; Passing the Buck has Turned to Passing the Debt
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Passing the Buck has Turned to Passing the Debt


The amendment I offered would have prohibited the $470 million worth of earmarks in last year's Labor/HHS/Education appropriations bill from being funded until the secretary of Health and Human Services certified that each child in America younger than 18 is covered with either a private or public health insurance plan. Medicare Fraud $80 billion Medicaid Fraud $30 billion Governmentwide improper overpayments net loss $15 billion Department of Defense maintenance of unused buildings $3 billion DOD performance awards not earned $8 billion Emergency spending for non-emergencies $15 billion Mismanagement of UN contributions $2 billion Information Technology (IT) mismanagement $10 billion National Flood Insurance Program (NRP) $17.5 billion Other potential areas of savings include tax reform ($100 billion) and a simple 5% improvement in efficiency in each agency ($50 billion).

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