                      AA       XX       AA        XX
Literature                 XX       XX       XX        XX
Newsletter                 RR       XR       AA        AA
Hotline                    XX       XR       XX        XX
H&I                        XX       AA       XX        XX
PI                         XX       XX       XX        XX
Unity Day 2007             XX       XX       XX        XX
Convention & Events        XX       XX       XX        XX
Schedules                  XX       XX       XX        XX
Web Coordinator            XX       XX       XX        XX
A Simple Solution          AA       XX        XX       AA
Aloha Issaquah             AA       AA        XX       AX
Angel's Outpost            AA       AA        AA       AA
Back to Life               AA       AX        XX       XA
Bad Company                AA       AA        AA       AA
Ballard NA                 XX       XA        XX       XX
Basic NA                   XX       XX        XX       XX
Birds of a Feather         AA       AA        AA       AA
Breakfast of Champions     AA       AA        XX       XX
Carrying the Message       AA       AA        AA       AA
Circle of Hope             AA       AA        XX       XX
Clean Living               AA       XX        XA       AA
Clean Street               AA       XX        XX       RR
D.O.A.                     AA       AA        AX       AX
Daily Fix                  XX       XA        AX       AA
Dope Free in the CD        AA       AA        AA       AA
Dysfunction Junction       XX       AA        XX       XX
Eastshore NA               AA       AA        XX       XA
Evergreen                  AA       AA        AA       AA
First Things First         AA       AA        AA       AA
Forward From Here          AA       AA        AA       AA
Freedom Group              AA       AA        AA       AA
Friday Night Step Out      AA       AA        AA       AA
Friday Night Step Study    XX       XR        XX       XX
Get A Life                 AA       XX        AA       AA
Greenhouse Effect          AA       AA        AA       AA
High Noon                      AA        AA        AA       AA
Hope Fiends                    XX        XX        XA       RR
Hope Not Dope                  AA        AA        AA       AA
Hugs Not Drugs                 AA        AA        XX       AA
It's About Women's Time        XX        AA        XX       XX
Just 12 Steps & Traditions     XA        XX        XX       AA
Just for Today                 AA       RA         AA       XA
Life's A Beach                 XX        XA        AA       AA
Lovin' Spoonful                XX        XX        XX       XX
Monday Night Recovery          XA        XX        XX       XX
M.G.L.A.                       AA        AA        XX       AA
Never Gotta Use Again          AA        AA        AA       AA
Nuevo Comienzo                 AA        AA        AA       XX
One Step Beyond                AA        AA        AA       RR
Pass It On                     RR        AA        RR       AA
Principles B4 Personalities    XX        XX        XA       AA
Rainier Valley NA              AA        AA        AA       XX
Recovery in Progress           AX        XX        XX       XX
Recovery to Go                 XX       AR         XX       XX
Reflections                    XX        XX        XX       XX
S.O.S.                         AX        XX        XR       XX
Safe Haven                     AA        AA        AA       AA
Saturday Morning Women         XX        XX        AX       AX
Serenity Circle                XX        AA        AA       AA
Straight Ahead NA              AX        XX        XX       AX
Sunday Starters                XX        XX        XX       XX
The Big Guise                  AA        XX        XX       XX
The NA Regulars                AA        XX        XX       XX
The Real Deal                  AA        AA        AR       RA
The Recovery Process           AA        XX        XX       XX
Together We Can                AA        AA        AA       AA
Top of the Hill NA             AX        AA        AA       AA
Tower of Power                 XX       RR         XX       XX
Tuesday Night Special          AA        AA        XA       XA
Uptown Daily                   XX        XA        AA       AA
Vashon NA                      XX        XX        XX       AR
We're Glad You're Here         XA        XX        AA       AA
We're Not Alone                AA        XX        XX       AA
Yes You Can!                   AA        AA        XX       AA
Voting Members                22/24   26/23/21   32/32/32 23/34/22
Key-A Absent
Seattle Area Narcotics Anonymous
                                         Minutes from Oct 1, 2006
1.  Serenity Prayer                                                                  Renee
2.  Reading of the 12 Traditions                                                     Tara
3.  Reading of the 12 Concepts of Service                                            Terea
4.  Reading of the Statement of Purpose                                              Donna
5.  10th Concept                                                                     Guy
    10th Concept Share                                                               Guy
6. Greetings to new GSR’s and others                                                 Renee
Tues. night Special-Tara
Volunteers from current GSR’s are assigned to mentor the new GSR’s for Area procedures for three months.
7. Approval of Minutes and Budget (if applicable)                                    Renee
8. Announcements
        No smoking in the facility
        Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.
        Please stand up when sharing report and discussions.
        Please have all group donations to Treasurer before break.
        New form for GSR’s to take notes and review at home group/available from Chair/Secretary
        Please submit all Open Sharing topics, Motions and Grievances before break.
        Please sign-out schedules for each group you receive schedules for
        GSR’s please fill out Group Reports and mailing labels. Make sure secretary has your EMAIL address.
        This Room at NCC must be kept as is. Students are graded on configuration. Do not re-arrange furniture.
        GSR’s on-line Group Report Forms, Motion Forms, and SASC Guidelines are available at Group Reports can also be submitted on-line prior to the
         next SASC at the same website location.
9. Roll Call of Service Members
    Group Roll Call (see list above)                                                         Michelle A
10. Service Members Reports
         SASC Chair                      See Attached                                        Mario M
         Vice Chair                      See Attached                                        Renee B
         Literature                      See Attached                                        Jennifer
         Parliamentarian                 No report                                           Julie B
         Area Treasurer                  See Attached                                        Kelle Sue S.
         Asst. Treasurer                 no report                                           Merle M.
         Recording Secretary             See Attached                                        Michelle A.
         Asst. Recording Secretary       see secretary                                       Judy B
         Activities Chair                See Attached                                        Rick W.
         Activities Treasurer            No Report                                           open
         RCM                             see attached                                        Bob S
         RCM 2                           See RCM Report                                      Julia R.
         Newsletter                      No Report                                           Heather
         Hotline Chair                   See attached                                        V Chair-Jacob
         H&I Chair                       See Attached                                        Becky W.
         P I Chair                       See Attached                                        Bruce
         Schedules                       See Attached                                        Guy H
         Convention Events               no report                                           Dan F
         Unity Day Chair 2007            See Attached                                        Mike C.

  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++MEETING BREAK++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
11. Serenity Prayer                                           Mario M
12. Group Count and Roll Call                                 Michelle A
13. GSR’s Announcements
     OSB- Has moved upstairs to Room 2 at St Pauls Church 65 th and 12th NW Mondays 7p-830p
     Monday Nt. Recover has moved from Little Yellow House to Edmonds Lutheran Church 23525 84th
         Ave W.
     New NA meeting at Little Yellow House in Edmonds on Monday night 7-830p
     New Women’s meeting at Little Yellow House in Edmonds on Wednesday night 6p-7p
     Loving Spoonful 10/1 Potluck Speakers Brenda B and John A
     MGLA-Treasurer and GSR needed
     It’s About Women’s Time-Needs Support
     Daily Fix needs a meeting place!!!
     Freedom Group-GSR is going to inter group (Mario will have information next area)
     RVNA-Needs support, having a hard time meeting rent.
     Ballard NA-Needs support-Hospital meeting Wed 730p
Committee Announcements:
WSLD-11/3-11/5/06 Mark L comedian on Friday also PNW is 10/6-8.
October Carnival-Sign up sheet being passed around need help with 3 more booths and set up/clean up, food,
dance, security, jail…see list and call Rick W for more info.
Literature-If you do not call to sign up for Basic Text Workshop by Nov 5 th (Nov 18th and Dec 16th 2-4p Lake
City Community Center), then please print out your own copy and bring it with you (link is below in Lit.

14. Open Sharing-
Alan-Is anyone getting spam due to their NA Web site email? We may make a slight change to the addresses to
avoid/stop this. He will work with Guy.

15. Group Count and Roll Call                                                                     Michelle A
16. Old Business-
Secretary-Michelle A appointed as interim secretary through end of term (Jan 2007).
Hotline-No nominations at this time (Jacob V. Chair is doing interim job very well!!!) Jacob is interim until 3/17/07 when
he has the 2yr clean time requirement.
Activities Treasurer-Terea L appointed until Elections in January, then she can run.

6.09.01 ruled out of order due to conflict with the current SASC guidelines. Will be addressed in new business

17. New Business-


Motions-Please note, I did not have the copies of the motions as the Vice Chair took them after meeting
by accident. If you have any questions regarding the maker/second or intent of these please contact the
maker or see Renee at next Area.

06.10.01-Dennis/PI $150 increase in quarterly budget for Q1/2007 to support more functions for PI and buy
tables to do presentations. Passed
06.10.02-KelleSue-Approve Q1/2007 SASC Budget passed
06.10.03-Julia-Amend SASC guidelines to included FSA rep. at Regional part of RCM2 responsibilities.
Intent-to make consistent with needs of role and time line (16month involvement) to meet State requirements.
06.10.04-Julia-Amend SASC guidelines to include FSA rep at Regional as part of RCM responsibilities if
RCM2 unavailable.
Both .03 and .04 must go back to Groups for vote.
Takes place of motion last month to put in place guidelines recommended by region. Limits FSA position to
06.10.05-Jennifer/Literature-Move that Literature set aside $400 to make copies of Basic Text for review
Discussion-Cheryl T-Won’t World Supply copies
Julia-Doesn’t appear to get a packet from WSO-individuals can print one or have it mailed to themselves
personally. “All participants need to read this prior to workshop”
Jennifer-need copy to read by 2 nd workshop
Allen-makes sense to have copies made here
Guy/Scott-Already link to print or request copy, suggest members sign up
Jeff-Lit has it’s own separate fund and account. Suggest option to make funds available and reimburse
KelleSue-Not out of question to hold funds incase they are needed for Rent, copies and book review is not done
very often.

18. Final Group Count and Roll Call                                                                 Michelle A
19. Group Reports:
     A Simple Solution:
    Aloha Issaquah: Thursday
     Back to Life: Tuesday 8pm GSR Scott M /Donation $46.00-Great message of recovery, service positions available.
     Ballard NA: Wed 730p GSR-Vince/Donation $12.65-needs support
     Basic NA: Su-Fr 6pm Sat 5p GSR: Dan- Donation $100.000/As the days grow shorter the recovery at Basic NA grows longer.
     Come and join us for some fall recovery at Basic.
     Big Guise: Mon 7:30 GSR – Greg W Donation
     Breakfast of Champions: Saturday 10am GSR Benito Donation-16.68/Comand see life reborn and clean.
     Clean Living: Sat 8pm GSR: Doug B
     Clean Street: GSR Ray/donation
     Daily Fix: Daily 6pm GSR: Lela. SASC
     DOA: Sunday 8pm/GSR Louise- donation
     Dysfunction Junction: Mon/Tu/Thu GSR.
     Eastshore NA: Sunday 7pm
     Friday Night Step Study: Friday 8p GSR Donna donation:83.00/We are planning a Homecoming Night sometime in December
     to celebrate the history of our meeting and to memorialize Willy P.
     Greenhouse Effect:
      Hope Fiends: Daily Noon GSR: Bob H
     How it Works: Tues 730p GSR
      Hugs not Drugs: 730p GSR Deanna C donation
     It’s about Women’s Time Thurs 7p GSR Corey K Ladies! We need your support! Come to our intimate candlelit meeting, sit
     on the comfy couches and share with your sisters in recover!
     Just 12 Steps and Traditions: Wednesday 8PM GSR-Robert SASC donation
     Life’s a Beach-GSR Dana/ SASC donation $15.00/Report-Needs support
     Lovin’ Spoonful; Sunday 7PM GSR Kim S. /Donation 65.00/Potluck 10/1 5pm $65 to Area $32.50 to Region and $32.50 to
     Monday Night Recovery –GSR-David H Mon 7:30 donation $16.29/B-day for scott J 4yrs. Also Monday Night recovery has
     moved –see above under GSR announcements-for address. We are doing the fishing booth at the Oct. Carnival.
     M.G.L.A.: M, W, F Noon-donation 0.00/Great meeting 3 times a week.
     NA Regulars: Mon 8pm GSR-Cheryl T /Scott H Donation $64.38/Great meeting, stop by and enoy the vibe. Average attendance
     30-40 /home group members 10.
     One Step Beyond (OSB) Mon 7pm/GSR-Open /SASC Donation $30/We have moved to Room 2 upstairs 7p-830p Monday
     night. Secretary Maureen! Best organic coffee and organic half & half in town!
     Pass it On Saturday 7:30p
     Principles before Personalities: Thur 730p GSR Andy F Donation$ -
     Rainer Valley NA Tues 7:15pm GSR Rhonda donation 0/Report-Our group is hanging in there. We now have to pay rent after
     not having to pay before. We are saddened by the loss of one of our home group members Michael M he just celebrated 18yrs
     Recovery Process Wed 7pm/GSR Rick H/Donation –Meeting going well at this time.
     Recovery in Progress Tues 730p GSR Mark F Donation-$63.00
     Recovery to Go Tuesday 8:15PM GSR: Lanita Donation $20.00 All is well and Recovery Rocks!
     Reflections: Meets on: Saturday 10:30 AM GSR Terea B. Women helping women in recovery
      RIP Tues
     Saturday Morning Women's Meeting: Saturday 10:30 AM GSR Mary Alice /donation
     Serenity Circle: Thursday 7p GSR Kevin T donation:
     Simple Solution-Sun 7p/GSR Al S Donation
   SOS-Wed 730 GSR-Thomas Donation $
   Straight ahead NA-GSR John L Wed. 730pm Donation
   Sunday Starters Meets on: Sunday 9:30 AM GSR Alan phone: none, donation: $65.25, Report:
   Group rent:0 Secretary: Matt Treasurer: Katherine
   Top of the Hill NA: Mon 8pm/GSR-open /Donation
   Tower Of Power: Sat. 8p GSR Alan L donation 213.00/ Report-Doing Good!
   Tuesday Night Special: Tues. 730p GSR Tara Donation-0.00/Report
   Uptown Daily M-Fr 7-8AM GSR:
   Vashon NA-Sat 7pm/GSR-Becky /Donation
   We Are Not Alone Sunday 1PM GSR: Mike L/ Donation
   We’re Glad You’re Here Fri 730p GSR Rob M donation: $/Report-
   Yes We Can: Sat. 5:15/GSR alt-Denise S/SASC donation-

20. Officer Reports: (If no written or emailed report is submitted there will be no information below)
      I don’t have much to report. I have been traveling up and down the coast mostly with work and it will come to an
 end after the 9th . I will be able to focus more on Seattle recovery at that time.
 I want to appreciate Renee for taking charge with the admin meeting and today’s Area. As I appreciate every one
 present for supporting her. Until November have a great month and safe Halloween.
 Thanks for letting me be of service,

  Vice Chair:
  No report-notes from meeting: Considered not taking Chair position in January, but may change mind.


  Recording Secretary:
  Hi All, We mailed 55 minutes out this month, plus extra copies of the GSR notes and SASC minutes to hand out at the
  SASC. I am finding that emails are not transferring the minutes correctly and I am spending a fair amount of time
  resending to individuals. Our illustrious web man, Guy, will be working on this issue me for the distribution of
   October Minutes.
  9/21/2006 The total for this month is $75.41
  8/24/2006 The total for this mailing is $230.24 w/ additional copies to your card $150.00
  In Loving Service, Michelle A

  Asst. Recording Secretary:
  Literature: Hello Everyone!In September we sold $1,817.50 worth of literature. That is a record sales amount for us!
  I can’t find a bigger deposit in the records that I have access too! Our order this month cost $1,922.78. I also spent
  $19.77 on copies. That leaves us $302.45 in the literature fund. We sold 381 welcome chips last month and enough
  medallions to celebrate over 481 years of clean time!The literature committee would like to facilitate a workshop to
  review the revised basic text and provide input to the NA world board. We think it is important to announce this at our
  home groups meetings and give everyone a chance to participate. Anyone who is interested can call or Email me to
  sign up. My cell phone number & Email is listed on the schedules. I am also going to pass around a sign up sheet
  today for anyone who is interested in participating. It is important that we make the announcements in October. The
  deadline for signing up for the workshop November 5th. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so,
  but to ensure you will get a copy of the draft you must let us know. We have reserved the Lake City community
  center for November 18th and December 16th. Input is due back to the World Board by February 28th 2007, but they
  would like it sooner, if possible. The only remaining issue we have is the cost of copies. The text is 125 sheets and is
  two sided. Each copy will cost $18.75. That is an expense this group will need to vote on and as of yet we do not
  know how many copies we will need. (SASC earmarked 400 dollars for this cost after this report was written)
  Members can read about the project and can also sign up to receive the review and provide input individually
  online at
  I will bring more information about this and will ask for ideas at our next meeting.
   Thank You for letting me be of service, Jennifer H.

  Newsletter: no report
  Hello everyone
   Well Activities is doing better at present. Today we come here with a nomination for our Act. Treasure which is Terea B.We are
well in the planning of our next event which is the OCT. Carnival on Oct.28 at Lake City Comm. Center. We currently have 5
groups that have signed up to do a booth which means we have at least 3 or so more, so if your group wishes to do one we need to
know REAL soon. We have 5 Act. Members helping with the planning and could always use more. I will be passing around two
lists today , the first one is for an update to our mailing list to allow us to send flyers and such out. The other is for any one that
wants to help at the Oct. Carn. Also we still have the position of Act. Vice Chair. Open
                                 In service Rick W

Activities Treasurer: Terea L appointed to serve until Jan 2007 Area.

RCM and RCM2:
October 2006 RCM Team Report to SASC
Hello everyone, and thank you for my recovery today. I could not do it without all of you.
I apologize for being out sick last area, and unfortunately the timing was apparently not great as the FSA issues came
up and there appears to be some confusion re. that. The appointment made last area is fine if the intention is for the
appointment to be for the Oct 2007 FSA meeting. I am already on the FSA list of representatives for the Oct 2006
meeting, and this list has already be sent to the secretary of state with the annual meeting notification. I also am
concerned with the wording of the guidelines change for several reasons. First, adding the FSA position to that of an
SASC officer, automatically eliminates any of the current officers from eligibility to represent the area at the FSA
meeting. This is due to the restriction from any officer holding multiple area positions. Since the most logical
candidate for representing the area at this meeting is the RCM or RCM 2, this is a problem in my opinion.
Additionally, I truly believe that part of the RCM team should represent the area at the FSA due to limiting the costs
of paying for an additional person traveling across the state for a 1 hour meeting when we are already paying for two
people to attend for the whole weekend. Additionally, the RCM team is present at region regularly and therefore more
in a position to have knowledge about many of the current issues that are likely to arise at the annual FSA meeting.
All this would entail is adding representation of the area at the annual and any other FSA meetings to the RCM or
RCM2 duties and responsibilities.
Lastly, if we are going to make this position a separately elected position, then I believe
Electing them in July for a 1 year term is basically a mute point as they have to be present at the October meeting to
get approved to be the representative the following year. So, it would need to be a September election, for attendance
the first Oct to watch and then get appointed as the following years representative, and then would have to remain in
the position through the following November, (14 months) to provide a report to Area after the October meeting.
Meanwhile, you would again elect another new person the next October for the following year, and repeat the process,
therefore having 2 people in that position for the months Sept – Nov.
Besides all the FSA mumbo jumbo, Western Service Learning Days is the first weekend of November, right here in
Seattle. Hotels must be booked by Oct 14th and they are still really in need of registrations. I have tickets for the
Saturday comedian for $20 if anyone wants them, he is incredibly funny. PNW is next weekend in Eugene and is sure
to be a great time.
I am very interested and excited about participating in the review of the draft proposal for the revised book 2 of the
basic text. World Services really needs input and suggestions from a wide variety of NA members with different
backgrounds and experiences to make this revision more reflective of the current global NA community. This means
that they need people new to recovery, people who got clean in institutions, people who lived on the streets and people
who hit bottom in their beamer to all participate in the review of this literature. Please go online and register to
receive a copy of the document, and then participate in the upcoming meetings to discuss the material and provide
feedback, or provide feedback individually on line. The deadline for feedback is Feb 28, 2007.
I will be attending Region two weeks from now. Bob will be unable to attend due to a friend’s memorial service. I
will be carrying this area’s conscious re the motions we voted on last month back to region. Thank you all for
participating in the process. I will also be representing the Seattle area at the annual FSA meeting. We will be
electing a new chair and vice chair of region, so if you are interested in these positions, or know someone who is,
please encourage them to attend. Anyone who is interested in learning about regional service is welcomed and
encouraged to attend. Let me know and you are welcome to ride with me.
In Grateful service, Julia and Bob, Your RCM Team
Greetings to my family,
Just giving a short heads up on my monthly report to everyone. I've managed to learn how to
operate the computer enough to maintain contact with members. I appreciate everyone's
patience. Again, as I stated on my last report that I am currently involving myself in the
creation of a new twelve step list. I do have a person who has expressed interest in scheduling
and possibly learning the role of the vice chair person. As of yet, I have been unable to
set up a time to meet with this person. When I sent out posting of the October hotline list,
I had immediate response. I did notice that there is a larger variety of people who have signed
up for October. That was cool. I also want to mention that I really enjoyed working on the
NA poster for PI. It was awesome being able to go out to the public and carry the message-
very rewarding service work. I also attended the health fair over the weekend in Kirkland. I
like the way it was set up to be very informative. It makes me proud to be a member of
Narcotics Anonymous. Thank you, Sincerely, Jacob W, Vice Chair NA Hotline

Happy October All,
This will be my final report as H&I Chair. I anticipate the demands of my studies will only grow in the year to come
and this position deserves more focus than I’ll be able to afford it. I have learned and grown exponentially in the past
year and I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support as I’ve struggled and stumbled my way through. We have
experienced and enthusiastic committee members already poised to accept nominations in my and Kristen’s stead.
The only change to our schedule of presentations was the election of a panel leader to the open position at Residence
XII. We now go into that facility every week, and they are excited to have us. Open panels are as follows: King
County Jail Men’s, 3rd Monday and King County Youth Women’s, 3rd Wednesday. October is a critical month for
H&I elections. All of our officer positions will be open: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Literature Coordinator.
Aside from the Chair, Each of these positions requires at least one year clean, and six months prior H&I experience.
The Chair position is a two year clean time requirement. (as well as six months H&I experience) You need not be a
current panel leader to serve in this capacity, so anyone meeting the necessary criteria is welcome to attend. Panels
coming up for election are as follows: Echo Glenn, 1st Friday, Lakeside Milam, 1st Tuesday, Genesis House, 1st
Tuesday, and King County Detox, 4th Friday. None of these facilities has clearance requirements; so again, anyone
with one year clean and six months H&I experience is encouraged to run.
We discussed the ongoing issue of increasing participation in lock-down facilities. Many of us have agreed to carry
jail clearance forms with us to meetings, so that interested members can begin the process immediately, rather than
being asked to contact coordinators and getting lost in the shuffle. Frances, our recording secretary extraordinaire,
will be making additional copies so that we have more on hand. She has also taken on the long-overdue project of
updating our guidelines, which hasn’t happened in about five years. I will forward the finalized, updated copy to Guy
so that they may be posted online.
Our expenses were $17.76 for copies and $284.08 for literature. We will be spending a great deal more on copies this
month, but if Shelley’s and my calculations are correct, we should still come in under budget.
I will see everyone next month, when I attend to support our new chair. I hope to also see everyone at the WSLD!
Thank you for allowing me to serve.
Becky W

PI Report to SASC 10/1/06
Bruce is at a convention in Ireland and unable to attend today. The following is provided as an up-date for the
    activities of your Public Information subcommittee.
At our last meeting held September 20th, we assigned our volunteers to specific locations to post the PI posters.
Posting was scheduled and accomplished for the next day and the following Saturday. We want to especially thank
    Lilli H. for all of her organizational skills which have allowed us to finally finish this project.
Other information will be provided by Guy H, Schedules & Website Coordinator and Jacob W., Hotline Vice Chair in
    regards to their area of responsibilities.
The committee purchased two portable tables which were used on Saturday, 9/23/06, at the Power of Recovery Walk
    & Health Fair 2006 held at the Marina Park in Kirkland. (Cost was around $80.00 – Bruce will report exact
    amount at the next Area meeting) We were able to present our literature in both English & Spanish languages.
    Many attendees stopped by to read the information and picked up IP’s and meeting schedules.
These tables, along with the PI table-top panels, will allow our PI presentations and participation at various events to
appear even more professional and give us flexibility we didn’t have before.
$15.00 was spent for rent this past month. Our next PI meeting will be held October 18 th, 7:00 PM, Lake City
     Community Center.
In grateful recovery, Dennis B., PI Secretary

Conventions & Events Rep
No report this month. 10/21 is next meeting.

Schedules & Web Coordinator
 Julia had asked if we kept archive of past schedules and Guy advised we only keep 7years.
Hi everyone!!
We have new schedules to pick up today, and it’s a small miracle, because our printer was on vacation at the end of
this month. I’ve feeling very grateful to have them on time, and to have had enough time to send out a copy to some
of you to get corrections – thanks for all your help with this. All of the meetings that had changes have already been
updated on the website, and the PDF copy of the schedule for downloading is already posted on the website as well.
I made arrangements with the North Seattle Community College to have internet access during our monthly SASC
meeting. I believe this will lessen the confusion with regards to emails, email aliases, online schedules, and website
updates, by being able to take care of this stuff right here, right now during our meeting.
Also, I will be working with Michelle, our Recording Secretary, during her mass emailing of the SASC minutes, to
find a solution to the encrypted email problem. We will find the solution soon.
Thanks for all your support, and for letting me serve you all,
Thanks, Guy H. – Schedules Coordinator, Web Coordinator

Unity Day 2007
Seattle Area Service Committee & Fellowship-
We met on September 24th with all sub-committees represented.
We are requesting a check from our budget for $1770 for rent of the
Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center for the celebration on March 31, 2007.
Our Arts & Graphics committee submitted and we approved our Logo.
Flyers will be available later this week.
Our Merchandising committee is soliciting vendors for pre-event items.
The Hospitality committee will be contacting caterers as we cannot serve
coffee or food items per our contract.
We have an interested member who may become our food/catering liaison.
We are having a Quilt made which will be raffled--tickets available
later this month.
We are progressing and appreciate your support. Next meeting is October 22,
5PM at 5515 Phinney North around back.
Our Treasurer has $90 that came from the sale of magnets.
When merchandise is available we will be asking the Activities Committee if
we may sell at events.
            Grateful to Serve---Mike C.
                                         Sep 2006 Treasurer Report

Beg. BAL.                               7239.08
Income                                  4146.28
Expenses                                4504.83
End BAL.                                6880.53
Ending Balance Breakdown

General Fund                          1200.00
Activities                           2000.00
Literature                            500.00
Unity Day                             2252.00
Project Based                          928.53 end of quarter excess ** see below for details
Total                                 6800.53
**End of quarter excess: Took $717.35 overage from Unity Day 2006 and put it in General fund which brought it up tot
$3313.72. Transferred from General fund to: 1. 1009.01 to Activities 2. 176.18 to Literature 3. 928.53 to Project Based to
leave General Fund at $1200.00
Income Misc.
       Group Donations                   1826.78
       Activities                        235.00
       Literature                        1817.50
       Unity Day                         252.00
       Misc Income                       5.00
       H&I                               10.00
       Total Income                      4146.28

     Hotline                              95.95
     H&I                                  84.46
     PI                                   138.75
     Admin.                               331.00
     Secretary                            302.09
     SASC Treasurer
     Activities                           330.00
     Literature                          3039.90
     Unity Day
     Project Based
     10 % Donation                        182.68
     General Fund
     Total Expenses                     $4504.83

                                                   Page 13
                            Upcoming Events:
Next SASC Nov 5, 2006 at North Seattle Community College, Rose Room,
9600 College Way N, Seattle 2pm


                Seattle Marriott November 3-5, 2006

                                  Page 14
                                  Seattle Area Member & Sub-Committee Chair List

                                                        Updated May 2006
CHAIR                                       Asst. REC. SECRETARY                   ACTIVITIES TREASURER
Mario M.                                    Judy B                                  Terea L
???-???-????                                 assistant-recording-                  activities-                
January Election                             Jan. /Jul. Election                   January Election
VICE CHAIR                                  RCM                                    H&I CHAIR
Renee B.                                    Bob S                                  Becky W.
???-???-????                                ???-???-????                           ???-???-????
January Election                            May Election                           November Election
PARLIAMENTARIAN                             RCM – 2                                PI CHAIR
Julie B                                     Julia R                                Bruce G
???-???-????                                ???-???-????                           ???-???-????                
February Election                           May Election                           March election
TREASURER                                   LITERATURE                             HOTLINE CHAIR
Kelle Sue S.                                Jennifer H                             Jacob (V. Chair)
???-???-????                                ???-???-????                           ???-???-????                
June Election                               May Election                           March Election
Asst. TREASURER                             SCHEDULES & WEB                        UNITY DAY
Merle M                                     COORIDINATOR                           Mike C.
???-???-????                                Guy H                                  ???-???-????           ???-???-????                 
June Election                                     February Election
                                            March Election
RECORDING SECRETARY                         ACTIVITIES CHAIR                       NEWSLETTER
Michelle A.                                 Rick W                                 Heather W
???-???-????                                ???-???-????                           ???-???-???? 
Jan. /Jul. Election                         February Election                      January Election
REGIONAL DELGATE                            Alt. REGIONAL DELEGATE                 SASC
Jack H                                      Dan F.                                 P.O. Box 70404
???-???-????                                                                       Seattle, WA 98107   
July Election                               July Election

                                    Narcotics Anonymous Committee Meeting’s Time and Location

     Area Service Committee                       Hotline Subcommittee                Hospitals & Institutions
        2:00pm 1st Sunday                      Meets with the PI committee               4:00pm 3rd Sunday
    GSR Orientation: 1:30 pm                      7:00pm 3rd Wednesday               New speaker orientation:
 North Seattle Community College               Lake City Community Center                       3:00pm
       9600 College Way N.                          12531 28th Ave. NE               Swedish Medical Center/
            Rose Room                                     Seattle                               Ballard
               Seattle                                                                         Room A
        Public Information                       Activities Subcommittee                      Literature
      7:00pm 3rd Wednesday                      7:00pm 2nd & 4th Thursday                1230pm 1st Sunday
  Lake City Community Center                   Lake City Community Center           North Seattle Comm. College
        12531 28th Ave. NE                          12531 28th Ave NE                   9600 College Way N.
               Seattle                                    Seattle                            Rose Room
     Schedules Subcommittee                              Newsletter                           Unity Day
   Meets with the PI committee-                                                            4th Sunday 5pm
   Please see information above                        ???-???-????                   St Johns United Church
                                                3rd Thursday of each month           5500 Phinney N. , Seattle
                                                                                         More information

                                                           Page 15

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