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The President's News Conference With Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom in London, England


Now the fundamental question is, will we have the willpower and the patience to help the Iraqis develop a democracy in the heart of the Middle East? It's a democracy that's not going to look like America. It's not going to look like Great Britain. But it's a democracy that will have government responsive to the people. People say, ''Was that worth it?

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									                                                                      860                                                     June 15 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2008

                                                                      the world can look like, and I believe will                     mocracy and liberty over centuries. And the
                                                                      look like, unless we all retreat. It’s not worth                special partnership that President Bush and
                                                                      it, you know. And my point is, it’s working.                    I both agree today is a partnership not just
                                                                         Mr. Temko. Good. Thank you very much.                        of governments but of peoples, is driven for-
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