Can a disorder of the vestibular system underlie an etiology for migraine? by ProQuest


Findings on laboratory evaluations were normal except for the results of the glucose tolerance test, which showed a fluctuating blood sugar level with an exaggerated drop at the third hour and evidence of hyperinsulinemia, according to the criteria developed by Kraft.8 I prescribed my then-current medical treatment for both the otosclerosis and the metabolic disorders. Current concepts in our understanding of migraine are based on a vulnerability threshold, a neurovascular component, and spreading cortical depression.9 It seems reasonable that a mismatched sensory-efferent input from the labyrinths could provide a component of the vulnerability threshold and act as a trigger for a subsequent neurovascular component and spreading cortical depression.10-12 It is not dear whether the underlying vestibular component is the only explanation or if other underlying sensory mismatches may act as similar triggers.

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