; Looking at the McCain Veepstakes: Sarah Palin
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Looking at the McCain Veepstakes: Sarah Palin


The attractive and articulate Palin appears to be a candidate right out of Central Casting: she and North Slope worker husband Todd have four children (eldest son Track just joined the U.S. Army and is soon expected to be deployed to Iraq) and the governor is expecting their fifth child in May. When you consider, too, the geology that we're talking about here, and the physical space that's even needed to drill now, about a 2,000-acre plot, because of directional drilling and new technology, allowing such a small footprint to even be placed upon the tundra up north, it's about 2,000 acres, which is smaller than the size of LAX and other bigcity airports, that we would need to drill, and allow these resources to finally be tapped and to flow -into hungry markets, and make us more secure.

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