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Description: [Barack Obama]'s basic riffs are familiar to TV watchers, but new wrinkles are added. He said, "I believe in capitalism, free markets, and in entrepreneurship," as if the campaign had recognized that there might be some doubt about this hovering over the former community organizer. If one was inclined to think of Obama as a leftist with an agenda to gently guide America toward socialism, there are indications one could point to: Che Guevara posters in his Houston campaign office, casual Chicago ties with some former Weather Underground types, hints of Marxian conspiracy phrasing in his otherwise timely 2002 antiwar speech, with its charge that the war was "an effort to distract us" from rising poverty rates. [Jeremiah Wright], one recalls, preaches liberation theology as much as black nationalism.Foreign policy is the root of antiwar conservative interest in Obama; his Iraq comments, his emphasis on the cost and the missed opportunity to defeat alQaeda draw applause. He promises not only to end the war but "end the mindset that got the U.S. into war." This is important, a slap at the whole neoconservative/liberal hawk intellectual edifice. Not for Obama the routine argument that "the occupation was woefully mismanaged by the Bush administration." Fair warning that he isn't planning a recycled administration of Brookings Institution and New Republic types striving to put a "Trumanesque" gloss on neocon policies.He stresses something one hears more frequently in private conversation: that his election would transform America's image in the world. Abu Ghraib can't be erased nor the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans killed and maimed made whole. But, he says, an Obama administration will tell the world "America is Back." It's an effective line. There is devilry in the details, of course. He mentions in the next breath readiness to provide leadership on Darfur and climate change. But the line promises both a rupture with the present and a restoration of conti
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