; Facebook Apps: Deeper Social Networking
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Facebook Apps: Deeper Social Networking


When Facebook first launched in February 2004, users could customize very little on the fledgling social networking site. In the past year, Facebook has let users design programs, attach them to their own pages, and publish them for other users. Here are three that are worth a took. Over the past few years, sports news sites such as ESPN and Yahoo! Sports have posted online tournament pools. Facebook hopped on the bandwagon last year with a relatively no-frills tournament application, but this season, the site turned it over to CBS for a more involved version. Where I've Been is an interactive map of the world where users can name places in the world where they've lived, visited for personal or business trips, or where they simply want to go someday. Perhaps the frantic thought and wordplay of Scrabulous could be a welcome diversion. When word of the game emerged, its popularity exploded exponentially.

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