Seeking PERFECTION in Healthcare: A Case Study in Adopting Toyota Production System Methods by ProQuest


Virginia Mason faced challenges, which included quality and safety levels that were nowhere near where they wanted them to be; defect rates similar to the national average of 3%; waste in labor processes; and the reality of the economics of healthcare: decreasing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and increasing labor costs and patient visits. Senior leaders wanted to find a unifying management method that, if applied carefully and diligently, would allow Virginia Mason to be a leader in quality and safety. A first step Virginia Mason took was to hire a consultant who once worked at Boeing to provide direction in their pursuit of Toyota Production System. Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) helps Virginia Mason staff to constantly seek ways to deliver the highest quality and safest patient care on an ongoing basis. Virginia Mason is experiencing a big payback after six years of using VMPS through improved patient satisfaction, better access to physicians, greater safety and quality, increased staff satisfaction and more efficiency and productivity throughout the organization.

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