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Unit Deactivation Logistics in Review


The first step is to assemble a team of noncommissioned officers and officers from the brigade S-4 office and unit supply rooms who are competent in anticipatory logistics; they also must have the proven coordination skills that are critical in negotiating the red tape that is specific to the unit deactivation and relocation processes. Disposition of heraldry equipment needs approval from the Center of Military History, and the sooner these turn-in actions are initiated the better.\n If you go by the book while trying to get funds for refreshments for the unit deactivation and colors-casing ceremony, you will discover that, while appropriated funds can pay for the expense of conducting the actual ceremony, they may not be used for pre- or postdeactivation refreshments without an exception to policy from the Office of the secretary of the Army (Army Regulation 37-47, Representation Funds of the secretary of the Army, paragraphs 2-3c and 2-10). Quarterly submission of quality products, such as critical deactivation documents, military ceremony scripts, mission analysis documents, milestone charts, standing operating procedures, policy letters, training calendars, and briefing slides, should be required.

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