Application Delivery: Akamai's Secret Weapon? by ProQuest


Akamai's application delivery product is one of the most underestimated in its portfolio in terms of revenue growth. The market for these services is just starting out, and already, Akamai is considered the only game in town based on an outsourced model. Application delivery is a fundamental building block that lets Akamai service its current customers needs while exploring new markets. To accomplish application acceleration, you must control both ends of the network connection: the one close to end users and the one close to the application/content owner's origin. In order for Akamai to accomplish this, it needs to have an edge server region close to the end user and an edge server region close to its customers' origin infrastructure. Some will say that hardware- and software-based application delivery products such as those offered by Cisco, Citrix Systems Inc and Juniper Networks Inc will be able to compete with Akamai for those who want to deploy it themselves.

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