The 150-Hour Requirement's Effect on the CPA Exam by ProQuest


Today, according to the AICPA, 47 out of 54 jurisdictions have adopted the requirement and another state, New York, is slated to do so in 2009. The analysis below of the effects of the 150-hour requirement focuses on three states: Florida, Texas, and New York. The decline in candidates sitting for the exam in Texas approximates the national study cited above (58.5% for Texas versus 60.5% in the national study). Yet in Florida, where the 150-hour requirement was in place throughout both of the periods, no overall change was reported in the number of candidates sitting on a first-time basis. The average pass all or some performance rate of Texas candidates in 2000-2003 mirrored that of Florida, which had 150 hours during both periods -- 61.2% for Texas versus 6 1.8% for Florida. The profession needs to continue its recruiting efforts by showcasing the attraction of an accounting career to future professionals.

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