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                                                 History Mottisfont Abbey Garden, House
SWC Walk 58                                      & Estate (tel 01794 340 757) is a National
                                                 Trust property renowned for its roses. The
Dunbridge to Romsey                              abbey's Gothic fantasy saloon was
                                                 decorated by Rex Whistler. The garden is
Mottisfont, River Test valley &                  open from 11am on weekends throughout
Romsey Abbey                                     the year, the house and garden on at least
                                                 five days a week from mid-March to the
Note: This was originally walk 3 in first        end of October. Admission (2007) is £7.50,
edition of book 1, but was later replaced        £8.50 during the June rose season.
when the lunch place closed to the public.       The twelfth-century St Andrew's Church,
See the website notes before doing this          in Mottisfont, has been described as 'a
walk.                                            jewel among Hampshire village halls', with
Length 12km (7.5 miles), 3 hours 40 min-         some fifteenth-century stained glass. It also
utes. For the whole outing, including            has a seventeenth-century clock with an
trains, sights and meals, allow 9 hours.         interesting working mechanism on display.
Allow an extra hour in summer if visiting        The War Memorial Park in Romsey has a
Mottisfont Abbey Gardens.                        150mm Japanese gun, captured in Burma
OS Landranger Map No.185. Dunbridge,             in 1945.
map reference SU 319 262, is in Hamp-            Romsey Abbey, a beautiful mainly Noman
shire, 15km west of Winchester.                  'parish church' (the size of a cathedral) was
Toughness 1 out of 10.                           founded in 907 and has two Saxon crucifix
Features This walk is short and makes a          reliefs. For 800 years the abbey was used
beautiful winter outing. In springtime there     by nuns, with bishops complaining at their
are bluebells to be seen, and in summer          keeping of pet monkeys and bringing their
Mottisfont Abbey and Gardens can be              pet birds, rabbits and hounds to services.
visited. However, you can glimpse the            When Henry VIII dissolved the abbey in
abbey through the trees when it is closed,       1539, he sold it to the town for £100. Earl
and Mottisfont also has an interesting           Mountbatten of Burma, blown up by the
twelfth-century church, open year round.         IRA in 1979, is buried here.
From there the route is through woods and        King John's House, Romsey, is a medieval
rolling chalk hills and beside clean chalk       building with early fourteenth-century
streams. The final stretch follows the Test      graffiti. Some of Edward I's retainers were
Way, a long-distance footpath along the          accommodated here when the king visited
River Test valley, as far as the footbridge to   the abbey in 1306. The abbey spent vast          Waterloo Station to Dunbridge. Trains to   are two or three trains an hour returning
Romsey, the final destination, with its          sums on wine for visiting nobility.              Dunbridge are infrequent and you will      from Romsey, changing at either
Norman abbey and excellent tearoom.              Saturday Walkers' Club Take the train            need to change at either Southampton       Southampton Airport (best), Southampton
Shortening the walk. n/a                         nearest to 9.15am (before or after) from         Central or Salisbury. Journey time         Central or Salisbury.
                                                                                                  approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. There
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Dunbridge to Romsey                                                                                                                                                                   Walk 58

Lunch Apart from the Mill Arms at               major road, your direction now 70º, soon          turn left on to a lane and go back across the   metres, you do not bend left to follow the
Dunbridge, right at the start of the walk,      passing the church (you can visit it later).      railway at the level crossing. Continue         next edge, but carry straight on, half left,
there is no pub along the walk route. A         You can then see Mottisfont Abbey and             along this quiet country lane for 800           your direction 235º, on a faint path leading
1km diversion along a quiet country lane at     Gardens to your left behind a wooden              metres to a T-junction with the A3057. The      to the far corner of a wood now on your
point [2], described in the text, will lead     fence, which is as near to them as you are        pub is on the other side of this main road.     right-hand side.
you to the Bear and Ragged Staff, a large       allowed to get in wintertime. (But in             After lunch, retrace your steps to this             In 275 metres, you cross a stile and go
pub with a varied menu which serves food        summertime, crossing the River Test, in a         point.) To continue on the walk route           straight on uphill, your direction 235º; and,
all day.                                        further 140 metres you come to the                without visiting the pub, you go right,         in 100 metres, over another stile and
Tea The suggested tea place is the Court-       entrance to Mottisfont Abbey Gardens.)            leaving the Test Way, along a signposted        straight on, with the field fence on your
yard Coffee House (tel 01794 516 434) at            Retrace your steps to the turning off to      footpath, on an earth car road (with a          left-hand side. In 40 metres, you have a
49 The Hundred, open to 5pm on Saturday         St Andrew's Church which is well worth            bungalow visible 100 metres ahead of you),      fine view over the valley below and
and 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday (but note          visiting. Coming out of the church, go            your direction 295º.                            continue straight on downhill, with no
that it is closed on Sunday and Monday).        straight ahead out of the gate by the                 Keep straight on and, in 190 metres,        clear path. In 200 metres, you pass to the
There are many alternatives in Romsey,          thatched cottage and turn left on the             cross over the B3084 to go over a stile.        left of a lone oak tree in the field.
and the White Horse bar and restaurant          tarmac lane, your direction 195º, to zigzag       Here - until the planned diversion takes            In a further 40 metres, go over a stile
does afternoon teas any time daily.             with this lane.                                   effect (and after 2001, which is when the       and on to a tarmac road (opposite the
                                                    150 metres from the church where two          diversion is due to finish) - you simply go     driveway to The Lawns). Turn right on this
WALK DIRECTIONS                                 fieldgates go off to your left, and there is a    straight on, in 350 metres coming to three      road, your direction 285º. In 110 metres,
    [1] Leave the platform of Dunbridge         last cottage on your right-hand side, keep        planks and a stile, where you rejoin the        take the signposted stile to your left, your
Station and turn right on the tarmac road,      straight on, your direction now 200º, on a        route at the asterisk [*] below. However, if    direction 205º. In 7 metres, go over another
your direction 355º, away from the Mill         lane with grass growing down the middle.          you find the path has been diverted from        stile and stream to continue on, with a
Arms pub. In 75 metres, you cross the                                                             that marked on old OS maps - because of         garden hedge on your right-hand side.
                                                    In 65 metres, you pass the lychgate to
River Dun and in a further 50 metres, go                                                          the workings of the sand and gravel pits
                                                the new cemetery on your left-hand side. In                                                           In 60 metres, go over another stile
right over a stile (a wooden fieldgate on its                                                     ahead - then, once over the stile, you must
                                                a further 450 metres, at the end of the                                                           beside the house to continue straight on,
left-hand side), following the direction of                                                       turn right, parallel to the B3084, for 230
                                                potentially muddy lane, you go over a stile                                                       but, in 50 metres, at the next stile, do not
the signpost marked 'Footpath towards                                                             metres, your direction 315º.
                                                (a wooden fieldgate on its left-hand side)                                                        go over it; instead bend left, keeping the
Mottisfont Abbey Gardens', your direction       into a field. You continue straight on,               Then the path bends left for 200 metres,    field hedge on your right-hand side, your
75º. (You may have to detour around field       under pylons, then bending slightly left          your direction 260º, with sand and gravel       direction 165º.
edges if the farmer has ploughed the path.)     with the path.                                    workings to your left. After another 200
                                                                                                                                                      In 225 metres, go through a potentially
    In 300 metres, St Andrew's Church                                                             metres, the path bends left again, your
                                                    In 250 metres, you cross the river                                                            muddy gateway into the next field; in a
becomes visible in the distance ahead of                                                          direction now 170º. Ignore two planks over
                                                through a metal kissing gate, and over a                                                          further 150 metres, through an equally
you, and your direction is straight on,                                                           a ditch to a stile on your right-hand side.
                                                wooden gate to go uphill the other side into                                                      muddy entrance to the next field; and in a
heading slightly to the left of the church.                                                       But 70 metres beyond this, cross over
                                                a wood, with more possible mud. In 330                                                            further 100 metres, over a stile, with the
                                                                                                  three planks and a stile to your right [*].
    In a further 300 metres, you come out       metres from the bridge, you come to a                                                             wood on your right-hand side and ruined
on to a car lane and turn right, your           railway bridge and cross it (the signpost             Continue straight on, your direction        farm machinery on your left.
direction 85º.                                  says Test Way) to continue on, along an           245º, across an awesomely huge and bare
                                                                                                                                                      In 70 metres, go over a stile on to a farm
                                                earth and gravel road, your direction 195º.       field (traversed by deer).
    In 330 metres, you pass Mottisfont Post                                                                                                       track and continue straight on. In 285
Office and Tearoom away on your right-              In 225 metres, you reach a crossroads             In just under 400 metres, you go over a     metres, you pass a farm on your left-hand
hand side (open Tuesday and Thursday            clearing in the woods [2]. (If you want to        stile and continue straight on, keeping the     side and, 5 metres beyond its driveway,
9am to 1pm), at a car road junction, where      detour to the Bear and Ragged Staff pub           edge of the wood on your left-hand side.        ignore a footpath with an arrow to the left.
you continue straight on along the more         for lunch, turn left here. In 200 metres,         When this edge comes to an end after 180        But then in 35 metres, take a footpath to
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Dunbridge to Romsey                                                                                                                                                                     Walk 58

the right [3], marked by a yellow arrow,            The bridleway runs near the edge of the        planks, and keep straight on, ignoring a          Park and Japanese gun on your right-hand
your direction 255º. Keep on this path. In      wood. Ignore all ways off. [!] In just over a      turn-off to the right after 65 metres.            side.
35 metres, you cross a gravel driveway to       kilometre, as the bridleway veers sharply              In a further 250 metres, cross over a             In 120 metres, go over yet another
continue straight on. In 30 metres, you         left downhill [4], turn right uphill to a stile    stream, again on a three-plank platform. In       bridge and continue straight on, with a
cross over a stile and veer left with the       visible 25 metres above, your direction            55 metres, go on a two-plank bridge over a        small stream on your right-hand side. In
path. ln 150 metres, you come to a tarmac       150º. (If you miss this turning and continue       stream with banks coloured orange from            120 metres, ignore the road to the left to
road.                                           on the bridleway, you will descend in 100          the iron. Pass a disused stile in 2 metres to     continue on past Temple Buildings with the
    Turn right on this road, your direction     metres to a pond and a tarmac lane.)               continue on.                                      sundial on your left-hand side and the
235º, passing a new housing estate on your          Go over the stile and continue straight            In 100 metres, you may find an oak tree       La Sagesse Convent on the right-hand side.
left-hand side (where the old Bush Inn          on, across an open field, to a stile just          fallen along the line of the path. In a           In 60 metres, go through Romsey Abbey
used to be) and, in a further 80 metres,        visible 280 metres ahead. From there you           further 160 metres, you exit the wood by a        gates on your left. At the church, go left
ignore a car road to the right signposted       carry straight on across another open field        stile and bridge and two more stiles, to          along the walls (note the Saxon crucifix on
Carters Clay, to continue on, your road         and, in 200 metres, go over a tarmac lane          continue on across a field, half right, your      the outside wall) to enter the abbey (the
signposted      Sherfield     English    and    to continue straight on, the way signposted        direction 145º.                                   main entrance is round the far side).
Salisbury.                                      Test Way, your direction 140º.                                                                           Coming out of the abbey's main
                                                                                                       In 325 metres, you go over a stile, and
    In 100 metres, you come to a phonebox           Follow this green-arrow Test Way               cross a stream on a bridge with wooden            entrance, turn right and go straight on. In
on your left-hand side. In a further 80         nearly all the way to Romsey, as far as the        railings; and over another stile, to continue     80 metres, cross the road to go up an alley
metres, take the signposted bridleway left,     double asterisk [**] below. In more detail:        on, your direction 160º.                          that is the second alley to the left of the
next to a house called Meadowbank, along        Exit the field in 180 metres, to continue                                                            Abbey Hotel (and has the post office on its
                                                                                                       In 160 metres, you again go over a stile
a tarmac road, your direction 125º.             with a line of trees (or overgrown hedges)                                                           left-hand side). King John's House is up
                                                                                                   and a two-plank bridge over a stream, now
    ln 140 metres, continue on past a metal     on your left-hand side, your direction now                                                           this alley in 50 metres.
                                                                                                   with a sewage works (as marked on the
fieldgate with a sign saying 'Private. Keep     75º. In 285 metres, bear right on an earth                                                               Retrace your steps down the alley to the
                                                                                                   OS map) ahead on your right-hand side. In
Out. Bridleway only', up into the wood, on      road, your direction 125º.                                                                           road, turn left into Church Street, passing
                                                                                                   400 metres, you have your first view of
a car-wide earth road. In 200 metres, you           60 metres along this earth road, by the        Romsey Abbey to your left.                        the Abbey Hotel on your left-hand side.
have the golfcourse on your left-hand side      three-armed footpath sign, turn right on                                                                 In 80 metres, by the roundabout with
                                                                                                       In a further 200 metres, you go over a
and you follow the bridleway straight on,       the Test Way, through a wooden kissing                                                               Palmerston's statue - Market Place - turn
                                                                                                   stile past cow sheds on your right-hand
ignoring ways off. In a further 180 metres,     gate, into Squabb Wood (as marked on the                                                             left, past the White Horse Hotel on your
                                                                                                   side. In 17 metres, you go over another
you are on a car-wide earth road                OS map), your direction 125º. In 80                                                                  left-hand side in 50 metres. In a further
                                                                                                   stile and through a potentially muddy farm
(tree-lined), your direction 115º.              metres, go on two planks over a ditch. In                                                            110 metres, fork right into The Hundred,
                                                                                                   area out on to the farm drive.
    ln 600 metres, this brings you to the       70 metres, ignore a possible fork to the left                                                        and 85 metres along is the Courtyard
                                                (leading to an earth car road). In 60                  In 130 metres, go over a stile with a
Dunwood Manor Golf Clubhouse on your                                                                                                                 Coffee House, the suggested tea place.
                                                metres, you pass a disused stile, to continue      metal fieldgate to its left. 18 metres further,
right-hand side. Continue straight on,                                                                                                                   After tea, turn left out of the shop, and
                                                along the right-hand edge of an open               bear left on a gravel driveway. In a further
slightly to the left, on a tarmac road with a                                                                                                        walk 80 metres. Then take the road to the
                                                glade, your direction 200º.                        20 metres [**],on reaching the river, [5]
'Ramp' sign, your direction 110º. This                                                                                                               right of the Hardware Ironmongers, with
                                                                                                   turn left (leaving the Test Way, whose
brings you, in 170 metres, to a T-junction          In 80 metres, cross a stream on a bridge                                                         the Tourist Information place on its right,
                                                                                                   arrow points right) to cross the river by
with a car road - and Awbridge Danes            with a wooden railing, to re-enter the                                                               to go up Latimer Street, your direction
                                                                                                   Sadlers Mill and footbridge.
manor, so marked on the OS map, across          wood. In 60 metres, you come up to a                                                                 340º. With no turnings off, this will bring
to your left. Turn right on the car road,       footpath T-junction where you follow the               Go on through a wooden kissing gate
                                                                                                                                                     you in 600 metres to Romsey Station
your direction 170º. In 130 metres, turn        green arrow to the left, your direction 150º.      and on a tarmac lane, your direction 40º. In
                                                                                                                                                     (which is uphill beside the phonebox).
left on a car- wide signposted bridleway,       In 325 metres, go over a stream on three           110 metres, go over another river bridge,
your direction 80º.                                                                                and straight on, with the War Memorial

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Dunbridge to Romsey                                           Walk 58

   Your quickest return journey will
normally be on the first available service to
either Southampton Airport, Southampton
Central or Salisbury, changing there for
London. Trains to Salisbury leave from the
platform on this side of the station. Go
under the railway to the platform on the
other side for through trains to
Southampton Central. Trains to Totton via
Southampton Airport (which start from
Romsey) may leave from either platform.

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