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					Back to School Night
              BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT
6:30 – 7:10
7:10 – 7:45

School Theme: Flexible
School Handbook
Fourth Grade Handbook
AR books
Study Guides
Emergency Cards due ASAP
Sign up for Class Parties
Healthy Snacks
Wish List
Let us
• Opening: Prayer, Flag, Preparing for the day
• Religion – Textbook, Memorize prayers, Mass on
    Wednesdays, and Scripture
•   Language Arts – Spelling, Handwriting/Calligraphy, Daily
    Practice, Writing Block, and Reports
•   Reading – Textbook, AR Reading, SRA, Chapter book,
    and Listening Center
•   Math – Textbook, Excel Math, SRA, Stock Market Game
•   Science – Textbook, DVD, Lab
•   Social Studies – Textbook, Field Trips, Packets
•   Art – Various art mediums, study famous artists
•   Handwriting and Calligraphy
               Field Trips
• October - Mission Trails
• December 16 - Traditions of Christmas – CYT
• January -  Cabrillo National Monument
• February - Serra Museum
• March -    Old Town
• April -    Chula Vista Nature Center
• May -      Mission San Juan Capistrano
• June -     Perform our musical
Extra Costs
• Traditions of Christmas - $11.00
• Serra Museum - $3.00
• Old Town - $6.00
• Lent Project - $1.00
• Mission Kit - $8.00
• May Project - $4.00
• San Juan Capistrano - $17.00
• One hour a day
• Due the next day, except for long term projects
• Homework is written on daily in your child’s planner, a
  handout is given out on Monday, and is posted on the
  school website
• Students can come to homework/tutoring centers
• Homework slips given if work is not in on time
Rules are posted in class
Following the rules:             Not following the class
1 slip – positive praise
2 slips – super kid pass,        Blue card – warning
   leave first at the end of     Yellow card – note home
   the day                       Orange card – 15 min.
3 slips – raffle prize, leave       detention
   first at the end of the day   Red card – 30 min.
4 slips– pass for one subject       detention
   homework pass
Parent / Teacher Communication
Every Monday           Website
Papers go home with:
-Info for the week     Grades Online
-papers corrected
                       Weekly Highlights
Homework Planner       Report Cards

Parent Conference      Progress Reports
Fully Rely on God

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