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Young and emerging CPAs discuss what their employers do for them. Of her first impressions of Rothstein Kass, Sindhu Rajesh says they had an attractive website, as well as many different office locations around the nation. There was a great potential for growth. Evidence of growth opportunities also was attractive to Jeff Chen, who has worked for Oaktree Capital Management LP since October. There are tangible things that can be done to combat the itchy-foot syndrome, among them, simply looking at how the firm treats employees. Emerging professionals tend to bring up flex time frequently. At Rothstein Kass, employees can take overtime and convert it into extra paid time off. The company also has a customized work arrangement program for full-time hourly employees. Kevin Jackson appreciates that CygNet Software encourages and pays for his CPE, but he also likes all the goodies in the kitchen. If they were boss, the young CPAs would promote an exciting and creative environment, listen carefully and provide honest feedback, and enhance the growth and development of young professionals.

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