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Straight Boot Wire Set Specifically designed for racing applications where GM Pro Stock, Brodix PB202, CFE, Ford, Yates, or other high-end cylinder heads are being used, or in any application where a long, straight sparkplug boot is required, Moroso's Pro Boot Ultra 40 wire set features 40 ohm ignition wire and a 5-inch straight Pro Boot on the spark-plug end. Ergonomically designed for easy removal of ignition wire between rounds, this wire set features fold-over crimping, nylon pull tape under each silicone jacket for added pull strength and terminal retention, a Kevlar center core for ultra-high tensile strength, an EMI-suppressing ferrite-impregnated core, and an extra-thick layer of EDPM for greater dielectric strength. Master Cylinder RJ Master Cylinders has combined modified Mopar tandem-style housings with RJ precision manufactured internal components to provide the proper hydraulic fluid volume and pressure capabilities for optimum braking performance.

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