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Boards Need to Expand Their Expertise by ProQuest


The holy grail of governance has always been about determining an absolute line between what is the board's work and what is the work of the rest of the organization. Governance practitioners and observers for years have noted that boards behave differently and appropriately relative to their internal situations. These situations change over time and therefore continue to influence board and management behavior. For example, organizations facing turnarounds may find, for a time, their boards are more involved in operations compared to those with more stable performance and a long-term CEO. CEOs and their boards should be aware of several critical forces that are now reshaping the governance/management balance. Hospital CEOs and their boards should do more than simply understand these issues and how they affect their hospitals. They should regularly step back and consider how issues like these shape the way they lead and establish and continuously refine the unique governance/management balance essential to their success.

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