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					advances in rhinoplasty
                 advances in rhinoplasty
About the Course                                                   Learning Objectives
It is, once again, the pleasure and privilege of the Educa-        At the conclusion of this course the participant should:
tion and Research Foundation for the American Academy              W Appreciate nasal anatomy, physiology, and the
of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to sponsor            association of function and form in rhinoplasty,
Advances in Rhinoplasty. This course is one of the world’s         W Have a greater insight into the communication skills
premier rhinoplasty courses. It has taken place in Chicago         and techniques necessary to assess and control expecta-
and Boston previously with great success. There is no              tions, educate the patient pre-operatively, identify and
doubt that the quality and content will be preserved in            avoid the unrealistic patient and cope with the dissatis-
the West Coast location of Seattle, Washington--a                  fied patient post-operatively,
geographically unique and culturally diverse city in the           W Understand the action and created reaction with the
great Northwest corner of the United States.                       modification of the nasal skeleton and the impact on the
       The course will feature a highly qualified and diverse      nasal contour,
faculty from across specialty lines all chosen for their           W Know the approaches and techniques for a secure,
expertise and experience in rhinoplasty and related                reproducible and functioning rhinoplasty in a variety of
procedures. The faculty will lead attendees from the               nasal types
consultation to the management of the most difficult               W Have an appreciation for reconstructive rhinoplasty in
reconstructive challenges. This will be accomplished with          the congenital, traumatic and oncologic induced
didactic lectures, expert panels and video viewing.                deformity
       To improve the experience for attendees there will be
an opportunity for them to present their own patients in           Accreditation and Credit Designation
advance for review and discussion by the faculty. This will        The Educational and Research Foundation for the Ameri-
occur at the end of the day to reinforce the information           can Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
presented during the previous didactic sessions. It is             is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing
requested that any attendee wishing to have their cases            Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical
reviewed provide a short history and photographs for               education for physicians.
evaluation by the faculty prior to the meeting. This will              The AAFPRS Foundation designates this continuing
allow a more thorough review and discussion.                       medical education activity for 36 credits (for the didactic
       The Academy’s Video Learning Center will be avail-          portion) and 5 credits (for the lab) in Category 1 of the
able throughout the course. A schedule of rhinoplasty              Physician’s Recognition Award of the American Medical
video presentations will be provided. The surgeon for              Association.
each scheduled video will be available following the
showing for questions and answers. This should further
enhance the learning experience by increasing the
access for the attendees to the faculty.                           Meeting Site
       To finalize this great learning experience, there will be   Sheraton Seattle
a cadaver dissection lab where supervised hands-on                 1400 Sixth Avenue
experience is available. This will allow for the application       Seattle, WA 98101
of some of the concepts and techniques learned during              (206) 621-9000
the course.                                                        Fax: (206) 621-8441
       If you have not had the privilege or opportunity to         The special room
visit the Northwest, now is the time. Seattle, Puget Sound,        rate is $229. Please
and the San Juan Islands are as beautiful and dramatic a           make sure you
location as anywhere in the world. The host city has               indicate that you
endless opportunities for outdoor activity, fine dining, and       are attending the
cultural events. Its location provides easy access for             AAFPRS meeting.
surgeons from the West Coast, across the United States                  Settle into the
and the Pacific Rim. Your attendance to the meeting will           inviting comfort of
help make this another great course.                               the guest rooms,
                                                                   offering inspiring
Target Audience                                                    views of the city
The course is offered for continuing medical education of          and enjoy the
medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing physi-        private art collections featured in the lobby. A peaceful
cians (MDs and DOs) in the field of facial plastic and             night’s sleep awaits you between the crisp sheets and
reconstructive surgery. The program is for physicians with         plush duvet of their Sheraton Sweet SleeperTM Bed.
all levels of experience and covers aesthetic, reconstruc-               Located in the city’s vibrant core, the AAA Four
tive, and congenital issues relevant to this specialty.            Diamond award-winning Sheraton Seattle Hotel is a
                                                                   gateway to all the sights, sounds and experiences of the
A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ATTENDEES                                fabulous Pacific Northwest. The best of Seattle is just
At this meeting, we will provide the unique opportunity for        outside the front doors – from exciting nightlife, gourmet
course participants to receive expert evaluation and               restaurants, world-class shopping and of course, the heart
advice regarding their patients. This will be accomplished         of the financial and business district. The hotel is conve-
with expert panels that will review patient histories and          niently situated nearby historic Pike Place Market, the
photographs provided by the participants in advance. This          Seattle Art Museum, the Space Needle, Experience Music
will only be available to the participants that register           Project and a host of other exciting attractions.
early. Contact the AAFPRS Foundation for format of
submission of cases.
              advances in rhinoplasty
                                                        THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009
Distinguished Faculty (in alphabetical order)           7:00am Breakfast
                                                        7:30am Welcome Remarks
Peter A. Adamson, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada                        Edward H. Farrior, MD; Stephen S. Park, MD; and
Fazil Apaydin, MD, Izmir, Turkey                                 Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr., MD
Shan R. Baker, MD, Ann Arbor, MI                        7:35am The Nose and Beauty
Alexander Berghaus, MD, Munchen, Germany                         Peter A. Adamson, MD
Patrick J. Byrne, MD, Baltimore, MD                     7:55am Pedagogy (The Teaching) of Rhinoplasty
                                                                 Fred J. Stucker, MD
Edward W. Chang, MD, DDS, Santa Barbara, CA             8:15am Facial and Nasal Aesthetics: How They Fit
Roxana Cobo, MD, Cartagena, Colombia                             Together
Minas Constantinides, MD, New York, NY                           Raymond D. Cook, MD
Raymond D. Cook, MD, Raleigh, NC                        8:30am Surgical Approaches to the Nose
                                                                 Edward W. Chang, MD
Rollin K. Daniel, MD, Newport Beach, CA
                                                        8:40am M-Plasty and the Endonasal Approach
Richard E. Davis, MD, Miramar, FL                                Jose J. Montes, MD
Steven H. Dayan, MD, Chicago, IL                        8:50am Photography and Imaging
Edward H. Farrior, MD, Tampa, FL                                 Samuel P. Most, MD
Richard T. Farrior, MD, Tampa, FL                       9:00am Ethnic Variables in Anatomy
                                                                 Monte O. Harris, MD
Stephen R. Floreani, MD, Adelaide, Australia
                                                        9:20am Anesthesia and the Safe Surgical Setting
Hossam M.T. Foda, MD, Alexandria, Egypt                          Edward H. Farrior, MD
John L. Frodel, Jr., MD, Danville, PA                   9:30am The Etiology of Nasal Features
Richard D. Gentile, MD, Youngstown, OH                           Stephen S. Park, MD
Monte O. Harris, MD, Washington, DC                     9:40am The Rhinoplasty Consultation
                                                                 Robert L. Simons, MD
John Hendrix, MD, Charlottesville, VA
Peter A. Hilger, MD, Edina, MN                          10:00am Break in the Exhibit Hall
Terry Hung, MD, Hong Kong
Yong Ju Jang, MD, Seoul, Korea                          10:30am The California “Cute” Nose
Hong Ryul Jin, MD, Seoul, Korea                                 Rollin K. Daniel, MD
                                                        10:50am Identifying and Avoiding the Unrealistic Patient
Chuan-Hsiang Kao, MD, Taipei, Taiwan                            Stephen W. Perkins, MD
David W. Kim, MD, San Francisco, CA                     11:10am Septoplasty and the Turbinates: When and How
Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr., MD, Seattle, WA                         Nedim Pipic, MD
Nicholas P. McIvor, MD, Auckland, New Zealand
Jose J. Montes, MD, Mexico City, Mexico                 11:30am PANEL: Nuances of the Consultation
                                                                Moderator: Ira D. Papel, MD
Samuel P. Most, MD, San Francisco, CA                           Panelists: Ted A. Cook, MD; Rollin K. Daniel, MD;
Craig S. Murakami, MD, Seattle, WA                              and Stephen W. Perkins, MD
Gilbert Nolst Trenité, MD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pietro Palma, MD, Milan, Italy                          12:30pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Ira D. Papel, MD, Baltimore, MD                         1:30pm    PANEL: Choreography of a Rhinoplasty: What I
Stephen S. Park, MD, Charlottesville, VA                          Do When and Why
Norman J. Pastorek, MD, New York, NY                              Moderator; Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr., MD
Steven J. Pearlman, MD, New York, NY                              Panelists: Peter A. Hilger, MD; Stephen S. Park,
Fernando C. Pedroza, MD, Bogota, Colombia                         MD; and Vito C. Quatela, MD
Stephen W. Perkins, MD, Indianapolis, IN                2:30pm    Ten Perils for the Novice
Nedim Pipic, MD, Vienna, Austria                                  Tom D. Wang, MD
Vito C. Quatela, MD, Rochester, NY                      2:50pm    The M-Arch Model of Nasal Tip Dynamics
Simon Robinson, MD, Wellington, New Zealand                       Peter A. Adamson, MD
David A. Sherris, MD, Buffalo, NY                       3:10pm    The Internal and External Nasal Valve
                                                                  Minas Constantinides, MD
William W. Shockley, MD, Chapel Hill, NC
Robert L. Simons, MD, Miami, FL                         3:30pm    Break in the Exhibit Hall
Fred J. Stucker, MD, Shreveport, LA
Jonathan M. Sykes, MD, Sacramento, CA                   4:00pm    PANEL: Functional Septorhinoplasty
                                                                  Moderator: David A. Sherris, MD
J. Regan Thomas, MD, Chicago, IL
                                                                  Panelists: Stephen R. Floreani, MD; Nedim Pipic,
Geoffrey W. Tobias, MD, Englewood, NJ                             MD; and William W. Shockley, MD
Dean M. Toriumi, MD, Chicago, IL
Tom D. Wang, MD, Portland, OR                           4:50pm    The Nasal Base, The Columella and The Alar
Deborah Watson, MD, La Jolla, CA                                  Lobule
                                                                  Shan R. Baker, MD
Edwin F. Williams, III, MD, Albany, NY
                                                        5:05pm    Complications in Rhinoplasty
Joseph K. Wong, MD, Scarborough, ON, Canada                       Ira D. Papel, MD
                                                        5:20am    Avoiding Complications in Alar Base Reductions
                                                                  Richard D. Gentile, MD
                advances in rhinoplasty
5:30pm    PANEL: “Ask the Experts”                              3:25pm    Dorsal L-Strut for the Deviated Dorsum
          Moderator: Richard E. Davis, MD                                 Yong Ju Jang, MD
          Panelist: Minas Constantinides, MD; Stephen W.
          Perkins, MD and Robert L. Simons, MD                  3:35pm    Break in the Exhibit Hall
          (Attendees must submit cases in advance in
          order to be addressed by the panel)                   4:05pm    Peculiarities In Asian Rhinoplasty
                                                                          Hong Ryul Jin, MD
6:30pm Welcome Reception with Exhibitors                        4:20pm    Improving Contour While Preserving Culture in
to 7:30pm                                                                 the African American Nose
                                                                          Monte O. Harris, MD
FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009                                           4:35pm    Alar Malposition and the 3Bs
7:00am Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall                                      Rollin K. Daniel, MD
7:30am Five Lessons from My Own Failures                        4:55pm    Alar Repositioning
          Edwin F. Williams, III, MD                                      Patrick J. Byrne, MD
7:40am Customizing the Rhinion                                  5:10pm    The Fundamentals of Actions and
          Pietro Palma, MD                                                Counteractions in Rhinoplasty
7:50am Refinement of the Nasal Dorsum                                     Nicholas P. McIvor, MD
          Richard E. Davis, MD
8:00am Diced, Crushed and Solid Cartilage Grafts                5:30pm    PANEL: Case Presentation from Participants
          Minas Constantinides, MD                                        Moderator: Steven J. Pearlman, MD
8:15am Managing the Saddle-Nose Deformity: Long-                          Panelists: Ted A. Cook, MD; Monte O. Harris, MD;
          term Success                                                    and Simon Robinson, MD
          Edwin F. Williams, III, MD
8:30am Alternatives in Dorsal Modification                      6:30pm    Adjournment
          Peter A. Hilger, MD
8:40am Correcting the Overly-Wide, Middle Vault: The
          Reverse Spreader Graft                                SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2009
          J. Regan Thomas, MD                                   7:00am Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall
8:50am Securing the Middle Vault after Hump Reduction           7:30am Managing the Wide Nasal Bridge
          Stephen R. Floreani, MD                                       Shan R. Baker, MD
9:00am Controlling Patency of the Internal Valve in             7:45am Avoiding Problems in Hump Reduction
          Rhinoplasty                                                   Pietro Palma, MD
          Pietro Palma, MD                                      8:00am What Makes the Nose Look Over Done
                                                                        Steven. J. Pearlman, MD
9:10am    PANEL: Managing the Nasal Tip Skin: The Thick         8:15am Radix Grafting and the Angry Face
          and Thin                                                      Norman J. Pastorek, MD
          Moderator: Rollin K. Daniel, MD                       8:30am The Middle Third of the Nose in Cosmetic and
          Panelists: Roxana Cobo, MD; Nicholas P. McIvor,               Functional Rhinoplasty
          MD; and Norman J. Pastorek, MD                                Stephen R. Floreani, MD
                                                                8:40am Alloplastic and Homograft Nasal Implants: When
10:00am Break in the Exhibit Hall                                       and Why
                                                                        Ted A. Cook, MD
10:30am Projection and Rotation: The Tip Tripod                 8:50am Porous Polyethylene Implants: Are There
        David W. Kim, MD                                                Arguments in Favor?
10:40am Achieving Long-term Results in the Tip                          Alexander Berghaus, MD
        Shan R. Baker, MD                                       9:00am The Use of Silicone Sheets in Asian
10:55am Suture Techniques in the Nasal Tip                              Augmentation Rhinoplasty
        Ira D. Papel, MD                                                Yong Ju Jang, MD
11:10am Cartilage Grafting in the Nasal Tip
        Vito C. Quatela, MD                                     9:10am    PANEL: Osteotomies in Rhinoplasty
11:30am Orientation of the Alar Cartilage                                 Moderator: Craig S. Murakami, MD
        Dean M. Toriumi, MD                                               Panelists; Terry Hung, MD; Jose J. Montes, MD;
11:50am Dome Batten Grafts in Tip Refinement                              and Gilbert Nolst Trenité, MD
        Richard D. Gentile, MD
12:00pm Aligning the Stars                                      10:00am Break in the Exhibit Hall
        Robert L. Simons, MD
                                                                10:30am The “How To” of Costal Cartilage: Harvesting
12:30pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall                                       and Shaping
                                                                        Dean M. Toriumi, MD
1:30pm    Etiology and Anatomy of the Cleft Lip Nose            10:55am The Crooked Nasal Dorsum
          Craig S. Murakami, MD                                         Tom D. Wang, MD
1:50pm    A Novel Approach to the Cleft Nose                    11:10am The Crooked Tip
          Tom D. Wang, MD                                               Fasil Apaydin, MD
                                                                11:20am Vestibular Stenosis
2:10pm    PANEL: The Cleft Lip Nose                                     Gilbert Nolst Trenité, MD
          Moderator: Jonathan M. Sykes, MD                      11:35am The Gull Wing Graft in Tip Revision
          Panelists: Ted A. Cook, MD; Richard T. Farrior, MD;           Fernando C. Pedroza, MD
          Craig S. Murakami, MD; and Tom D. Wang, MD
                                                                11:45am PANEL: Ethnic Rhinoplasty
3:00pm    Nasal Aesthetics in the Arts                                  Moderator: Monte O. Harris, MD
          J. Regan Thomas, MD                                           Panelists: Roxana Cobo, MD; Hossam M.T. Foda,
3:15pm    Gender Issues in Modern Rhinoplasty                           MD; Hong Ryul Jin, MD; and Dean M. Toriumi, MD
          Pietro Palma, MD
                 advances in rhinoplasty
12:30pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall                             10:40am Avoiding the Pinched Tip and Excess Columellar
                                                                      Show in Rhinoplasty
1:30pm    Rhinoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Safe              Steven J. Pearlman, MD
          and Effective                                       11:00am Management of the Over-Resected Lower
          David A. Sherris, MD                                        Lateral Cartilage
1:45pm    Septal Surgery for the Crooked Nose                         Simon Robinson, MD
          Hossam M.T. Foda, MD                                11:10am The Ptotic Tip
2:00pm    Endonasal Placement of Spreader Grafts                      John L. Frodel, Jr., MD
          Norman J. Pastorek, MD                              11:20am The Short Nose
2:15pm    Total Septal Reconstruction                                 Tom D. Wang, MD
          Stephen R. Floreani, MD                             11:40am Correcting the Nasal Labial Angle
                                                                      Richard E. Davis, MD
2:30pm    PANEL: Pediatric Nasal Surgery                      11:50am Tissue Engineering in Rhinoplasty Updated
          Moderator: Jonathan M. Sykes, MD                            Deborah Watson, MD
          Panelists: Nedim Pipic, MD; Fred J. Stucker, MD;    12:00pm Tip Refinement: 20 Years of Technical
          and Gilbert Nolst Trenité, MD                               Refinement
                                                                      Richard D. Gentile, MD
3:30pm    Break in the Exhibit Hall                           12:10pm Nueances of the Endonasal Rhinoplasty
                                                                      Alexander Berghaus, MD
4:00pm    Acute Management of Isolated Nasal Injuries         12:20pm The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: It is the Rage but is
          William W. Shockley, MD                                     It Safe and Effective?
4:15pm    Management of Soft Tissue Injuries of the Nose              Steven H. Dayan, MD
          Raymond D. Cook, MD
4:25pm    Nasal Ethmoid Orbital Fractures                     12:30pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
          John L. Frodel, Jr., MD
4:45pm    Caudal Septal Repositioning and Stabilization       1:30pm    PANEL: Profileplasty
          David W. Kim, MD                                              Moderator: John L. Frodel, Jr., MD
4:55pm    Septal Perforation Repair in Rhinoplasty                      Panelists: Patrick J. Byrne, MD; Edward W. Chang,
          Hossam M.T. Foda, MD                                          MD; and Craig S. Murakami, MD
5:10pm    The Rhino Lift
          Fred J. Stucker, MD                                 2:20pm    Endoscopic Assisted Refinement of the Nasal
5:25pm    Common Techniques in Asian Rhinoplasty                        Dorsum
          Joseph K. Wong, MD                                            Simon Robinson, MD
5:45pm    Revision Rhinoplasty with Costal Cartilage in the   2:30pm    Management of Dynamic External Nasal Wall
          Asian Patient                                                 Collapse
          Chuan-Hsiang Kao, MD                                          Samuel P. Most, MD
6:00pm    Dome Techniques for the Droopy Tip                  2:45pm    Managing the Soft Triangle, Facet in Rhinoplasty
          Fernando C. Pedroza, MD                                       Steven H. Dayan, MD
6:10pm    Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Auricular
          Cartilage in the Asian Patient                      2:55pm    PANEL: Tip Techniques in the Closed Approach
          Chuan-Hsiang Kao, MD                                          Moderator: Edwin F. Williams, III, MD
6:20pm    Nasal Labial Grafting                                         Panelists: Steven H. Dayan, MD; Norman J.
          Norman J. Pastorek, MD                                        Pastorek, MD; Robert L.Simons, MD; and
                                                                        Geoffrey W. Tobias, MD
6:30pm    Adjournment
                                                              3:45pm    Break in the Exhibit Hall
SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2009                                         4:15pm    PANEL: Revision Rhinoplasty
7:00am Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall                                    Moderator: J. Regan Thomas, MD
7:30am Skin Cancer of the Nose                                          Panelists: Shan R. Baker, MD; Ira D. Papel, MD;
         John Hendrix, MD                                               Jonathan M. Sykes, MD; and Geoffrey W.
7:40am Principals of Nasal Reconstruction                               Tobias, MD
         Stephen S. Park, MD
8:00am Enhancing Results with Local Flaps in Nasal            5:15pm    Managing the Difficult Patient
         Reconstruction                                                 Peter A. Adamson, MD
         J. Regan Thomas, MD
8:10am Mohs of the Nose                                       5:35pm    PANEL: So You Want to Do Rhinoplasty:
         John Hendrix, MD                                               How I’ve Been Humbled
8:20am Management of Subtotal Nasal Defects                             Moderator: Peter A. Hilger, MD
         Patrick J. Byrne, MD                                           Panelists: Rollin K. Daniel, MD; Edward H. Farrior,
8:40am Mohs Holes: Healing with Secondary Intention                     MD; and Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr. MD
         and Other Simple Options
         John Hendrix, MD                                     6:30pm    Adjournment
8:50am    PANEL: Total Nasal Reconstruction
          Moderator: Patrick J. Byrne, MD                       MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009
          Panelists: Ted A. Cook, MD; Stephen S. Park, MD;      7:30am       DISSECTION COURSE
          William W. Shockley, MD; and David A. Sherris, MD     to           Raymond D. Cook, MD; Edward W.
                                                                12:30pm      Chang, MD; and Samuel P. Most, MD
10:00am Break in the Exhibit Hall                                            (all faculty invited to participate)
10:30am QAL Outcomes in Functional Rhinoplasty                12:30pm           Course Adjournment
        Simon Robinson, MD
                 advances in rhinoplasty
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                 advances in rhinoplasty
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advances in rhinoplasty

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